Iranian Women

March 3, 2011

Some groups of Iranian women activists call for an anti-government rally in March 8th. That’s great. The younger generation of Iranian women are really brave and active. They are aware of their rights and want to be a real human being, not less and not more than men. All men and women are human being and there is no difference between them. The young Iranian women are like their counterparts in the West and all around the world. Many of them are civil activists and fight against religious tyranny like men, and sometimes more than men in Iran.

Iranian women activists are so brave. They fight for their rights with bare hand, and they are not frightened of anything. In any protest and anti-government rally in Iran, at least the half of protester population are brave Iranian women. The younger generations of Iranian women are very modern and active. You, the foreigners, should forget their mothers and the older generations in Iran. The voice of young Iranian women should be heard at the outside world. Shadi Sadr, Nasrin Sotoode, Mahboobe Abasgholi and many others are very brave civil and women activists. Many of Iranian women protesters are in jail now. Nasrin Sotoode, Bahare Hedayat, Shiva Nazar Ahari, Mahsa Amirabadi, and many other unknown women soldiers are in jail now.


Iran or Persia are very proud of such brave and modern women. Iran or Persia is not a typical Muslim country, like Arab states. Iranians or Persians are not like Arabs. Of course the younger generation of Arabs are not like their older generations, as well. But they are not pioneer or iconoclast like Iranian women. Iranian women fight for freedom and civil rights. They don’t want Islamic laws. They don’t want the Islamic culture and the imperative and forced Hijab, the veil, or headscarves.

The younger generations of Iranian women are our hope to the better future. They are well-educated, most of them university-educated. They want to create a better conditions for women and men in Iran and all around the world.

Khamenei’s Children Scandal

March 3, 2011

These days many Iranians talk about an important economic scandal. CNN: Khamenei’s Children Involved in Huge Embezzlement from Iran’s Railroad Development Project and Les Echos, French newspaper, has the same report This report seem really true, because it agrees with many other evidence of organized corruptions in the regime. The following are excerpts of this report:

The Chinese who happen to be the focal point of nearly all major oil contracts and general trade with the Iranian regime and security forces dominating Iran’s economy, this time have entered into a lucrative $13 billion contract entitled “Iranian Railroad Development Project … Unlike the principals of all international commercial contracts, this one includes an escalator clause that allows for unlimited increases of the agreed amount as deemed necessary! A contract which upon which investigations by Iran’s Green Expert, has proven to be a front for laundering billions of dollars of painstakingly earned national wealth into offshore
“private” bank accounts … Iran’s Green Experts have revealed that over $2.7 billion of the said contract has been embezzled to bribe the Iranian brokers involved in the deal, which with the knowledge and consent of the Chinese Railway Minister, were deposited into the accounts of Iranian nationals in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. According to obtained records, 76 Iranian officials were involved in the deal with China, all of whom having pocketed portions of the colossal bribe … Among those involved in this crime, the following well-known figures have been identified and their cuts determined :

Massoud Khamenei, $50 million
Mostafa Khamenei, $85 million
Maysam Khamenei, $90 million
Hasan Khamenei, $120 million
Ali Akbar Velayati, $12 million (ex-foreign ministry)
Seyed Massoud Mir Kazemi, $11 million (Oil ministry)
Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi, $45 million (a key Mullah in Qom)

It is of interest to emphasize that the largest cut was that of Mojtaba Khamenei’s , the exact total of which to follow, upon confirmation. Similarly, the Chinese Minister of Railways has received $75 million of the bribe funds. Additionally, 19 other Chinese officials have collectively received $300 million as bribe and hush money … In recent years, with the growing number of various security and Mafia-like entities such as “Khatamol Anbia” dominating Iran’s economy, the scope of organized corruption surrounding Iran-China trade relations has also grown proportionately, having engulfed all diplomatic, security and legislative units of the country … At the present time, the decisive role that the Supreme Leader’s children, the Revolutionary Guards, and the intelligence officials play in the country’s Mafioso economy has become so utterly transparent and undeniable, that in order to block any related information, they will resort to any criminal act. Besides, having committed such acts, the loyal servants of the regime get rewarded a bonus – above and beyond their regular wages – so as to boost their morale and keep them motivated to stay vigilant in their job of cracking down and trampling the rights of the people