The Regime Committed Suicide

Mousavi, Karoubi, and their wives were arrested. But we could be sure that the regime has committed suicide. It’s a key to revolution. The final and ultimate battle begins in Iran. Tomorrow, March 1st, the people would show that how much they are angry. Tomorrow, March 1st, the revolution sparks would spread over all cities of Iran, and we could call the first of March as ” the first day of Iranian Revolution”

Mousavi is a key figure for many of the pro-regime people. He is the ex-prime minister of the Islamic revolution, the prime minister of Khomeini in the first decade of the revolution. Many of Basijis and Sepahis could not bear his arrest. Today many of them have said that: “Seid Ali, you played with fire.” This great political mistake, create more solidarity and unity among the people, and create a deep divisions among pro-regime mob and Islamist gangs.

The final battle has begin in Iran. The regime fight for its life and the people fight for their country and the democracy and freedom. The people fight with bare hands and want to have a non-violent struggle as much as possible. The regime’s thugs are full armed and a bunch of brutal savages. But the Khamenei’s dogs are straw dogs and sooner or later show their real face to the people. They should be frightened of a day that the people want to treat them like themselves. In fact, they are frightened a lot, and many of them would give up after seeing the first spark of people’s victory.

We watch the western politicians. They should make their final decision. They could not deceive public opinion any more. If they are not the friend and supporter of this reactionary regime, they must support the Iranian people and condemn the regime strongly and widely. They should put a strong political pressure on the regime, at least like the Egypt cast. They could not play with us and public opinion any more. we say to them: ‘You must take your decision right now”

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