Iran, the West, and a Paradox

These days we have a good opportunity to see a great paradox and think more about it. The West repeatedly has said that the Iranian regime is the enemy of the West and they are fond of toppling the regime. Many people in the whole world have believed this fact. But if this fact is true, the West should make use of the Iranian protests and try to help the protesters as much as possible to topple the regime. If this fact is true, the West should be so excited and very happy to see Iranian protests. If this fact is true, Western media should cover the Iranian protests from morning to night, like the case of Egypt. ssIf this fact is true, Obama should express an strong position on the Iranian protests and the brutal suppression, more stronger than its position on the Egyptian protests, because Mubarak and its regime was a friend of the US while Khamenie and its regime is an enemy of the US. But why do we see the exact opposite ?

The Obama’s position and the West’s position on the Iranian protests are contrary to what they have told the world about their hostility towards the Khamenei’s regime. Why aren’t they happy to see an uprising in Iran? If they were the enemy of the Khamenei’s regime, they would try to help Iranians more than Egyptians. If they were the enemy of the Khamenei’s regime, they would try to make speeches about Iran that at least could be the same as their speeches about Egypt and Mubarak: “We therefore urge the Egyptian government to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy … Violence must be forsaken. It is imperative that the government not respond to the aspirations of their people with repression or brutality. The voices of the Egyptian people must be heard”. Iranians want this sort of speeches, but they refuse.

It’s not purely accidental that the West has a double standard about Iran and Egypt. It’s not purely accidental that the West wanted to topple its friend Mubarak, but don’t want to topple its enemy Khamenei. The political rhetoric of the West should not deceive us. We should look at the obvious facts and try to ask why is there a difference between what they say about Iran and what they do? It’s could be sham fight, a false fight, and as we call it in Iran a “Jange Zargary”. “Jange Zargary” means a sham fight or a false fight between goldsmiths. An old Iranian saying tell us: “In Bazaar of gold, goldsmiths always try to fight with each other. But they just want to raise prices, they just want to keep their own interests, and the customers should not be fooled. This is a Jange Zargary.”

If Western powers were honest, they would try to help Iranians to topple the Khamenei’s regime, instead of imposing stupid sanctions on Iran, that just make the people weak and make the regime strong.

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