Shame on Iranian Journalists

March 9, 2011

This is the third article of The Invisible Hands series. The second one was Iran regime’s Mafia in USA

Iranian Journalists were one of the key factors in the destruction of anti-government movement of 2009 in Iran. The regime and its people make use of journalist and the media for controlling the people, exactly like the West. The regime knows that journalists and opposition websites sell themselves easily and this weak point is a godsend for the regime. Unfortunately Iranians have been deprived of a free and independent journalist and opposition website. The opposition websites and Iranian journalists outside Iran, except a tiny minority (less than 10%), are totally under the control or influence of foreign or domestics powers. The Iranian journalists that work for opposition websites should be ashamed of themselves, they are so opportunist and mean. It’s really shameful that we have not any strong and wise Iranian journalist outside Iran. We were in correspondence with some of Iranian journalists that live outside Iran – some ones like Masoud Behnoud, Nabavi and Kosar that control other journalists and manage the opposition websites – but they confirmed that they should obey orders from above and should consider political expediency. Shame on them and shame on this sort of journalism. As we know, a journalist and reporter should be free and independent. A system whose first and last resort was all too often expediency, is not journalism, it is dirty politics.

The main opposition websites, a.k.a green websites, are under the control of three major powers : 1-Western powers. 2-Rafsanjani and Islamist reformist. 3-Khamenei and Islamic regime. And all these powers support them financially. In fact the opposition websites and Iranian journalists sell themselves to one or two or even three of the above-mentioned powers. Some Iranian journalists are really good acrobats and congenital liars. The great trilingual inscriptions of Darius I, King of Persia (558?-486 BC) , that were written in Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian cuneiforms say: ‘Dear God keep our country from three things: 1-Drought 2-Enemy 3-Lie‘. It shows us that “Lie” and telling lie was an ancient problem! Nowadays the Iranian journalists show us why Darius worried about “Lie”. Instead of being free and independent, most of Iranian journalists are opportunist, dishonest and men of power and politics. The secret London Circle has some veteran journalist members like Masoud Behnoud. They should be ashamed of themselves. Working with notorious Mohajerani, and being Rafsanjani’s mercenary, or being a British stooge is an eternal stain with eternal damnation.

Now Let’s take a look at the main opposition websites., the official website of Mousavi that is managed from Europe, is under the control of Islamist reformists.,,,, etc. are under the control of Islamist reformists, too. All of them are the voice of Islamists and Islamists reformits, not the voice of the people., is under the control of Dutch government. and are mainly under the control of western powers and partly under the influence of Rafsanjani.,,, etc. are mainly under the control of Rafsanjani and partly under the influence of western powers. , a notorious web2 site that wanted to be a Farsi version of Digg , is under the control of Khamenei and his regime, Rafsanjani and Islamists, and western powers. They are really charlatan, and master piece of charlatanism. Mehdi Yahyanejad, the owner and manager of, an Islamist/Basiji ex-student (physic) of Sharif University that now live in the US and apparently still work at Stanford university, is a real Islamist charlatan. When he was in Iran, many Sharif students knew him as a pro-Khamenei and pro-Mullahs fanatic. He has sold part of his website to Khamenei and the regime, part of it to Rafsanjani and Islamist, and the last parts to the US. Iranians have a joke about his website that say that his website just has a little problem, i.e. we can see or find everything there except the views and voices of the people and Iranians! (that live inside Iran), and it is not a big problem! Unfortunately, these bastards and opportunists have become the only alternative for Iranians, and it’s really shameful and ridiculous. Darius where are you man? If you saw these bastards, what would you say or did with them?

The ordinary Iranians are alone, without any media and organizer. Inside Iran, we can see how the invisible hands have inhibited people from organizing themselves But we are very happy that we live in the Information Age and Citizen Journalism Age. The people could build little websites and reach their voice to other people, despite the fact that we have serious difficulties with Internet and Internet censorship in Iran. We could maintain our independence from these bastards, i.e. dishonest journalists. Wikileaks showed us that it’s a global problem and all celebrities and journalists could be corrupted by politicians, and all people should have and use their own communication tools and maintain their independence. They should organized themselves without any support of the mass media and journalists.

The foreigners should listen to the real voice of Iranians, not the voice of Iranian journalists and politicians. Iranian journalists tell lies about the people will and wishes. Of course we are sure that this time they could not save Khamenei and could not deceive Iranians any longer, but this historical betrayal never would be forgotten. Instead of providing help, any help, they want to dash the people’s hope. Shame on them. Nowadays Iranians have given them the cold shoulder. We are very happy about it. We don’t live in the Darius Age. These dishonest journalists and bastards, could be sure that they can not mislead people and just disgrace themselves. Iranians will topple Khamenei, and the notorious bastards like Mohajerani and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries could not save him. Shame on them all.

Islam vs Democracy

March 9, 2011

“Islam rejects Democracy” and it’s not what we say, it’s what the Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi said some days ago. As we said before, Mesbah-Yazdi is AN’s mentor and wants to cause the apocalyptic conditions that will surround the return of Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah . He said: “The people have not the right to choose the leader. God appoint the leader and the people should just obey God’s order …. The people have not the right to choose the President. The leader with the help of God appoint the president and the people should just obey leader’s order”

It’s not joke, it’s what he said, and actually repeatedly has said it in the past and recent years. The Mullahs say and think that the people should obey God and God agents, i.e. them. But we live in the last phase of The Islamic Middel Ages and the people just can see the real face of Mullahs, without any deceptive mask. Thanks Mr. blatant Mullah, Mesbah-Yazdi.