Khamenei, Mohajerani, Rafsanjani

The notorious Mohajerani has defended Khamenei. He said that Khamenei has not any black (gray) mark in his financial file. He said that Khamenei and his regime are independent and have not any tie with the UK and the US. He said that Khamenei’s regime is not like Mubarak’s regime and Iranians should keep the Islamic regime. Indeed, this time Mohajerani has removed the mask from his face. But who is Mohajerani? and What does London circle want?

Mohajerani is the notorious President Assistant in the Rafsanjani cabinet, for eight years. Mohajerani is the notorious Islamic Culture Minister in the Khatami cabinet, for four years. Mohajerani’s friends have said that Khamenei recommended and imposed him to Khatami. Apparently Khatami wanted to choose another person for the Ministry of Islamic Culture. Mohajerani had some serious scandals in the past years: 1- Embezzling large amounts of money More than $10 million in the Ministry of Islamic Culture 2- Asking Rafsanjani to be a lifetime president in 1996. But Rafsanjani that were feared of the people and Khamenei’s backlashes did not accept it 3- Second and Third wife . Actually he had more than 3 wives and a bunch of concubines. A woman sued him for alimony and refusing to pay alimony. The court ordered him to pay alimony 4- Secret and vivid travels to the US Last year he had some secret and some vivid travels to the US. The regime and the opposition both said that his travels to the US were so doubtful.

Mohajerani and his first wife, Jamileh Kadivar, plus the son of Rafsanjani, Mehdi Rafsanjan, have some websites like the famous one: ( In fact, all “Green Path” websites are supported by them). Some Iranian journalists work with or work for Mohajerani, like: Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Masoumeh Alinejad, Farrokh Negahdar, Abdolkarim Soroush, Mohsen Kadivar, etc. They created a notorious secret circle, London Circle . The main goal of London circle is saving Khamenei and his regime. Indeed, they are the notorious mercenaries of Rafsanjani, the BastardsFather -our nickname for him, other Iranians used the GodFather, Akbar Shah, Master of Embezzlement, etc. – and only want to have impact on the power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani, but they don’t want to annoy Khamenei. They never ever think about toppling Khemeni, because after khamenei the second guilty automatically would be Rafsanjani. And after Rafsanjani, all of them should answer to the people questions. The London circle has a strong and close tie with the British authorities in London, and with the Iranian authorities in Tehran. The BBC, and especially the BBC Persian, a.k.a The Ayatollah BBC , makes use of the members of London circle a lot. They are the commentators of the BBC.

Mohajerani has bought a big house for himself in London, and live there without any income. He has not filled any tax forms in London or Tehran The people ask: How does he live in London? How much he earn? How much he get for mercenaryjob? Indeed Mohajerani that live in London in luxury for more than 7 years, without any income, has a very fat back account for himself. His embezzlement has been very big.

These days, Iranians’ reaction to Moharejani and his latest bullshit is very strong and clear. Until now I can not see any one that defend this bastard. The London circle and Mohajerani are so disgraced and discredited. Shame on them all.

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