Military Attack on Iran: Yes or No?

February 28, 2011

Finally Mousavi’s website, the stupid, has published two important articles. One with the title : Foreign Military Attack: Yse or No ? and the other one with the title : Khamenei commanded that the security forces arrest Mousavi. It’s the first time that attack Khamenei. Their article says: “All the regime’s people are the lesser men and they are not at the position to command that the security forces arrest the great Mousavi, ex-Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic … Just Khamenei could do this … this project is too big for the regime and just Khamenei could decide about it … We could easily win the game, but we prefer to wait (stupid bastards!) … (we will not do anything, but) they sow Wind and will reap Typhoon. They are the main responsible for radicalizing public opinion.” Actually the stupid has not finished the job, but the people will finish the job in the near future. In another article, again for the first time, writes about The necessity of Foreign Military Attack The long article of says: “Gaddafi massacre his people … Should the international community be silent? … The UN and international community should perform their duties and stop Gaddafi’s massacre … Foreign military attack for stopping massacre and making democratic society is legitimate and right … A regime that killed his people and innocent civilians, deserve international punishment .”

All Iranians know that Khamenei is worse than Gaddafi, and in these days they call Khamnei: ‘Seil Ali Gaddafi”. What could Libyans do with this savage Gaddafi ? When a regime slaughters his own people, what it does with other nations ?? Could the international community have enough security and safety? Did the world forget the story of Hitler and Fascism? Certainly war and foreign attack is the evil. But under our conditions in Iran and Libya, we are faced with two great evils and we should choose the lesser of two evils. One evil is: “The brutal and savage dictator and his savage thugs” and the other evil is “Foreign military attack for getting red of the savages”. Of course this foreign military attack should not be done just in the name of democracy and human rights, but it should be really for democracy and human rights, and for helping the suppressed people and all the world. We can see that the majority of Iranians (and maybe Libyans) are agreed that: Under these conditions, the lesser evil is Foreign Military Attack and many Iranians say that we willingly would provide the budget for a military attack: “ Our Oil money are plundered by Mullahs now, and we could pay part of this plundered asset for saving ourselves and making a better world.

Of course we are against war, any war. War is not solution, but some times is inevitable. There is still no cure for reign of terror. Iranians, the majority, would not support this savage regime and reign of terror, in the name of patriotism. This matter has a historical root in Iran, too. Indeed, a scenario has been repeated over and over in the Iranian history: “Iranians lived under a tyranny. the tyranny became worse and worse and screwed all aspects of their life. they became passive, and just grew deep hate in their heart. then a foreign country attacked Iran, and Iranians took their own revenge, i.e. they remained neutral or even supported the attackers for f-u-c-k-i-n-g their tyrant and tyranny”. When Arabs attacked Iran, we had the same story. When Moguls attacked Iran we had the same story. When Turks attacked Iran we had the same story. In the last year, Iranians became passive again and just grew deeper and deeper hate in their heart (against the regime), and we really were afraid of repeating above scenario. But now the situation has been changed and the people are active and fight bravely against tyranny with bare hands. In these conditions, when the foreign attack become a necessity, maybe in the next months, this attack should be done by the UN, not by the US. With a smart and clean attack, the UN could help the great people corps of Iranians. We don’t want to destroy Iran, we want to topple savage Mullahs and get our Iran back.

Shame on the Guardian

February 28, 2011

While many media cover the important news of Mousavi arrest, the f-u-c-k-i-n-g Guardian has not covered it. Look at Iran’s page of the Guardian It’s full of news of Libya and ME and other bullshits. They have not covered the important news of Mousavi’s arrest until now, and actually in time.

Shame on the Guardian

Thanks Huffingtonpost for putting this important news in the first page. Thanks CNN, Reuters, and others for good coverage.

The Regime Committed Suicide

February 28, 2011

Mousavi, Karoubi, and their wives were arrested. But we could be sure that the regime has committed suicide. It’s a key to revolution. The final and ultimate battle begins in Iran. Tomorrow, March 1st, the people would show that how much they are angry. Tomorrow, March 1st, the revolution sparks would spread over all cities of Iran, and we could call the first of March as ” the first day of Iranian Revolution”

Mousavi is a key figure for many of the pro-regime people. He is the ex-prime minister of the Islamic revolution, the prime minister of Khomeini in the first decade of the revolution. Many of Basijis and Sepahis could not bear his arrest. Today many of them have said that: “Seid Ali, you played with fire.” This great political mistake, create more solidarity and unity among the people, and create a deep divisions among pro-regime mob and Islamist gangs.

The final battle has begin in Iran. The regime fight for its life and the people fight for their country and the democracy and freedom. The people fight with bare hands and want to have a non-violent struggle as much as possible. The regime’s thugs are full armed and a bunch of brutal savages. But the Khamenei’s dogs are straw dogs and sooner or later show their real face to the people. They should be frightened of a day that the people want to treat them like themselves. In fact, they are frightened a lot, and many of them would give up after seeing the first spark of people’s victory.

We watch the western politicians. They should make their final decision. They could not deceive public opinion any more. If they are not the friend and supporter of this reactionary regime, they must support the Iranian people and condemn the regime strongly and widely. They should put a strong political pressure on the regime, at least like the Egypt cast. They could not play with us and public opinion any more. we say to them: ‘You must take your decision right now”

Iranians will save Mousavi

February 28, 2011

Mousavi, you could be sure that Iranians save you and our Iran.

MousaviDay3.jpg 2009-06-23-peaceprotestcombo.jpg
Seid Ali, You Played with Fire
19935.JPG Khamenei-Ahmadinejad-Cartoon.jpg
Esfand, one by one — Seid Ali will be gone

Urgent: Mousavi is in Jail

February 27, 2011

Shame on Mousavi’s webstie,, that we should receive Mousavi’s news form the CNN. The CNN has said : Iran’s two opposition leaders, their wives are placed in ‘safe house’ they have added: “Moussavi, Karrubi and their wives were placed in a “safe house” for their own welfare !!!!!!!!!!! , but they have not been arrested !!!!!!!!, Iranian government sources told CNN Saturday !!!!!! …. The human rights organization also pointed out that “a ‘safe house’ is considered a place for the secret detention of high security-value detainees, which is not under the control of the judiciary or any other monitoring mechanisms. The Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence agencies are well-known for using safe houses for all methods and techniques to get confessions from detainees without scrutiny or pressure from other legal bodies … During the protests earlier this month, foreign journalists were denied visas, accredited journalists living in the country were restricted from covering the demonstrations, and internet speed slowed to a crawl in an apparent attempt to restrict information from being transmitted out of the country ” It’s very interesting that CNN has some secret Iranian government sources !

