My News of Iran, 8 March

9am : The Internet speed in slow as usual.

10am : The opposition websites don’t say anything about today protest. Shame on them all.

11am : In the Battle of Mullahs , Khamenei defeated Rafsanjani. It’s the best news for us. The people want to f-u-c-k both of them.

12pm : The opposition websites and Iranian journalists are still silent and have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths. Shame on them all.

1pm : Next week is the last week of the year. Just 10 days are left to the New Persian Year and ancient Norouz.

2pm : The rally will begin at 4pm, but all opposition websites still have slept. That’s really another sign of The Invisible Hands .

3pm : The Khamenei’s thugs are on the streets. But most of oppositions websites still have shut their f-u-c-k-i-n-g mouths.

4pm : The opposition websites and Iranian journalists, shame on you all. shame on you, bastards.

4pm : Don’t Iranians have a f-u-c-k-i-n-g independent and normal group outside Iran? All Iranian expats should be stupid and bastards ?

5pm : All main squares of Tehran are full of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. In some places like Vanak Sq. and Valiasr Sq. the clashes have begun.

6pm : Shame on Iranian journalists. Apparently there were shocked today, because their master, Rafsanjani was f-u-c-k-e-d up today badly! Shame on them all. Go to hell, bastards.

7pm : The people reporters say that the people are in Mohseni Sq., Vanak, Valiasr, Shariati, Mirdamad, Enghelab, Karimkhan, Abbasabad, etc. despite the military presence of Khamenei’s dogs in all areas of Tehran. The drivers honk their horns. I could hear them.

8pm : Apparently we should be outside Iran. If we were there, we could organize the people by building a really free and independent website … But from inside Iran we could do nothing. It’s a really tragic-comic story that the Iranians expats that have enough freedom and tools, are so stupid or ignorant, and Iranians inside Iran are being crippled by the great firewall and the horrible security pressures. The West and Western media? … no … forget it … they are congenital bastards.

9pm : The people reporters say that today we have rally in many cities, like Mashhad, Babol, Isfahan, Rasht, etc.

10pm : The people reporters say that many women and men have been beaten to death by Basiji thugs in Shariati, Mohseni, Valiasr, Mirdamad, Enghelab, Kargar, Amirabad, etc. Hundreds of people were arrested by Basiji thugs.

10pm : The discontinuous protest is just a vivid sign of foolishness. A high price without any outcome. Are you really nuts, Iranians ??!! That’s why many people want to ignore the stupid protest. Organizers, wise organizers, organizers outside Iran. It’s an urgent need.

11pm : bye for now

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