my News of Iran, 24 Feb

Gaddafi don’t go and wait a second for your old friends …

Very soon Gaddaffi and Khamenei will go to hell …….
AN (Ahmadinejad) is just Khamenei’s monkey

The regime try to intimidate the people, and vice versa

Today afternoon, a lot of Basiji thugs and security forces have been seen in Tehran – Enghelab Sq. Valiasr Sq., Vanak Sq., Ferdosi Sq., Park wey, Fatemi, Takhte-Tavous, Jomhouri, Abass-Abad, Amirabad, and Enghelab – Me and many others saw this by our own eyes. The people scare the regime to the death. Some small groups of protesters wanted to hold a rally in central Tehran. These days the regime has been scared to death.

The stupidness of the Islamic regime

Tonight the chairman of Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of Iran), Moslehi, has said some stupid bullshits in state TV. He has said: “Mousavi was a stooge of the West !! … He wanted to topple the Islamic revolution … the Feb 14th rally was nothing serious for us. The Feb 20th rally was nothing serious for us … The UK and BBC helped the protesters !!!!” Tonight many Iranians say:’ Hey you stupid bastard, we know that the UK and BBC help the regime … the regime is a stooge of the West … and Moslehi is an Islamic version of Joseph Goebbels and Iranian version of Iraqi propaganda man “Saeed Al-Sahhaf” (in Sadam’s regime) that said big lies even when the American soldiers were inside Baghdad and near his office’

New Plans for More Protests

The Iranian protesters try to organize themselves. some new organizing groups has been formed. Until now a plan named ‘ Weekly Protests in the Tuesdays ” caught some eyes. But other people say: ‘ We need a continues and daily protests, not weekly protests.’ This month, in Persian Calendar, is Esfand and the last month of the year. Now we have just 20 days before ancient Norouz or (Persian) the New Year (March 21st). Iranians hope that this Norouz or this New Year Holidays, will be the last Norouz for the Islamic regime. Amen !!!

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  1. Interesting info as per usual, thank you very much. I certainly hope this sort of thing gets more attention.

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