my News of Iran, 14 Feb, 3

b>5pm: Some flying helicopters have been seen above centeral Tehran. Now centeral Tehran is a battlefield. And the battle is between unarmed people in one side and armed riot police and Basiji thugs in other side.

5pm: Many shops are closed in Central Tehran. Security forces have told all shopkeepers to close down by 3 pm

5pm: Riot police and Basiji thugs beat all people in the Enghelab St., woman, men, and children.

5pm: Basiji thugs have used their motorbikes again. Motorbike riders savagely have attacked the people in the streets. They are like camel riders in Cairo.

5pm: All cellphone networks and SMS services are blocked in the center of Tehran.

5pm: Riot police and Basijis beat every person that wants to go near a phone booth !

5.30pm: again the Internet speed decrease from 1kb/s to 1b/s !

5.30pm: a chant of a group of people is: “Biker riders in Tehran, Camel riders in Cairo, Death to Dictator “

5.30pm: I could hear the ambulance sirens and police sirens.

5.30pm: students of Sharif University, that is located near Azadi Sq., have gone to Azai (Freedom) Sq.

5.30pm: many drivers in the streets of central Tehran have sounded their horns. I could hear them.

6pm: Western media have not showed any acceptable report to the world yet.

6pm: Violent clash between unarmed people and armed riot police and Basiji thugs have been worsened in the center of Tehran.

6pm: I could hear the voice of people that say : “Mubarak, Ben Ali, the next is Seid Ali” Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei, the tyrant leadership of Iran.

6pm: the main chant of people has became: “Death to Khamenei” instead of “Death to Dictator”, more direct and clear.

6.30pm: the people have blocked Yadegar highway, a major highway in western Tehran.

6.30pm: the website of Mousavi says: “Millions of people are in the streets and it has shocked the police and Basij. They beat the people because they have gone mad. But the people have met each others again”

6.30pm: The sun went down

6.30pm: It seems that the regime has lost the control of situation, and whatever it does, the situation become more complicated and people become more aggressive. If the people stay in the streets until tomorrow and for next days, the regime would be toppled. They should stay in the streets.

7pm: People chant anti-government slogans in the buses. In one case a bus were stopped and their passengers were beaten to death by riot police.

7pm: Riot police have started shooting at the people.

7pm: Iranians need support. Mr. Obama we wait for your speeches and positions like the case of Egypt and Mubarak. Do you think what is good for Egypt is not good for Iran? we watch you

7.30pm: the regime cut off the electricity in the Enghelab St.

7.30pm: one woman has been shot in the hand.

7.30pm: After dark, another groups of people have come into the streets

7.30pm: People have fired garbage and garbage cans in the streets.

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