Little Britain, Great Iran: British Barbarians vs Persia

February 2, 2014

In these days, and in the anniversary of the 1979 Tragedy, many talk about Mullahs, Britain and Satan. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians don’t want to live in the past. But the UK and the US just show us that the past is so important, and Iranians should not forget the past and the roots of problems! Now the UK and the US censor all facts/ news of Iran, tell big lies, make love with Mullahs, Islamists, and Jewish/ Arab Terrorists, and falsify the past and the present. The good guys, including the good Britons and the good Americans, should condemn all bad guys who tell big lies and hurt other humans. You cannot defend the bad guys or the big lies, and call yourself a good guy”. They also add: “In 2014, the UK media like the Guardian and the CIA media like the Huffington Post not only censor all facts/ news of Iran, but they openly praise the Mullah Regime! In 2014, the UK most prestigious media, ie the Guardian of Big Brother & Barbarians, still censors everything and just tells Orwellian Lies about Persia. All British media -from BBC and Reuters to Guardian- crap about Persia. Barbarians hate Persia. In 2014, the notorious MI6 agent, Gareth Smyth, the head of Tehran Bureau (at the Guardian) says their MI6 has published a new book about Iran: ‘Persia in Crisis’ ! When they should publish books like ‘Little Britain in Deep Shit’ because of the 2013 NSA-GCHQ scandals, the 2014 referendum on independence in Scotland, the End of the UK etc, they talk about a ‘careful calculation’, Shia clerics (Mullahs) and Persia’s decline ! In 2014, the CIA talks about a new version of the 300 movie! They even talk about a new book about Iran, ‘A Manufactured Crisis’, written by a Lefty-CIA agent Gareth Porter, who licks the Mullah ass. Instead of publishing books like ‘A CIA Manufactured Coup in 2009′ or ‘Mullahs, Sanctions and IMF Plans: A Manufactured Crisis’ !, they just reveal who is behind the Mullah regime. The MI6-CIA books like ‘Going to Tehran’, ‘A Manufactured Crisis’, ‘Persia in Crisis’ ! say a lot behind the scenes”. In these days, many things are ridiculous, and many Iranians including the wise Iranians say: “the US, the UK and their stooges have become so shameless. We, Iranians, should return their favors! (Bayad az Khejalate-shun Dar-Biaym!)”. Iranians are angry at the West. But as the wise Iranians say to Westerners: “We, Iranians, don’t say you are bad guys because your politicians are bad guys. But your media, your politicians etc say Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! They insult and hurt all Iranians. They praise ‘collective punishments’! They openly hurt Iranians, and help Mullahs in hurting Iranians. They openly & shamelessly praise ‘imposing collective punishments on Iranians’!. If you are good guy, you should not remain silent. We, Iranians, don’t judge you by your race, your religion, your fathers, your Govs etc. It’s an ancient Iranian belief. Iranians are very different from the Racist West, Jews/ Arabs etc. Iranians judge you by your own behaviors, by yourself”. They also add: “All barbarians are sworn enemies of Great Iran and Iranian values, known as human values. They still try to rewrite history. They still shed crocodile tears for us, or for Freedom & Democracy! But Persians will put an end to such Orwellian farces. The American-British barbarians falsify the past and the present, but the British Lies, or Orwellian movies like the 300 movie, just reveal the West’s intentions, the Devil’s intentions”. It’s important that the UK, the US, the Left and all bad guys are anti-Persia, anti-Truth, anti-Iran, but pro-Mullah, pro-Tyranny, pro-Terrorist etc. As the wise Iranians say: “Britain, the land of Barbarians and Barbarism, is a tiny virus, but it can reveal the root of problems. In the recent centuries, they could hurt the Civilized World and all humans. They even could hurt Great Iran. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Little Britain plundered our resources, occupied our lands, killed our people, and created many disasters. They could hurt Persia a lot. But why?!”. It’s a good question. They also add: “You can find part of the answer in the long history of Persian Civilization. In each millennium, when Iranians underestimated tiny viruses and barbarians, a tiny virus could hurt Persia a lot [...] Even British books like [*]: ‘Persia and the Persian Question’, written by a Curzon (1859- 1925), can be informative. Many know Curzon, a high rank British politician, and an ideologue of the British Colonialism. People like Chomsky love Curzon, and say: ‘LORD Curzon was a very honest [Imperialist]’ ! Curzon was a typical British bastard. Curzon was a bad guy, with bad intentions and low IQs. But he had good confessions. For instance, he confessed that even in the 1790s, and even ‘under Agha Mohammed Khan, the Russian armies were destroyed by the Persians’ [*] Curzon even confessed: ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer/ enslave] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [*]“. We have already written about part of the long history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain (for more info, check Archive). But subjects like ‘the history of Britain’ and ‘the psychology of Britain’ need more attention. We should write more about Britain, the Savage West, Curzon, his book [*] etc and return their favors! But here lets focus on the background information.


As the wise Iranians say: “In the recent centuries, the best word for describing Britain is Parvenu. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Britons desperately tried to link themselves to Iran, the land of Aryans. In the 19th century, Britons like Sharon Turner said ‘Do the English Originated in Persia?‘ ! They talked about ‘the Aryan origin of Anglo-Saxons’ !, and said: ‘Anglo-Saxons were probably the Sakai or Sacae [!!] from the Caspian’ [!] .. the Sakai, by the very name of Saxones, lived in the regions about the Caspian sea, in Persia’ ! You can laugh at their jokes, but it’s clear why Britons tried to pretend that ‘Anglo-Saxons were Aryans and lived in Persia’ ! Britons were rootless barbarians, and tried to link and attach themselves to a Great Nation and a Glorious Land, ie Iran (Persia), the land of Aryans and the cradle of Civilization. Britain, the worst Barbarian Country in history, was a small island. For thousands of years, Britons were naked Barbarians, and savage human-eaters. Before the 12th and 13th centuries, almost all civilized humans even didn’t know that this small island (Britain) and this cesspool of Barbarians exists. Even British historians say: ‘No towns are known in Scotland until the 12th century’. Before the 13th century, only Romans knew Britons, and referred to Britons as savage beasts, savage barbarians etc. So, it’s obvious why Britons suffer from a deep-rooted inferiority complex“. They also add: “From the 15th to 18th centuries, Britons tried to study about Persia. They went to Persia, and learned a lot from Persia. They even learned that almost all good and civilized things are connected to Iran, the land of Aryans. So, they tried to link themselves to the land of Aryans. They started to use Iranian symbols (Lion, Sun etc) and Iranian legacy. But Britons were Parvenus. They just tried to imitate Iran & Iranians superficially, while Culture & Civilization is a deep-rooted thing. For thousands of years, Iranians had a glorious civilization, but Britons thought that ‘superficial resemblance’ and ‘superficial similarity’ is enough, and if naked barbarians wore clothes, used modern tools, and called themselves Great Britain, it would mean that they are as civilized as Persians! They thought if you wear glasses and modern clothes, it would mean that you are intellect ! But ‘superficial resemblance’ didn’t change their barbaric values/ views. Britons became noble savages. They attacked many countries. They tried to enslave humans. But in Iran, they were very inferior to the local people. Even in the late 19th century (when Persia was in its worst situation) as the Western historians say: ‘Like almost all Britons, Curzon was dazzled by Persians and the glorious past of Persia’. Curzon, the British Viceroy of India, was a politician and a colonialist/ imperialist. But even in Curzon’s book [*] you can see how Britons felt inferior to Persia”. They also add: “Curzon was a stupid animal, but his crap can reveal many things. For instance, he said: ‘The Persian, considered as a mere animal, is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to an Indian, or Turk, or even Russian’ ! [*] Curzon was a weird animal. He said: ‘As an animal a Persian is the finest creature in the world, for an Oriental he is so certainly. They are fine muscular men, and their powers of endurance are quite exceptional. The physique of the Persian men is admirable, and their power of endurance is great’ ! [*] Curzon can reveal ‘the psychology of Britain’, and the depth of their Inferiority Complex and their Wickedness”. They also add: “British books, like Curzon’s book [*], are full of crap, big lies, bullshit and Orwellian jokes. But their confessions are funny and important. For instance, they said: ‘If Persia had no other claim to respect, at least a continuous national history for thousands of years is a distinction which few countries can exhibit‘ ! [*] Britons were afraid of Persia, because they knew ‘Az Asb Oftadeh, Az Asl keh Nayoftadeh’ ! ([Persia] has lost its properties, but not its nobility/ greatness). They were so jealous of the Persian Glory and many things in Persia. Curzon jealously wrote about ‘the King of Kings .. the exquisite luxury .. the great palaces .. handsome buildings in the Persian style .. the white marble throne, a great structure .. mirror works, thousand angles mirrors in which the Persians are so undeniably clever .. Persian arts .. Persian crowns, jewels, thrones .. lovely gardens, elegant kiosques, ingenious arts’ [*], and confessed ‘it is shocking to our eye, but not to a Persian’s‘ ! [*] Of course Britons often tried to hide their complexes behind their crap and their evil wishes. For instance, Curzon said: ‘the Persian symbols, the Lion and the Sun, are no more than a boastful symbol of disaster’! [*] or ‘Persia never become a rich, or a producing, or a manufacturing country’ ! [*] Barbarians were/ are afraid of Persia, the land of the Good. As Curzon confessed: ‘Ancient Persians taught their sons to speak the truth’ [*] But when Iranians taught their sons to speak the truth, Britons taught their sons to eat humans and to suck human blood. Britons were savage Barbarians, and that’s why their Ministry of Truth tried to rewrite history. But they didn’t know that, as ancient Persians said, you cannot hide the truth for ever; you cannot hide the moon behind dark clouds for ever”. In the recent centuries, the UK has been the main Enemy of Iran and many other countries. As some wise Iranians say: “In these years, in the 1970s, and in the 20th and 19th centuries, who was the main supporter of Mullahs and all anti-Democracy forces in Iran? the UK, the worst Orwellian State in history. In 2013 and 2014, who is the main supporter of Rouhani and the Mullah regime? The UK media, the worst Orwellian media in history. In 2014, Jack Straw and British MPs visit Mullahs in Iran, while Mullahs and the Mullah TV celebrate the 2009 CIA coup and the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians! Even in 2014, UK Parliamentary committee meets the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK/ NCRI) in Paris, while 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK. Even in 2014, the UK media openly praises the Mullah TV!, and says: ‘The Mullah TV Breaks Taboo’ ! (Jan 2014) They love the Mullah TV, which is a cesspool of the MI6/ CIA agents. The West loves Mullahs and whores, because the West knows that a free and strong Iran will not allow barbarians to exploit other nations. The West knows who is who. Now they talk about ‘Barbarian Arts in Europe’, ‘How Christianity Civilized Barbarian Europe’, or ‘The Barbarian Contribution to Medieval Civilization’ ! They know who is who, and that’s why they create puppet regimes like the Mullah regime, and use their puppets to keep Persia weak. Now British spies and CIA agents are very active in the Mullah Parliament, the Mullah TV and other parts of the Mullah Regime. But now it’s clear that the UK and the US are the main enemies of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran”.


