Obama vs Mousavi

Mousavi’s arrest is the final exam for Obama and the White House, and if they failed in this critical exam again, Iranians would never forgive them. Obama and his good gesture could not deceive us any more. Obama is neither a good politician nor a really good human being. But if Mousavi is not a good politician, he at least is a good human being. Obama could not pretend ignorance any more. The strong moral support of Mousavi, Iranians and other suppressed people is a human duty, not a political game. If Obama is not like Khamenei, he should condemn Mousavi’s arrest strongly with his strong words about Egypt, i.e. “Must”, “Immediately” and “Imperative”. Iranians could not accept any weaker tone. The previous political rhetoric were not acceptable at all.

We disagree with Mousavi, but certainly we defend his rights and we prefer him to Obama, because Obama is an Ultra-stupid and Ultra-coward politician. Mousavi is stupid and coward, but not as much as Obama. Mousavi had the balls and challenged Seid Ali, but stupid Obama sent him two secret letters, and kissed his ass.[*] Shame on Obama. Iranians not only have not forgotten the last year’s events, but this time they try to reveal the shameful acts of Obama and the White House as much as possible.

Obama is like Khatami. He has not the balls to challenge Republicans and the big corporations. He is just a scarecrow. The US needs a real change. Why do Americans have to chose between just two political parties, the stupid Democrats and the stupid Republicans? The US has a lot of great man and could be a better place. Americans should rebel against big corporations, but not against their great legacy of Freedom and Democracy. Each country has its own bad guys, but we, all the people around the world, could and should form a global, united and broad front against all bad guys.

[*] Last year, and in the middle of blood and fire in Iran, the stupid Obama wrote Seid Ali, actually twice They pretend that . the second letter was sent before the coup but it is a big lie, and many indirect evidences, such as the VOA Farsi story show us the real truth.

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