We say to, and Mousavi’s team that:

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

For more information check here

We, WordPress and PMOI

February 27, 2011

The WordPress has kicked us out of “Iran” tag. (from some days ago) They keep PMOI (Mujahideen) there, and PMOI or NCR are very active. In fact, we think it is a good thing that we let anyone even the terrorists, to have a website and say what they want. Even we recommend to the US and WordPress that let Osama bin Laden to build a blog and website for himselft and his group. I not kidding, I am really serious. Why not ?? Blogging is better than Killing . It’s better that they try to talk and blog, and stop killing. But if the US or WordPress want to censor Americans and other people just because of criticizing Osama bin Laden, it’s not a good thing.

We don’t know why WordPress has kicked us out of “Iran” tag (Thanks God that they have not deleted our blog, or PMOI has not killed us until now ! ). We respect to WordPress and its contribute to the world and the blogging world . We don’t know why this strange and weird event has been happened. We hope that it will be an error or mistake, and we could be in the “Iran” tag, as before.

Take a look at what we said before and what we said today

The End of Islamic Middle Ages

February 27, 2011

The past decades were the last phase of the Islamic Middle Ages in Iran. In fact, this century is the 15th century Hegira, i.e. in Islamic calendar (Islam started in the early 7th century AD). The Middle Ages in Europe were between about 11th century and 15th century AD. And now we are faced with the same conditions, and the same centuries of Islam. Indeed, what Will Durant says in ‘The Story of Civilization’, is our story at the present time. [*] Now Iranians live in the last phase of ‘The Age of Faith’. Indeed, Iranians are like Italians in the European Middle Ages, the pioneer and the iconoclast. They are ahead of their time in the Muslim world. In fact, Iranians, like Italians, created a brutal religious system, but after a lot of pains, they have rebelled against it. Indeed, at the present time we have a combination of ‘The Renaissance’ and ‘The Reformation’, and we could say that ‘The Age of Reason Begins’ in Iran. The first stable secular and modern system will be established in the Muslim world, by the Iranian people.

The history repeat itself, but not in the same way as before. Now Iranians live in the Information Age and have access to many tools and books that could accelerate their historical movement. In fact, Iranians have passed the Age of Rousseau and Revolution and The Age of Napoleon. They have learned a lot form the world history and have passed a reactionary Islamic revolution. Now Iranians should pass the Age of Enlightenment, and become a part of the modern world. In fact, the younger generation of Iranians are the same as their counterparts in the West. Many of them are very open minded and free of reactionary thoughts. They are the daughters and the sons of their global intellectual fathers and mothers. They want to be Globalist, not narrow minded Localist. They are as modern as their counterparts in the West and want to made a valuable contribution to the world and its history.

The outside world should know that the younger generation of Iranians are not like their biological fathers and mothers. They grow near 300 years in the past three decades. They want to show the world that they are like other human beings, not worse, not better. They are neither racist nor chauvinist. Some of them have great and exceptional talent, at the highest level of the world, some of them have good and creative talent, some of them have artistic or special talent, and all of them are human being like all other human beings in our planet Earth. They have not come form Mars or Moon. The younger generations in all around the world, start from zero and should learn the history and the documented works of other generations and should stand on their shoulders. We don’t inherit the knowledge or wisdom through our genes. We should acquire them. And in the Information Age there is no significant difference between different parts of the world and many people could acquire the knowledge, if they want.

The younger generation of Iranians have a message for the world: ‘Our Islamic Middle Ages will be gone very soon, and you should be ready for accepting us as a shareholder and contributor to the world. We are Persian, the sons and the daughters of Cyrus the Great (600-530 BC), the great king of the Persian Empire, who said: ‘All people should be free and we should respect to human rights and their freedom’. We don’t want to be the enemy of any body, but we don’t want to be the puppet and stooge of any body, too. You should forget our stupid older generation. We would criticize the Western or Eastern powers, just like what the open minded Americans and Europeans, and all other free and open minded people around the world, did before and do now. You should accept us as an equal partner, and we would contribute to the world as an equal contributor. ‘

[*] Will Durant, 1885-1981, American historian, whose works on philosophy and world history have been read by millions of people. His famous works were The Story of Philosophy (1926), and the series of the well-known ‘The Story of Civilization’, i.e Our Oriental Heritage(1935), ‘The Life of Greece (1939), Caesar and Christ (1944), The Age of Faith (1950), The Renaissance (1953), The Reformation (1957), The Age of Reason Begins (1961), The Age of Louis XIV (1963), The Age of Voltaire (1965), Rousseau and Revolution (1967), and The Age of Napoleon (1975).

It Needs Urgent Attention

February 27, 2011

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend

Many of you, the foreigners, are not familiar with the complicated situation of reactionary Iranians. It’s just like that we, Iranians, say to you: “why do you hate the Fox news? why do you call them Faux news or F-u-c-k news? they are not bad, they cover the Iranian news well, much more better than the Guardian and Al-Jazeera’. But maybe you would say: ‘We know them better than you. You know nothing about them and their real policy and their history. we know who they are … you should be an American and have lived a long time in America, to find the truth …’ and it’s what we want to say you about NCR or Mujahideen or MEK or PMOI or any other f-u-c-k-i-n-g name that they invent for themselves (Actually they have some different names to deceive the foreigners). We know them better than you.

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen ( They are our Fox news [*]

Apparently the US and the UK have decided to make an alternative for the Khamenei’s regime, and this damn alternative could be much more worse than status quo. Look at the US media Washingtonpost: Former top-ranking U.S. officials urged the Obama administration to take an Iranian terrorist group off its list of terrorist organizations or take a look at the UK media Telegraph: Iran’s largest opposition group, the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (PMOI) Ha Ha!! ‘Iran’s largest opposition group !!!!!!’ It’s so ridiculous and of course so dangerous and terrible. Apparently they want to make use of the reactionary groups again.

We provide some information about the Reactionary Iranian groups in the West , Please consider it seriously. If you really support of the freedom and democracy in Iran, Please don’t support the Reactionary Iranian groups. The Mujahideen and Monarchists are among the most dangerous and most reactionary groups. Iranians that live in Iran, except a very small and tiny minority (just about some thousands), don’t support these reactionary groups, but we are really afraid that the West wants to impost these groups to Iran and make them another puppet and stooge tyrant for Iran. We are deeply skeptical of their current activities.

