my News of Iran, 17 Feb

8am: the Internet speed is still very very slow

8am: the regime uses “Deep Packet Inspection” for blocking Yahoo Email, Gmail and other popular websites in Iran. Apparently they could manipulate the ID data (username or password) in each login request, HTTP or HTTPS. Now the login request is rejected many times and users could not login in many websites.

9am: the Internet censorship and “”Deep Packet Inspection” in Iran is an important matter that we should write more about them later, but now I could say that the West, especially Nokia-Siemens, has sold the technology to the regime. Shame on them

9am: Keyhan, the regime’s Pravda, has said:’ Saane Zhale was our spy! He worked for us. He gave secret news to us, to the Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of the regime)’ Keyhan is a congenital bastard

10am: John McCain has said to VOA Farsi: ‘We should help and support Iranians, we should call for the regime change in Iran. Obama’s position is not good.” Iranians hate the stupid Obama and could not forgive him. The world should see the real face of the hypocrite Obama

10am: Students of the University of Arts have called for a strike: ‘ we will close the university for at least one week. we will not attend in any classes.’ It’s possible that students of other universities join them in this strike.

11am: Dozens of students of the University of Arts have been arrested Yesterday

11am: The outside world is deaf, mute, and blind. Western media ignore Iran and the critical situation in Iran. They don’t ask themselves:’ Why couldn’t we see more pictures or videos form inside of Iran? Western media ignore this fact that we have a total block here and all communication tools and the Internet are down and blocked. shame on them. shame on them

12pm: Apparently the daughters of Mousavi have said: “We don’t know the current place of our father and mother. the regime doesn’t allow us to meet them. we are worried’ But the official website of Mousavi,, that is managed from outside of Iran, in Germany and England, has not said anything about these sort of news. Mousavi is a real stupid.

12pm:, the official website of Mousavi that is managed from outside of Iran, in Germany and England, censors the people’s comments. They are like Keyhan. They want to silence people. stupid bastards

1pm: Another video of 14 Feb protests

1pm: ‘Wait for the Big Bang of Iranians. Sooner or later the outside world would see a new revolution in Iran’. I can see that many people said above words. The level of Iranians’ angry are very high, but they need a good spark and good media support.

2pm: Dozens of civil activists and students have arrested today

3pm: the last words of martyred “Mohammad Mokhtari” in his facebook page:’I prefer standing up and being death to humiliation and this sort of living’

3pm: There are disagreements among Iranian dissidents and protesters about the best way to continue the movement. some of them still want Reform and others, a majority, want a real change, a Revolution. The stupid Reformists/Islamist hide their intention now, but they could go behind the majority’s back. Iranians should be very careful now.

4pm: The students of all universities of Tehran want to strike for at least one week

4pm: Mousavi’s website,, has said: “we would have a gathering for our dear martyrs at the seventh day after their death, at 3pm of 20 Feb, before the anniversary of Holy Prophet Mohammad !!, at the main squares of all cities of Iran

5pm: There is a chaos in Iran. Many people don’t want to follow the stupid Mousavi and his group again. Of course they could use of any gatherings or rallies, but it’s not a good solution. The mistakes of the 2009 protests and the 1979 revolution are still in front of us.

5pm: 21 Feb is an Islamic holyday in Iran. 20 Feb is Sunday but a working day in Iran. Iranians have a traditional that hold 4 funeral ceremonies for each dead person! at the first, third, seventh, and fortieth days after the death.

6pm: Our anticipation for the number of arrests at 14 Feb (150 * 10 = 1500) is correct ! Now many Iranian websites say that the number of arrests at 14 Feb are about 1500.

7pm: the regime that has arrested Saane Zhale’s brother, ask him to deny his last night interview with VOA !

8pm: the regime’s head of the judiciary has said: ‘the political expediency tells us that we should not arrest Mousavi and Karoubi now!’ such an independent judiciary! this is the real meaning of the Islamic judiciary system.

8pm: Today people started to discuss the need of an organizer group. It’s a good sign and an major step forward. I think Mousavi and his group feared that they could lose their control and reacted very soon.

9pm: The world should clear its position. If they remain silent or hypocrite, they would fully deserve the regime and the Islamic version of the Nazi Germany

9pm: bye for now

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