My News of Iran, 01 Mar

9am: the Internet speed is very slow, near 1kb/s.
10am: Today is rainy and windy, much more like a winter day. But the people want to create another “Ashura Day” as 2010 Ashura. The rally would begin at 5pm.
11am: Today an international football (soccer) game will be held at Azadi stadium in the afternoon. The regime are really frightened of the probable 100,000 spectators. The spectators would joined to the people after the game and it’s very interesting !
12pm: The regime and Tehran are on red alert. Today’s rally would be bigger than two previous ones. But I hope that the people keep to protesting in a continuous and daily basis, until a big success. This sort of discontinuous protest is not good and just has high price without any outcome.
1pm: Until now more than 25 cities of Iran, call for the today rally. Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Rasht, Kerman, Ardebil, Ahvaz, Boushehr, Babol, Hamedan, Orumieh, Sanandaj, Khoramabad, Sari, Gorgan, Arak, Tonekabon, Kermanshah, Shahrekurd, Kashan, Ghazvin, Semnan, Mahabad, etc.
2pm: The students and lecturers of Tehran University have not attended in their classes today. And apparently many cars sound their horns in different parts of Tehran, and I could hear them now. 3pm: The UK and regime play new games with public opinion. and some stupid foreigners are fooled. from Yesterday the British media has wrote about “Iran’s protest to London 2012 Olympic Logo” … F-u-c-k you UK and your stupid logo and your stupid media … You are really bastards. But, Hey you Bastards, you could not save your friends Khamenei and his regime, I bet you. Iranians will f-u-c-k both you and your puppet very soooooooon.
4pm: Seid Ali’ dogs are in the streets of Tehran, but the people will f-u-c-k them in all parts of Tehran and all parts of Iran … Today is Iranian “Judgment Day”.
5pm: The brave people have occupied the Resalat Sq. … A main square near the Heshmatieh Perison … The rumors say that Mousavi is in Heshmatieh … The Lions of Persia, F-u-c-k this savage Mullahs and their dogs …You are the sons and daughters of Cyrus the Great … The lions of Persia have shocked the regime’s dogs … Viva the brave people!
5pm: Today the general atmosphere are so weird and emotional … All things are ready for a Big Blast … All the people that I saw, cried and said, with a lump in their throat, “We get back our Iran of these Mullahs, of these bastards, of these British dogs …”
5pm: Lions of Persia, today is your day … You should f-u-c-k Mullahs and their dogs + Their Birtish and American masters and supporters … F-u-c-k them all … all of them … You could do it … Because you are the sons and daughters of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great … You are the inheritors of The Great Persia and The Great Persian Empire, that treated all people well and saved Jews and all other suppressed people …. You should show the world that The Great Persia is still alive and is pride of you.

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