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen: (They are Islamist, Terrorist, & Ultra-stupid)

Apparently Mujahideen, and maybe the West, believe that an organized armed group with 2 thousands members, could launch a coup or hijack a revolution and then suppress or deceive the people, just like what Trotsky had done in the October Revolution of 1917. (You could take a look at this book Techniques of Coup detat by Curzio Malaparte, 1931) Of course the destiny of Mujahideen in the Islamic revolution of 1979 (and in any future revolution) was not better than the destiny of Trotsky.

Mujahideen are worse than Mullahs and Khamenei. Their ideology is a ridiculous combination of Islam and Communism !! Actually they have collected the worst points of these two ideologies in one ideology !! They are really a great masterpiece of reactionary! Their leader, Rajavi, is a brutal dictator and treat their followers like a flock of sheep. He just order, and the followers just obey the orders, no question, no protest. The story of Camp Ashraf is really a tragic story, but main parts of it is just because of Rajavi. You could hear a lot of tragic stories about this stupid Rajavi and his group form the ex-members of Mujahideen that now live in Europe. Most of these ex-members have received death threats, just because they leaked some things after they left this disgraced group. The ones that could be alive until now, say:’ Rajavi is worse than Khomeini and Khamenei’

Please don’t link to the website of Mujahideen ( They are our Osama bin Laden [*]

[*] We should apologize to Fox news and Osama bin Laden for this comparison! They are really much more better than Mujahideen !

My News of Iran, 26 Feb

February 26, 2011

Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Shame on Mousavi’s website. We disagree with Mousavi, but we respect his human rights. Mousavi and his wife have been lost since Feb 24, and nobody knows where they are. The unknown reporters say that the lights of Mousavi’s house and Karoubi’s house have been switched off since Thursday, Feb 24. Some unknown doctors have said that they have seen Mousavi in the hospital. But Mousavi’s website,, has shut its mouth. It’s ridiculous that Mousavi’s website is not as concerned as the people about Mousavi’s life. We disagree with Mousavi, but we are concerned about his life. Mousavi’s website,, should react strongly and immediately to the rumors and the people reports. If they are not correct, should rebut them and says where is Mousavi, or if they are correct, they should strongly react. We say to that: Call for a general strike, immediately , stupid bastards.

Khatami, Lies, and Betrayal

Today Khatami, the ex-president, has said that the protesters want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe!! He added: ‘the people want the Islamic regime. the people want to keep it safe ….’. Khatami is just a ultra-coward bastard. In fact, in the eight years of his presidency, all the good things were done by the people and Khatami could only waste the glorious opportunity that the people gave him. Khatami didn’t have the balls to get challenged Khamenei. He didn’t have the balls to cause any real change and reform. The people gave the legislative branch and the executive branch to the Khatamists by their votes, but these ‘Inglorious Bastards’ just wasted the glorious opportunity and disappointed the people’s hope.

Rafsanjani, The BastardFather

The BastardsFather, Rafsanjani, after 2 years of mumbling and silence, finally open his mouth and condemn the protesters. Today Rafsanjani, the ex-president and the KingMaker, has said that the protesters in the Feb 14th and Feb 20th rallies, were anti-Islam and anti-Islamic revolution. He has added that he want to keep the Islamic regime strong and safe. We knew him, but some Iranian journalists vigorously defended him. Indeed, Mousavi and his team were just one of the key factors in screwing the movement last year. Another major factor were these stupid journalists. And another major factor were the Khatamists (the Islamic Reformists).

The Last Tango in Qom ?

The son of Ayatollah Montazeri, an opponent of Khamenei, that live in the religious city of Qom, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘You should save the Islamic republic, you should do the last acts, you should create a small council with 5 members: ‘Yourself, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Mousavi, and Karoubi’. It’s our last chance to save the Islamic republic.’ And another Ayatollah, Dastgheib, has sent an open letter to Khamenei and has said: ‘Free Mousavi and Karoubi ASAP … We should keep the Islamic republic safe and with this brutal acts we just provoke the people … we should give a little freedom to the people.’

The People vs Islamists

Today the people were really angry. Each person, each blog and each website that I have seen, says just one thing: “F-u-c-k you Khatami”, “F-u-c-k you Rafsanjani”, “F-u-c-k you Islamists”, and “F-u-c-k all you bastards”. Now the people say that they would never forgive Khatami and stupid journalists. In fact, the atmosphere is so tense and unfriendly. But I think the people’s reactions to this shameful betrayal are completely normal. Today Iranians said: ‘Iranians don’t want to kill themselves by stupid and aimless plans. Iranians want to get rid of a brutal religious dictator.’

There Will Be Blood ?

Libya and its dictator is like Iran and its dictator. Libyans are toppling the dictator in a police state, just because they act directly. Of course we don’t want to act totally like Libyans, but our dictator is like their dictator, and we should immediately make use of non-violent direct acts. Khamenei and his thugs, will act like Gaddafi, but the world should help Iranians and Iranians should make use of direct acts such as General strike.

Revolutionary Road

We are sure that the new revolution is inevitable and Khatamists and Rafsanjanists population are as small as Khameneists population. Apparently they have thought that the people are so stupid, and once again they could deceive the people. But this time the conditions have been changed and the people know what they want. All the people are against Khatamists, Rafsanjanists and Khameneists.

After that some lunatic groups arranged a plan for protests in the Tuesdays, March 1st, 9th, and 16th, the opportunist Mousavie’s website,, has said that we call for two rallies in March 1st and 16th ! but it’s not the whole story. They delete the stream of user’s comments and have ignored what the people say: “Have you decided to have a picnic, or to topple the dictator? we want a continuous and serious daily protests to topple the dictator, we don’t want to be killed for this stupid discontinuous plans and protests. we are not your pawns. we are not nuts.” Of course has been forced to publish some of these user comments, because the people are really angry now.

