My News of Iran, 26 Feb

February 26, 2011

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Shame on Mousavi’s website. We disagree with Mousavi, but we respect his human rights. Mousavi and his wife have been lost since Feb 24, and nobody knows where they are. The unknown reporters say that the lights of Mousavi’s house and Karoubi’s house have been switched off since Thursday, Feb 24. Some unknown doctors have said that they have seen Mousavi in the hospital. But Mousavi’s website,, has shut its mouth. It’s ridiculous that Mousavi’s website is not as concerned as the people about Mousavi’s life. We disagree with Mousavi, but we are concerned about his life. Mousavi’s website,, should react strongly and immediately to the rumors and the people reports. If they are not correct, should rebut them and says where is Mousavi, or if they are correct, they should strongly react. We say to that: Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Khatami, Lies, and Betrayal

Today Khatami, the ex-president, has said that the protesters want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe!! He added: ‘the people want the Islamic regime. the people want to keep it safe ….’. Khatami is just a ultra-coward bastard. In fact, in the eight years of his presidency, all the good things were done by the people and Khatami could only waste the glorious opportunity that the people gave him. Khatami didn’t have the balls to get challenged Khamenei. He didn’t have the balls to cause any real change and reform. The people gave the legislative branch and the executive branch to the Khatamists by their votes, but these ‘Inglorious Bastards’ just wasted the glorious opportunity and disappointed the people’s hope.

Rafsanjani, The BastardFather

The BastardsFather, Rafsanjani, after 2 years of mumbling and silence, finally open his mouth and condemn the protesters. Today Rafsanjani, the ex-president and the KingMaker, has said that the protesters in the Feb 14th and Feb 20th rallies, were anti-Islam and anti-Islamic revolution. He has added that he want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe. We knew him, but some Iranian journalists vigorously defended him. Indeed, Mousavi and his team were just one of the key factors in screwing the movement last year. Another major factor were these stupid journalists. And another major factor were the Khatamists (the Islamic Reformists).

The Last Tango in Qom ?

The son of Ayatollah Montazeri, an opponent of Khamenei, that live in the religious city of Qom, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘You should save the Islamic republic, you should do the last acts, you should create a small council with 5 members: ‘Yourself, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Mousavi, and Karoubi’. It’s our last chance to save the Islamic republic.’ And another Ayatollah, Dastgheib, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘Free Mousavi and Karoubi ASAP … We should keep the Islamic republic safe and with this brutal acts we just provoke the people … we should give a little freedom to the people.’

The People vs Islamists

Today the people were really angry. Each person, each blog and each website that I have seen, says just one thing: “F-u-c-k you Khatami”, “F-u-c-k you Rafsanjani”, “F-u-c-k you Islamists”, and “F-u-c-k all you bastards”. Now the people say that they would never forgive Khatami and stupid journalists. In fact, the atmosphere is so tense and unfriendly. But I think the people’s reactions to this shameful betrayal are completely normal. Today Iranians said: ‘Iranians don’t want to kill themselves by stupid and aimless plans. Iranians want to get rid of a brutal religious dictator.’

There Will Be Blood ?

Libya and its dictator is like Iran and its dictator. Libyans are toppling the dictator in a police state, just because they act directly. Of course we don’t want to act totally like Libyans, but our dictator is like their dictator, and we should immediately make use of non-violent direct acts. Khamenei and his thugs, will act like Gaddafi, but the world should help Iranians and Iranians should make use of direct acts such as General strike.

Revolutionary Road

We are sure that the new revolution is inevitable and Khatamists and Rafsanjanists population are as small as Khameneists population. Apparently they have thought that the people are so stupid, and once again they could deceive the people. But this time the conditions have been changed and the people know what they want. All the people are against Khatamists, Rafsanjanists and Khameneists.

After that some lunatic groups arranged a plan for protests in the Tuesdays, March 1st, 9th, and 16th, the opportunist Mousavie’s website,, has said that we call for two rallies in March 1st and 16th ! but it’s not the whole story. They delete the stream of user’s comments and have ignored what the people say: “Have you decided to have a picnic, or to topple the dictator? we want a continuous and serious daily protests to topple the dictator, we don’t want to be killed for this stupid discontinuous plans and protests. we are not your pawns. we are not nuts.” Of course has been forced to publish some of these user comments, because the people are really angry now.

Iranians are on the last parts of their long road to the freedom and democracy. Khatami, Mousavi, stupid journalists and any other stupid bastards could not stop the people. Last year the ‘Inglorious Bastards’ achieved their last success, and today is really a new day

What Iranians Want (chants)

February 26, 2011

The people chants could be very important. They are historical documents and show us how the people think, and what they really want. We have tried to translate the Persian chants into English, and we have tried to keep the rhythm of chants. Rough translation of the chants are easy and were done by the media, but the rhythm of chants are as important as their meaning. We have tried to pay attention to both, the rhythm and the meaning, as much as possible. It’s obvious that the meaning of chants should not be changed, even a little, and we took it very serious. Here are the translation of some of the main chants of Iranians:

– ‘Death to Khamenei’ , ‘Death to the dictator’
– ‘Mubarak, Ben Ali — the Next is Seid Ali’ *
– ‘Die of shame Seid Ali — Look at the Ben Ali ‘ *
– ‘Khamenei feel ashamed — You and Mubarak are the same’
– ‘Drop dead Seid Ali — Meet dead Ben Ali’ *
– ‘No Gaza, No Lebanon — Egypt, Tunisia, and Iran’
– ‘Death to Theocracy (Velayate-Faqih)’
– ‘People why do you sit down? — Here become our Palestine’

– ‘We die, We die — But Humiliation, good bye’
– ‘We die, we will be gone — But we get back our Iran’
– ‘Esfand, one by one — Seid Ali will be gone’ *
– ‘Seid Ali, Seid Ali — Give our Iran back ‘ *
– ‘Mousavi, Mousavi — Get our Iran back ‘
– ‘Mousavi, Mousavi — Get our Flag back ‘
– ‘Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic’ [1]
– ‘In Cairo, in Tehran — The Dictator will be gone’
– ‘Our Leader — Our stain, our stain’
– ‘Our TV — Our Stain, our stain’
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our country alone ‘ *
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave Mousvi alone’ *
– ‘Basiji feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our Oil alone’
– ‘Basiji feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our country alone’
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave the Crown alone ‘ *
– ‘Camel riders in Cairo – Bike riders in Tehran – the Death will be gone’

* Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei, the Leader

[1] the main regime chant is: ‘Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic’ . But the people replace “Islamic” with “Iranian” and it’s very important.