Reactionary Iranians and the West

We have heard an important news: Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian terrorist group off its list of terrorist organizations

Apparently the American politicians always should be stupid. The Iranians fight for freedom and democracy solitarily. They have no foreign support, no communication tool, no Internet, no media and no effective media coverage. But the American politicians instead of providing help for Iranians, support a terrorist and reactionary group. The foreigners should aware of this dangerous policy. They should know these reactionary groups.

The Iranian expats are three main groups: the students, the willing immigrants, and the other ones. Most of the first two groups usually have good talent and there is no significant difference between them and their counterparts in Iran or the West. But other Iranian expats are so weird and generally live in the past. Most of them are members of reactionary groups. The foreigners are not familiar with the Iranian groups and their agenda, and could easily be misled. These reactionary and unreliable Iranian groups, that have not any considerable supporters inside Iran, are :

1- Mujahedeen-e Khalq, MEK or NCR : NCR or MEK is a small group that Iranians call it “Rajavi’s group” or “Monafeghin”. They are a terrorist group. This group’s philosophy is a combination of Islam and Communism! Many Iranians say that this group is worse than the regime, and I think they are right . This group is terrorist, Islamist, and so undemocratic. They even have killed many of their own members or followers because they did not obey orders. They are universally hated. Their English website is

2- Monarchists : This group are very active in the US and have many websites in English for the foreigners. They don’t want Republic, Democracy, and Freedom, they want Monarchy. But they pretend to be democrat people. Most of them are very rich (In most cases they have plundered the oil money in the Shah’ regime) and live in California. In America, all of them are pro-Republicans. Inside Iran, many people hate them because they are backward people and have reactionary thoughts. Some of their English websites are: ,,, etc. Actually 80% of all Iranian website in English are websites of Monarchists. Be Careful !

3- Communists : The very small groups like Fedaian, Tudeh Partry, Worker-Communists, Revolutionary Workers (Rahe Kargar), Maoists, etc are Ultra-reactionaries and their idols are Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. Most of them are in Europe and their non-Farsi websites are in German and French. They have no supporters in Iran, except a few thousands

4- The regime and Islamists : the regime sent its own people, children of authorities, Mullahs, Basijis, etc to the West. Most of them are the regime’s spy. They live in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, etc. London is their favorite city and we have a joke in Iran that says: “London is the mother city of Islam!”, because the UK embassy grants visa to them (Mullahs) very very easily and they often travel there once and twice a year! A rate that is more than their trip rate to “other” Holy Islamic cities. The ordinary Iranians hardly could get visa, but they get visa very easily. Actually the West has boycotted the ordinary Iranians, not them. You could see them in Canada, USA, England, France, Germany, etc.

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