Iranians are on the last parts of their long road to the freedom and democracy. Khatami, Mousavi, stupid journalists and any other stupid bastards could not stop the people. Last year the ‘Inglorious Bastards’ achieved their last success, and today is really a new day

What Iranians Want (chants)

February 26, 2011

The people chants could be very important. They are historical documents and show us how the people think, and what they really want. We have tried to translate the Persian chants into English, and we have tried to keep the rhythm of chants. Rough translation of the chants are easy and were done by the media, but the rhythm of chants are as important as their meaning. We have tried to pay attention to both, the rhythm and the meaning, as much as possible. It’s obvious that the meaning of chants should not be changed, even a little, and we took it very serious. Here are the translation of some of the main chants of Iranians:

– ‘Death to Khamenei’ , ‘Death to the dictator’
– ‘Mubarak, Ben Ali — the Next is Seid Ali’ *
– ‘Die of shame Seid Ali — Look at the Ben Ali ‘ *
– ‘Khamenei feel ashamed — You and Mubarak are the same’
– ‘Drop dead Seid Ali — Meet dead Ben Ali’ *
– ‘No Gaza, No Lebanon — Egypt, Tunisia, and Iran’
– ‘Death to Theocracy (Velayate-Faqih)’
– ‘People why do you sit down? — Here become our Palestine’

– ‘We die, We die — But Humiliation, good bye’
– ‘We die, we will be gone — But we get back our Iran’
– ‘Esfand, one by one — Seid Ali will be gone’ *
– ‘Seid Ali, Seid Ali — Give our Iran back ‘ *
– ‘Mousavi, Mousavi — Get our Iran back ‘
– ‘Mousavi, Mousavi — Get our Flag back ‘
– ‘Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic’ [1]
– ‘In Cairo, in Tehran — The Dictator will be gone’
– ‘Our Leader — Our stain, our stain’
– ‘Our TV — Our Stain, our stain’
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our country alone ‘ *
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave Mousvi alone’ *
– ‘Basiji feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our Oil alone’
– ‘Basiji feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave our country alone’
– ‘Seid Ali feel shame in your bone — Do it, leave the Crown alone ‘ *
– ‘Camel riders in Cairo – Bike riders in Tehran – the Death will be gone’

* Seid Ali is the first name of Khamenei, the Leader

[1] the main regime chant is: ‘Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic’ . But the people replace “Islamic” with “Iranian” and it’s very important.

The Apparent Paradox

February 25, 2011

There is an apparent paradox in the US and West’s reactions to the Iranian protests and Egyptian protests. It’s an important apparent paradox, maybe the greatest paradox of the US and the West, and we should pay more attention to it. Indeed, what we said before in ” Iran, the West, and a Paradox“, should be more explained and discussed in details. This time we want to remind ourselves of some important issues like the Capitalism principles or the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s. We should try to compare Iran with Egypt systematically. In fact, we have some main hypotheses or axioms:

[1] Mubarak and his regime are the West’s friend
[2] Khamenei and his regime are the West’s enemy
[3] Accusing opposition of being US puppets could succeed in Iran. [4] Capitalism that rules the US says: “There is no permanent friend or no permanent enemy. Our Interests determine our friends and enemies.” and “Our leader is our interests”

And we have some important theses that the West and Western media have concluded form above hypotheses:
[5] The US or West doesn’t help Iranians, for Iranians’ sake (because of hypothesis[3])
[6] The US or West doesn’t want the Islamic regime (because of hypothesis[2])
[7] The US or West could do nothing politically to help Iranians or the US has no influence in Iran and it is not in a position to do anything behind the scene (because of hypothesis[2])

There is no doubt that hypothesis[4] is correct. The Capitalism and its principles rule American politicians life. Hypothesis[1] were correct for decades, but because of hypothesis[4] it could be incorrect now and Mubarak could become an enemy for the US and its interests. Hypothesis[2] could not be correct for all years and all cases as well. In fact, for many years and many cases the US and Islamic regime were the real friend. The Islamic regime has served the US interest. ‘ The media should not deceive us, we should see the obvious facts and think more about the hidden or obvious interests. In the near future we would write more about how the Islamic regime serve the US interest. But don’t forget that hypothesis[4] and the Capitalism principles could simply reject thesis[5] and reach us to a paradox. But we could provide much more supportive facts.

The media repeatedly emphasize the importance of the theses [6] and [7]. But do we forget the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s ? the three-way arrangement between the US, I-s-r-a-e-l and the Islamic regime, from 1981 to 1986, in which Iran bought American weapons from I-s-r-a-l in order to finance President Reagan’s covert death squads in Central America. [*] Here we could see how fake enemies could work together. The media repeatedly say:’ There is great hostility between the US and Iran ‘ . But this hostility or fight could be a fake or sham fight. Is this impossible? No, at least the Iran-Contra scandal showed us that it’s possible [*] It is naive to think that it’s impossible. Their fight could be sham fight, a false fight, and as we call it in Iran a “Jange Zargary”. Indeed, their mutual interests and hypothesis[4] imply this fake fight. Don’t forget that the Islamic regime is a capitalistic regime, too.

The facts show us that the Mubarak’s regime and its thugs were going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Mubarak in reaction, but they were just a minority and the majority of Egyptians welcomed the US support. Did we forget the street battle between Mubarak’s thugs and Egyptian protesters? We have exactly the same fact in Iran, and hypothesis[3] is totally wrong. The majority of Iranians welcome the US support, and just Basijis and Khamenei’s thugs, are going to regard the US support as “foreign meddling” and support Khamenie in reaction. This would be a big mistake or a big lie, if we think or say the opposite. The media should not deceive the foreigners about hypothesis[3] and they should be aware that Iranians hate the Khamenie’s regime much more than any other nation in the world. The Khamenie’s regime is the enemy of Iranians and the majority of Iranians want to topple the regime and welcome any foreign support and help. Indeed, hypothesis[3] is totally incorrect, and theses[5] and [7] are just hypocrisy and a big lie.

We end with a simple questions: Do we treat our enemy like our friend ? If hypothesis[2] and thesis[6] were correct, The West or US certainly would do their best to topple their enemy. At least they would help the Iranians as much as they helped Egyptians. They would be so excited and happy to hear about Iranian protests, and they had to be so sad and angry about Egyptian protests, not vice versa. They would use their media to provoke and help Iranians, like what they did in Egypt. They would make speeches about Iran at least like their speeches about Egypt, full of ‘must’, ‘urge’ and ‘immediately’ . ‘But why do they refuse? Why do they content themselves to merely political rhetoric? Why do they act as if Mubarak is their enemy and Khamenei is their friend? We know that If a matter were vital for their interests, they would not consider public opinion at all. They would ignore public opinion or deceive them by political rhetoric. We have not forgotten their shameful reaction to Wikileaks. Iranians say:’ We just want Obama to make speeches about Iran like what he did for Egypt and Mubarak. We want him to put serious political pressure on the regime, like what he did with Egypt, but why does he refuse?

