Iran, the UK and the BBC

The relations between Iran and the UK have a long story. For understanding the current situation better, we should know a little history. Persia that changed its name to Iran in the 19th century, was a great country. Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan and even Iraq and Tajikistan was a part of Iran before the 19th century. But the weak and corrupt Qajar dynasty, 1794 – 1925, destroyed and split Iran. In 19th century, Russia and the UK took Iran apart. Russia was the northern neighbor of Iran, and for more than 3000 years they were just some savage tribes in the north. But after the Middle Ages, these savage tribes become more developed and finally attacked the north of Iran. Even the weak and corrupt Qajar dynasty could stop them, but the betrayal of the UK in imposing two peace treaties to Iran, the Treaty of Gulistan and the Treaty of Turkmanchai, annexed the Georgia, Caucasus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to Russia.

The UK that had promised providing munition to Iranians in the war with Russia, denied its promise and became very unpopular and hateful in Iran. Again in the mid of 19th century, the UK used of the weak and corrupt Qajar dynasty and took apart Afghanistan and Pakistan from Iran. the UK wanted to keep the colony of India safe. But, needless to say, the UK were detested more than before by Iranians. In late of 19th century, the UK tried to organize the disorganized Muslim clergies or Mullahs in Iran. They knew that “the religion is the opium of the people”. They provided a lot of help for a Mullah or Ayatollah named Haeri, to establish a theological center in Qom. And at the same time they made an ambitious soldier king and toppled Qajar dynasty. Qom reemergence as a theological center coincided with the rise of the Pahlavi dynasty, and both were made by the UK.

The Pahlavi dynasty and theological center in Qom, both were made by the UK ( now many historical documents tell us that it’s an undeniable fact) But after 15 years of being the UK’s puppet, Reze Shah wanted to be independent. Once He said to his son: “I hate the UK , they make me king, but I hate them. Be careful about the UK and what they do”. Finally the UK could not bear Reza Shah and toppled him and make his son king, in the middle of WW II, because Reza Shah was became a pro-Germany king. In that time the UK established the BBC Farsi Radio for Iran. Those days the real intention of BBC Farsi Radio was not clear, but in 1953, when the UK and US made a military coup in Iran and toppled Mousadegh’s government, the UK used of BBC for sending messages to its agents in Iran. Today these facts are undeniable historical facts and many historical documents supported them.

After the 1953 coup, the UK and the BBC lost their influence in Iran. the US played the major role and Mohammad Reze Shah became a puppet of the US. But after 20 years, Mohammad Reze Shah, like his father Reza Shah, wanted to be independent of the US. He had an important role in rising the oil price in 1973 and 1974, that created an unprecedented inflation in the West. I talked about this important matters in a separate article, but now I should say that these matters have a good supportive historical documents, too. Now we could find good collection of documents in the Internet and in the archives of the mass media. From 1976 to 1979 the US made its decision for toppling the Pahlavi dynasty. Exactly like the current events and revolution in Egypt and Tunisia, the US and EU asked Mohammad Reze Shah to leaved Iran. Now there is no doubt in this fact and the ambassadors of the US and UK in Iran, approved this fact in their books. (I will talk about them later)

the UK and the BBC had an important role in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The BBC became the media of the revolution. Again the UK used of the BBC for sending messages to its agents in Iran. This time its agents were Mullahs and all Iranians or revolutionaries. This time the BBC did an unprecedented job and frequently read the full text of the provocative articles or statements in the radio. Revolutionaries and Mullahs and of course all Iranians used BBC for organizing their protests and informing each other. The Pahlavi criticized the UK and the BBC many times, and even now the pro-Pahlavi Iranians criticize the BBC for making the revolution. Of course Many independent historians have refused this conspiracy theory. Instead they have said that the BBC did not made the revolution, but it was the media of revolution. Actually the BBC was an effective tool and media for Mullahs and Islamist revolutionaries.

Now in these days when BBC says:” We are neutral and could not be the media for Iranian protesters. We should consider the regime and talk about its supporters as much as the protesters” Iranians think they are hypocrite bastards. From 2009 until now, the BBC has became an effective tool again. But this time the BBC is an effective for the established regime, not protesters. Actually the BBC helps Mullahs with BBC Persian TV and BBC Farsi Radio. I will write more about the BBC activities in these day. But now I hope you could understand why Iranians are so sensitive to the UK and the BBC.

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