Mousavi offered his apologies

What Mousavi really wants to do is apologize. Yesterday and the last night his websites published some articles about toppling the regime and invitations for further gatherings and rallies. He and his group really fear that they could lose their control and their upper hands among protesters. Now they have heard the voice of people, and the people should decide that whether they want to accept the apologies or not.

The official website of Mousavi,, has published a good article after months and says: ’14 Feb showed the world a real face of the religious tyranny. Now the world ask itself that Isn’t the religious tyranny a threat to the human beings? … the arrest of Mousavi and Karoubi could be an opportunity for a new generation of activists that are not as conservative as the older generation … if the regime could not learn the lessons of 14 Feb, the language of the movement would become more aggressive. if the people want to keep using the 14 Feb’s pattern of struggle, the regime and us would not have any role in shaping the future. The future belongs to the people’

Mousavi has understood that the people would abandon him and his group if they want to be more stupid. This a good sing and shows the real power of the people. Mousavi could act as a catalyst for revolution and real change. The people could accept his apologies, but should show him and his group that they could not accept any further stupid acts. Apparently Mousavi has learned his lesson of 14 Feb, and we could give him one more chance.

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