Military Attack on Iran: Yes or No?

Finally Mousavi’s website, the stupid, has published two important articles. One with the title : Foreign Military Attack: Yse or No ? and the other one with the title : Khamenei commanded that the security forces arrest Mousavi. It’s the first time that attack Khamenei. Their article says: “All the regime’s people are the lesser men and they are not at the position to command that the security forces arrest the great Mousavi, ex-Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic … Just Khamenei could do this … this project is too big for the regime and just Khamenei could decide about it … We could easily win the game, but we prefer to wait (stupid bastards!) … (we will not do anything, but) they sow Wind and will reap Typhoon. They are the main responsible for radicalizing public opinion.” Actually the stupid has not finished the job, but the people will finish the job in the near future. In another article, again for the first time, writes about The necessity of Foreign Military Attack The long article of says: “Gaddafi massacre his people … Should the international community be silent? … The UN and international community should perform their duties and stop Gaddafi’s massacre … Foreign military attack for stopping massacre and making democratic society is legitimate and right … A regime that killed his people and innocent civilians, deserve international punishment .”

All Iranians know that Khamenei is worse than Gaddafi, and in these days they call Khamnei: ‘Seil Ali Gaddafi”. What could Libyans do with this savage Gaddafi ? When a regime slaughters his own people, what it does with other nations ?? Could the international community have enough security and safety? Did the world forget the story of Hitler and Fascism? Certainly war and foreign attack is the evil. But under our conditions in Iran and Libya, we are faced with two great evils and we should choose the lesser of two evils. One evil is: “The brutal and savage dictator and his savage thugs” and the other evil is “Foreign military attack for getting red of the savages”. Of course this foreign military attack should not be done just in the name of democracy and human rights, but it should be really for democracy and human rights, and for helping the suppressed people and all the world. We can see that the majority of Iranians (and maybe Libyans) are agreed that: Under these conditions, the lesser evil is Foreign Military Attack and many Iranians say that we willingly would provide the budget for a military attack: “ Our Oil money are plundered by Mullahs now, and we could pay part of this plundered asset for saving ourselves and making a better world.

Of course we are against war, any war. War is not solution, but some times is inevitable. There is still no cure for reign of terror. Iranians, the majority, would not support this savage regime and reign of terror, in the name of patriotism. This matter has a historical root in Iran, too. Indeed, a scenario has been repeated over and over in the Iranian history: “Iranians lived under a tyranny. the tyranny became worse and worse and screwed all aspects of their life. they became passive, and just grew deep hate in their heart. then a foreign country attacked Iran, and Iranians took their own revenge, i.e. they remained neutral or even supported the attackers for f-u-c-k-i-n-g their tyrant and tyranny”. When Arabs attacked Iran, we had the same story. When Moguls attacked Iran we had the same story. When Turks attacked Iran we had the same story. In the last year, Iranians became passive again and just grew deeper and deeper hate in their heart (against the regime), and we really were afraid of repeating above scenario. But now the situation has been changed and the people are active and fight bravely against tyranny with bare hands. In these conditions, when the foreign attack become a necessity, maybe in the next months, this attack should be done by the UN, not by the US. With a smart and clean attack, the UN could help the great people corps of Iranians. We don’t want to destroy Iran, we want to topple savage Mullahs and get our Iran back.

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