News about Iran, 15 Feb, 2

12pm: The internet is totally switched off again. They have blocked Yahoo Email and HTTPs port.

12pm: the people in Tehran and other cities of Iran, want to hold another protest rally for today.

12pm: Until now nobody knows what has exactly happened last night. Apparently people have gone to their home at midnight.

12pm: this video shows how people put the picture of Khamenei on fire: :

12pm: the state TV said:’ Hypocrites, monarchists, thugs and seditionists who wanted to create public disorder in Iran were arrested by our brave nation. These people set garbage bins on fire and damaged public property.’ bastards

12pm: The Guardian said: ‘BBC is complaining at the difficultly of filming in Iran. Here are some Radio Farda videos !! from Iran today’ . Ha!, the Guardian you could not save your friend Ayatollah BBC . BBC is just wants an excuse for its shameful acts. bastards

12pm: Western Media report Iranian protests under the title of “Unrest in Middle East”. They mixed the news of 75 Millions Iran with 1 Million Bahrain or 15 Millions Yemen, It’s very interesting. Do you forget how exclusively they covered 80 Millions Egypt?

1pm: The main Difference between the protesters in Iran and the protesters in Yemen and Bahrain is that Iranian protesters have a theocracy, but want democracy and a secular regime and many of them are anti-Islamist, while protesters in Yemen and Bahrain have a semi-secular regime, but want a theocracy! and many of them are Islamist. stupid Islamist

1pm: Now I’m sure that Western Media have not emphasized , that the regime has blocked all communication tools in Iran, and that’s why the outside world could not hear any news form inside of Iran.

1pm: The tactic of the regime for blocking all communication channels, could be successful just when Western media ignore and overlook it, as they did last year and do it now.

1pm: an Egyptian has posted a comment under the live blog of the Guardian and said: the Guardian and Al-Jazeera have stopped broadcasting the revolution, which must be a corporate decision to appease its paymaster . They tell me that I should just go back to normal, my demands will be met by the army !

2pm: the Guardian have put a translator in its live blog for Arab and Arabic language. but as far as I can remember they did not do the same thing in 2009, and also now, for Iranian protests.

2pm: Most of Western media says: Thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the regime of
Ahmadinejad. but the truth is: Hundreds of Thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the regime of Khamenei .

4pm: Until now the Huffingtonpost’s report has been the best among Western Media: Hundreds of Thousands March:

4pm: Huffingtonpost’s report says some important realities to foreign readers, such as : 1- ‘Foreign media are banned from covering street protests in Iran.’ 2-‘Fars news agency, which is linked to the Revolutionary Guard’ 3- ‘ An Iranian dies but doesn’t accept humiliation,’ demonstrators chanted.’

2am: this video shows how police behaved brutally towards students yesterday:

2pm: Now again all opposition websites are down. the regime want to prevent of another rally.

2pm: Reuters: British Foreign Secretary said: ‘Ahmadinejad told the Egyptian people that they had the right to express their own views, but ……’ . bastard. Hey you! pro-Mullah English bastard, all Iranians know that Ahmadinejad is khamenei’s puppet and Khamenei is your poppet. But you could not save your puppet. Now Iranians say: Death to Khamenei

2pm: The Guardian says some shameful things in its reports: 1- ‘Thousands of defiant protesters in Iran…’ not hundreds of thousands 2- ‘ “death to the dictator”, a reference to both Khamenei, and Ahmadinejad !’ not just Khamenei, the UK wants to keep the regime and its leader, a puppet of the UK 3- ‘

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