The Apparent Paradox

February 25, 2011

There is an apparent paradox in the US and West’s reactions to the Iranian protests and Egyptian protests. It’s an important apparent paradox, maybe the greatest paradox of the US and the West, and we should pay more attention to it. Indeed, what we said before in ” Iran, the West, and a Paradox“, should be more explained and discussed in details. This time we want to remind ourselves of some important issues like the Capitalism principles or the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s. We should try to compare Iran with Egypt systematically. In fact, we have some main hypotheses or axioms:

[1] Mubarak and his regime are the West’s friend
[2] Khamenei and his regime are the West’s enemy
[3] Accusing opposition of being US puppets could succeed in Iran. [4] Capitalism that rules the US says: “There is no permanent friend or no permanent enemy. Our Interests determine our friends and enemies.” and “Our leader is our interests”

And we have some important theses that the West and Western media have concluded form above hypotheses:
[5] The US or West doesn’t help Iranians, for Iranians’ sake (because of hypothesis[3])
[6] The US or West doesn’t want the Islamic regime (because of hypothesis[2])
[7] The US or West could do nothing politically to help Iranians or the US has no influence in Iran and it is not in a position to do anything behind the scene (because of hypothesis[2])

There is no doubt that hypothesis[4] is correct. The Capitalism and its principles rule American politicians life. Hypothesis[1] were correct for decades, but because of hypothesis[4] it could be incorrect now and Mubarak could become an enemy for the US and its interests. Hypothesis[2] could not be correct for all years and all cases as well. In fact, for many years and many cases the US and Islamic regime were the real friend. The Islamic regime has served the US interest. ‘ The media should not deceive us, we should see the obvious facts and think more about the hidden or obvious interests. In the near future we would write more about how the Islamic regime serve the US interest. But don’t forget that hypothesis[4] and the Capitalism principles could simply reject thesis[5] and reach us to a paradox. But we could provide much more supportive facts.

The media repeatedly emphasize the importance of the theses [6] and [7]. But do we forget the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s ? the three-way arrangement between the US, I-s-r-a-e-l and the Islamic regime, from 1981 to 1986, in which Iran bought American weapons from I-s-r-a-l in order to finance President Reagan’s covert death squads in Central America. [*] Here we could see how fake enemies could work together. The media repeatedly say:’ There is great hostility between the US and Iran ‘ . But this hostility or fight could be a fake or sham fight. Is this impossible? No, at least the Iran-Contra scandal showed us that it’s possible [*] It is naive to think that it’s impossible. Their fight could be sham fight, a false fight, and as we call it in Iran a “Jange Zargary”. Indeed, their mutual interests and hypothesis[4] imply this fake fight. Don’t forget that the Islamic regime is a capitalistic regime, too.

The facts show us that the Mubarak’s regime and its thugs were going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Mubarak in reaction, but they were just a minority and the majority of Egyptians welcomed the US support. Did we forget the street battle between Mubarak’s thugs and Egyptian protesters? We have exactly the same fact in Iran, and hypothesis[3] is totally wrong. The majority of Iranians welcome the US support, and just Basijis and Khamenei’s thugs, are going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Khamenie in reaction. This would be a big mistake or a big lie, if we think or say the opposite. The media should not deceive the foreigners about hypothesis[3] and they should be aware that Iranians hate the Khamenie’s regime much more than any other nation in the world. The Khamenie’s regime is the enemy of Iranians and the majority of Iranians want to topple the regime and welcome any foreign support and help. Indeed, hypothesis[3] is totally incorrect, and theses[5] and [7] are just hypocrisy and a big lie.

We end with a simple questions: Do we treat our enemy like our friend ? If hypothesis[2] and thesis[6] were correct, The West or US certainly would do their best to topple their enemy. At least they would help the Iranians as much as they helped Egyptians. They would be so excited and happy to hear about Iranian protests, and they had to be so sad and angry about Egyptian protests, not vice versa. They would use their media to provoke and help Iranians, like what they did in Egypt. They would make speeches about Iran at least like their speeches about Egypt, full of ‘must’, ‘urge’ and ‘immediately’ . ‘But why do they refuse? Why do they content themselves to merely political rhetoric? Why do they act as if Mubarak is their enemy and Khamenei is their friend? We know that If a matter were vital for their interests, they would not consider public opinion at all. They would ignore public opinion or deceive them by political rhetoric. We have not forgotten their shameful reaction to Wikileaks. Iranians say:’ We just want Obama to make speeches about Iran like what he did for Egypt and Mubarak. We want him to put serious political pressure on the regime, like what he did with Egypt, but why does he refuse?

