Sharif University or Basij Prison

A student of Sharif University (Harvard or MIT of Iran) has talked about his arrest: “On 14th Feb, Basiji thugs catched me in front of the university gate. They put my coat on my head and dragged me into a basement inside the university (Actually Basiji thugs and security forces used of Sharif University as a prison and jail) I could see near 200 arrested people in that basement. They forced us to crouch down on the ground. We had to stay in that position and kissed the ground for an hour. Then they hit us with electric batons, and sent us to a building (maybe a school) near Palestine Sq. Then they sent us to the Ghasre-Firouzeh Basij Perison that they call it “Secret Sepah Prison 66”. At there, they took our photograph and fingerprint and created a criminal file for us, in the name of “Threatening the National Security”. We were fed on stale bread and cheese there. After three days, they sent forty of us, me included, to Evin Prison. In the Evin Prison, I saw Ramin Parchami, the famous actor, that were arrested by Basiji thugs, like us! I saw about 100 arrested protesters there. I saw some of shopkeepers that have shops in Mirdamad St., and in Feb 14th were arrested by Basiji thugs, in their shops. After two weeks they freed a dozen, me included, on bail. But at least hundreds of arrested protesters are still in Evin Prison, and thousands are in other known and unknown prisons.

The regime had used the IRNA (Iran national news agency) building, and some school building as prison, but use of Sharif University as a Basij Prison is a new tactic !!. We should congratulate to the bastards and mercenaries in this university, especially the new Dean of university, Mr. mercenary Basiji (Rousta). Shame on professors that work with this bastard.

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