The Invisible Hands

Many Iranians and non-Iranians know nothing about the Khamenei’s thugs in the US, American friends of Mullahs, and the pro-regime Mafia in the West and especially in the US. These days, Iranians ask: “Why don’t any acceptable group, especially in outside Iran, and any opposition website call for daily and continuous protests? Why don’t any opposition website try to organize the people? Why don’t any opposition website try to be the real voice of the people?” We think these questions are very important. In fact, it’s not purely accidental that some important events have not been happened yet. We can see that some Invisible Hands try to control the situation. But what are these invisible hands? Is this a delusion and some sort of conspiracy theory, or has some supportive facts? The questionable contacts of some notorious Iranian-American pro-regime brokers and lobbyists and the serious suspicions and concerns about the past and recent activities of the London Circle are our hints. The pro-regime lobbyists had some critics before. Some Iranians that are not wise enough or are notorious, like Hassan Daioleslam, are among the main critics of the pro-regime lobbyists in the US. But pro-Mullahs or pro-lobbyists people make use of the weak points of them and said: “Oh, ha ha! … our critics are some one like Hassan Daioleslam”. So we decide to polish the job of earlier critics, and reveal secrets about the pro-Mullahs lobbyists in the West, especially in the US. These bastards are not just a bunch of opportunists, they we work for some bigger and more important interests. In these series of article we want to have a look at the Khamenei’s thugs in the US, American friends of Mullahs, and the pro-regime Mafia in the US.

A growing number of Iranian lobby groups that have different motives and interests, are united in pursuing one main task: “Relations between the US and the Islamic Regime of Iran”. They have formed an interwoven lobby network with some American individuals and groups that have similar interests and support each other diligently by promoting their activities and attacking any Iranian or American daring to oppose them. They hide their true motives by creating a false war-peace alternative in order to promote peace with the Islamic Regime of Iran. The policy of US on Iran over the past decade has been full of confusion and shortsightedness. A key factor in shaping this policy has been a disinformation campaign waged by pro-Iranian circles. We must understand this web of the Iranian influence in the US. There are two distinct but related groups of people and organizations that are active in manipulating US policy toward Iran. The first is the “Iranian regime’s lobby” in the U.S. They are present in US media, think-tanks and a potpourri of various organizations. Their lobby activities are also focused on the US Congress. These groups have various degrees of connections to Tehran. The second group operates in conjunction with US business interests, and in particular with the oil industry. The forces involved with these interests aim at the Iranian market and they fear that firm and decisive policies toward the clerical rule would harm their global interests. For these special interests, financial benefits have priority over U.S. national interests. Sadegh Kharazzi, the former Iranian deputy foreign minister (1997-2003) who lived in the U.S. between 1989 till 1996, is an architect of the pro-regime lobby. In a very interesting interview with Shargh newspaper on May 28, 2006, he talked about the Iranian regime’s means of countering U.S. policies and also ways to counter the I-s-r-a-e-l-i lobby in the US. He openly admitted that there is an Iranian lobby in the U.S. He also emphasized that this lobby should remain non-governmental. It is unlawful for the Iranian regime to lobby the U.S. Congress. There are no registered lobbyists pursuing the Iranian cause in Washington. However, as Kharazzi said, there is an unofficial Iranian lobby in the U.S. and we would write about them.

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