Traitors Circles at London and Paris

The news was important but not surprising. Hooshang Amir Ahmadi , an Iranian-American and a traitor to both Iran and the US, had a secret meeting with Mehdi Rafsanjani , the son of BastardsFather Rafsanjani, in London. said: “Amir Ahmadi refused to talk with our reporter in the US, but our reports in London said that Amir Ahmadi, a key broker between Iran and the US , had a dozen of secret meetings with Mehdi Rafsanjani in London. Now the London Circle, a secret circle of Iranian journalists and politicians at London (that we guess they are: Masoud Behnoud, Farrokh Negahdar, Mohajerani, Kadiver, maybe Ebrahim Nabavi, etc.), want to attend the meetings, but Amir Ahmadi have not accept the request yet. ” The also added: ” the Paris Circle, i.e. Hamze Ghalebi, Ardeshir AmirArjmad, and Serajoddin Mirdamadi (plus RajabAli Mazrooii) that are the Mousavi’s team in Europe, had some secret meetings with Mehdi Rafsanjani.”

This sort of secret news of, have been true until now. Mehdi Rafsanjani has not succeeded in silencing or selling the yet. We know the history of Mehdi Rafsanjani and Nikahang Kosar the manager of, and we know that this sort of secret news often are true and reliable. The has said that Mehdi Rafsanjani provide financial support for many Iranian opposition websites and it’s completely correct. Apparently he also has wanted to buy or at least a part of it. Mehdi Rafsanjani fled from Iran, just some days after the Khamenei’s coup in June 2009. Khamenei’s thugs wanted to arrest him and make use of him for putting pressure on BastardsFather Rafsanjani, but his son successfully fled to London.

Yesterday Mohsen Rafsanjani, the oldest son of BastardsFather Rafsanjani, resigned form the Tehran’s municipal government. This political act is very important. Apparently the BastardsFather Rafsanjani want to alarm Khamenei before the Khobregan Council meeting in the next week. The Khobregan Council is a high rank assembly of the Islamic Clerics that appointed Khamenei as the leader that it could depose Khamenei. The next week the Khobregan Council want to choose a new chairman. The BastardsFather Rafsanjani wants to keep the chairman position, but Khamenei wants to remove him. It’s really a power struggle between Khamenei and Rafsanjani. But many Iranians think that it’s their last power struggle and very soon Iranians will get rid of both of them.

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