Shame on Germany and EU

German foreign minister met with Ahmadinejad ‘ This is an important news and we should pay more attention to it. The report says:

‘ Leading Iranian exile opposition representatives called Guido Westerwelle’s visit a “disgrace,” saying Germany was bowing to the regime and it could deal a blow to popular protests gathering new steam amid the turmoil in the Middle East … “This is a simply a disgrace,” said Kazem Moussavi, a spokesman for the Green Party of Iran in Germany. He added Westerwelle’s visit came as a blow in the face of those currently taking to the streets in Iran … “His meeting ignored the ruling regime’s terror, the people’s suffering,” he said, warning the president could now use Westerwelle’s visit for his propaganda … However, the rare top-level visit by a Western government representative in Tehran secured the release of the two German reporters …In a similar case, Clotilde Reiss, a young French academic, battled charges of spying in Iran for more than 10 months last year, but was eventually allowed to return to France in May after tenuous negotiations’

And we know that Backhaus declined to discuss details of how the release had been achieved. He said diplomatic efforts were made continuously behind the scenes. The trip of German foreign minister to Tehran, in these critical moments, is not a pure accident. They sent a message to Tehran and had a secret deal and negotiations with the Islamic regime. Shame on Germany and Europe.

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