As the wise Iranians say: “British bastards have always had bad intentions, because they were human-eaters (Adam-khor), not humans (Adam). In the 19th century, the UK strongly supported and helped Russia, and the United Barbarians attacked Persia. Even in the 19th century, neither Russia, nor Britain was able to defeat Persia. As Curzon confessed, even in the 1790s, and even ‘under Agha Mohammed Khan, the Russian armies were destroyed by the Persians’ [*] It’s very important. Barbarians united against Persia. But as many ask: why Persia could not defeat the United Barbarians? It’s [a good question]. In the 19th century, Persia became a victim of its own naivety/ stupidity. Persians were naive, and thought Britons are humans! They underestimated Britain, which was a tiny virus. But as you know, if you underestimate a tiny virus, it can kill you! A tiny virus can kill a great human, an elephant, or even a dinosaur! In the 18th and 19th centuries, Persians allowed British barbarians like ‘John Malcolm, to explore Beluchistan, Herat, Sistan etc’ ! [*] Persians were naive, while British Barbarians worked on the idea of occupying Persia, disintegration of Persia and creating ‘an independent Afghanistan/ Baluchistan [Pakistan]‘ [*] etc. Before their barbaric invasions to Persia, they tried to know Persia and the Persian weak points. But Persians were naive, and as Curzon said: ‘a traveller [a spy] in Persia has a greater freedom of movement than in any other inhabited country in the world’ !! [*] They tried to know ‘every aspect of Persian life’ ! [*], ‘provinces, cities, roads, institutions, resources, and army’ [*] But Iranians were naive. They underestimated the British virus. So, the great tragedy occurred. Britain was a tiny virus, but it could pollute everywhere”. They also add: “Iranians were naive, and their naivety was a result of their Excessive Decency. Iranians thought all humans should be good guys with good intentions. But unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Excessive Goodness and Naivety were among Iran’s main mistakes in the 19th and 20th centuries”. We should write more about this issue later. But as the wise Iranians say: “Today’s Iranians know problems and solutions. The Golden Generation of Iranians were born in the 1970s & 1980s. They know the world, history, etc. They can restore ‘Great Iran’. They can make all humans aware. They know that Vaccine can kill Virus. They know that there is a good vaccine against the Evil-British virus. This vaccine is Awareness”. They also add: “All people should know Britain and British tactics. Britain occupied our Persian lands in the Persian Gulf, displaced the Persian residents by force, moved savage Arabs to our lands, and then called them ‘the Arab states of Persian Gulf’! British tactics were like the Jewish tactics. They used the same tactics in America, Canada, Australia, etc. British barbarians occupied our lands -our ancient lands in Persia- but called these occupied lands ‘British protected territory’ ! [*] and talked about ‘preventing Persia from invading British protected territory’ ! [*] Britons have no shame. But what if Persians occupy Scotland or Wales, and then refer to these lands as ‘Persian protected territory’?! Britons can only understand such logic! You should occupy Scotland or England, and call it ‘Persian protected territory’ !, and if British pigs attacked this ‘Persian protected territory’, you should say it’s against law; its illegal ! It’s exactly what the UK did in the 19th century”. History is important. As some wise Iranians say: “All of Iran’s oil was stolen by the Anglo Oil Company, the British company that would later become British Petroleum (BP). The UK and BP owe Iran trillions of Dollar. They must pay these trillions of dollar back. But do you know what Mullahs do?! Rouhani invites BP to steal Iran’s oil ! Rouhani and British Mullahs make love with Satan, the UK and the IMF, and still try to implement the IMF Plans, ie the MI6/ CIA plans, in Iran! Rouhani is proving that he is a British Spy. Now Iranians have started to say: ‘Rouhani is worse than AN’. The large army of Angry Iranians know how they should deal with Rouhani and other British spies”. They also add: “Islamists/ Basijis are stupid clowns, because their teacher is the UK. Recently the Mullah media says: ‘Babak Zanjani is a Basiji, a member of Sepah (Revolutionary Guards). Zanjani worked for Khatam al Anbia, the Guards’ empire. Who made the unknown poor Zanjani a billionaire was the Revolutionary Guards. When Qassemi, the head of Khatam al Anbia, became oil minister, he asked Zanjani to sell [steal] Iran’s oil. Zanjani was AN’s friend’. But as their teacher is the Orwellian UK, they stupidly add: ‘Zanjani was a CIA agent, and a part of the Sedition in 2009 [!] Zanjani worked for Iran’s enemies, not Islamic regime’! Idiots make a fool of themselves, while almost all Iranians know that Islamists/ Basijis work for Iran’s enemies, and serve the West’s interests. As Iran’s people truly say: ‘Islamists are not Iranians. The Mullah TV clearly says they hate Persia! When bros in Tajikistan and all parts of Great Iran talk about ‘Restoring Great Iran’, do you know what the Mullah TV says? The Mullah TV says: ‘Tajikistan is a different country. Please change the subject’ !! .. Islamists are Arabs, and sworn enemies of Persia .. Since the 19th century, Mullahs have been slaves of the British Colonialism .. the UK and barbarians occupied our ancient lands. But all parts of Persia -from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan- will return home soon .. Britain and its slaves think that their barbaric tactic of ‘Zur Tepun’ (only by force) still work in the 21st century! .. They just shatter all illusions. Now even idiots know that Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (S-e-m-ites), not Iranians. Now even idiots know that the UK is behind the Mullah regime .. the stupid UK still censors everything, tells big & bad lies, and thinks such Orwellian tactics still work!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In these years, all humans can see how the United Barbarians desperately try to hurt Iran and Iranians. The United Barbarians desperately try to stop Iran and Iran’s progress, because they know the importance of Iran. Even in the 19 centuries, they confessed that ‘Persia is an important factor in the determination of our policy in the East’ ! [*] or ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, [or Arab/ Jew], or even Russian .. If Britons [want to conquer] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘ ! [*] They openly talked about ‘the principles of humanity in Iran‘ [*], and ‘the despair of Western scholars’ ! [*] [...] So, they tried to poison all people -from clergymen & journalists to scientists & intellects- with money. As you know, they still try to buy and sell media, journalists, fanatics, idiots etc. But they have reached the end of the line, because many have become aware, and people like Snowden are everywhere. Now the West is morally, culturally, and economically bankrupt. Now even idiots know that the West’s Evil Empire tries to control and enslave all humans. The 2013 events were important. The West showed its true face. They also showed that no one and no force can stop Persia, if all Iranians decide to put an end to the West’s Evil Empire. Now the UK media and the US media censor almost everything, tell bad lies and shatter all illusions, because they have confused. The UK and the US are nearing the End. The main source of their power was the illusions of democracy, freedom etc. But now they themselves are destroying these
“. In these days, idiots repeat a common fallacy that we should write more about it later. But as the wise Iranians: “Iran, the land of Aryans, was and is the land of the Good, and the Home of the Good Guys (Khaneh Khooban). But does it mean that Iran was Utopia, or all Iranians are good guys?! No. It just means that the land of the Good (Iran) was/ is the opposite of the land of the Barbarism (UK/ the West). We don’t say all Iranians are good guys, or all Westerners are bad guys. Iran and Iranians have many problems. For instance, even ancient Iranians prayed to God for protecting Iran from Lying. But charlatans say: ‘Lying or Hypocrisy has been a serious issue in Iran since the ancient time. So, Iran is like the West’ ! But this fallacy is really stupid, because when Lying was a problem in Iran, Eating Humans and Barbarism was part of the daily life in the West! When Lying was a moral issue in Iran, Genocide and Barbarism was part of the daily life in the Jewish/ Arabian lands! Britons were naked, savage barbarians; they were eating men and women; they were committing genocide and horrible crimes against humanity. But when Europeans were such savage barbarians, Iranians were concerned about Lying! It’s the difference between the land of the Good (Iran) and the land of Barbarians (the West)”. They also add: “Iranians were not saints or angels. But Iranians were not barbarians, when Europeans were savage barbarians. It’s very important. Iranians were moral people, had good intentions, and cared about Truth, Tolerance, Kindness and Sympathy, when Britons and Europeans were eating humans, including their friends and their rivals ! It’s so important. When Arabs/ Jews were openly praising Genocide, Mass Murder, Racism, Intolerance etc Iranians were tolerant people and allowed other nations to have their own religions and their own life styles. It’s very important. Even in these years (after the 2009 coup) the West and all bad guys, including Jews/ Arabs, show their true colors. They openly praise Genocide, Anti-Iran Racism, Collective Punishment, Big Lies, Bullying, Nuking Iran, torturing all Iranians etc. The Devil and its agents -including Western Barbarians, savage Jews and Mullahs- are sworn enemies of the Land of the Good (Persia). They just want to destroy the Good, all Good Guys and all Good Things. But We, Persians, will never let this happen. These years clearly show that the struggle between Persia (Iran) and the West (ie the Evil Empire) is really the struggle between good and evil. But these years also show that the Evil Empire is bankrupt, and nearing the end. Sooner or later Persians and all good guys, including the good Westerners, will put an end to the Evil Empire. The United Barbarians, aka the Evil Empire, have confused and just show their true colors and disillusion more and more people. Now more people say: ‘Iran, the Land of Aryans, Wake up! The Persian Lion Wake up! Great Persia, the Cradle of Civilization, wake up and put an end to the Evil Empire of the Savage West”.

The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists

January 27, 2014

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) visits Iran for its first assessment of the impact of US sanctions [!!] An IMF team already visited Iran in November [2013] to learn about Rouhani’s economic plan [!] The IMF mission, which is scheduled to arrive in Iran on Jan. 25 2014, allows the IMF to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions“, the media reports. It’s very laughable and important. In these days, the Mullah regime talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, and the Mullah TV and Islamists openly praise the IMF and the IMF Plans, and the West censors all important news/ facts of Iran! As many say: “The current farce clearly shows that the IMF Plan is part of the Mullah-Satan deals”. As we said before (check: [1]: ‘West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial’) “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘Rouhani met the IMF’s chief [and asked] the IMF [to] visit Iran. The IMF mission to Iran will take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran [!!]‘ [But Iranians say:] If Mullahs allowed the CIA to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran, it would be less laughable !” [1] The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” is important and informative. But as some wise Iranians say: “Today’s world is really a shitty Orwellian World. From morning to night, the English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US propaganda machine tell big lies about Iranians, and censor all important news/ facts. But they show us the West’s true face, and the truth of this shitty Orwellian World. The West is in deep shit. They use a stupid strategy of deception, and try to hide the truth. British spies, CIA agents, and Satan’s agents call themselves journalists, intellects, artists, dissidents, critics, think tanks etc and try to fool Westerners. The daily Orwellian Lies and the horrible Censorship in the UK, the US, and the West is really unbelievable. This level of ‘Censorship’ and this kind of ‘Big Lies’ belong to ultra-fascist countries and ultra-Orwellian states. As our people say: ‘Digeh Shoresh-o Daravordan’ ! (they made it too salty !) ‘Digeh Gandesh-o Daravordan’ ! (they make it too shitty !) In [2013 and 2014], the Guardian, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, PBS, BBC, AP etc show that the Big Brother’s agencies control the West, all Western media and public figures. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm this undeniable fact”. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “Even the Lefty intellects are stupid hypocrites. They say: ‘The IMF is an new form of Colonialism. The IMF plans increase poverty, reduce countries’ ability to develop strong domestic economies and allow multinational corporations to exploit the people and the
. The IMF ask client countries to eliminate subsidies; cut spending on education and health; devalue national currencies; freeze wages [etc] The IMF forces countries to eliminate assistance to domestic industries while providing benefits for Western corporations. [IMF plans] just create more unemployment, high inflation, poverty, injustice etc. In Korea and Argentina, IMF Plans led to more bankruptcies, more unemployment, and more poverty. Under the IMF plans, the number of Mexicans living in extreme poverty increased more than 50%’. It’s not wrong. But the main question is: why the Lefts defend those IMF plans that increase poverty and reduce Iran’s ability to develop strong domestic economies?! Why the Lefts aid the IMF and the West in hurting and exploiting Iranians?!. The Lefts and Marxists say: ‘the IMF’s Shock Therapy, or the economic Imperialism of the West [!], involves cutting subsidies, freezing wages, privatization, devaluation, etc’. But why do they defend Mullahs and the IMF’s Shock Therapy in Iran?! Why do they love Mullahs, the Pawns of Imperialism?! Marxists are brainless clowns”. They also add: “In Sep 2013, the media reported: ‘the IMF chief Christine Lagarde met Rouhani. IMF spokesman said the meeting was at the request of Rouhani ‘to discuss how the Mullah partnership with the IMF might be deepened [!!]‘. At that time, Iranians preferred to wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face. But now as our people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will clearly prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“.


