The End of Islamic Middle Ages

The past decades were the last phase of the Islamic Middle Ages in Iran. In fact, this century is the 15th century Hegira, i.e. in Islamic calendar (Islam started in the early 7th century AD). The Middle Ages in Europe were between about 11th century and 15th century AD. And now we are faced with the same conditions, and the same centuries of Islam. Indeed, what Will Durant says in ‘The Story of Civilization’, is our story at the present time. [*] Now Iranians live in the last phase of ‘The Age of Faith’. Indeed, Iranians are like Italians in the European Middle Ages, the pioneer and the iconoclast. They are ahead of their time in the Muslim world. In fact, Iranians, like Italians, created a brutal religious system, but after a lot of pains, they have rebelled against it. Indeed, at the present time we have a combination of ‘The Renaissance’ and ‘The Reformation’, and we could say that ‘The Age of Reason Begins’ in Iran. The first stable secular and modern system will be established in the Muslim world, by the Iranian people.

The history repeat itself, but not in the same way as before. Now Iranians live in the Information Age and have access to many tools and books that could accelerate their historical movement. In fact, Iranians have passed the Age of Rousseau and Revolution and The Age of Napoleon. They have learned a lot form the world history and have passed a reactionary Islamic revolution. Now Iranians should pass the Age of Enlightenment, and become a part of the modern world. In fact, the younger generation of Iranians are the same as their counterparts in the West. Many of them are very open minded and free of reactionary thoughts. They are the daughters and the sons of their global intellectual fathers and mothers. They want to be Globalist, not narrow minded Localist. They are as modern as their counterparts in the West and want to made a valuable contribution to the world and its history.

The outside world should know that the younger generation of Iranians are not like their biological fathers and mothers. They grow near 300 years in the past three decades. They want to show the world that they are like other human beings, not worse, not better. They are neither racist nor chauvinist. Some of them have great and exceptional talent, at the highest level of the world, some of them have good and creative talent, some of them have artistic or special talent, and all of them are human being like all other human beings in our planet Earth. They have not come form Mars or Moon. The younger generations in all around the world, start from zero and should learn the history and the documented works of other generations and should stand on their shoulders. We don’t inherit the knowledge or wisdom through our genes. We should acquire them. And in the Information Age there is no significant difference between different parts of the world and many people could acquire the knowledge, if they want.

The younger generation of Iranians have a message for the world: ‘Our Islamic Middle Ages will be gone very soon, and you should be ready for accepting us as a shareholder and contributor to the world. We are Persian, the sons and the daughters of Cyrus the Great (600-530 BC), the great king of the Persian Empire, who said: ‘All people should be free and we should respect to human rights and their freedom’. We don’t want to be the enemy of any body, but we don’t want to be the puppet and stooge of any body, too. You should forget our stupid older generation. We would criticize the Western or Eastern powers, just like what the open minded Americans and Europeans, and all other free and open minded people around the world, did before and do now. You should accept us as an equal partner, and we would contribute to the world as an equal contributor. ‘

[*] Will Durant, 1885-1981, American historian, whose works on philosophy and world history have been read by millions of people. His famous works were The Story of Philosophy (1926), and the series of the well-known ‘The Story of Civilization’, i.e Our Oriental Heritage(1935), ‘The Life of Greece (1939), Caesar and Christ (1944), The Age of Faith (1950), The Renaissance (1953), The Reformation (1957), The Age of Reason Begins (1961), The Age of Louis XIV (1963), The Age of Voltaire (1965), Rousseau and Revolution (1967), and The Age of Napoleon (1975).

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