[*] Howard Zinn in his famous book ‘People History of United States’ has written about this fact in details. And the following sources are not bad: – The U.S. and Iran, Friend or Enemy ? with some formal details
The Iran-Contra scandal
The Iran-Contra Affair 20 Years On

The UK and Khamenei

February 25, 2011

It’s very very interesting and very very important that all British media follow the same strategy for keeping Khamenei safe. All of them try to brainwash their readers. Look at the Guardian, the Telegraph, the BBC, the Economist, etc. and how they instill a false fact to their readers. The false fact that Iranians protest against AN (AhmadiNejad) [+], and the chant of ‘death to the dictator’ is for him, not for Khamenei. But it’s the exact opposite of the truth, and Iranian protest against Khanemei, and you know that the dictator of Iran is him, the leader. AN is an stupid puppet of Khamenei, like other ones in the regime. Iranians very often chant ‘death to Khamenei’ directly and it’s an undeniable fact.

Indeed, Khamenei is a Mullah and a friend of the UK. He has given two key positions of his regime to the Larijani family, a notorious pro-UK family in Iran. Two brothers of Larijani family are number three and number four in the regime hierarchy. Ali Larijani is the speaker of Parliament and Sadegh Larijani, a Mullah, is the Head of regime’s Judiciary. This is an unprecedented political action in Iran. And It was done exactly in 2009, some months after the beginning of the Iranian protests and in the middle of blood and fire in Iran. Nobody could believe that Khamenei appointed Sadegh Larijani as the Head of regime’s Judiciary. Two brothers at the head of legislative branch and Judicial branch (and just executive branch is not totally for this family! ). This was an unprecedented and very important and meaningful political action.

We have not forgotten the scandal of Javad Larijani, another brother of Ali and Sadegh Larijani, that Iranians called it “LarijaniGate”. In 1997, during the election campaigns, Javad Larijani had a notorious secret meeting with British authorities in London. It reminded Iranians of Qajar dynasty and their secret meetings with British authorities, and actually it was like that meetings. The UK has made Mullahs and has a close and strong tie with them.

We have a funny joke in Iran that says: “London is the mother city of Islam!”, because the UK embassy grants visa to Mullahs very very easily and they often travel there once and twice a year! A rate that is more than their trip rate to ‘other‘ Holy Islamic cities. The ordinary Iranians hardly could get visa, but they get visa very easily. The foreigners should be more sensitive to the UK’s position on the Islamic regime and especially on Khamenei.

[+] Iranians use the acronym ‘AN’ for referring to ‘AhmadiNejad’. the word ‘AN’ in Farsi means: ‘Shit” !!

my News of Iran, 24 Feb

February 25, 2011

Gaddafi don’t go and wait a second for your old friends …

Very soon Gaddaffi and Khamenei will go to hell …….
AN (Ahmadinejad) is just Khamenei’s monkey

The regime try to intimidate the people, and vice versa

Today afternoon, a lot of Basiji thugs and security forces have been seen in Tehran – Enghelab Sq. Valiasr Sq., Vanak Sq., Ferdosi Sq., Park wey, Fatemi, Takhte-Tavous, Jomhouri, Abass-Abad, Amirabad, and Enghelab – Me and many others saw this by our own eyes. The people scare the regime to the death. Some small groups of protesters wanted to hold a rally in central Tehran. These days the regime has been scared to death.

The stupidness of the Islamic regime

Tonight the chairman of Ettelaat (Intelligence Service of Iran), Moslehi, has said some stupid bullshits in state TV. He has said: “Mousavi was a stooge of the West !! … He wanted to topple the Islamic revolution … the Feb 14th rally was nothing serious for us. The Feb 20th rally was nothing serious for us … The UK and BBC helped the protesters !!!!” Tonight many Iranians say:’ Hey you stupid bastard, we know that the UK and BBC help the regime … the regime is a stooge of the West … and Moslehi is an Islamic version of Joseph Goebbels and Iranian version of Iraqi propaganda man “Saeed Al-Sahhaf” (in Sadam’s regime) that said big lies even when the American soldiers were inside Baghdad and near his office’

New Plans for More Protests

The Iranian protesters try to organize themselves. some new organizing groups has been formed. Until now a plan named ‘ Weekly Protests in the Tuesdays ” caught some eyes. But other people say: ‘ We need a continues and daily protests, not weekly protests.’ This month, in Persian Calendar, is Esfand and the last month of the year. Now we have just 20 days before ancient Norouz or (Persian) the New Year (March 21st). Iranians hope that this Norouz or this New Year Holidays, will be the last Norouz for the Islamic regime. Amen !!!

Thanks Dear Readers

February 24, 2011

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Iran’s Tear Gas is Fear Gas

February 24, 2011

Open letter to Ban Ki-moon:
usage of dangerous chemical gases in recent Iran riots by anti riot forces

‘Iranian Physicians Informative Database’ in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for urgent measures of that organization to prevent Islamic republic from using chemical gases against demonstrators in Iran by the anti riot forces.It confirms what Shadi Sadr said already Here are excerpts of the letter:

‘ As you might have heard on the news these days, it’s a while that some Iranian security forces use a new type of chemical gas to deal with people in street protests … These gases, which are experience results of chemical-microbial defense unit of Iranian Revolutionary Guards during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, were first tentatively used in 2009 street protests in a limited basis, but during current protests (Feb 14th and 20th) it was widely used against Iranian people … These new chemical gases that are creating fear in its victims, known as the “Fear gas” contain CHLOROBENZALDOXIM NITRIL and small amounts of yellow rain and nerve gases like Sarin, Tabun or Soman, which are organic phosphorous compounds and organophosphate pesticides … In some cases it causes severe symptoms among victims of these gases, such as dizziness, Chest pain, severe headache, double vision and blurred vision, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, bloody vomiting, abdominal pain and increased oral secretions, nose, eyes and respiratory systems and severe muscle pains. In several cases through which the victim’s blood were tested by our colleagues, an amount of Analyn phenyl; nitrite and sulfur was observed in their blood and they have also high levels of blood urea … According to the protocol 1925 Geneva prohibiting usage and production of chemical and biological weapons, and the unauthorized use of these gases is illegal On the other hand these chemical gases are being used in public places where thousands of innocent men, women and children are in danger, those who may never participated in any riot … (It’s like) the usage of chemical weapons by Iraqi government against the people of Halabja in 1988. ‘

my News of Iran, 23 Feb

February 24, 2011

11 Billion Dollars were lost

The Parliament of the regime has said that 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money were lost. They have said that: ‘ AN’s (coup) government has not reported that what they did with 11 Billion Dollars of the oil money, we could not find it in the treasury.’ The corruption of Mullahs and the regime is unbelievable. When the regime’s Parliament says in public that 11 Billion Dollars were lost, we could easily guess that at least 100 Billion Dollars were lost in the last years. Actually the widespread financial corruption have been reached the point that the regime had to cut off the subsidies.

an Unreported Martyr

The people reporters and opposition websites confirmed the indentity of a new martyr in Tehran. Amir-Hossein Tehranchi was shot dead in Feb 14th, but the security forces have silenced his family. One of his friend has told his story. Until now he is the fourth martyr. As far as we know, the real number of martyrs are much than it.