The story of “the IMF and Mullahs” can shatter many illusions. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now anyone with eyes open can see the truth of what Iranians said about ‘Mullahs & the West’, ‘Islamism & Colonialism’, the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Tragedy, etc. Islamists and Marxists are two sides of the same coin. They praise the IMF’s policies in Iran, but say: ‘The IMF was designed to keep countries dependent. Client Countries have to follow the IMF’s policies, and exchange their economic sovereignty for the IMF’s aids’ ! Marxists and Islamists are Orwellian stooges of the West. They say: ‘In the IMF the voting power is determined by the amount of money that each country pays into the IMF’s quota system. It’s a system of one dollar, one vote! So, looters and colonialists can enslave the world’s poor majority [!] Colonial powers are ‘Masters’, and client countries are ‘Slaves [!]‘ They even said: ‘The IMF asks you to cut subsidies. But when costs rise due to IMF-imposed fees for the use of public services (so-called ‘user fees’) the poor are the first victims. User fees at public clinics and hospitals make healthcare unaffordable to those who need it most’. But now the Left, Islamists, and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran!”. They also add: “Red and Black Colonialism, Mullahs and Marxists have confused, and tell paradoxical jokes. The Mullah leader says: ‘We can make deal/ love with Satan’ !, and the Mullah Media says: “Under the stewardship of Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of [blah blah], the World Bank sent a delegation to visit Iran (in Dec 2005) in order to finalize a $700 million loan for Mullah projects’ !! Mullahs and Islamists have badly confused. They say: ‘What US Imperialism Wants from Iran [?!] In the US-dominated world order, cutting subsidies, cutting social programs, violating human rights, destroying the environment, repressing workers. and crushing dissent are worthy deeds, but not enough [!!].You must fully obey them. If you abide by their rules and advance their interests, they will protect you, even if you are a torturer or a dictator‘ ! Can you believe it?! It’s what Islamists say! The soup is too salty, and now even Islamists say: ‘[Does the Mullah regime] want to be another pawn in the American empire [?!] [Mullahs] don’t want ‘political independence from Western imperialism? Our anti-Imperialist & anti-American gestures are [empty gestures ?!]“. In these years, many facts were informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the story of ‘Islamists and the IMF‘ made many aware. In 2012, the media reported: “IMF Chief Christine Lagarde visited Egypt, and met with Morsi and Islamists’. And in 2013, many said: ‘Egyptians should tell the IMF to go fuck itself .. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Al-Nour Party argued that the IMF loan is Islamic and sharia-friendly !‘ .. In 2011, Mubarak said ‘No’ to the IMF (ie US Imperialism). But Egypt’s Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood were loyal to imperialism! Morsi, the US-approved replacement for Mubarak, said he will [implement IMF Plans] in Egypt! .. Islamists are the Pawns of Imperialism .. The Left, Marxists and Colonialist powers have always been sympathetic and supportive of Islamists“. In these years, many people are becoming aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians ask good questions like: Is the IMF Plan part of the Mullah-US deals?! Why [almost all] Western media and lefty media defend the IMF Plan in Iran, or censor it and say nothing about it?! Now many ask: Why do the Lefty-CIA media like LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post, Guardian etc openly praise the IMF Plans in Iran?! Who do the Left and Noam Chomsky defend the IMF Plans in Iran?! Noam Chomsky is really a CIA agent. In these years, we all saw how Chomsky helps Brzezinski, Sick, Leveretts, the Jewish CIA and the notorious Imperialists. But do you know what Chomsky said about his beloved Imperialists?! You can take a look at [2]: ‘A conversation with Noam Chomsky: Telling the truth about Imperialism’ ! (International Socialist Review Issue 32) Chomsky says: ‘LORD Curzon was very honest’ or ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski is an imperialist’ ! [2] Chomsky shed crocodile tears for Iran, Mossadeq, etc and says: ‘A typical Hollywood joke was about the corporate executive who was laboring day and night for the benefit of the ordinary people’ ! [2] It can remind you of this fact that ‘A typical Lefty joke is about Chomsky who is laboring day and night for the social justice and the people’ ! Even if you ignore the CIA-backed 2009 Coup, the story of ‘the IMF Plans in Iran‘ can reveal Chomsky’s true face. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend or cover up the IMF plans in Iran. Agent Chomsky has no shame. He says: ‘if you wrote that two and two is four, then somebody said, Where’s your evidence? [!] [But] there is no evidence [!] To look for evidence of that is like looking for evidence for the truths of Arithmetic’ ! [*] Agent Chomsky is a stupid Charlatan. His own crap (his lies/ bullshit) is like ‘two and two is four’ !, because he has no evidence for them! But what Iranians say about Agent Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, IMF etc is not like ‘two and two is four’, because Iranians have strong evidence for what they say! It’s Agent Chomsky’s logic, the Marxist logic!”. In these days, Iranians say good things about the West, the Left, the IMF, Islamists etc. For instance they say: “AN and Mullahs implemented the IMF plans, the CIA plans, in Iran, and the Left helped them .. Mullahs are the pawns of Colonialism .. The UK-backed Seid Ali regime is like the US-backed Ben Ali regime. The Tunisian dictator, Bin Ali, implemented the IMF plans and cut off essential subsidies! .. The UK/ US’s corrupt puppet regime of Mullahs is not alone. In Syria, Assad implemented the IMF plans. In Turkey and Egypt, Islamists implemented the IMF plans. In Africa, all dictators implemented the IMF plans .. Who defend the IMF plans in Iran? the CIA agents like Farideh Farhi (NIAC), Pajouyan, Laylaz, Leveretts, and Tehran Bureau, Guardian, Washington Post, AP, PBS, CNN, LobeLog, Al-Monitor, Huffington Post and other CIA media and CIA agents, including Basijis, Khatamists and the Exiled Journalists/ Activists .. In Davos 2014, Rouhani gave a speech to chief executives from US/ UK Oil companies! .. the West loves Oil and Arabs (Mullahs) .. Mullahs said ‘Spirit of Davos’ is Zionist! But now their Rouhani goes to Davos, while the Zionist regime receives the ‘Spirit of Davos’ award !, and the US media says: Rouhani to woo [American & British] oil companies with ‘sexy’ contracts [!!] (Jan 2014)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In 2001, the Washington Post confessed: ‘The IMF and World Bank Hurt Poor Countries and Undermine Democracy’ ! They said: ‘People in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America [protest against] the IMF and World Bank. The IMF undermines democracy. Countries should be much freer to pursue different economic strategies in accordance with the democratic determinations of their people. We share these modest democratic aspirations with people across the globe [!!]‘. They said such things, because at that time all media talked about ‘Global Resistance to IMF and World Bank policies’, ‘Anti-IMF Protests Sweep the World’ !, ‘People call for an end to IMF-imposed economic reforms’ ! [...] Now even Westerners talk about ‘the IMF and world bank’s unconditional support of dictators’, and say: ‘The IMF and World Bank are notorious for giving bad advice‘ ! In Iran, even idiots know that IMF Plans are much more destructive than US Sanctions“. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “The Mullah TV defends the IMF plans in Iran, but adds: ‘the IMF is responsible for the economic collapse of Africa‘ ! The Mullah TV is a cesspool of MI6/ CIA agents. Spies, whores, brainless faggots, and hateful figures have the upper hand in the Mullah TV. The Mullah TV hates Persia, wise Economists, wise Iranians, and all Iranians. Only retards, whores and non-Iranians, specially Arabs, are free in the Mullah TV. Criticism and criticizing Mullahs and IMF Plans are banned in the Mullah TV. Only licking Ass, telling big lies, insulting the people’s intelligence, serving the West’s interests etc are allowed in the Mullah TV. The CIA agents and Basiji faggots like Nader Talebzadeh (Jalili’s aide), Jamshid Pajouyan and other whores/ spies are the heroes of the Mullah TV, because (1) they are hateful retards, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much (2) they are Arabs, non-Iranians, or anti-Iran (3) the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc) and the UK love them (4) they are brainless whores with low IQs. Iran has many wise Economists, many students of economics, and many wise people who know the world, history, sciences, etc. But the Mullah regime has banned them from working, talking, writing etc. Experts, critics and the wise people are systematically suppressed and silenced, because the West and its puppets (Mullahs etc) want to keep Iran weak and dependent. They ban all experts and wise Iranians, but a Basiji faggot like Jamshid Pajouyan, who works for the IMF, can bark and fart in the Mullah TV. As the Mullah media says: ‘Pajouyan worked for the IMF and World Bank. Pajouyan was a main defender of the IMF plans in the AN’s era’. But instead of going to jail for ruining Iran’s economy and torturing Iranians, Jamshid Pajouyan goes to the Mullah TV and says: ‘Iranians deserve these disasters’ ! Pajouyan is a stupid CIA agent, and suffers from inferiority complex. He says: I’m pundit; I’m Economist; I’m Scientist ! But Iranians say to him: ‘You are nothing but a brainless faggot; you are nothing but a stupid whore’! It’s funny that only whores and non-Iranians defend the IMF plans in Iran! All Iranian experts/ wise guys are suppressed and silenced, but non-Iranians and Arab faggots (Jabal Al-x !) go to the Mullah TV, and say: ‘In the West, the prices change on a daily basis. High inflation is a natural thing. The West has a high inflation rate, and prices change on a daily basis in the West‘ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys even say: ‘In 2011, we implemented the IMF plans, and destroyed Iran’s national product, because it had to be destroyed! .. High Inflation is a good thing .. Economic Instability is a good thing .. In the West, today you buy X for 2$, and tomorrow you buy X for 10$! It’s the Free Market’ ! Can you believe it?! These brainless monkeys think that all people are brainless monkeys as well. But Iranians say to them and their Western masters: ‘Fuck you and this Free Market! .. Fuck UK universities, which gave you idiots a degree in economics! .. You bribe British
universities, and they give you university degree! .. British Mullahs like Tavakoli already denounced the IMF and IMF Plans as Zionist! .. Tavakoli, Mullahs and Basijis go to the UK, and their British masters teach them Islamic Economics! .. Why did Basijis/ Islamists study Economics or Islamic Economics at British Universities?! Why is the UK their teacher?! .. In the UK, Basijis/ Islamists trained as Economists, or as spies/ whores?! .. Britain educated Mullahs and Basijis about Economics, or about Orwellian tactics of ruining Iran?! .. Why Islamists/ Basijis have non-Iranian family names like Iraq-chi, Jabal Ameli, Arab etc?! .. Islamists are not Iranians. They are brainless donkeys, and think that all humans are brainless donkeys as well ! .. The Mullah media had a funny paradoxical article about ‘Iran, Globalization, and US imperialist agenda in the Middle East’ ! The Islamist clowns wrote: ‘AhmadiNejad [AN] implements [IMF Plans], because he hates the US-dominated capitalist club [!!] Increasing popular disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the Islamic regime had one clear reason: Rafsanjani and Khatami, who implemented part of the IMF plans [!] Privatization and an end to multibillion-dollar public subsidies dominated their economic policies. It made Iranians angry. But AhmadiNejad [AN] implemented the whole IMF plans, and his IMF-style ‘adjustments’ in subsidy, labour and banking laws made Iranians happy [!] AN’s plan to end to all public subsidies was good. AN used the IMF’s ‘Shock Therapy’[!!]‘ Can you believe it ?! .. Mullahs are full of crap and paradox, because their teacher is the Orwellian UK .. The Mullah Parliament (Majlis) is a cesspool of British Spies, Arabs and CIA agents. Mullah MPs are a bunch of anti-Iranian faggots and non-Iranians, who for the UK and Iran’s enemies .. In 2011, public transport was 400 Rial, and now it’s 5000 Rial ! (ie +1000% increase !) What Mullahs say about Petrol, and public transport is bullshit. Mullahs just try to ruin Iran’s economy. It’s their mission. Mullahs are slaves/ puppets of the UK and the US”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fight/ Fake War) between Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA) is ridiculous. They use a strategy of deception, and try to fool Westerners. But Iranians know Mullah and Satan – who hate Persia, Iranian Culture and Persian Civilization. Mullahs are Arab stooges of the Savage West. In the past 200 years, the Savage West and its stooges hurt Persia (Iran) a lot. They plundered our resources, occupied our lands, killed our people, and created many horrible disasters. But the Payback Time is near. Sooner or later, Persia will pay them back for what they did to Persians and all humans. The Large Army of Angry Iranians should know the West and its stooges well, and we really thank the IMF, Mullahs, the West, and Iran’s enemies for showing their true colors, digging their own graves, and creating more and more awareness, hatred and anger in Persia! [...] In Davos, Rouhani licks the US ass, and John Kerry says Mullahs are brainless cowards, who serve the US interests! According to the US-Mullah media, this American faggot, John Kerry, has said in Davos (lets change his words, but not the meaning of his words): ‘We threaten Mullahs with war and nuke, and Mullahs obey us. Mullahs are brainless cowards (ie Heroic Cowards) and lick our ass. The Mullah Regime and the US-Mullah Deals Make Israel and the Zionist Regime Safer [!!] Lets be clear, Mullahs must obey our orders; Mullahs must continue to implement IMF Plans; Mullahs must continue to ruin Iran, hurt Iranians and serve the US interests’ ! ( Jan 2014) If Iran’s regime was an Iranian regime, it would stop all negotiations. But the Islamic regime is a puppet, anti-Iranian regime. Mullahs and their Heroic Cowardliness (Bozdeli Qahramananeh) are as stupid as America and its Orwellian Democracy. The Mullah-Satan farce, Egypt’s farce, Syria’s farce, Saudi farce etc show that America is a state sponsor of Terrorism, Islamism, Salafism, Mullaism, Wahhabism and Satanism. America is the principle supporter of all terrorists, Islamists, Marxist-Islamists (MEK) and all evil forces. But the American faggots -Obama, Kerry, Congress etc- are not important. Congress tries to play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’. But most humans know them, and hate them. They are not important. But the Jewish CIA and pigs like Noam Chomsky who love ‘telling the truth about Imperialism’ are important. They play the role of ‘Good Dog/ Good Cop’, and fool naive people. Chomsky is a stupid bastard, but he still can fool many Americans and Europeans”. They also add: “The stupid Americans say: ‘Chomsky has been a leading voice for social justice’ ! But Chomsky defends the Mullah regime, the Gaddafi regime, the Assad regime, and all brutal dictators. If Chomsky was a good guy, he would not defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran. The West tries to rule the world and enslave all humans with the help of pigs like Agent Chomsky”. In these days, we all can know this Orwellian World better. As the wise Iranians say: “The Left and Marxists crap about ‘Western Imperialists’, the American imperialist bourgeoisie [!] etc but they themselves work for so-called ‘Imperialists’, and defend brutal dictators, terrorists, IMF Plans etc. All informed people know the IMF and ‘the consequences of the IMF plans’ in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America etc. As many know, the common elements of IMF Plans in client countries include: Cutting subsidies, making cuts in health/ education/ social welfare services, Currency devaluation, privatization, removal of price controls, ruining national product etc. Many Criticisms of IMF include Lack of Transparency and increasing corruption. In the 2000s, the Western media talked about ‘How the IMF Sank Argentina’ ! and said: “the IMF asked them to cut subsidies [and to] devalue the Peso. [Cutting subsidies and] Devaluation cut the wages and savings of most people, bankrupt many companies and raise the prices of basic goods from flour to petrol. The IMF made the Central bank remove controls over flows of capital; the IMF asked for inflationary devaluations. The IMF supported [brutal dictatorship]. Many people lost their jobs. [IMF Plans] pushed people below the poverty line’ ! It reminds you of what?! The IMF plans in Iran and Argentina were alike. The IMF (not sanctions) forced Mullahs to devalue Rial. Devaluation was part of the IMF-designed programs. Mullahs just implemented ‘the IMF-imposed economic plans’. But the stupid West still says: ‘Sanctions are lowering Iranian’s living standards, weakening Rial and increasing inflation’ ! They censor all facts, including the story of ‘Mullahs, IMF and Rial’ [1] They know that Mullahs and IMF Plans are lowering Iranian’s living standards, as IMF Plans weaken Rial and increase inflation. But their Orwellian media (PBS, CNN, NBC etc) still say: ‘High inflation or the weak Rial is connected to Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) They are bad retards. They confess: ‘In Iran, you really have no sense that this country is under our Crippling Sanctions [!!] The stores are full. The grocery stores are packed with goods’ ! (Jan 2014) They have confused. They still say: “Iranians love Obama, Mullahs, the US and Sanctions’ ! (Jan 2014) But they know that their Orwellian Crap, their big lies and their evil acts have created a new wave of Anti-Americanism among the Iranian people, who were pro-American in the pre-2009 ! [...] In 2001, they confessed that their IMF has created ‘the deepest crisis in Argentina’. In 2004, they said: ‘IMF admits mistakes in Argentina crisis’! In these years, they even said: ‘the IMF asked Argentina to cut state subsidies .. prices for state-run utilities and basic goods greatly increased .. Argentina saw 200% inflation .. hyperinflation ruined national currency and national product .. corruption was rampant, and the IMF [loved] corruption .. the country entered a long recession; Economic stability became economic stagnation .. the IMF asked them to cut more subsidies .. mass protests began, and finally led to big political changes .. they stopped implementing IMF Plans .. they started to improve tax collection, and allocated large sums for social welfare, while controlling expenditure in other fields and reducing corruption’ [...] When the Lefty media talked about ‘the food riots in Argentina’, or ‘jobless Argentines, who chant anti-IMF and anti-government slogans’, they didn’t say: It’s a result of Sanctions! But they said: ‘The IMF: A Cure or a Curse?’ ! But now they defend the IMF plans in Iran, and shed crocodile tears for Iran & Sanctions! They have forgotten what they already said about the IMF-made disasters/ crises ‘across the Globe’! Satan and all bad guys have forgotten that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

