My News of Iran, 19 Feb

9am: the Internet speed is very slow, some ISPs are down.

10am: Today the people prepare themselves for 20 Feb rally.

11am: Again the regime has hired mercenaries for DDOS attack. They opposition websites are down.

12pm: A new video collection of 14 Feb rally

1pm:Fox News tell lies, but much less than British media: Fox news: ‘It’s no more ‘Where’s my vote?’ Iranians are aiming straight for Khamenei Shame on BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, etc.

2pm: The world’s reaction to the Iran’s events is very very weak.

3pm: in Germany, has a Farsi Radio and website for Iranians that has said: ‘Iranians want to topple Khamenie’s regime’. it’s a good sign that shows that the Germany has heard Iranians’ voice.

4pm: Apparently an organizer group has been formed. A group name ‘Coordination Group for Green Path of Hope’ has been formed in the outside of Iran. We should wait and see. They should be Independent, not the puppet of the US or EU.

5pm: Finally at the last moment, the Guardian has said that Iranians opposition call for fresh protests. But this report is too late, ignores many facts that we said here, and has problem: -‘thousands of protesters’ ! or ‘Dozens were injured’, ha ha! It has not made no mention of the fact our Internet and all communication tools are blocked.

6pm: Iranians try to identify Basiji thugs that beat the people in 14 Feb rally. Many of Basiji thugs had worn mask, but the people try to identify them by scrutinizing the photos and videos.

7pm: Until now the identity of one Basiji thug that has been very very brutal was identified.

8pm: Tomorrow is the day of the national protest.

9pm: bye for now

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