Libya and Iran

Libya and Iran look similar. The story of Libya could be the story of Iran in the near future. Khamenei is worse than Gaddafi and his dogs/thugs could launch a civil war in Iran. The story of Libya is very tragic, but it could teach us, all, a lot of lessons. The world history will not forget Gaddafi and his grim and ominous legacy. After about three weeks, we want to take a look at the tragedy of Libya, a real and terrible tragedy and somewhere become a black comedy. It could be our story in Iran, in the near future.

Gaddafi says: ” All my people love me. They would die to protect me. The whole Libyan people have told me they are willing to die for me … What is happening now in Libya is not people’s power, it’s international terrorism led by al-Qaeda. They have been brain washing the kids and young people. They are trigger happy and they shoot especially when they are stoned with drugs. The protesters were fuelled by milk and Nescafe spiked with hallucinogenic drugs. Their ages are 17… They give them pills at night, they put hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe This is al-Qaida, not my people. They come from outside … I’m surprised that we have an alliance with the west to fight al-Qaida, and now that we are fighting terrorists they have abandoned us … (and just some days later : ) We are not like Darfur or Iraq; we do not need foreign aid! Anyone who talks about that will be considered a traitor who has committed high treason! That would open the door to colonialism! We have enough supplies … The UN can send fact-finding committees to prove we did not fire a single bullet against peaceful civilians … The statements I have heard from [Obama] must have come from someone else … America is not the international police of the world … People claim that they are intelligent; teachers, engineers. If they are reasonable people with reasonable demands, just ask them what they want. But they are not reasonable. They have been dictated to by Bin Laden!”.

Libyans say: ” It’s a crime against humanity on the biggest scale. They tried to get the loyalty of people by giving them money and guns if they are willing to go with them. The international community is not doing enough. Is this the end now? Gaddafi is regaining power … It was a shameful and unprofessional performance that we saw from al-Arabiya. They sent a young, inexperienced reporter who was guided around Tripoli and shown that everything was ‘normal’ . Such actions lend credence and support to a despot as he seeks to create enough confusion and doubt over what is happening in Tripoli … Men in brand new Mitsubishi cars without licence plates are shooting at groups of people, three or four, wherever they see them gathering. These are Gaddafi’s death squads (Basiji thugs) … We want to have our own face. For 42 years we lived with this kind of barbarianism. We now want to live by ourselves … He is trying to divide us, but we are one nation. After 42 years of slavery, this is over. The bloodbath must end … I never believed that I would see this day. The atmosphere here has changed completely … It’s a slaughter … There are no other words to describe what is happening in Libya but genocide … A group attacked our construction site and took computers, but they didn’t do anything to us. Our water is running low … Tomorrow is another day, inshallah ” Libyan Protesters chant: “Gaddafi is the enemy of God … victory or death … Libya is free and Gaddafi must go … The blood of martyrs will not go in vain … down with Gaddafi”

Gaddafi declared: “At the suitable time we will open the arms depot so all Libyans and tribes become armed, so that Libya becomes red with fire … Dance, sing and prepare. Prepare to defend Libya, to defend the oil, dignity and independence ” Gaddafi vowed to turn Libya into “another Vietnam,” and said any foreign troops coming into his country “will be entering hell and they will drown in blood. Until the last man and woman, we will defend Libya from the north to the south. We will distribute arms to 2 or 3 millions and we will turn Libya into another Vietnam” Gaddafi’s sons say: “Plan A is to live and die in Libya, Plan B is to live and die in Libya, Plan C is to live and die in Libya … What the Libyan nation is going through has opened the door to all options, and now the signs of civil war and foreign interference have started … talking about hundreds and thousands [killed] is a joke”

[All the above stories are extracted from Western media’s reports in the past three week. In fact, we try to produce a short summary of them]

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