Mullah and Satan: A Love Story

January 21, 2014

“Islamists massacre Iranians, and celebrate the massacre of Iranians. Islamists lick the West’s ass, and obey the US/ UK orders. It’s not a new thing. But for the first time in history Islamists and the Mullah leader openly say: We can negotiate with Satan [!] We can make deal (make love) with Satan’ ! (Jan 2014) It’s a new thing”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, Iranians say many funny things about the Mullah-Satan deals, Satan’s love affair with Islamists, Satanic religions, Satan’s teachers, Satan’s agents etc. But what you read here is a fictional story about these days. Sometimes a fictional story can show us more truths, more than the true stories.

Mullah: Oh, Satan, my lord, I don’t know what I should do. I don’t know what I should tell Iranians. Please help me. Satan: I have asked the UK to help you. From morning to night, the BBC, Guardian and all UK media and US media tell big lies, censor all news, and just help you. Mullah, my dear, it’s not enough for you?! Mullah: Oh, my dearest Satan, the West badly tries to help our satanic regime in Iran. But Iranians hate … Zionist: Iranians are not important. Arabia: We, the sons of Satan, hate Iranians so much. Mullah: Yah, we all hate Iranians. We, the sons of Satan, hate Iran. We openly praise Palestine and those locust-eaters who aided Saddam or killed Iranians. We hate Iranian values. We love the Jewish-Satanic religions, and the Jewish-Satanic values. We love Satan, the US, the UK. We lick their ass and obey their orders. But it just creates more awareness in Iran. The large army of angry Iranians … Satan: I have asked Arabs and Jews, my dearest sons, to help you. They play the role of ‘Bad Dog/ Bad Cop’, and it can fool non-Iranians, and also Iranians. Stalin: Arabs and Jews?! the locust-eaters?! Are you kidding Mr Satan? Do you know what Iranians say about the locust-eaters? Arabia: we know them. They even say our Jewish religions are Satanic religions. They know the truth, but … Zionist: But we and our Arab brothers love our Barbaric-Satanic beliefs, and don’t care about Iranians. Hitler: All Satanic agents, including Basijis/ Islamists, should kill all people and suppress all critics. We used this tactic in the 1930s/ 1940s. Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Noam Chomsky can aid Satan and Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. We used … USA: We all used this tactic in 2009. We all aided Islamists in killing and suppressing Iranians. But what happened after that? Iranians started to change. We just showed our true face … Satan: Yah, we just make them aware. We disillusioned people. We are big losers … UK: Oh, your majesty, please don’t lose your hope. We still can fool non-Iranians. We ask Mullah to ruin Iran … Zionist: But we, the sons of Satan, have always tried to ruin the land of the Good (Iran). But … Arabia: But we have always failed. Iranians underestimated the locust-eaters, and we could occupy their lands, but … Zionist: We, the locust-eaters, could pollute the land of the Good with our Jewish-Satanic religions and our Satanic-Jewish laws. But we could not occupy their hearts and their minds. Satan: Oh, Persia makes me sick … UK: the land of the Good is dangerous. We should destroy it. Stalin: But how? Zionist: We must nuke it. Arabia: We can ask the US to nuke it. USA: Yah, we can nuke it. But Persia is not a small country like Little Britain or Arab states. Stalin: What would happen after nuking Iran?! The Persian revenge and the public awareness in the whole world … UK: We should destroy Persia, and there are many solutions. For instance, we can ask Mullah to implement all IMF plans in Iran. Hitler: But Mullah has already said: The IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist/ Satanic organization! UK: Islamists and Marxists should defend the IMF and the IMF plans in Iran, but at the same time, they should say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! Hitler: Oh, its great. Stalin: But if we, Marxists, defend the IMF, we just sacrifices ourselves for the UK… Satan: Watch your mouth, Stalin. The UK is equal to me, and me is equal to the UK. Hitler: The British tactics are really great. I have learned a lot from the UK. Islamists and Marxists work for Imperialism, but at the same time they say: ‘Death to Imperialism’ ! It’s great. USA: It’s an old British tactic. We used it a lot. But Iranians have become aware, and know the British tactics … Mullah: Oh, Satan, my dearest, I don’t know what I should do. What should I say to Iranians? Satan: Shut up Mullah. Lets wait and see which kind of shit we should eat. Iranians have confused all of us.

