Iranian Women’s Day

As we said before, some groups of Iranian women activists call for an anti-government rally tomorrow, March 8th. Tomorrow is a special day for Iranian women.


Iranian women have learned a lot from the reactionary Islamic revolution of 1979. The youth of today are very modern and active. Contrary to the Iranian revolution of 1979 in which women participated in supporting roles, behind men with no gender platform or demands of their own, today women in the streets of Iran are mainly fighting for their equal rights with men in all spheres of social, cultural and political life


Iranian women say no to all kinds of discrimination. The majority of them want Freedom, Equality , and Democracy. The presence of millions of women in the demonstrations speaks volumes about the gendered bodies physically enunciating their existence as women in the public sphere. The majority of Iranian women are young (70% of Iran’s population is under 30), educated (65% of university students in Iran are women), and literate (the literacy rate among women is 80%).


Iranian women have heard the voice of world history. There have been several reports that point at routine rape and sexual assault of arrested young men and women in Iran’s prisons. We all witnessed how these brave women were beaten up, arrested, and killed; many are now in jail, many have gone into hiding and many others are among the dead, some murdered in cold blood by snipers. The world watched Neda Agha-Soltan. But Iranian women’s decision is irrevocable. They will fight for their rights.


The peaceful gatherings in the parks despite the harassment and arrests and the sit-ins of the Mourning Mothers were and are the only continual weekly protest in Tehran. The Iranian women’s movement, in its three long decades of struggle, has shaped and influenced the democratic aspiration of Iranians in content, method, and philosophy of its resistance.


That’s what we said before about The End of Islamic Middle Ages The brave, active, and modern Iranian young women ensure this end and the better future.

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