my News of Iran, 14 Feb, 2

11am: a young person has been seen at the top of crane in the center of Tehran, near Ghasr (Palace) Crossing. He or she has a placard or image about the rally.

11pm: the students of Tehran University, the university in the path of rally (Enghelab St. & Azadi St.), said that Bajis, pro-regime Militia, wants to bring thousands of its members to the university for suppressing the students. They asked the people for help.

12pm: the last word of many young protesters before going to the rally: “We demand the fall of the regime”

1.30pm: some groups of people have been seen in the Enghelab St. (Revolution St.) and neighbor streets. the length of path of rally, Azadi St.+ Enghelab St., is near 10km from Hossein Sq. to Azadi Sq.

2pm: the Internet is switched off in many locations. Now I’m disconnected!.

2pm: the regime send parasite to all communication channels, wired or wireless. They even send parasite to ordinary telephone lines for disabling all dialup & ADSL connections. Now we could clearly hear the noise by the modem speaker.

2pm: the police and plain clothes have stood on the sidewalks and ask the people to not stop.

2pm: Riot police have stood on the main squares.

2.30pm: Now the Internet is totally switched off in almost all parts of Tehran.

3pm: more groups of people have been seen in Sadeqie Sq., Shariati St. , and also in the Enghelab St.

3.30pm: Apparently Hamrah Aval, the public Cellphone operator, has blocked its network in the center of Tehran.

3.30pm: the current speed of Internet is near 1kb/s !

3.30pm: Subway stations in the Enghelab St. and Azadi St. have been closed.

4pm: the people reporters say that in Isfahan and Shiraz cities, the people are in the streets.

4pm: the first shots of tear gas have been seen in the Valiasr and College crossing.

4pm: the first gunshots have been heard in the Enghelab Sq. the clash between riot police and demonstrators are very serious there.

4pm: the first chants of protesters has been heard: “Death to Dictator”

4.30pm: Riot police have blocked Azadi Sq.

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