Stalin: Unfortunately, Iranians are not as stupid as Westerners. Only Marxists can … USA: Marxists?! Iranians hate Marxists. Chomsky did his best to fool people. But he only could fool Westerners. He has become an object of ridicule among Iranians. Arabia: We, Islamists, are better agents – better than Marxists. Stalin: Ha-ha. Iranians hate you. Iranians see you as slaves of ‘British Colonialism’. Iranians know the truth of “Islamism and British Colonialism”. Iranians know that the UK created Qom, Hozeh, Mullaism, Bahaism, Wahabism … Arabia: But Iranians are not important. Hitler: Lets ask the UK to teach us new solutions. UK: Thanks Mr. Hitler. But our old tactics are still the best Satanic tactics. Mullah, my dear, tell them about our tactics. Mullah: We make love with Satan, but at the same time we say: ‘Death to Satan’. We work for the US and the UK, lick their ass and obey their orders, but at the same time we say: Death to the US & the UK’ … Stalin: British tactics worked in 1979 and the past. But do you think they work in these years, after your 2009 coup?! Arabia: We still can fool Westerners with these tactics. Zionist: Only Iranians know the 2009 coup. Non-Iranians, specially Americans, are so stupid. They still think we and Mullah are enemies! Hitler: British tactics are great. Mullah licks Satan’s ass, but at the same time, Mullah accuses others of working for Satan! … Stalin: But Iranians know this tactic. UK: Who cares. Westerners are so stupid. Mullahs celebrate the massacre of Iranians, but we go to Iran and thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians! Rouhani is our agent. Iranians hate him, but we support him, and we openly ask him to return our favors. But Westerners are blind. British Oil Companies owe Iran a lot (trillions of dollars). In the recent years, our oil companies owes Iran Billions of Dollars. But Rouhani and his Oil Minister invite British Oil Companies to plunder Iran’s oil ! Mullahs work for us, while Westerners are blind, deaf, and stupid. Zionist: AN, his Oil Minister, Zanjani, and all Islamists/ Basijis worked for us. They just served our interests, and implemented our plans in Iran. But non-Iranians are blind… Mullah: But Iranians… UK: Iranians are not important. We censor their voices. We rewrite history… Stalin: UK could hide the long history of British Barbarians. The UK Ministry of Truth says: Black is White; Lie is Truth; Tyranny is Democracy; Barbarization is Civilization … Zionist: Westerners are so stupid. Satan’s agents, including our Chomsky, can easily brainwash them … Pahlavi: But Iranians know that Agent Chomsky works for the Devil. UK: Who cares! Satan: My dearest Chomsky is great. UK: If Chomsky says the IMF is good or Satan is God, the Western Sheeple will accept it. Arabia: Arabs worship Chomsky. Mullah: We, the locust-eaters, worship Satan. But Iranians know us. They know that locust-eaters, Marxists, the West’s journalists/ intellects etc are the forces of evil. Satan: Iranians just give me a headache … USA: Almost all Iranians know and hate Satan’s agents, including Islamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, Terrorists (MEK, etc), Khatamists … Hitler: The West’s Sheeple love Chomsky. But why Iranians are such a wise and smart nation … Arabia: Iranians know that we, Islamists/ Basijis work for Satan and serve the Satan’s interests. They know that Satan tries to keep the Mullah regime safe … Zionists: Iranians know our Jewish-Satanic culture. Iranians know the
British-Barbaric Culture. Iranians know the Barbarian West. Iranians know that the 2009 coup was a Satan-backed coup. UK: Don’t lose your hope. Only Iranians know such things. We can say such things are conspiracy theories. In the past 200 years, we have always used this tactic. Westerners are brainless. They don’t know our golden rule: You work for Colonialism, but at the same time you say: ‘Death to Colonialism’! … Pahlavi: Excuse me my lords. But I used this British tactic in 1978. It didn’t work. Iranians know this tactic, and refer to such horseshit as ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! Stalin: Mr Pahlavi, you are stupid. You can only use this tactic when Satan, the UK, the US and all satanic agents support you. In 1978, Mr. Satan has stopped supporting you. In 1978, Satan and his agents supported Mullah. Hitler: Pahlavi was and is a brainless idiot, but … UK: But all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, and obey us. Who cares about Iranians, and ordinary people. When all media, all journalists, all intellects, and all public figures work for us, we will not have any problems. We can do whatever we like. Let’s openly announce that we want to keep the Mullah regime safe and it’s equal to keep Iran weak and dependent! USA: Our people are so stupid, but … Stalin: people like Snowden are everywhere. Now many are becoming aware. USA: UK Orwellian system is an old system. It worked well in the past. But now … Stalin: the British tactics work well until when people are stupid and ignorant. When people become aware, they will laugh at British tactics, which are childish tactics. Mullah: Now Iranians even laugh and spit at Orwellian America. The End is near …. USA: Oh, our Lord, Satan, what we should do?


Mullah: Your majesty, I have confused. I’m worried. Stalin: All locust-eaters are worried. Zionist: Yah, we and our brothers, Mullahs and Arabs, are really worried. Satan: Don’t be worried. Just obey your old master, the UK. Hitler: Our lord, we all know that locust-eaters are not important. Arab states are British-made states, but … Stalin: But the oldest country on earth (Iran) is important. Iran is the brain of the East, and the heart of the civilized world. Lord Curzon, the ideologue of British Colonialism in the 19th century, said: ‘The Persian is so very superior to any other Asiatic, to Indian, or Turk, or Arab/ Jew, or even Russian and European .. If Britons and Europeans [want to conquer & enslave] the East, Persia and the military resources of Persia [should be destroyed]‘. Hitler: It’s what Curzon wrote in his book, ‘Persia and the Persian Question’. As Curzon said, Iran is the gate of the East and the civilized world. Satan: Curzon was right. If Iranians can restore Persia … UK: But we all try not to let this happen. All forces of Devil try to keep Iran weak. Zionist: We all, Satan and the sons of Satan, want to ruin Iran. The land of the Good is our main enemy. USA: We all know that China and India are not important. They obey us. The main obstacle is Persia; the Persian Question … Hitler: The main problem is the Iranian Culture. Satan has already tried to pollute Iran with the Arab/ Jewish culture. But unfortunately, Iranians could penetrate the Jewish-Satanic culture, and tried to replace all Satanic things with good things! Satan: Iranians give me headache … UK: The only nation that can defeat us is Persia. We hurt them a lot. But we could not destroy them. We all are so jealous of Persia. Stalin: We all know who is who. We all know that Persia is the home of Civilization. Little Britain is a small and barbaric island. The UK was so jealous of the land of Aryans, the Great Iran, the Lion, the Sun, Iranian symbols, Iranian Civilization, … Zionist: Britain is a small island. But Little Britain calls itself Great Britain! The Inferiority Complex. Britons used to say they have Aryan (Iranian) roots and their origin is the land of Aryan (Iran)! Stalin: We all know the Truth about the UK and British Barbarians. USA: the UK is a joke. Their system is a stupid Monarchy. Their national anthem is ‘God Save the Queen’! But they call themselves ‘Democracy’ or ‘the first Democracy’! I don’t know why we follow them like sheep. Satan: Oh, my dearest sons, don’t let Iranians pollute your minds. We are the Evil, and they are the Good. Don’t forget it! UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, but you should pretend that you are the father of Democracy. Hitler: UK is our teacher. But do British Lies still work? UK: British lies and British tactics always work. As you know, Britain is the land of barbarians and barbarism. For thousands of years, we, Britons, were barbarians. We ate humans. We were human-eaters. But when Iranians and civilized men underestimated the power of Satan and Barbarians, we could conquer the civilized world … Stalin: We, Russians, were barbarians, too. For thousands of years, we were Tatars, Savages etc. But in the 19th century, with the help of the UK and Satan, we could occupy many parts of Iran … USA: Russia owes the UK a lot. But they are ungrateful. Stalin: You, savage Yankees, are more ungrateful. Who revolted against the UK in the American Revolution?! USA: But we tried to correct our mistakes. Stalin: We corrected our mistakes, as well. Satan: Don’t fight against each other. My dearest sons, we all should thank the UK. UK: Thank your majesty. Arabia: If we want to be as clever as UK, what we should do? UK: you should have no shame. Of course we all know that Arabs have no shame, and no brain. But if you want to be as clever as Britons, you should be able to say for instance: Killers and Rapists are Moralists! Crooks and thieves are ‘defenders of Justice’! Serial killers are ‘defenders of Morality’ ! Liars are ‘defenders of Truth’ ! Zionist: But it’s not a new thing. Ancient locust-eaters said such things, too. Satan: Shut up. UK is great. Mullah: We all are slaves of Satan and the UK. Cheating and Lying is the main pillar of our British-Jewish Morality. But do you think British-Orwellian tactics still work in Iran? UK: Iranians are not important. We cannot fool Iranians any longer, but we can fool non-Iranians. We should use non-Iranians for hurting Iran and Iranians.

Stalin: We, Marxists, and our leader Chomsky do our best to hurt Iran and Iranians. The great Chomsky defends the IMF plans in Iran, and says: Imperialists and Capitalists are ‘defenders of the poor’! Hitler: Chomsky uses British tactics. He says: In Iran, the IMF is a defender of the poor and the workers! UK: Chomsky has always been one of the Devil’s best agents. He knows the basic rules. He works for Imperialism, but he pretends that he is a great anti-Imperialist! Learn from him. Those who work for Satan should say: We are men of God! Satanists and the sons of Satan should call themselves ‘men of God’ or ‘men of Principle’ ! USA: Yah, It’s a good joke. Apparently we, Capitalists, should say: Capitalists are defenders of the poor, the working class, and average people! UK: Why not?! Rapists and sex addicts should say: We hate Sex and sexual abuse! Rapists should arrest young men and women for violating sexual morality! The most corrupt people, who create greatest corruptions/ embezzlements in history, should call themselves ‘men of Justice’ !, ‘men of God’, men of Principle! Satan: My dearest UK is a teacher for us all … Arabia: Britain is our master. Arab states are British-made states. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and many British agents were our … USA: OK, we continue to use British tactics. The NSA should call itself ‘Guardian of Privacy’ ! Brutal Dictators should call themselves ‘Guardians of Democracy’! Liars should call themselves ‘Guardians of Truth’. Satan’s agents should call themselves ‘Guardians of Good Guys’! Satan: Apparently even the stupid USA is learning its lessons! USA: You majesty, America is the home of Satan. But what would happen if most people become aware? If many insiders become a new Snowden? … UK: We can enslave Americans and Westerners by money, sex and fashion. America is a Nation of Sheep. Zionist: Chomsky and our agents can fool Americans. In Orwellian America, most of those who call themselves ‘dissidents’, ‘critics’ or ‘freedom fighters’ work for Satan. Those who defend free software, free internet, etc work for the system. Stalin: The US is the land of the Retard. Their Orwellian agents say: “Mullahs need to forgive the Great Satan” ! (Jan 2014) And their dissidents say: “The Mullah idea of making an agreement with Satan is great” ! These Orwellian dissidents can fool Americans. They help Satan and the Big Brother’s plans. Mullah: I have confused. What I should say to Iranians. UK: Repeat our Larijani’s words. You should say: We can negotiate with Satan. We can make love with Satan! You should think all people are brainless donkeys. Arabia: But Islamists have always said: X is evil because X wants to negotiate with Satan. Mullah: We have always said those who make deal with Satan are Satanists. Hitler: Now you should think all people are brainless monkeys! UK: If you want to obey us, you should have no shame and no brain. Stalin: In British Democracy, you should put your brain in your ass. USA: In our satanic democracy, If you have 1000 supporters but 74 million Iranians hate you, you can call yourself a leader or a president, and the West and the Western media support you and see you as a representative of Iranians! If 99% of Iranians hate you and spit at you, you can become a millionaire and a somebody in the BBC, the Mullah TV, the VOA, the Guardian, etc UK: In the Big Brother’s Democracy, retards, whores and hateful figures should become heroes. We need fake heroes. We have one golden rule: you can become a somebody or a hero, only if you have no principle, no morality, no shame and no brain, and if you get money and betray the truth and the people. In our satanic democracy, those who care about the truth and the people are bad guys. In our satanic democracy, rulers, public figures and heroes are: those who can tell big lies; those who can kill and rape people; those who can steal, cheat, and betray; those who hate humanity and human values; those who love Racism and Barbarism; those who worship Satan”.

