It Needs Urgent Attention

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend

Many of you, the foreigners, are not familiar with the complicated situation of reactionary Iranians. It’s just like that we, Iranians, say to you: “why do you hate the Fox news? why do you call them Faux news or F-u-c-k news? they are not bad, they cover the Iranian news well, much more better than the Guardian and Al-Jazeera’. But maybe you would say: ‘We know them better than you. You know nothing about them and their real policy and their history. we know who they are … you should be an American and have lived a long time in America, to find the truth …’ and it’s what we want to say you about NCR or Mujahideen or MEK or PMOI or any other f-u-c-k-i-n-g name that they invent for themselves (Actually they have some different names to deceive the foreigners). We know them better than you.

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen ( They are our Fox news [*]

Apparently the US and the UK have decided to make an alternative for the Khamenei’s regime, and this damn alternative could be much more worse than status quo. Look at the US media Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian terrorist group off its list of terrorist organizations or take a look at the UK media Telegraph: Iran’s largest opposition group, the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (PMOI) Ha Ha!! ‘Iran’s largest opposition group !!!!!!’ It’s so ridiculous and of course so dangerous and terrible. Apparently they want to make use of the reactionary groups again.

We provide some information about the Reactionary Iranian groups in the West , Please consider it seriously. If you really support of the freedom and democracy in Iran, Please don’t support the Reactionary Iranian groups. The Mujahideen and Monarchists are among the most dangerous and most reactionary groups. Iranians that live in Iran, except a very small and tiny minority (just about some thousands), don’t support these reactionary groups, but we are really afraid that the West wants to impost these groups to Iran and make them another puppet and stooge tyrant for Iran. We are deeply skeptical of their current activities.

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen: (They are Islamist, Terrorist, & Ultra-stupid)

Apparently Mujahideen, and maybe the West, believe that an organized armed group with 2 thousands members, could launch a coup or hijack a revolution and then suppress or deceive the people, just like what Trotsky had done in the October Revolution of 1917. (You could take a look at this book Techniques of Coup detat by Curzio Malaparte, 1931) Of course the destiny of Mujahideen in the Islamic revolution of 1979 (and in any future revolution) was not better than the destiny of Trotsky.

Mujahideen are worse than Mullahs and Khamenei. Their ideology is a ridiculous combination of Islam and Communism !! Actually they have collected the worst points of these two ideologies in one ideology !! They are really a great masterpiece of reactionary! Their leader, Rajavi, is a brutal dictator and treat their followers like a flock of sheep. He just order, and the followers just obey the orders, no question, no protest. The story of Camp Ashraf is really a tragic story, but main parts of it is just because of Rajavi. You could hear a lot of tragic stories about this stupid Rajavi and his group form the ex-members of Mujahideen that now live in Europe. Most of these ex-members have received death threats, just because they leaked some things after they left this disgraced group. The ones that could be alive until now, say:’ Rajavi is worse than Khomeini and Khamenei’

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen ( They are our Osama bin Laden [*]

[*] We should apologize to Fox news and Osama bin Laden for this comparison! They are really much more better than Mujahideen !

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