my News of Iran, 18 Feb

February 19, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is still very slow.

8am: the Daily Telegraph has said senior officers of the Revolutionary Gaurd (IRGG or Sepah) pledges to hold fire. The the senior officers have written a letter to their commanding officer demanding assurances that they will not be required to open fire on anti-government demonstrators.

9am: This important letter could be true. The senior officers of Sepah have said: ‘We promise our people that we will not shoot nor beat our brothers who are seeking to express legitimate protest against the policies and conduct of their leader.’ This letter could be false, but sooner or latter a similar letter would be written.

9am: the Daily Telegraph’s position on Khamenei is the same as all other British media: ‘pro-democracy activists protested against Ahmadinejad’s government !!, chanting “death to the dictator”‘ bastards. Iranians protest against Khanemei’s regime not Ahmadinejad. The UK wants to save its puppet. bastards

10am: Just look at the Guardian and how they cover Iran’s news in these critical days … They ignore a lot of our news and put Baharin and Yemen there … shame on them

11am: says: ‘Dozens of protesters were arrested in city of Kerman during the 14 Feb rally.’

12pm:, the website of Mousavi, has said that Mousavi is under a house arrest: ‘The security forces dismissed bodyguards of Mousavi .. Mousavi and his wife are under house arrested’ has published the address of Mousavi’s house for the first time. His house is near the Khamenei’s house ! and Ahmadinejad’s house ! in a security zone in central Tehran

1pm: A general strike call by Kurds on 20 Feb, in all cities of Kurdistan

2pm: Janati, 85, a key figure and ultra-extremist Mullah that people call him ‘the retard fossil’, has said : ‘Mousavi and Karoubi should not have any access to the people. Their phones, their Internet, their cell phones should be blocked. They should not send or receive any messages’ The world should react to what he says.

3pm: Janati, the retard fossil, and an small group of Basiji thugs were bussed into Enghelab Sq. The regime supporters are only some thousands. Tehran has 12 million population. Next months the regime is gone, believe me the people should not give up.

4pm: Again dozens of activists and journalists were arrested. Actually each day dozens of activists are arrested.

5pm: the ministry of Islamic Culture has said: ‘ foreign media should obey our rules and should not cover the protests. We check them daily … most of foreign media don’t want to be expelled form Iran by us. They often listen to what we say.’ Yes, the foreign media are bastard and stupid. If they were not coward and hypocrite, they would boycott the regime and its news.

6pm: the people prepare themselves for the gathering and rally of Feb 20. They say: ‘We should finish the job’

7pm: the Sepah, IRRG, have some military bases in Tehran. the Sar-Allah base and Rassuol-Allah Base organize Basiji thugs and bus them into the main streets and squares of Tehran. They have about 500 buses that could mobilize near 20 thousands Basiji thugs at the time of crisis. In normal days they use 20 buses and about 1 thousand Basiji thugs. Our oil money is plundered by Sepah and Basij in this way.

8pm: the state TV said: ‘We successfully blocked near 85 thousands SMS messages in 14 Feb … we successfully blocked the Azadi Sq. and don’t allow the protesters to convert Azadi Sq. to Tahrir Sq. (in Cairo) … We successfully blocked the Internet and the protesters could not send their photos and videos to the outside world’ !! they are so stupid and confess their sins and crimes.

9pm: From tomorrow the protests and strikes start … 20 Feb is the day of national protest.

9pm: bye for now