my News of Iran, 15 Feb, 3

3pm: The Internet speed is 1b/s !!

3pm: The identity of the killed person is revealed. “Sanee Zhale”, 26, was student of Art University in Tehran. He was a Kurd and lived with his family in Kurdestan. The regime has many many problems with Kurds in the past years.

3pm: the stupid regime has said that “Sanee Zhale” was a Basiji !! they want to arrange a funeral for him at 16 Feb ! It’s a new tactic. But it’s like a suicide for them. the people just need an excuse for more gathering and rally

3pm: Apparently today the Art University has been closed by students. they have not attended their class.

4pm: the regime really wants to suicide. the state TV said: “Members of the parliament (i.e the Basiji thugs) declare that Mousavi and Karoubi should be executed!” and then show footage of the parliament that they chanted : Death to Mousavi, Death to Karoubi, Death to Khatami. They show this footage repeatedly.

4pm: if the regime arrests Mousavi or Karoubi officially, It could be the best case for the people. This could be the fianl spark for a revolution; the regime will be gone after that. Now the people say: ‘Please arrest Mousavi, please, please. We want a revolution and you get it to us.’

4pm: the state TV showed Ali Larijani, the speaker of parliament and a Basiji thug, while he said: ‘if they want to hold a demonstration against God or Islam, could we allow them? the punishment for the enemies of God or Islam is clear. (death)’ It’s the real face and nature of Islam

5pm: In city of Rasht, in Northern Iran, thousands of people were in the main streets and fought against Basiji thugs.

5pm: the state TV said: ‘ 150 conspirators were arrested yesterday’. if we multiply it by their normal error factor (10) we could conclude that at least 1500 people were arrested in yesterday.

6pm: the state TV said: ‘ Terrorists and Mojahedin group killed 2 students and wounded 9 others yesterday’ !! They think the world and the people are as stupid as them. But it proves that at least hundreds of people were killed or wounded yesterday.

7pm: the state TV repeatedly show the footage of the parliament. People have become very angry and tomorrow is a destination day. The parliament of regime wants the death of protesters and death of Mousavi and Karoubi! and clearly declares it to the outside world. I think the regime is sure that it would not be faced with a serious backlash from the US & EU.

7pm: Actually Mousavi is finished for many people but still could be a good final spark for a revolution. Please arrest him ASAP.

7pm: The Internet speed is as before, the Iranian websites are down, HTTPS and other ports are blocked, Satellite channels and phones and other communication tools are down. And today we don’t have any serious protests in Tehran.

8pm: the state TV repeatedly ask the people to attend the funeral of “Sanee Zhale” in tomorrow morning, 16 Feb. the regime is a masterpiece of hypocrisy . Tomorrow is an important day for Iranians and Iran.

8pm: The identity of second killed person is revealed. “Mohamad Mokhtari”, 22, was shot by Basiji thugs.

8pm: Mr. Obama finally opened his mouth and said bullshit again like 2009. Mr. Obama, Iranians are brave enough and don’t need your stupid advice, but you are coward and hypocrite. I hope the world could see your real face.

10pm: the regime tries to deceive the outside world, and the CNN headline says: ‘the parliament of Iran Condemns Protests’. shame on you Western media. Your news, headlines and reports are full of hypocrisy. Instead of taking the piss out of the regime and its parliament, instead of emphasizing the need of urgent help, you make fun of yourselves.

10pm: Iranians are very very angry, but they need an organizer, a leader. Mousavi is better than ultra-coward Khatami, but he is an ex-revolutionary too, and just wants to save the Islamic Revolution. He said and showed it many times. Iranians have nothing, no media, no communication tools, no support, nothing. The regime uses modern tools, but the people have just ancient tools. Our condition is worse than the Slavery Age.

11pm: Tomorrow morning, Tehran would be a battlefield again, for a very very unfair battle.

11pm: bye for now

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