[*] Howard Zinn in his famous book ‘People History of United States’ has written about this fact in details. And the following sources are not bad: – The U.S. and Iran, Friend or Enemy ? with some formal details
The Iran-Contra scandal
The Iran-Contra Affair 20 Years On

The UK and Khamenei

February 25, 2011

It’s very very interesting and very very important that all British media follow the same strategy for keeping Khamenei safe. All of them try to brainwash their readers. Look at the Guardian, the Telegraph, the BBC, the Economist, etc. and how they instill a false fact to their readers. The false fact that Iranians protest against AN (AhmadiNejad) [+], and the chant of ‘death to the dictator’ is for him, not for Khamenei. But it’s the exact opposite of the truth, and Iranian protest against Khanemei, and you know that the dictator of Iran is him, the leader. AN is an stupid puppet of Khamenei, like other ones in the regime. Iranians very often chant ‘death to Khamenei’ directly and it’s an undeniable fact.

Indeed, Khamenei is a Mullah and a friend of the UK. He has given two key positions of his regime to the Larijani family, a notorious pro-UK family in Iran. Two brothers of Larijani family are number three and number four in the regime hierarchy. Ali Larijani is the speaker of Parliament and Sadegh Larijani, a Mullah, is the Head of regime’s Judiciary. This is an unprecedented political action in Iran. And It was done exactly in 2009, some months after the beginning of the Iranian protests and in the middle of blood and fire in Iran. Nobody could believe that Khamenei appointed Sadegh Larijani as the Head of regime’s Judiciary. Two brothers at the head of legislative branch and Judicial branch (and just executive branch is not totally for this family! ). This was an unprecedented and very important and meaningful political action.

We have not forgotten the scandal of Javad Larijani, another brother of Ali and Sadegh Larijani, that Iranians called it “LarijaniGate”. In 1997, during the election campaigns, Javad Larijani had a notorious secret meeting with British authorities in London. It reminded Iranians of Qajar dynasty and their secret meetings with British authorities, and actually it was like that meetings. The UK has made Mullahs and has a close and strong tie with them.

We have a funny joke in Iran that says: “London is the mother city of Islam!”, because the UK embassy grants visa to Mullahs very very easily and they often travel there once and twice a year! A rate that is more than their trip rate to ‘other‘ Holy Islamic cities. The ordinary Iranians hardly could get visa, but they get visa very easily. The foreigners should be more sensitive to the UK’s position on the Islamic regime and especially on Khamenei.

[+] Iranians use the acronym ‘AN’ for referring to ‘AhmadiNejad’. the word ‘AN’ in Farsi means: ‘Shit” !!

my News of Iran, 24 Feb

February 25, 2011

Gaddafi don’t go and wait a second for your old friends …

Very soon Gaddaffi and Khamenei will go to hell …….
AN (Ahmadinejad) is just Khamenei’s monkey

The regime try to intimidate the people, and vice versa

Today afternoon, a lot of Basiji thugs and security forces have been seen in Tehran – Enghelab Sq. Valiasr Sq., Vanak Sq., Ferdosi Sq., Park wey, Fatemi, Takhte-Tavous, Jomhouri, Abass-Abad, Amirabad, and Enghelab – Me and many others saw this by our own eyes. The people scare the regime to the death. Some small groups of protesters wanted to hold a rally in central Tehran. These days the regime has been scared to death.

The stupidness of the Islamic regime

Tonight the chairman of Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of Iran), Moslehi, has said some stupid bullshits in state TV. He has said: “Mousavi was a stooge of the West !! … He wanted to topple the Islamic revolution … the Feb 14th rally was nothing serious for us. The Feb 20th rally was nothing serious for us … The UK and BBC helped the protesters !!!!” Tonight many Iranians say:’ Hey you stupid bastard, we know that the UK and BBC help the regime … the regime is a stooge of the West … and Moslehi is an Islamic version of Joseph Goebbels and Iranian version of Iraqi propaganda man “Saeed Al-Sahhaf” (in Sadam’s regime) that said big lies even when the American soldiers were inside Baghdad and near his office’

New Plans for More Protests

The Iranian protesters try to organize themselves. some new organizing groups has been formed. Until now a plan named ‘ Weekly Protests in the Tuesdays ” caught some eyes. But other people say: ‘ We need a continues and daily protests, not weekly protests.’ This month, in Persian Calendar, is Esfand and the last month of the year. Now we have just 20 days before ancient Norouz or (Persian) the New Year (March 21st). Iranians hope that this Norouz or this New Year Holidays, will be the last Norouz for the Islamic regime. Amen !!!