More protests at the Next week

This week Iranians were shocked by the Mousavi and his team again and now they need more time for organizing themselves.

Shame on Germany and EU

February 23, 2011

German foreign minister met with Ahmadinejad ‘ This is an important news and we should pay more attention to it. The report says:

‘ Leading Iranian exile opposition representatives called Guido Westerwelle’s visit a “disgrace,” saying Germany was bowing to the regime and it could deal a blow to popular protests gathering new steam amid the turmoil in the Middle East … “This is a simply a disgrace,” said Kazem Moussavi, a spokesman for the Green Party of Iran in Germany. He added Westerwelle’s visit came as a blow in the face of those currently taking to the streets in Iran … “His meeting ignored the ruling regime’s terror, the people’s suffering,” he said, warning the president could now use Westerwelle’s visit for his propaganda … However, the rare top-level visit by a Western government representative in Tehran secured the release of the two German reporters …In a similar case, Clotilde Reiss, a young French academic, battled charges of spying in Iran for more than 10 months last year, but was eventually allowed to return to France in May after tenuous negotiations’

And we know that Backhaus declined to discuss details of how the release had been achieved. He said diplomatic efforts were made continuously behind the scenes. The trip of German foreign minister to Tehran, in these critical moments, is not a pure accident. They sent a message to Tehran and had a secret deal and negotiations with the Islamic regime. Shame on Germany and Europe.

Iran’s Green Movement Died

February 23, 2011

When we look at the first backlashes to the Charter of Green Movement we simply realize that Iran’s Green Movement has died . In fact, a new movement was born after Feb 14th. We could call this new movement “Real Change Movement” or “Civil Revolutionary Movement” or simply “Iranian Movement”. The outside world should stop using of ‘Green Movement’ term for referring to ‘Iranian Movement’. What Mousavi and his team have said in the Charter of Green Movement was totally unacceptable for many Iranians and showed the end and death of the Green Movement.

The charter of this “Real Change Movement” could be what the late Howard Zinn once said in one of his best interviews: “ Rebels Against Tyranny “. ‘Iranian Movement’ should be a nonviolent movement with a decentralized organization, without any centralized authority, that makes use of direct action and civil disobedience. ‘Iranian Movement’ should be nonviolent, because we cannot separate means and ends. If our end is egalitarian society we have to use egalitarian means, if our end is non-violent society without war, we cannot use war to achieve our end. But If we work through the existing structures we are going to be corrupted. By working through religious system that poisons the atmosphere, kills and rapes protesters, and resists any changes, we not only betray to our martyrs and victims, but we begin to corrupt our ideals.

Rebels Against Tyranny has many good points. Howard Zinn says: “In the South when black people were organizing against racial segregation, they did not wait for the government to give them a signal , or to go through the courts, to file lawsuits, wait for Congress to pass the legislation. They took direct action; they went into restaurants, were sitting down there and wouldn’t move. They got on those buses and acted out the situation that they wanted to exist …. Strike is always a form of direct action. With the strike, too, you are not asking government to make things easier for you by passing legislation, you are taking a direct action against the employer but the stupid Mousavi and the Islamic reformists in Iran, just wait for the despot to give them a signal or permission. Indeed, they are frightened of strike and any direct action, because they really want to keep the regime safe. Mousavi and his team proved this fact once again by publishing their Charter in this critical moment.

Howard Zinn adds: “You could not depend on government to help you, to support you … when you get into working through electoral politics you begin to corrupt your ideals. So I think a way to behave is to think not in terms of representative government, not in terms of voting, but thinking in terms of organizing social movements, organizing in the work place, organizing in the neighborhood, organizing collectives that can become strong enough to eventually take over —first to become strong enough to resist what has been done to them by authority, and second, later, to become strong enough to actually take over the institutions … when some people ask me about voting (And you know voting in the US was not comparable to voting in Iran at all ), they would say will you support this candidate or that candidate? I say: ‘I will support this candidate for one minute that I am in the voting booth. At that moment I will support A versus B, but before I am going to the voting booth, and after I leave the voting booth, I am going to concentrate on organizing people and not organizing electoral campaign’

And finally the great Howard Zinn said:” I think what lies beyond the nation states is a world without national boundaries, but also with people organized . But not organized as nations, but people organized as groups, as collectives, without national and any kind of boundaries. Without any kind of borders, passports, visas. None of that!

Mousavi’s apology was rejected

February 23, 2011

The Mousavi’s official website,, has published a document and called it The Charter of Green Movement Publishing this unacceptable document as the charter of the movement, has made many Iranians angry. They say: “Our martyrs have not been killed, and our prisoners have not been tortured or raped for this stupid charter or for stupid reform in this incorrigible regime.” I think they are right, the charter is unacceptable. Indeed, Mousavi showed us that we could not trust him and his team. They are unreliable. This was the last chance of Mousavi and his team to correct their mistakes, but they showed us that they want to repeat their mistakes over and over.

This controversial charter says: ‘ We are not a revolutionary movement, we are a reformist movement … we want to set the limits of our movement’s demands in this charter … This charter talks about the aims, visions, means, principles, and identity of the Green Movement … we are a critical movement within the legal borders of the Islamic Revolution and we want to correct the mistakes inside the system … we respect the Constitution ( Islamic theocracy or Velayate-Faqih) … we respect the Islamic revolution … We want to strengthen Islamic values in our society (indeed, the majority of Iranians want to achieve the separation between the religion and the state … but this charter says exactly the opposite)

The controversial charter has some good parts. But it reminds me of the last speeches of Mubarak. Indeed, what Mubarak said in his last speeches were not totally bad and unacceptable. The Foreigners could find them good and acceptable, but Egyptians that had lived 30 years under his tyranny, knew him and the real nature of his regime. Egyptians knew what were beneath the surface of deluding speeches, what they called it: “the revival of wounded tyranny” . Egyptians did not accept his promises and kept to protest. Egyptians wanted real change and wanted him to go. And now Iranians could not accept any good gesture for keeping the regime safe. After 30 years living under the Islamic tyranny, Iranians don’t want any Islamic and religious system. Yes, many of Iranians are Muslim and religious people, but the majority of them get really tired of theocracy and religious dictatorship. Iranians are sure that the regime will not accept any changes and just has asked the Islamic reformist to diminish the power of protests. Iranians know that they should demand a secular system, as the lower limit of their demands.

