A Terrorist at Princeton University

A former top Iranian diplomat and terrorist has started an academic career at one of the America’s most prestigious universities. Seyed Hossein Mousavian , the regime’s former ambassador to Germany, in the time of Mykonos operation in which the Kurdish leaders were massacred in Berlin, and leading nuclear negotiator is living in the US and working as a research fellow at Princeton University You could search in Princeton University website and find his email address: smousavi@Princeton.EDU . Apparently In 2010, he arrived at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs as a visiting scholar. Neither Princeton nor the Obama administration would comment on his stay in the US. Mousavian, had strong political backers inside Tehran, particularly former Iranian president and current bastards leader Rafsanjani, whom Mousavian has served as a top foreign-policy adviser. Mousavian also was the head of the Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council. He also worked at the Tehran-based Center for Strategic Research

Mousavian, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator has been charged with giving classified information to the British embassy , the regime’s intelligence minister has said. The Intelligence Ministry said Mousavian was “clearly” found guilty of having conducted espionage activities while a member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team. Their statement said that the Intelligence Ministry “firmly declares that the final verdict issued by the Revolutionary Court, and Hossein Mousavian has been found guilty for collecting highly classified information under the cover of a system official and delivering them to others (nonqualified people and aliens), and sentenced to two years behind bars and a five-year ban from activities at diplomatic offices , or service at country’s other international organs” In fact, It’s not clear how he could be freed and how he could fled to the US. Masavian spent some months in prison before fleeing the country . After he fled to the US, the regime “reopened Mousavian’s case”. Before him, many other Iranian high ranking officials have been reincarnated as scholars at prestigious institutions of higher education in the US. While most of these officials have been involved in various human rights violations and acts of terrorism, Mousavian’s case has particular significance as he was the highest Iranian official in Germany supervising the1992 Mykonos operation in which the Kurdish leaders were massacred in Berlin.

Mousavian is a Rafsanjani’s mercenary and wants to lobby the American authorities to support Rafsanjani and Islamic regime. Mousavian that was the ambassador to Germany during the 1992 assassination of three leading members of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan and an interpreter by Iranian agents in the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin, recently has said to Americans: “Constructive cooperation between Tehran and Washington is crucial for a regional security structure” He advises Washington to fashion a patient foreign policy toward Iran, understanding that progress in improving US-Iran relations will take years, not months. He said: “Regime change is not part of Iran’s outlook in the near future, and Iran is not in a pre-revolutionary state ” Iranians feel strongly that the Obama administration favors friendship and back door dealing with the Mullahs . It is hard to understand why ordinary Iranians could not get the US visa , or an elderly parent should go through several months of background security checking before he/she is admitted to US for a simple family visit but at the same time, the Iranian known terrorists are granted visas and are offered the prestige and luxury It’s totally ridiculous that Mousavian could go to the US and work at Princeton University. Actually we have been totally disappointed in the America’s most prestigious universities. It’s not just Princeton, we would write more about it later.

Do Princeton University and the State Department officials have any acceptable explanation? Why have they offered a VIP entrance for such individuals with known criminal and terrorist backgrounds? Of course It is safe to assume that Mr. Mousavian’s educational credentials and academic achievements could not warrant fellowship and open doors at Princeton

This is the fourth article of The Invisible Hands series. The second was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA . And the third was Shame on Iranian Journalists

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