Changes in VOA Farsi

Change in the VOA could mean change in the US policy. After the beginning of 2009 protests in Iran (Just after a few days), VOA changed the chairman of VOA Farsi, and replaced Houshang Baharhou and its team with Ali Sajadi and its team. Houshang Baharhou was a anti-regime and Ali Sajadi was a pro-regime. In those days VOA Farsi showed the real policy of USA to us.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a well-known Iranian film director, has said to Channel One TV that:’ Mr. Sajadi was a puppet of regime … Last year he didn’t allow that the news of the Iranian protesters were broadcasted in the proper time … the VOA’s staff were angry with him … He fired many independent reporters form VOA … He was a regime’s puppet and the regime’s lobby supported him … if the US really wants to support the protesters, they should kick him out of VOA

Now once again the VOA has changed the chairman of VOA Farsi and has replaced Ali Sajadi and its team with Asgar and its team. Asgar is unknown for us in Iran, but we could wait and see. He could show the US policy to us.

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