Mousavi and his team go in the opposite direction of people. They want to cause some delay and relieve pressure on the regime. But the people have enough experience and would not repeat their last year mistakes. Last year, Mousavi and his team destroyed the movement and saved the regime. But now Iranians have been changed and are ready to say goodbye to Mr. Mousavi. He should take a look at the user’s comments in his website and find the truth: ‘The game is over, Mr. Mousavi”

My News of Iran, Feb 22

February 22, 2011

8am: the Internet speed is very slow.

9am: In These two days, people discussed with each other how to continue the protests. Iranians really need an organizer group; A wise and acceptable organizer group. Libyans finished the job, Hurry up Iranians!

10am: Classmates of martyr “Hamed Nour-Mohammadi” in Shiraz University, have said that :’We will have a gathering in Feb 23′ . Apparently the security forces dropped down the late Nour-Mohammadi over a bridge in Daneshjoo Sq. of Shiraz.

11am: Abdolkarim Soroush, an ex-revolutionary Islamist philosopher and a former senior member of Cultural Revolution Council that now live in U.S., has said in a letter: ‘Maybe God is dead. Maybe God don’t exist … Damn the Islamic revolution that just increase the number of atheists in Iran !!’ He was an ultra-stupid extremist in the first decade of the Islamic revolution.

12am: the regime fucked Karoubi up! Yesterday some large cherry bombs had blown up inside his house ! And today his son and
daughter-in-law were arrested. Karoubi’s senior advisor is in U.S., but has not done anything until now.

2pm: the people want to do something in Feb 23 or Feb 24. But until now there is no unanimity

4pm: Most of Iranians that live outside Iran, are completely unaware of what happen in Iran. We criticize the West for being stupid and doing nothing, while these Iranians deserve more criticism. Shame on these stupid Iranians .

5pm: Many active groups of Iranian expats are so stupid and reactionary . Instead of providing help, they fight with each other and ignore the people inside Iran. Bastards, we have no media, no media coverage and no communication tools here. Do something about it

7pm: Ignacio Pérez-Cambra , the Consul of Spain in Iran , was arrested for a period of four hours during the early part of the day on 14 February !! Spain later demanded an explanation or apology from the Iranian government about the arrest of Pérez-Cambra that included a “satisfactory response”, threatening to call him home from Iran if one was not received Stupid Spain should call him from Iran … but stupid Spain accepts Iranian apology for “diplomatic incident”

9pm: Wall Street Journal has a new and good report. Iran Opposition Considers More Protests

10pm: bye for now

Changes in VOA Farsi

February 22, 2011

Change in the VOA could mean change in the US policy. After the beginning of 2009 protests in Iran (Just after a few days), VOA changed the chairman of VOA Farsi, and replaced Houshang Baharhou and its team with Ali Sajadi and its team. Houshang Baharhou was a anti-regime and Ali Sajadi was a pro-regime. In those days VOA Farsi showed the real policy of USA to us.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a well-known Iranian film director, has said to Channel One TV that:’ Mr. Sajadi was a puppet of regime … Last year he didn’t allow that the news of the Iranian protesters were broadcasted in the proper time … the VOA’s staff were angry with him … He fired many independent reporters form VOA … He was a regime’s puppet and the regime’s lobby supported him … if the US really wants to support the protesters, they should kick him out of VOA

Now once again the VOA has changed the chairman of VOA Farsi and has replaced Ali Sajadi and its team with Asgar and its team. Asgar is unknown for us in Iran, but we could wait and see. He could show the US policy to us.

The Media and Iranian Protests, 2

February 22, 2011

It’s the part II of The Media and Iranian Protests series.

Chicago Tribune has a good analytical report.A tale of 2 countries: Keep spotlight on Iran’s protesters actually compares Iran with Egypt and says : ‘These are just a few reasons why the international community must keep the spotlight on the struggle of Iranian protesters … While some foreign journalists were assaulted and forced into hiding in Egypt, international news coverage continued — live. Contrast that with Iran, where the few foreign journalists left in the country were prohibited from even witnessing the protests … Iran, however, has no private TV or radio channels on which to air the voices of opposition … The Islamic regime has also jammed satellite TV signals into Iran and slowed down or disconnected Internet access for many users … While Iran’s authorities have tried to hide their violations of human rights from the rest of the world, the oppression has deepened … Even if images and information about these human rights abuses are hard to come by in Iran, the international media must continue to report on them … If other countries’ citizens rally for Iranians, Iranian activists say, governments will step up their pressure on Iran, and the Iranian people will gain more courage … The international community also should seriously explore ways to counter the Iranian government’s jamming of satellite signals and restrictions on Internet access … When the world remains quiet about Iran’s human rights offenses, the Islamic Republic believes it can act with impunity ‘ .

The CNN has just one report that is not bad. Security forces push back on Iranian protesters says: ‘ Opposition websites reported that security forces opened fire on protesters in Hafteh Tir Square, killing one person … An eyewitness in historic Shiraz, who participated in demonstrations Sunday, told CNN that large crowds of anti-government protesters have gathered along Mollasadra Avenue in the center of the city … Earlier, sources told CNN that 11 journalists, cameramen and photographers working for international media had their work permits revoked by Iran’s ministry of culture on Friday for covering unrest in the country on February 14. They include staffers from AFP, Al-Jazeera and The New York Times. New York Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha confirmed to CNN that a Times reporter’s press credentials were confiscated in Iran. Ha said the newspaper is not identifying the reporter and would not share any more details

The FOX News has a report that is not bad. I think their report is a copy of Wall Street Journal report, but a bad copy. ‘ Iran’s Forces Battle Protests Nationwide ‘ says: ‘Iran’s opposition drew tens of thousands of supporters to the streets across the nation on Sunday calling for the end to the Islamic Republic’s rule … mobs of anti-riot police and plainclothes Basij militia lined the streets and on several occasions fired directly into the crowd and beat protesters with steel batons.’

