Urgent: Mousavi is in Jail

Shame on Mousavi’s webstie, kaleme.com, that we should receive Mousavi’s news form the CNN. The CNN has said : Iran’s two opposition leaders, their wives are placed in ‘safe house’ they have added: “Moussavi, Karrubi and their wives were placed in a “safe house” for their own welfare !!!!!!!!!!! , but they have not been arrested !!!!!!!!, Iranian government sources told CNN Saturday !!!!!! …. The human rights organization also pointed out that “a ‘safe house’ is considered a place for the secret detention of high security-value detainees, which is not under the control of the judiciary or any other monitoring mechanisms. The Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence agencies are well-known for using safe houses for all methods and techniques to get confessions from detainees without scrutiny or pressure from other legal bodies … During the protests earlier this month, foreign journalists were denied visas, accredited journalists living in the country were restricted from covering the demonstrations, and internet speed slowed to a crawl in an apparent attempt to restrict information from being transmitted out of the country ” It’s very interesting that CNN has some secret Iranian government sources !

We say to kaleme.com, and Mousavi’s team that:

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

For more information check here

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