IMF Plans, Mullahs, Red & Black Colonialism

January 15, 2014

In these days, the West, the Left and Islamists are making history. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s Lies and the Western Censorship are beyond Orwell’s imagination. The English Lie Factory (UK media) and the US Lie Factory (US media) censor all facts/ news of Iran, and tell Orwellian jokes. The British Censorship and the British Lies are beyond Orwell’s imagination. But like the Guardian and the UK media, the US media tells big lies about Iranians. The horrible censorship and the daily lies in Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, AP, WSJ, RFE, LobeLog and other CIA media are as Orwellian as what you can see in BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Economist and other MI6 media. They all love the MI6-CIA projects like ‘Tehran Bureau’, ‘Going to Tehran’, ‘the Iran Project’, NIAC, ‘Letters from Iran’, etc and tell Orwellian jokes like: ‘Iranians love Mullahs; Iranians love Obama; Iranians love US sanctions; Iranians love US-Mullah deals; Iranians love IMF Plans; Iranians love Economic Crisis and high inflation; Iranians love Tyranny; Iranians have come from Mars or Moon’ ! It’s exactly like the daily Orwellian Lies in the West. History will never forget these days”. They also add: “For about ten days, and from morning to night, Mullahs celebrate the Massacre of Iranians, while the UK and the US make love with Mullahs and openly talk about their secret talks, their secret deals, and their secret love affairs with Mullahs! The Lefts censor all facts. The UK openly thanks Mullahs for killing Iran’s people and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians! The UK media says: ‘UK-Mullah ties: Jack Straw leads British MPs to Tehran. Former British foreign secretary heads a British parliamentary group to Iran, when [Mullahs are celebrating the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians]‘ ! (Jan 2014) It’s really a unique farce in history. Now this British Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the Massacre of Iranians! But as the Mullah media reports: ‘[Even] Rouhani’s supporters (Zibakalam, etc) criticized Rouhani for his joining in the chorus of state officials to congratulate themselves on the anniversary of [Massacring Iranians]. Rouhani’s supporters say: ‘Rouhani just disappointed [those a few] people who voted for him’ [!] .. if people had believed the propaganda tsunami of the past 4 years, Saeed Jalili [and Basijis would have not been big losers]‘ ! (Jan 2014) All bad guys have confused. Now Rouhani and the Mullah regime say they want to aid the West by implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! Now the Mullah TV and British Mullahs openly praise the IMF (ie their Zionist/ Imperialist Organization!), and the Left and their puppet leader, Noam Chomsky, openly defend the Mullah regime and the IMF Plans in Iran!”. In these days, many things are laughable or stupid. But Iranians say good things like: “Who Control the Mullah Regime? UK, USA, IMF, Jews, or what?! … Islamists and their leaders are brainless slaves of the UK and the US. They already said: ‘The US is Satan. We don’t talk/ negotiate with Satan! … The US is Wolf. But we, Islamists, are Sheep [!] Talk/ Negotiation between the Wolf and the Sheep is impossible … We, Islamists, don’t negotiate with those who threaten us with weapons .. the US has an Iron Hand. They want to fool us. We, Mullahs, are Principle-ists. We don’t negotiate with Satan‘! But do you know what Islamists and the Mullah leader say now?! They openly say: ‘We negotiate with Satan [!!] We talk/ negotiate with those who threaten us [with nuke]‘ ! (Jan 2014) .. Those who negotiate & make deal with Satan are Principle-ist, Satanist, followers of Ali, or followers of Muawiyah/ Yazid?! .. Mullahs are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis) .. The current farces can shatter all illusions. The West and its puppets just disillusion all people .. Why do Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans amid the sanctions?! Are the IMF plans part of the US-Mullah deals?! .. Why the Jewish CIA (Brzezinski, Sick, Chomsky, Leveretts, etc) defends the Mullah regime?! .. Why the UK & the Guardian love Mullahs, including Jewish Mullahs like Jannati & British Mullahs like Rouhani?! .. In the US or the UK, journalists and intellects call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6 etc. But why their journalists should be CIA agents, or should work for the Big Brother’s agencies?! .. It’s the true meaning of the Free Press in the West! .. In the West, Journalism means Prostitution. In the UK and the US, Journalism means ‘selling your soul and your pen; getting money and writing/ doing what the bad guys want’. And this is the definition of Prostitution .. In 2013, Snowden confirmed that the NSA and UK control all communications, all servers/ tools/ big companies/ scientists etc. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm that the CIA and UK control all media, all journalists/ intellects/ public figures etc in the West .. The Britain-Mullah parliamentary friendship group can remind you of the 19th century, when the UK paid Mullahs in cash! The UK and Mullahs called this dirty money ‘the Indian Money’, because the British East India Company paid it! Mullahs have always been puppets of the British Colonialism .. Iran’s regime should say: We stop negotiating with those who threaten Iran with Nuke and Iron Hand. We don’t negotiate by force, or under threats‘. But Islamists and the Mullah leader are brainless Cowards, who call themselves Heroic Cowards! They hate Iran. They are Arabs. They just lick the West’s ass and aid the Enemy .. Mullahs are animals, and only understand Force. Mullahs, Zionists, and the West are the same shit, and that’s why the US says: ‘Our sanctions and our military threats forced Mullahs to obey us and negotiate with us’! … Islamists are beasts. They hurt Iran and Iranians, but bow before the Savage West .. If British spies, Jewish spies, or CIA agents want to control the Mullah regime, what would they do?! They only do something to maintain the status quo!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian people are not blind. They ask: ‘Why do Rouhani, Islamists and the Mullah regime insist on implementing the IMF plans, creating Economic Instability/ Economic Crisis, and helping the US sanctions ?!! ‘ When ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) went to New York (in 2013), his first meeting was very meaningful and laughable: He met with the IMF Boss! As the media reported: ‘He promised the IMF (the US & the UK) that he would continue to implement the IMF Plans in Iran’! Now Iran’s people ask: Are IMF Plans part of the Mullah-Satan deals?! Are IMF Plans and Keeping Iran Weak and Dependent are part of the Mullah-US nuclear deals?!‘ The Iranian people are not stupid. Now they say: ‘Mullahs desperately try to implement IMF Plans amid the sanctions because Mullahs are slaves of the UK and the US (Nokar-e America va Englis). Their Master (Arbab-e-shoon), ie the West, has asked them to implement IMF Plans. So, Mullahs/ Islamists obey their master’ ! If you want to know [the Red and Black Colonialism], you can reflect on ‘relations between the IMF and the Mullah regime’. We all know that the Left (Marxists) and pigs like Chomsky used to say: ‘puppet regimes implement the IMF plans [!] Those who obey the IMF are stooges/ agents of the Imperialist/ Colonialist Powers’ ! So, you can ask: ‘Why did Mullahs openly implement the IMF plans in 2010, after the 2009 Coup?! Mullahs still talk about implementing the IMF plans (ie the Enemy’s plans) amid the Economic War! But why do the Left and pigs like Chomsky defend the IMF plans in Iran, and praise the IMF’s love affair with Mullahs?!”. We have already written about the IMF plan in Iran (Check Archive for: “Why Mullahs Aid the Enemy amid Economic War ?!”, “Sanctions, IMF Plan, Mullahs, and the West”, “West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial”, etc). Now even the little kids know that the IMF plan was a total failure and a total disaster. As the wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians know the IMF Plan. Now the results of the IMF Plan, the meanings of the IMF Plan, the goals of the IMF Plan and Sanctions, and all things are clear. The solutions are clear, too. [We have already written about part of the solutions; Check Archive for: "Norway to Mullahs: Iran must be a Welfare State", etc]. The Iranian people already said: ‘Lets wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face’. And now this British Rouhani is badly showing his true face. Now Rouhani openly defends the 2009 coup and the IMF Plans! But now even their own whores confess that the IMF Plans are Anti-Iran Plans, like or worse than the US Sanctions! They even talk about the large army of angry Iranians, and confess that more than 99% of Iranians hate the IMF plans! So, as people say: If Rouhani implements the 2nd phase of the IMF plans, it will prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and Rouhani is worse than that Jewish Spy (AhmadiNejad)“. In these days, the farcical story of ‘IMF, West, Mullahs, and Lefts’ can remind you of the story of “The Red and Black Colonialism”. As some wise Iranians say: “In January 1978, the Shah regime published a famous article, ‘Iran and The Red and Black Colonialism‘, in the Ettelaat newspaper. In this article, they talked about British Colonialism, Western Colonialism, New Colonialism, and the British Colonial Strategy in Iran. If you google in Persian, you can find this article. (Of course if you google in English, you find nothing!) In this article, they said: ‘Colonialists/ Imperialists (ie the West) want to find a new puppet in Iran, and this new puppet is Khomeini .. Khomeini, known as ‘Seyed Hindi’, is [not Iranian]. He is an Indian poet. He has his roots in [the British colony of] India .. He has had connections with the UK and the British Colonialism .. Khomeini is a puppet of the anti-Iranian Colonialist Powers’ (Jan 1978). History and even Mullah confessions showed that ‘the Red and Black Colonialism’ was not a myth. The Shah and Monarchists (Pahlavists) themselves were puppets of the West. They were & are part of ‘The Red and Black Colonialism in Iran’. But what they said about Mullahs, Marxists, and other anti-Iranian puppets of the West was not wrong. As today’s Iranians say: ‘In 1978, the Ettelaat’s article had hit the Bullseye! (Zadeh Bud Tu Khal !)’, and that’s why the UK and British Mullahs went into hysterics, and used their English tactic of ‘Demagogy’ (Hochi-gari) to hide the truth. But why didn’t the Iranian people defend the Shah against foreigners? The answer is clear. The Shah regime itself was a puppet of the UK and the US. The Shah regime just reminded Iranians of an old saying: ‘the Pot calling the Kettle black !’ The Shah regime was like the Mullah regime. Their ridiculous jokes about the 1953 Coup, the White Revolution, ‘a suitcase full of money’ etc were like the Mullah lies about the 2009 coup, the Mullah Revolution, Seditions etc. The puppet dictators are the same shit. Mullahs say: ‘Only those who watch/ listen to Mahvareh (Satellite Channels) hate the Mullah regime’ ! And the Shah said: ‘Only those who listen to the BBC Radio, hate the Shah regime’! [...] In the 1970s, many Iranians (+40%) were illiterate and ignorant. But in the 2010s, Iranians are more educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. What today’s Iranians say about Mullahs, Monarchists, the West and all evil forces are interesting. For instance, Iranians say: ‘Mahvareh (Satellite TVs) and Menbar (Mullah Pulpit/ Bully Pulpit) both tell big lies and try to brainwash people .. Monarchists are being brainwashed by ‘Mahvare’, and Basijis/ Islamists are being brainwashed by ‘Menbar’. But the Iranian people hate both of them .. ‘Pa Menbari’ (Basiji/ Islamist) is like ‘Pa Manghali’ (Drug Addict)! Mullahs love the opium, and the opium of the people .. Many Mullahs -including high rank Mullahs- and their ‘Pa Menbari’ (Islamists) are ‘Pa Manqali’ (drug addicts)! They love opium, Manghal (a tool for doing drug), addiction and slavery … They love illusion, self-deception, hypocrisy, lies and brainwashing … They still send noise/ parasite. They still try to slow down the internet in Iran. But why?! They have no answer. They have nothing to say. Iranians know them and their irrational & illogical crap. Mullah arguments are totally illogical, childish, ridiculous, and Orwellian. Mullahs openly say: Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength! .. And that’s why the CIA, the UK, and spies/ whores love Mullahs .. It’s funny that whores/ spies work for the CIA/ UK, live in the West, and lick the Mullah ass! .. the unknown whores/ spies -like Farhang Jahanpour, Farrideh Farrahi, etc- are so eager to lick the UK-IMF-Mullah asses! .. The Mullah TV is a stupid bully pulpit. They openly praise the Coup, the IMF and Chomsky! .. The Mullah TV is worse than the Nazi media, because their teacher is the BBC .. Even Islamists call the Mullah TV ‘Censorship Box’ or ‘Propaganda Machine’! .. George Orwell must be smiling. The Mullah TV and the MI6-CIA media like VOA, BBC, RFE/ RL, Manoto etc are two sides of the same coin. They all are controlled by the Big Brother … It’s important that the Mullahs want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans and aid the US/ UK! It’s really important that the Left (Marxists) defend the IMF plans in Iran! It’s important that British politicians go to Iran and want to thank Mullahs for massacring Iranians and celebrating the Massacre of Iranians !“.


