Basiji’s Diary: Valentine’s Battle

A pro-regime website,, has published a Basiji’s dairy for Feb 14th, with the headline Valentine’s Battle . Here are excerpts of it :

‘ The greens (the protesters) fight for s-e-x-u-a-l freedom. They don’t fight for Islamic freedom !! … The greens are unreligious people, a bunch of damn atheists .. In Azadi St. they wore green masks, and chanted: ‘ ‘No Gaza, No Lebanon — Tunisia, Egypt, and Iran’ … I joined my Basiji friends … we could see the first cloud of smoke over Jamalzadeh St. .. my friend Meysam parked his motorbike and went into the middle of crowd with a steel baton in his hand … A woman was coming to visit us … she asked why didn’t we allow protesters to hold the rally? … We attacked on the greens’ positions, they run away … we pointed one person … we hit him with our motorbike and Meysam captured him … our motorbike is not public, it’s for us, a private motorbike … all motorbike riders were following the greens .. I was folding my chain, and started the motorbike … we repeatedly yelled “Heydar, Heydar” and hit all the people in the street … we prayed at the evening … the police were frighten by the greens, but we encouraged them … we pushed the pedal and try to make noise with our motorbikes’ exhausts … we yelled “Heydar, Heydar” and intimidated the greens … we hit on the car’s hood with our batons.

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