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These days, we could see a public anger at the BBC in Iran. The BBC, and especially its BBC Persian service that Iranians call it “Ayatollah BBC’, has angered Iranians and they are really disappointed and angered by the BBC. In these series of articles we want to show you, the foreigners, that how the BBC helps the regime and distorts the facts. It’s our second article about the BBC, and the first one was: Iran, the UK , and the BBC that had a look at the history.

But really why do Iranians call the BBC “Ayatollah BBC ” ? The BBC openly advocates of Ayatollahs (Mullahs) and the Islamic regime, makes use of dirty media tricks and does not cover the Iranian protesters in the name of ‘neutrality’. An article in Persian language, shows us that how the BBC tries to help the regime (If you want to read this article, you could make use of Google Translator , and translate the page form Persian to English). This article that has been written by a sociologist says: ‘The Islamic regime can bear the BBC, because the BBC treats the regime with respect. In fact, the BBC treats the regime like the Queen Elizabeth … the BBC respect the regime’s censorship laws in the name of ‘neutrality’ … the decent sources for the BBC are Keyhan (the regime’s Pravda), Sepah (IRGC) websites, and the regime’s news agency … The BBC advocates of the regime’s atomic plan … The BBC’s commentators advocate of the regime … and all of these acts are done in the name of ‘neutrality’ ‘ .

The BBC’s reaction to the regime’s atomic plans are very interesting. Indeed, many Iranians agree with this article: BBC Persia: Mouthpiece of the Mullahs? that says: ‘ The movie Iranium premiered on February 8, and has made a lot of noise since then. First, the Iranian Embassy in Canada tried to prevent it from being shown. Then Islamic thugs threatened the organizers. Then the Iranian Foreign Ministry released a statement saying the documentary shows Western countries will do anything to hurt Iran’s nuclear activities … However, BBC Persia, in its recent coverage of the movie, has topped Iran’s own PR attempts …. It is quite strange that BBC Persia has provided such biased coverage, which can only be interpreted as appeasement of the Islamic regime in Iran Why did the BBC avoid mentioning the human rights violations of the savage regime in Iran or its terrorist activities over the last thirty years, which have been vividly shown in this documentary and documented in history? ‘

Today, March 1st, 2011, The BBC Persian had a Radio/TV program about the people protests. This program was very interesting. They used of some pro-regime thugs and then they wanted to use of some people live call. Each person, exactly each person that were called, had a good point about the weak reaction and weak position of the BBC, and the poor and stupid BBC hosts did not know how to react. The pro-regime thugs in this program said many times that the regime have arrested Mousavi for his own safety and the BBC, in the response to the audiences’ complaints, said that: we should reflect the opinion of both side equally, we could not be the media of the Iranian protesters. But they have forgotten two important things: 1- What they did in 1979 and during the reactionary Islamic Revolution was not ‘neutrality’, and they were the media of Islamists and 2- Why don’t they and other Western media allow Osama bin Laden and other terrorist groups to say what they want, any lie and any f-u-c-k-i-n-g bullshit, in the name of neutrality? Actually they don’t allow bin Laden or Taliban to say anything, absolutely anything, but they allow the Islamic regime to tell any obvious and blatant lies, and repeated it over and over.

These days many Iranians ask: ‘Why do the BBC avoid mentioning the human rights violations of the savage regime in Iran? Why do the BBC respect the brutal regime? and why this respect is usually much more than their respect for the protesters? As we said before , we did not forget how the BBC handled the Islamic revolution and Islamic protesters in 1978 to 1979. We don’t forget that the BBC is a state British media and they show the real policy of the UK. We don’t forget that . the UK and Seid Ali are close friends

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