Battle of Mullahs

Good news. Today Rafsanjani lost the chairman position of the Khobregan Council. As we said before, All signs showed us that Rafsanjani, The BastardsFather, had some different plans and tactics for his power struggle against Khamenei Apparently he fought at least in two fronts, and had two plans, before the today’s event in Khobregan Council. On the one hand (Plan A), he wanted to threaten Khanemeni. The hidden contacts of his son with the notorious Iranian-American brokers and lobbyists, and the letter of resignation of his eldest son, were parts of Plan A.

On the other hand (Plan B), he wanted to negotiate a deal and offered a good deal to Khamenei. In fact, What notorious Mohajerani did in the recent days was just a final offer for Khamenei. But Apparently Khamenei rejected the offer, because he is not so stupid and knows about the people’s backlashes against Mohajerani and Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani condemned the people last week for appeasing Khamenei. But Khamenei knows that it’s the best time for defeating Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani just showed all his stupid supporters that he is a dead dishonest man. And It’s the best news for the people movement.

Today the game of the Khoberan Council was over. Rafsanjani has lost the chairman position of the Khobregan Council and should try his Plan B or Plan C. We should wait and see. Could he make use of Plan B or Plan C ?

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