Thanks Dear Readers

As I said before, the Internet speed in Iran is really a disaster. Replying to comments or being active in handling comments is very hard under this shitty Internet speed. But today I finally could read your comments at 3am! Actually all of them were gone to Spam folder and you know, this Akismet anti-spam is really a shit. Anyway, after I read your comments, I did not feel sleepy any more!

Thank you all for your support. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for your kindness and your attention. And thanks for everything. All you dear readers encouraged us, and we thank you all . Thanks Anibal Beaudreault, Kasey Zeitz, Daniel Blancarte, Vanda Lybbert, Victor Asley, Fritz Plack , Sueann Scheinost, Brooks, Regena Moerbe, Lesley Hammann, and Ahmed Caravati. Thank you all for your support and kind attention.

We try to handle comments at least weekly and post our answer or appreciation under the Category of “Comments and Readers”. Your comments and feedbacks really encourage us. Keep commenting! and If you could say that from where you read this site, and how do you, and your friends, think about Iran and Iranians, and how much each of our news and views is new or surprising for for you, it could be very helpful for us and other readers. And If you have any suggestions, we would be happy to get it.

Again thank you all for everything.

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