Reactionary Iranians and the West

February 20, 2011

We have heard an important news: Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian terrorist group off its list of terrorist organizations

Apparently the American politicians always should be stupid. The Iranians fight for freedom and democracy solitarily. They have no foreign support, no communication tool, no Internet, no media and no effective media coverage. But the American politicians instead of providing help for Iranians, support a terrorist and reactionary group. The foreigners should aware of this dangerous policy. They should know these reactionary groups.

The Iranian expats are three main groups: the students, the willing immigrants, and the other ones. Most of the first two groups usually have good talent and there is no significant difference between them and their counterparts in Iran or the West. But other Iranian expats are so weird and generally live in the past. Most of them are members of reactionary groups. The foreigners are not familiar with the Iranian groups and their agenda, and could easily be misled. These reactionary and unreliable Iranian groups, that have not any considerable supporters inside Iran, are :

1- Mujahedeen-e Khalq, MEK or NCR : NCR or MEK is a small group that Iranians call it “Rajavi’s group” or “Monafeghin”. They are a terrorist group. This group’s philosophy is a combination of Islam and Communism! Many Iranians say that this group is worse than the regime, and I think they are right . This group is terrorist, Islamist, and so undemocratic. They even have killed many of their own members or followers because they did not obey orders. They are universally hated. Their English website is

2- Monarchists : This group are very active in the US and have many websites in English for the foreigners. They don’t want Republic, Democracy, and Freedom, they want Monarchy. But they pretend to be democrat people. Most of them are very rich (In most cases they have plundered the oil money in the Shah’ regime) and live in California. In America, all of them are pro-Republicans. Inside Iran, many people hate them because they are backward people and have reactionary thoughts. Some of their English websites are: ,,, etc. Actually 80% of all Iranian website in English are websites of Monarchists. Be Careful !

3- Communists : The very small groups like Fedaian, Tudeh Partry, Worker-Communists, Revolutionary Workers (Rahe Kargar), Maoists, etc are Ultra-reactionaries and their idols are Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. Most of them are in Europe and their non-Farsi websites are in German and French. They have no supporters in Iran, except a few thousands

4- The regime and Islamists : the regime sent its own people, children of authorities, Mullahs, Basijis, etc to the West. Most of them are the regime’s spy. They live in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, etc. London is their favorite city and we have a joke in Iran that says: “London is the mother city of Islam!”, because the UK embassy grants visa to them (Mullahs) very very easily and they often travel there once and twice a year! A rate that is more than their trip rate to “other” Holy Islamic cities. The ordinary Iranians hardly could get visa, but they get visa very easily. Actually the West has boycotted the ordinary Iranians, not them. You could see them in Canada, USA, England, France, Germany, etc.

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 3

February 20, 2011

6pm: All opposition websites approved that at least one protester was shot dead in Hafte Tir Sq.

6pm: In front of IRIB (State TV and Radio) headquarter in Valiasr St., Jame Jam, the violent clashes between the people and security forces are very very serious.

6pm: a violent clash between the people and security forces in Mirdamad St. was reported by the people reporters.

7pm: Some groups of people are in the Azadi St. Today all parts of Tehran is a battlefield. Viva people!

7pm: After dark, more people are in the streets.

7pm: An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale shook Tehran I did not feel it.

8pm: Apparently thousands of people were arrested in main squares of Tehran. the people reporters have said that they have seen many of arrested people in the buses and ambulance vans of Bajis. All opposition websites confirmed it.

8pm: Some new chants: ‘ Drop dead Seid Ali, Meet dead Ben Ali’ and I’ll fight, I’ll die, I’ll take back Iran Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei and Ben Ali dead yesterday.

8pm: Metro station at Gholhak was closed by security forces. Apparently the violent clashes between the regime’s thugs and the people are very serious at Gholhak. All parts of Iran and Tehran are the battlefield now.

9pm: Until now the people reporters have reported serious violent clashes in the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Marivan, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Zahedan, Rasht, Kerman, and Kermanshah.

9pm: the Guardian has not any live report of Iranian protests … nothing … Absolutely nothing Shame on the Guardian.

9pm: the people reporters say that In the city of Mahabad, in Kurdistan province, A woman was shot dead

10pm: the people reporters say that one person was shot on the Parkway bridge.

10pm: Shame on the New Your Times Iran Squelches Protest Attempt in Capital They tell lies, ignore the protests in the other cities, and ignore Hundreds of Thousands people that fought against full armed thugs of regime with bare hands. Shame on you, shame on you Western media.

11pm: the Internet is totally cut off. Again they could not bear the 1kb/s speed!

11pm: Today Iranians showed great courage. Today Western media showed their double standard and hypocrisy. Today Iranians were alone in Iran.

11pm: The protests will continue. Once again the US and Western media show that they want this regime, and are the real supporters of the regime. How do they cover the blood and fire in Iran? How do they react to the brutal suppression? Compare it with the case of Egypt. shame on you bastards.

