my News of Iran, 23 Feb

11 Billion Dollars were lost

The Parliament of the regime has said that 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money were lost. They have said that: ‘ AN’s (coup) government has not reported that what they did with 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money, we could not find it in the treasury.’ The corruption of Mullahs and the regime is unbelievable. When the regime’s Parliament says in public that 11 Billion Dollars were lost, we could easily guess that at least 100 Billion Dollars were lost in the last years. Actually the widespread financial corruption have been reached the point that the regime had to cut off the subsidies.

an Unreported Martyr

The people reporters and opposition websites confirmed the indentity of a new martyr in Tehran. Amir-Hossein Tehranchi was shot dead in Feb 14th, but the security forces have silenced his family. One of his friend has told his story. Until now he is the fourth martyr. As far as we know, the real number of martyrs are much than it.

More protests at the Next week

This week Iranians were shocked by the Mousavi and his team again and now they need more time for organizing themselves.

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