Shame on Germany and EU

February 23, 2011

German foreign minister met with Ahmadinejad ‘ This is an important news and we should pay more attention to it. The report says:

‘ Leading Iranian exile opposition representatives called Guido Westerwelle’s visit a “disgrace,” saying Germany was bowing to the regime and it could deal a blow to popular protests gathering new steam amid the turmoil in the Middle East … “This is a simply a disgrace,” said Kazem Moussavi, a spokesman for the Green Party of Iran in Germany. He added Westerwelle’s visit came as a blow in the face of those currently taking to the streets in Iran … “His meeting ignored the ruling regime’s terror, the people’s suffering,” he said, warning the president could now use Westerwelle’s visit for his propaganda … However, the rare top-level visit by a Western government representative in Tehran secured the release of the two German reporters …In a similar case, Clotilde Reiss, a young French academic, battled charges of spying in Iran for more than 10 months last year, but was eventually allowed to return to France in May after tenuous negotiations’

And we know that Backhaus declined to discuss details of how the release had been achieved. He said diplomatic efforts were made continuously behind the scenes. The trip of German foreign minister to Tehran, in these critical moments, is not a pure accident. They sent a message to Tehran and had a secret deal and negotiations with the Islamic regime. Shame on Germany and Europe.

Iran’s Green Movement Died

February 23, 2011

When we look at the first backlashes to the Charter of Green Movement we simply realize that Iran’s Green Movement has died . In fact, a new movement was born after Feb 14th. We could call this new movement “Real Change Movement” or “Civil Revolutionary Movement” or simply “Iranian Movement”. The outside world should stop using of ‘Green Movement’ term for referring to ‘Iranian Movement’. What Mousavi and his team have said in the Charter of Green Movement was totally unacceptable for many Iranians and showed the end and death of the Green Movement.

The charter of this “Real Change Movement” could be what the late Howard Zinn once said in one of his best interviews: “ Rebels Against Tyranny “. ‘Iranian Movement’ should be a nonviolent movement with a decentralized organization, without any centralized authority, that makes use of direct action and civil disobedience. ‘Iranian Movement’ should be nonviolent, because we cannot separate means and ends. If our end is egalitarian society we have to use egalitarian means, if our end is non-violent society without war, we cannot use war to achieve our end. But If we work through the existing structures we are going to be corrupted. By working through religious system that poisons the atmosphere, kills and rapes protesters, and resists any changes, we not only betray to our martyrs and victims, but we begin to corrupt our ideals.

Rebels Against Tyranny has many good points. Howard Zinn says: “In the South when black people were organizing against racial segregation, they did not wait for the government to give them a signal , or to go through the courts, to file lawsuits, wait for Congress to pass the legislation. They took direct action; they went into restaurants, were sitting down there and wouldn’t move. They got on those buses and acted out the situation that they wanted to exist …. Strike is always a form of direct action. With the strike, too, you are not asking government to make things easier for you by passing legislation, you are taking a direct action against the employer but the stupid Mousavi and the Islamic reformists in Iran, just wait for the despot to give them a signal or permission. Indeed, they are frightened of strike and any direct action, because they really want to keep the regime safe. Mousavi and his team proved this fact once again by publishing their Charter in this critical moment.

Howard Zinn adds: “You could not depend on government to help you, to support you … when you get into working through electoral politics you begin to corrupt your ideals. So I think a way to behave is to think not in terms of representative government, not in terms of voting, but thinking in terms of organizing social movements, organizing in the work place, organizing in the neighborhood, organizing collectives that can become strong enough to eventually take over —first to become strong enough to resist what has been done to them by authority, and second, later, to become strong enough to actually take over the institutions … when some people ask me about voting (And you know voting in the US was not comparable to voting in Iran at all ), they would say will you support this candidate or that candidate? I say: ‘I will support this candidate for one minute that I am in the voting booth. At that moment I will support A versus B, but before I am going to the voting booth, and after I leave the voting booth, I am going to concentrate on organizing people and not organizing electoral campaign’

And finally the great Howard Zinn said:” I think what lies beyond the nation states is a world without national boundaries, but also with people organized . But not organized as nations, but people organized as groups, as collectives, without national and any kind of boundaries. Without any kind of borders, passports, visas. None of that!

Mousavi’s apology was rejected

February 23, 2011

The Mousavi’s official website,, has published a document and called it The Charter of Green Movement Publishing this unacceptable document as the charter of the movement, has made many Iranians angry. They say: “Our martyrs have not been killed, and our prisoners have not been tortured or raped for this stupid charter or for stupid reform in this incorrigible regime.” I think they are right, the charter is unacceptable. Indeed, Mousavi showed us that we could not trust him and his team. They are unreliable. This was the last chance of Mousavi and his team to correct their mistakes, but they showed us that they want to repeat their mistakes over and over.

This controversial charter says: ‘ We are not a revolutionary movement, we are a reformist movement … we want to set the limits of our movement’s demands in this charter … This charter talks about the aims, visions, means, principles, and identity of the Green Movement … we are a critical movement within the legal borders of the Islamic Revolution and we want to correct the mistakes inside the system … we respect the Constitution ( Islamic theocracy or Velayate-Faqih) … we respect the Islamic revolution … We want to strengthen Islamic values in our society (indeed, the majority of Iranians want to achieve the separation between the religion and the state … but this charter says exactly the opposite)

The controversial charter has some good parts. But it reminds me of the last speeches of Mubarak. Indeed, what Mubarak said in his last speeches were not totally bad and unacceptable. The Foreigners could find them good and acceptable, but Egyptians that had lived 30 years under his tyranny, knew him and the real nature of his regime. Egyptians knew what were beneath the surface of deluding speeches, what they called it: “the revival of wounded tyranny” . Egyptians did not accept his promises and kept to protest. Egyptians wanted real change and wanted him to go. And now Iranians could not accept any good gesture for keeping the regime safe. After 30 years living under the Islamic tyranny, Iranians don’t want any Islamic and religious system. Yes, many of Iranians are Muslim and religious people, but the majority of them get really tired of theocracy and religious dictatorship. Iranians are sure that the regime will not accept any changes and just has asked the Islamic reformist to diminish the power of protests. Iranians know that they should demand a secular system, as the lower limit of their demands.

Mousavi and his team go in the opposite direction of people. They want to cause some delay and relieve pressure on the regime. But the people have enough experience and would not repeat their last year mistakes. Last year, Mousavi and his team destroyed the movement and saved the regime. But now Iranians have been changed and are ready to say goodbye to Mr. Mousavi. He should take a look at the user’s comments in his website and find the truth: ‘The game is over, Mr. Mousavi”