My News of Iran, 01 Mar, 3

9pm: The below picture is for 2009 protests and now in 2011, the situation is worse than 2009. the Internet is totally f-u-c-ked up and the people could not upload new images and videos … This picture is part of our story in these days. Iranian women are very active and very very brave Today they fight against Seid Ali’s dogs/thugs like men, Viva Iranian women


9pm: The traffic in Tehran are blocked totally. All the cars and drivers sound their horns, Viva people … I could hear them. They also chant: “Death to Seid Ali”

10pm: The people are still in the streets … Today the regime’s dogs/thugs are so wild … the lions of Persia should just continue to protest, in a daily basis and then very soon we would see the people’s victory.

10pm: At least one person shot dead in the city of Ahvaz.

10pm: The people reporters say that until now, at least more than 2000 people were arrested in Tehran.

10pm: some brave people and lions of Persia, have installed a poster in Niayesh Highway that says: ” The dictator, say Hi to your End.” Viva brave people

10pm: The people reporters say that the windscreens of many cars in the streets of Tehran were broke by Basiji thugs. They want to intimidate the people.

11pm: Today was a great day … Millions of the brave people and lions of Persia fought against the regime’s dogs/thugs in many cities of Iran. Viva the brave people … we should continue to protest and a daily and continuous protest could topple Seid Ali even in Esfand and before the ancient Norouz and Persian New Year.

11pm: bye for now

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