We, WordPress and PMOI

The WordPress has kicked us out of “Iran” tag. (from some days ago) They keep PMOI (Mujahideen) there, and PMOI or NCR are very active. In fact, we think it is a good thing that we let anyone even the terrorists, to have a website and say what they want. Even we recommend to the US and WordPress that let Osama bin Laden to build a blog and website for himselft and his group. I not kidding, I am really serious. Why not ?? Blogging is better than Killing . It’s better that they try to talk and blog, and stop killing. But if the US or WordPress want to censor Americans and other people just because of criticizing Osama bin Laden, it’s not a good thing.

We don’t know why WordPress has kicked us out of “Iran” tag (Thanks God that they have not deleted our blog, or PMOI has not killed us until now ! ). We respect to WordPress and its contribute to the world and the blogging world . We don’t know why this strange and weird event has been happened. We hope that it will be an error or mistake, and we could be in the “Iran” tag, as before.

Take a look at what we said before and what we said today

2 Responses to We, WordPress and PMOI

  1. very well written blog here! Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

  2. unusual says:

    Woah! I couldn’t have said that better if I tried LOL. I totally dig your writing skills and your blog! Please do keep up the excellent work!