As the wise Iranians say: “History, and what we can see with our own eyes, show that ‘The Red and Black Colonialism’ is not a myth. Mullahs and Marxists were and are the anti-Iranian agents of Imperialism/ Colonialism. Now we all can see how Islamists try to hurt Iranians, to ruin Iran, to serve the West’s interests, and how Marxists help and defend Islamists, the IMF, and the Mullah regime’s evil acts. Islamists celebrate the CIA-backed 2009 coup and the UK-backed Massacre of Iranians, and Marxists defend the Islamists’ love affairs with the US, the UK, and the IMF! The retards make love with the IMF, praise the IMF plans, but say: ‘Death to the IMF’ ! But this level of Hypocrisy and Idiocy just turn you into an object of ridicule. You cannot make love with the Great Satan (USA), obey the US orders and the IMF orders, celebrate the UK-backed coups/ plots, serve the West’s interests and be a puppet of the West, but say: ‘Death to America’ ! or ‘Death to the Red & Black Colonialism’ ! With this level of Hypocrisy and Foolishness, you just become an object of ridicule among people. But both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime could not understand such obvious things. Like Mullahs and other puppet dictators, the Shah suffered from many illusions and self-deception, and finally became a victim of his own propaganda. Like the Mullah regime, the Shah regime was in the pockets of the West. Censorship was very strong. No criticism of the regime, however good and well-intentioned, was tolerated. In both the Shah regime and the Mullah regime, you can see the same problems: a puppet regime; a brutal dictatorship; a greater repression and a more arrogant attitude & behavior towards the public; horrible corruption, horrible mismanagement, horrible censorship etc. So, it’s obvious that the society becomes alienated from the state; it’s obvious why people prefer foreign attack to brutal dictatorship, or why people say: ‘Instead of dealing with puppet regimes or puppet dictators, we should deal with their Master (the West) directly’ ! It’s obvious that foreign supports cannot save any regimes. In November 1977, the Shah paid a state visit to the US. In January 1978, Jimmy Carter celebrated the New Year as the Shah’s special guest in Tehran! Carter called the Shah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! And in October 2013, Gary Sick and the Jewish CIA called the Mullah regime ‘the Island of Stability’! [...] The Shah or Mubarak was a servant of America, as the Mullahs are servants of America and Britain. But as (Egypt’s) Mubarak clearly said: ‘America betrays and abandons its friends’. America, like all bad guys, just cares about its evil interests, not Friendship. Even the stupid Mullahs are aware of this issue, and that’s why the Mullah leader says: ‘We [make love with the US & serve the US interests], but we don’t trust the US’ !”. In these days, the Western Censorship, the Western Lies, and the West’s love affairs with Islamists and anti-democracy forces are so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “The West makes a fool of itself. Iranians just ridicule the West. Iran and History will never forget these days. Both Iranians and non-Iranians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West. They say for instance: ‘Members of the all-party British group on Iran, led by Jack Straw, arrived in Tehran in Jan 2014! The US Architects of the Mullah regime (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Gary Sick etc) still defend Islamists, the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah love affairs! Gary Sick and the CIA media like LobeLog talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘, and confess: ‘American politicians say they miss AN [!] and they love Rouhani’ ! It shows you what?! .. Homeland is one of the CIA TV series which try to brainwash Americans. The significant anti-Iran sentiments that are running throughout the series (Homeland) are sickening .. The Air Pollution is horrible. Breathing is very difficult. An epidemic of sore throat, rough voice, dry cough, and chest pain hurts the Iranian people. The horrible Air Pollution has caused this epidemic. But Mullahs just bow to the West, and do nothing to solve the real problems .. the Mullah Parliament is a British parliament. They remind you of the Shah and Azhari, who said the people’s slogans had come out of cassette tapes and had not been shouted by the people. But as people say to Mullahs: Miserable Mullahs!/ Four-star donkeys/ Keep saying it’s Sedition/ But your fate is worse than the fate of the Shah and Azhari .. In Iran, the whores still love Rouhani. But the West says: the whores = the people! .. The West has lost its mind. They just try to create more and more hatred of the West and its puppets! Now their media talks about ‘Reading all SSL connections’ or ‘Encrypted Traffic Monitoring’! They say: ‘Government agencies are able to use valid SSL certificates for man-in-the-middle-attacks. Government agencies like the NSA control the CAs and all digital certificates’! They even say: ‘the NSA has compromised the server hardware systems at the BIOS level‘ ! (Dec 2013) But who can love or trust this Orwellian West?! .. Only whores and retards still love the Orwellian West. The Exiled Whores like Behnoud, Nourizadeh, Ganji, Nabavi and all Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, terrorists (MEK, etc), Islamists and other shits still lick the US ass, the UK ass, the IMF ass .. More than 99% of Iranians hate Monarchists (Pahlavists) and Mujadeh (MEK or Islamist-Marxist Terrorists). Mujadeh means ‘Jihadi’, but the US regime and the UK regime love Jihadis and all terrorists … Now it’s clear that the root of Iran’s problems is the West … Just look at Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc. The US and the Left defend Islamists or dictators! They say: Our puppets are the only options; your only options are (the current Tyranny [dictators] or the future Tyranny [terrorists etc] !) .. The West’s Evil Empire imposes these two options on Egypt (Islamists or Generals [the Army]), on Syria (Assad or Terrorists), on Saudi (Dictator or Al-Qaede), on Turkey (Islamists or Generals), on Iran (Mullah or Monarchist/ Mujadeh!), on the US (Romney (Rep.) or Chomsky/ Obama), on the UK (Tories or other puppets of the Queen!). It’s the British Democracy. In the British Democracy, your national anthem should be ‘God Save the Big Brother’, and people should only choose between the Big Brother’s agents. There is no real election, no real debate, no free press, no Privacy, and no Democracy. The Big Brother controls everything. The Big Brother is watching, spying, and controlling all people. The Big Brother controls all mass media, all big companies, and all public figures. This is the Big Brother’s Democracy, the British Democracy .. their national anthem is ‘God Save the Big Brother’ ! But all normal people hate the Big Brother, and are becoming disillusioned with the Big Brother’s Democracy. Sooner or later all people will revolt against the Big Brother”.

Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity

January 9, 2014

“Islamists and their Western masters have confused. The meanings of their 2013 Election Show are clear. But now, for about ten days, and from morning to night, Islamists celebrate the 2009 coup and the massacre of Iranians, while the US, UK and EU make love with Islamists, and [censor Iran's news]“, many say. The current farces are important. The bad guys are showing the depth of their wickedness and their foolishness. But as the wise Iranians say: “Crisis is the mother of Evolution, and Necessity is the mother of Invention. The pain and suffering caused by the bad guys (barbarians, politicians, clergymen, fanatics, etc) has been a godsend for humanity. Those who created revolutions and big changes, and even those who created ‘new thoughts and good solutions’ have had a main source of inspiration: the hardships of their own time and their pain and suffering. The good guys could develop concepts like ‘Ethics’, ‘Rights’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Democracy’ etc and could create ‘new ideas and new horizons’ because the bad guys and bad things like ‘ignorance’, ‘corruption’, ‘tyranny’, ‘barbarism’ etc hurt them, and forced them to change. If you study history, you can see that the bad guys caused a lot of pain and a lot of trouble, but their crimes and their evil deeds finally created Evolution, Progress, A better world, A better life”. It’s really important. They also add: “the bad guys were trying to destroy the good, to enslave humans, and to ruin the civilized world, but they were just switching on the engine of evolution and the engine of change! [...] Ancient Iranians said: ‘the Evil (enemy) can be a godsend’ or ‘We learn ‘Politeness’ from impolite people’! It shows the depth of Iranian Wisdom. Ancient Iranians knew that ‘being good/ civilized’ means ‘not being bad/ barbarian’. Ancient Iranians knew obvious things, but the West is still stupid”. The bad guys and their whores are really stupid. The pain and suffering caused by bad guys is very useful, and just provides the fuel for the engine of evolution/ growth/ progress. As some wise Iranians say: “The bad guys and their evil deeds just add fuel to the flames of Change. The bad guys are retards. They are sworn enemies of the good and all good things, but their stupidities just add fuel to the engine of the good! Now even their own media say: ‘Rather than providing a solution, our acts and our statements merely add fuel to the fire’ ! The bad guys have always been useful idiots. Now, the daily lies in the West, the horrible censorship in the West, the human rights violations in the West, or the West’s love affairs with Islamists is really a godsend for Iranians and all good guys. Now it’s clear that the West and Islamists are two sides of the same coin. Now it’s clear why the UK and the West have supported Mullahs and Monarchists in the past 200 years. Now it’s clear that the Islamist Morality is a copy of the Jewish Morality, as the Religious Immorality is a copy of the Western Immorality”. The lessons of history are important. As the wise Iranians say: “Bad guys and Barbarians are big losers. Good guys have won a very important victory other them. Now bad guys and barbarians cannot openly defend their own values. They are forced to use those values, concepts, or language that belong to the tribe of the good guys. It’s a great victory. The bad guys cannot openly say: ‘Yah, we are racists, dictators, sadists, savages, crooks, thieves etc’. The Evil is a big loser. Now even modern sciences (modern philosophy/ psychology etc) talk about Morality, Human values, or Healthy People who don’t live like animals, barbarians and bad guys. Now all normal people know the high level joys like joys of music, joys of arts, joys of Being Good, joys of Human values etc. But beasts and barbarians cannot understand such joys, and it’s one of the main differences between Civilization (Tamadon) and Barbarization (Tavahosh). The good guys know the Hierarchy of Needs, and this fact that the joys of sciences & arts or the joys of truth/ goodness/ friendship etc is much more than the joys of food/ s-e-x/ money etc. But religious fanatics are like those savages who cannot understand the joys of music. They think sex or ‘under the stomach’ is everything! The main pillar of their Jewish Religion is s-e-x. Religious fanatics and all bad guys hate ‘the brain’ and ‘the reason’, and just care about ‘the stomach’ and ‘under the stomach’. They have lost their humanity. They do all evil things in the name of Religion. They actually ask all people to hate ‘God, Religion, and even Morality’.

