my News of Iran, 16 Feb

8am: the internet speed is so slow, 1kb/s !

8am: First Obama and then Mousavi. Last midnight, Mousavi dashed people’s hope, like what Obama did before that (We have talked about that in the separate posts)

9am: Basiji thugs are in the Art University. The killers arrange funeral for their killed victims. This is not a Mafia Movie, but the regime’s “God Father” is an Islamic version of Hitler or Stalin. I bless Joseph Stalin because he was an atheist !

10am: Our situation in Iran is so Orwellian. Here ‘lie is truth’, ‘Violence is Mercy’ and ‘the killer is the Killed’s lover’

11am: A cartoon of Khamenei and Joseph Stalin in today’s Rooz newspaper:

12pm: Keyhan newspaper, the newspaper of Khamenei, has said: ‘the number of demonstrators in 14 Feb rally was just 300 to 400 people, while the number of demonstrators in our rally in the anniversary of the revolution in 11 Feb, was 50 Million people!’ It’s not a joke, it’s exactly what they said. Keyhan is a follower of Paul Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda school in Nazi Germany. Their motto is “The Bigger lie, The Better”

1pm: Keyhan is quite similar to Pravda , the newspaper of Communist Party in USSR

2pm: Another video of 14 Feb protests

3pm: Basiji thugs have beaten students in the Art University and the streets.

4pm: Apparently Basiji thugs have paraded with their motorbikes around the empty street of Valiasr.

5pm: The Facebook page of ‘Mohammad Mokhtari”, the second killed person, had a picture of him and a logo for 14 Feb demonstration:

6pm: You could find some video of 14 Feb protests in here:

7pm: Today the Guardian, Al-Jazeera and all Western mass media had nothing about our current terrible situation in Iran

8pm: some of the Basiji thugs and Hezbollah thugs of Lebanon. the Hezbollah’s flag has been seen in Basiji’s pictures

9pm: Rafsanjani has said: ‘those attended in 14 Feb rally, are betrayal’. Stupid people in the Green Movement that thought Rafsanjani is their friend, could see the real face of him.

10pm: Sanee Zhale’s brother, in an interview with VOA Farsi, said: ‘My brother is not a Basiji. This is a Ettelaat’s (Intelligence Service of Iran) game. My cousin work for Ettelaat, and yesterday he came to us and ask for my brother picture.’ He was crying when talked about his brother story

10pm: the regime arrest the Sanee Zhale’s brother, after the interview with VOA

11pm: bye for now

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