My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 2

3pm: After the Internet, all the telephone lines, wired and wireless, were cut off in many areas of Tehran

3pm: the regime’s tactic is: ‘Shutting all the doors and suppressing the voiceless protesters’. Western media help the regime in this scenario. But the brave Iranians fight against both the regime and the hypocrite West

3pm: Some thousands of protesters have been seen in Sohrevardi Street. they chant: “Death to Khamenei”

3pm: The houses of Khamenei, Mousavi and Ahmadijed are near the Valiasr St.. Now this security zone are full of security forces.

3pm: All Malls, shopping centers and shops in the Valiasr Sq. area were closed

4pm: Outside it is still raining

4pm: In many places in Tehran such as Valiasr Sq., Enghelab Sq., Hafte Tir Sq, Vanak Sq., Keshavarz Boulevard, Parkway bridge, Arirabad, Sohrevardi , etc. the clash between armed regime’s thugs and the protesters are very serious. Basiji thugs and riot police have shot teargas, rubber bullets, and real bullets.

4pm: In other cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, the cities of Kurdistan especially Mahabad and Sanandaj, the clash between the people and the regime’s thugs are very serious.

4pm: The people have took the control of Valisar Sq.. They have seized Valiasr Sq. from Basiji thugs and riot police. Viva people!

5pm: People have gathered in front of the IRIB center (the state TV and Radio) and chanted. they chant: ‘Death to Khamenei’, ‘Our stain, our stain, our state TV’

5pm: Until now Western media like CNN, Reuters, BBC, AP and others have not covered Iranian protests. They have not any news about the rally and violence clashes shame on them. shame on these bastards.

5pm: Viva Iranians, Viva people ! they fight with bare hands. they have no media coverage. the hypocrite Western Media have shut their mouths, but the Iranians fight against the full armed Basiji thugs and want to create a miracle again.

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