12am: the Internet still is totally cut off. by for now

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 2

February 20, 2011

3pm: After the Internet, all the telephone lines, wired and wireless, were cut off in many areas of Tehran

3pm: the regime’s tactic is: ‘Shutting all the doors and suppressing the voiceless protesters’. Western media help the regime in this scenario. But the brave Iranians fight against both the regime and the hypocrite West

3pm: Some thousands of protesters have been seen in Sohrevardi Street. they chant: “Death to Khamenei”

3pm: The houses of Khamenei, Mousavi and Ahmadijed are near the Valiasr St.. Now this security zone are full of security forces.

3pm: All Malls, shopping centers and shops in the Valiasr Sq. area were closed

4pm: Outside it is still raining

4pm: In many places in Tehran such as Valiasr Sq., Enghelab Sq., Hafte Tir Sq, Vanak Sq., Keshavarz Boulevard, Parkway bridge, Arirabad, Sohrevardi , etc. the clash between armed regime’s thugs and the protesters are very serious. Basiji thugs and riot police have shot teargas, rubber bullets, and real bullets.

4pm: In other cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, the cities of Kurdistan especially Mahabad and Sanandaj, the clash between the people and the regime’s thugs are very serious.

4pm: The people have took the control of Valisar Sq.. They have seized Valiasr Sq. from Basiji thugs and riot police. Viva people!

5pm: People have gathered in front of the IRIB center (the state TV and Radio) and chanted. they chant: ‘Death to Khamenei’, ‘Our stain, our stain, our state TV’

5pm: Until now Western media like CNN, Reuters, BBC, AP and others have not covered Iranian protests. They have not any news about the rally and violence clashes shame on them. shame on these bastards.

5pm: Viva Iranians, Viva people ! they fight with bare hands. they have no media coverage. the hypocrite Western Media have shut their mouths, but the Iranians fight against the full armed Basiji thugs and want to create a miracle again.

My News of Iran, 20 Feb, 1

February 20, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is very slow, some ISPs are down.

8am: Today is the day of National protest. In Tehran the people want to hold the rally in Valiasr Street. The length of Valiasr St. is 16km, from Rahahan Sq. in the south (Railway Sq.) to Tajrish Sq. in the north.

9am: Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian dissident group off its list of terrorist organizations Stupid American politicians … They should always be stupid. They should help the Iranians inside Iran, not a terrorist group like the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, or MEK, O NCR

10am:,, and Radio Farda have said that one of the regime’s diplomat in the Italy, the Chief of Regime’s Consulate in Milan, Ahmad Maleki, has joined to the people. He has resigned yesterday.

11am: and indirectly call for a strike in Abadan Refinery, the greatest Refinery of Iran and the oldest of the Middle East . They have said At least a group of the workers of Abadan Refinery have struck.

12pm: Two days ago, Feb 18, the New Yorker has published a fake report of Iran named “Marching in Tehran”. It’s fake because the reporter has said: I was at home on the morning of February 14th, a gray, wintry day in Tehran …. But February 14th was a sunny and shiny day like a spring day. We don’t want to link to a fake article. You could find it easily, if you want.

12pm: A lot of riot police and Basiji thugs, some thousands, are in the Valiasr Street. They want to intimidate the people with their motorbikes, three hours before the rally. the rally will begin at 3pm

1pm: The Internet was cut off. I am disconnected now!

1pm:,, and Radio Farda have said: ‘ the regime has freed 2 German prisoners today, during the official trip of foreign minister of Germany to Iran.’ Apparently it’s a new secret deal between the regime and Germany. shame on Germany.

2pm: Today is very gray and cloudy. Now it’s starting to rain.

2pm: Some groups of people have been seen in the different parts of Valiasr St.

2pm: The regime sends a fake SMS to many people and says: “the rally was cancelled, the Green Movement group” !!! the sender telephone number is 0983000, a public number.

My News of Iran, 19 Feb

February 20, 2011

9am: the Internet speed is very slow, some ISPs are down.

10am: Today the people prepare themselves for 20 Feb rally.

11am: Again the regime has hired mercenaries for DDOS attack. They opposition websites are down.

12pm: A new video collection of 14 Feb rally

1pm:Fox News tell lies, but much less than British media: Fox news: ‘It’s no more ‘Where’s my vote?’ Iranians are aiming straight for Khamenei Shame on BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, etc.

2pm: The world’s reaction to the Iran’s events is very very weak.

3pm: in Germany, has a Farsi Radio and website for Iranians that has said: ‘Iranians want to topple Khamenie’s regime’. it’s a good sign that shows that the Germany has heard Iranians’ voice.

4pm: Apparently an organizer group has been formed. A group name ‘Coordination Group for Green Path of Hope’ has been formed in the outside of Iran. We should wait and see. They should be Independent, not the puppet of the US or EU.

5pm: Finally at the last moment, the Guardian has said that Iranians opposition call for fresh protests. But this report is too late, ignores many facts that we said here, and has problem: -‘thousands of protesters’ ! or ‘Dozens were injured’, ha ha! It has not made no mention of the fact our Internet and all communication tools are blocked.

6pm: Iranians try to identify Basiji thugs that beat the people in 14 Feb rally. Many of Basiji thugs had worn mask, but the people try to identify them by scrutinizing the photos and videos.

7pm: Until now the identity of one Basiji thug that has been very very brutal was identified.

8pm: Tomorrow is the day of the national protest.

9pm: bye for now