And Al-Jazeera has just one report. This report is not very bad, but covers just the first three hour of the rally. they ignore many details Iran’s ‘silent’ protests says: ‘ The Iranian government has tried to dissuade protesters from taking to the streets via state media, by saying that live ammunition would be used against protesters who defied its orders … An article posted on the oppostion site also said that “large scale” protests have been taking place in various cities and that they’re continuing to grow in size’ but they finish the report after that ! so we could say: “Shame on Al-Jazeera”

Basiji’s Diary: Valentine’s Battle

February 22, 2011

A pro-regime website,, has published a Basiji’s dairy for Feb 14th, with the headline Valentine’s Battle . Here are excerpts of it :

‘ The greens (the protesters) fight for s-e-x-u-a-l freedom. They don’t fight for Islamic freedom !! … The greens are unreligious people, a bunch of damn atheists .. In Azadi St. they wore green masks, and chanted: ‘ ‘No Gaza, No Lebanon — Tunisia, Egypt, and Iran’ … I joined my Basiji friends … we could see the first cloud of smoke over Jamalzadeh St. .. my friend Meysam parked his motorbike and went into the middle of crowd with a steel baton in his hand … A woman was coming to visit us … she asked why didn’t we allow protesters to hold the rally? … We attacked on the greens’ positions, they run away … we pointed one person … we hit him with our motorbike and Meysam captured him … our motorbike is not public, it’s for us, a private motorbike … all motorbike riders were following the greens .. I was folding my chain, and started the motorbike … we repeatedly yelled “Heydar, Heydar” and hit all the people in the street … we prayed at the evening … the police were frighten by the greens, but we encouraged them … we pushed the pedal and try to make noise with our motorbikes’ exhausts … we yelled “Heydar, Heydar” and intimidated the greens … we hit on the car’s hood with our batons.

The Number of Victims

February 21, 2011

The victims of a catastrophe usually are ignored. We know that in our situation, most of the victims (killed, arrested, and injured) are unknown activists and ordinary people that pay high price without receiving enough support or attention. Now we want to show our appreciation to these unknown civil soldiers. The people reporters and the opposition websites (,, etc.) have reported the estimate number of victims in each city. Actually it’s obvious that the exact number of victims is not clear and even could not be clear in the near future. Maybe after the fall of the regime we could find the exact number, but now we could see the big picture. I try to sum up the people and oppostion reports:

One Weak before February 14th At least one hundred political and civil activists were arrested in Tehran and other major cities.

February 14 At least two persons (Zhale and Mokhtari) were killed in Tehran. At least 1500 protesters were arrested in Tehran. At least some hundreds of protesters were arrested in the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Kerman, and Kermanshah. At least hundreds of protesters were injured and wounded in each city.

from February 14 to February 19 At least some hundreds students and activist were arrested in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Rasht, and Babol. At least dozens of protesters were wounded and injured in Tehran.

February 20th At least three persons were killed in Tehran. At least one person (Nour-Mohammadi) was killed in the city of Shiraz. At least a woman was killed in the city of Mahabad. Thousands of protesters (Min 2000) were arrested in Tehran. Thousands of protesters (Min 1000) were arrested in the cities of Kurdistan province (Marivan, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Bukan, etc). Hundreds of protesters (Min 150) were arrested in the city of Rasht. Hundreds of protesters (Min 200) were arrested in the city of Isfahan. Hundreds of protesters (Min 300) were arrested in the city of Shiraz. Dozens of protesters were arrested in the cities of Tabriz, Babol, Mashhad, Zahedan, Kerman, Kermanshah. Hundreds of the arrested protesters were freed by the people. Actually the people have attacked the Basiji’s or riot police’s vehicles and freed some arrested protesters. The people reporters have reported that in Shiraz, at least 50 arrested protesters were freed by the people in this way. Also in Tehran and other cities the same thing has reported. And the people reporters have reported that at least hundreds of protesters were injured and wounded in each city.

The Media and Iranian Protests

February 21, 2011

Today many Iranians say: ‘We are so abandoned and isolated. The world has ignored us.’ Compared to the Egyptian protests, the media, especially Western mass media, have took different approach to the Iranian protests. Some of them deliberately ignored the Iranian protests, some of them had not access to the Iranian news, and some of them wanted to obey the regime’s orders. As Wall Street Journal approved, the regime’s Ministry of Information has sent a letter to foreign media offices in Tehran warning that their bureaus would be shut down and their reporters deported if they wrote ‘negative articles’ surrounding the opposition protests. Now let’s take a look at how they covered the 20th Feb protests in Iran:

The Wall Street Journal has some good reports. One of them Iran Forces Push Back Swell of Protesters says: ‘ Mobs of anti-riot police and plainclothes Basij militia lined the streets and on several occasions fired directly into the crowd and beat protesters with steel batons … Basij militia dressed in black shot and killed two young men in Tehran’s Vanak and Valiasr squares … Journalists were banned from covering the event and the Ministry of Information sent a letter to foreign media offices in Tehran warning that their bureaus would be shut down and their reporters deported if they wrote ‘negative articles’ surrounding the opposition protests

The Huffingtonpost has an analytical report. Iran’s Green Movement Lie says: ‘the Iranian people do not want the Islamic Republic, whatever shade it comes in … They do not want this ‘velayat-e faqih’ system — rulership of the supreme Islamic cleric, to put it simply …’ This report is not bad and has some true facts.

The Guardian has not any reports of Iranian protests on Feb 20. In their page for Iran we don’t see any live reports or any special reports about the Iranian protests. They mixed a stupid report of Iran’s events within the reports of some small Arab states. Actually it’s a typical media trick for ignoring facts. They have a live and special report for Libya, but not for Iran. Shame on the Guardian

The New York Times has just one dreadful report Iran Squelches Protest Attempt in Capital has many ugly details and ignores many things. They miss the protests in the other cities, or the fact that the protesters fought bravely against Basiji thugs. Shame on the New York Times

The Telegraph : has some dreadful articles and reports. one of them Why must we continue to appease Iran’s tyrants? says: ‘ the West’s continuing appeasement of one of the world’s most vicious regimes remains one of the mysteries of our time …” It seems good, but it adds: ‘they are still laying siege to Camp Ashraf, which is home to 3,400 members of Iran’s largest opposition group, the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (PMOI)’ Shame on the Telegraph … They support a terrorist, Islamist, and Ultra-stupid group.