We all are Bradley Manning

March 2, 2011

It’s horrible. Bradley Manning Facing Death Penalty Under New Charge of “Aiding the Enemy” . Apparently the US’s politician are as mad and crazy as Seid Ali. Shame on you bastards. The condition of Bradley Manning in the military jail is like our condition in Iran. The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention is so embarrassing and ridiculous.

David House has visited Bradley Manning in prison Bradley was brought in to meet with David, per usual, in chains. His MAX custody classification means that the entire facility is on lockdown whenever he leaves his cell, and he must be accompanied by two guards at all time. During his conversations with David, Manning’s guards listen closely to everything they say, and make it a point to make noise and shift around frequently to call attention to their presence in the room It’s like our condition in Iran . and Bradley became excited and engaged, however, when David mentioned the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The great man

We, all, are Bradley Manning. Shame on the US and all western politicians bastards. Manning faces new charges, possible death penalty and it’s so ridiculous and unacceptable. Richard Nixon said the same bullshits about Daniel Ellsberg . The Bradley Manning should be freed ASAP. He just showed the truth and telling the truth is not crime. Telling lies and supporting the religious dictatorship of Seid Ali is a serious crime. Hey you Bastards, Bradley Manning is a hero and you coward bastards are the evil and the real axis of evil, i.e. The US’s politicians, The EU’s politicians and the Mullahs. Shame on you All. The people power will screw you in the near future, you could be sure of that.

For more Information check here: BradleyManning.org , David House website

Utility Bills Crisis

March 2, 2011

Today the utility bills have shocked many people. After cutting the subsidies in January 2011, the economic climate was very complicated and difficult. Now the people should pay 5 to 20 times more than before for their utility bills. For example, one of my friend should pay about 200$ for the gas bill, while his last bill was about 10$. We and some others, have not received our new bills yet. But under these conditions, the terrible economic climate could be another spark for a revolution, like the other classic revolutions.

From January 2011, the regime has cut the subsidies and raised the price of basic foods, fuels and utilities 4 to 20 times. The flour , bread, gasoline, oil, gas oil, electricity, water, gas, etc prices have risen 4 to 20 times. In Iran the average monthly income of the middle class family is around 600$ to 1000$ ! i.e. at least 4 times less than Europe and USA. Here a professional engineer, in any field, get around 1000$ monthly. But the comic-tragic point is that the groceries price here are equal to or more than the prices in USA and Europe. For example 1kg Meat = 20$, 1kg Chicken = 5$, 1kg Apple = 4$, 1kg Yogurt = 4$, etc. Could you believe this? Now you could easily guess how the people live here in this terrible condition, with such difficulty. After cutting subsidies, the regime has paid just 40$ ! (monthly) for each person, but they have raised the price of basic foods, fuels and utilities 4 to 20 times !

In the past years, the regime and Mullahs have plundered everything. They destroy and screw all forests, rivers, and water resources, etc. The Oil and gas resources was plundered by them in a harsh way. In the recent years, many green activists and journalists have been put in jail, because of asking just a little question about “conservation” matter. The regime and Mullahs have monopolized everything, without any exception. More than 90% of the economic is on the government hand. Here we pay 25k$ for a f-u-c-k-i-n-g car that is assembled in a public monopoly, while this car has a price about 8k$ in the outside world and doesn’t have any of the f-u-c-k-i-n-g problems of these assembled cars in Iran

I’m sure that you, the foreigners, could not believe and even guess our economic condition here. Just imagine one morning wake up and see that you must pay 10 times more than before for this, 5 times more for that, 20 times more for this, 3 times more for that; and besides that you must live under a great religious tyranny and theocracy. It’s like a nightmare in another nightmare ! Very soon all the prices here would be 3 and 4 times more than the prices in USA and Europe, while the salaries here are 4 and 5 times less than there. Such a miracle !! It’s an Islamic miracle !! F-u-c-k you Mullahs

Seid Ali Stalin

March 2, 2011

Yesterday Iranians called Seid Ali “Seid Ali Gaddafi”. Gaddafi is a lunatic savage and an old friend of Seid Ali. But Gaddadi is not as astute as Seid Ali and his regime. Gaddafi should learn more lessons about dictatorship and Totalitarianism. He should establish a religious or ideological regime and then make some thing as effective as KGB or SS or Sepah/Basij. He should restrict information from being transmitted out of Libya and doesn’t allow to any foreign media to cover the Libyan protests. He should jam and block all communication tools. He should make use of War of Nerves. He should make secret deal with the UK and the British media. And in this way, He could be sure that Western media would ignore Libya and leave him alone. Indeed, he should learn form Stalin, as Seid Ali did.


We prefer to call Seid Ali “Seid Ali Stalin “. He has learned a lot from Stalin. He is astute and a loyal friend of the UK. He handle a fake or false fight with the US, very well. He could deceive many people in the West, and they think that Seid Ali is the real enemy of the West. When the foreign minister of Germany came to Iran, Seid Ali received the EU’s message and then arrested Mousavi. The message was :”It’s your internal matter, we are neutral. we don’t intervene in disputes between the regime and the anti-government protesters. It’s your internal matter.” The people reporters approved this secret message. But we are sure of it, by just looking at the West’s hypocrisy and their stupid reaction to the Iranian protests and Mousavi’s arrest.

Seid Ali Stalin‘ is astute, but it’s not enough for him. His foreign friends and supporters would abandon him very soon. Because Iranians and public opinion of the world don’t let them to support Seid Ali any longer. They could not hide The Apparent Paradox of the West any longer. Iranians would topple Seid Ali very soon and the Western powers just disgrace themselves more than before.