We have already written about the Iranian Mindset and ‘God and Religion’ (check Archive for: “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, etc). As we said before, the majority of Iranians believe: ‘Being human [good guy] is important (Adam Budan Moheme); Being religious or irreligious is not important‘. Since the ancient time, Iranians believed in this Iranian belief, known as ‘Persian Tolerance’. As the wise Iranians say: “Are all religious people bad guys? no! Are all irreligious people good guys? no! Being good guy or bad guy is independent of Religion. In Iran, we have seen many religious people, who were good guys. They cared about humanity, truth, tolerance, and other good things. On the other hand, we have seen many irreligious people who were bad guys. They were intolerant, and charlatan. They didn’t care about other humans and human values. Of course we all know that many great men and many good guys were and are irreligious people. They care about the good, the truth, and human values. They just hate Islamists and religious fanatics [...] Islamists kill and torture Iranians with the help of the West, and instead of regretting or apologizing, they celebrate the massacre of Iranians! Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. In Iran, Islamists (Mullahs, Basijis, Khatamists, etc) desperately try to hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies. But Islamists and all religious fanatics show and prove an important thing: Religion can create very bad guys and immoral people”. They also add: “If you read the story of Civilization and the story of Evolution, you can see that Morality is independent of Religion. Religion is a product of human civilization, but Morality is a product of the social life, and you can see morality in the social animals. Many believe ‘Religion emerged after Morality, and it seems right, because you can see morality in the social animals, but we don’t have a Christian monkey, a Muslim donkey, or a Jewish pig! Of course, the funny guys make joke and say we have such creatures! [...] The social animals like ants, bees, elephants, whales, etc have some sort of morality. Elephants care about each other, even after their death. The social animals even sacrifice themselves for family, group, or children. They care about cooperation, compassion, and those behaviors that strengthen group cohesion. The social animals hate behaviors that threaten group cohesion and cooperation such as stealing & cheating. In fact, morality is natural and necessary for the social life”. Topics like ‘Evolutionally Ethics’, ‘Morality and group living’ or ‘Evolution of Morality’ are interesting topics that we should write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “the precursors of human morality can be traced to the behaviors of other social creatures. But even if you ignore Science and Evolution, you still can see that ‘Ethics is independent of Religion’. Its not rocket science. Islamists, Jewish/ Christian fanatics and their Religious Immorality are proving it to you!”. Ethics has been a branch of Philosophy. Many philosophers have talked about Morality. They have said many stupid things & many good things. But here lets ignore what they said. Philosophical issues can be very complicated, but fortunately or unfortunately, many philosophical issues have become sociopolitical issues and practical problems. So, as the wise Iranians say: “we all can understand [these issues]. For instance, some argue that religious beliefs are necessary to provide moral guidance. But it’s totally wrong. In Iran under the Mullah regime, or in the West, you can see that religious fanatics and their religious beliefs just create a corrupt, materialistic, and degenerate world. The most immoral things in Iran’s history, including the biggest lies/ corruptions/ frauds/ etc belong to the Mullah era. Of course no sane person can say: ‘(With or) Without Religion, we will get rid of idiots and corrupt people’. Idiots can call themselves Religious, Atheist, Intellect, Pragmatist, Utilitarian, or even Liberal. Idiots just care about the Fashion! They accept or reject Religion, because it’s in fashion! They accept or reject Ethics, because it’s in fashion. Idiots say stupid things. For instance, Islamists and other idiots say only Marx and Marxists said: ‘the religion is the opium of the people’! But since the ancient time, the wise Iranians have said such things. Ancient Iranians knew that clergymen use Religion as a tool of Control and fooling people (Tahmigh). For instance, ‘Hafiz’ is a great Iranian poet, and in many of his famous poets, he talks about ‘Religions fanatics’ and those who see Religion as a Business (Dokan). Hafiz and many great men of Persia criticized clergymen/ fanatics for shedding crocodile tears for Religion and doing the most immoral things in the name of Morality. Ancient Iranians knew the clergymen’s business, and their customers (Sheeple). Ancient Iranians knew why fanatics and all bad guys hate ‘Literacy’, ‘Public Awareness’, Progress etc”. They also add: “Religious fanatics, including Islamists, have no morality and no logic. They use Religion as the opium of the people. They have nothing to say, and that’s why they kill people, and suppress all critics. Just look at Syria, Turkey, Saudi, all Jewish-Arab states, and those savage terrorists that the West supports them. Their Jewish-Barbaric culture is really like the West’s barbaric culture. They all praise Genocide, Racism, Inhumanity, Sadism etc. Their logic is the Logic of Sword, or the Logic of Power. It’s exactly the West’s logic. The West’s bullying and the West’s sadistic, immoral and Orwellian behaviors show the true face of the Western Logic. But idiots still say: the West’s Barbaric Culture is superior to all others! [...] Even If you ignore the long history of Barbarians in the West, or if you ignore this fact that the Western culture has created Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism,
Utilitarianism, Orwellian Society etc, the recent years will reveal the truth. Barbarians wear new clothing. Nazis, British Barbarians, or Fascists look like and dress like modern humans. But their views/ values belong to the Stone Age. Now British Mullahs celebrate the great massacre of Iranians, and the Barbarian Britain thanks Mullahs! Now British Mullahs celebrate the Tyranny and the 2009 Massacres, and the Great Satan (US) makes love with Mullahs. Now British Mullahs praise Injustice, Corruption, Oppression, IMF Plans and Anti-Iran Plans, and the Barbarian West -the UK, the Left (Marxists), the Western media etc- close their dirty eyes, help Islamists and hurt Iranians”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Role of Culture in Religion’ is important. The world and history show that each nation has its own perceptions of the god. Iranians think the god is the Good, Love, or Friend. Barbarians think that the god is a barbarian. Dictators think that the god is a dictator. Those who love Genocide and Racism say the god loves such barbaric things, too! The Arab/ Jewish fanatics think the god is as barbarian as themselves. But it’s not a weird thing. Idiots think all people are idiots. The uncultured people think all people are uncultured. Psychos, sadists or rapists (fanatics) think the god and all people are sick pigs, too”. They also add: “Clergymen and politicians are the same shit. They just care about Power and Control. The wise men already said: ‘They claim morality is the answer to the question ‘how ought we to live’. But politics is addressing the same question! So, their morality = politics?!’ ! It’s a [good point]. Attitudes in their morality and politics are the same. They don’t care about the truth, the better life and other good things. They just care about the Power, and enslaving people. What religious fanatics do and say has deep roots in the Jewish-Barbarian culture. They praised, and still praise, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, Mass Murder, Ethnical cleansing etc. They saw, and still see, women as slaves or s-e-x objects. Their Jewish Hijab and their Jewish laws show that they think sex or ‘under the stomach’ is everything! The main pillar of their religion is s-e-x, because they are sex-obsessed beasts, and have no understanding of the high level needs and the hierarchy of needs. They say: there are many moral principles about s-e-x! They crap about relations between men & women, while they themselves rape people! But all normal humans know that the joys of s-e-x is like the joys of all basic needs. Normal people are not s-e-x addicts. They know that you will be sick and tired of s-e-x, food, etc, if you care about such things more than normal. They know that s-e-x can be joyful and painful (boring, sickening, etc), and it depends how much you do it. In the 21st century, normal people know such obvious things. But religious fanatics and all bad guys still ask people to be s-e-x addict, s-ex-obsessed, or s-e-x object. [They] pollute normal sex/ joys with evil things like slavery, addiction, organized crimes etc”. They also add: “there is no special moral principle about s-e-x. All you can see is fundamental principles. Marriage: commitment/ lying/ cheating/ care of children etc; rape: hurting/ harming (sadism); doing s-e-x from morning to night: living like sheep/ addiction/ slavery. But religious fanatics and all bad guys love lying, cheating, hurting, addiction, slavery, and the base of Immorality. They just crap about s-e-x, joys etc. So, it’s oblivious why the US media reports: ‘a (Christian) fanatic had sex with his own child’ or ‘a clergyman had sexual relations with his biological daughter’! Jewish/ Christian fanatics and Islamists are sick animals. Now even the Mullah media confesses that Islamists and AN’s friends are a bunch of spies, crooks and rapists. They talk about sick Basijis, and say for instance: ‘Economic Basijis (Zanjani etc) can be CIA agents. They just help the anti-Iran Sanctions’! or ‘Sajadpur, the deputy ministry of ‘Islamic Culture & Islamic Guidance’ [!], is on trial for raping women’ !! Sajadpur is a high rank Islamist, who made a film (PayanNameh) about the 2009 coup, and defended the Massacre of Iranians. He is an ideologue of the Islamic Cinema. Sajadpur was the head of ‘Islamic Censorship’ department. In the AN’s era, he decided which film is Islamic, and which film should be banned! The West and the Left censor all facts, but the Mullah media reports: ‘He has raped many women in his office. Even during ‘the Youth Films Festival’, he raped a youth in a hotel in Isfahan, but his rape scenes were filmed’. It’s important that AN’s friends and Islamists -who hurt Iranians, ruined Iran’s Arts & Iran’s Economy, and defended the 2009 coup & Islamist Tyranny- are crooks and rapists. Now the Iranian people make joke, and say: ‘His rape-porn film (in that hotel) is the real Islamic Cinema .. He raped women, because he wanted to guide them! .. Islamists kill people, torture people, or rape people, because Islamists want to guide people into the Islamist Morality .. Who loves these rapists, crooks and spies?! the West and Noam Chomsky .. Islamists are sick dogs with Golden Collars .. They defend the 2009 coup & celebrate the Massacre of Iranians, because they want to rape and to steal with impunity’. The Iranian people know the Morality of Islamists. They know why Islamists work as spies or stooges for Iran’s Enemies. Islamists and all religious fanatics have no principles. They say: ‘Religion provides moral guidance’! But their Jewish religion just provides guidance on enslaving, raping, lying, cheating, killing, stealing etc”. Iranians are angry. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iranians don’t say all religious people are bad guys, or all irreligious people are good guys! Idiocy and corruption are independent of Religion. But clergymen and politicians love idiots and idiocy, and Idiots still defend the Western barbarians, while the West’s barbaric values are not hidden facts. Their Holly Barbarism still defends Genocide, Racism, Sadism etc. Their Judeo-Christian values created a theocratic hell and a medieval tyranny in the West. They created Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, World Wars etc and massacred billions of people. They try to rewrite history. But even their Plato confessed that he learned from Persian philosophers; and even American Founding Fathers confessed that they were aware of what Persians already said about God-given human rights, tolerance, etc. Barbarians cannot hide the truth for ever. Now they themselves talk about their bankruptcy, the Death of their Morality, or the End of America, and their media says: ‘the US regime wants control human beings through control of their machines [!] The NSA puts security ‘back doors’ in all software and hardware, including Cisco’s firewalls[!] The NSA is compromising the technology and products of all American
[!] [But] Federal Judge Rules Orwellian NSA Surveillance Program Is Legal‘ ! (Dec 2013) This Orwellian America is making love with Islamists, and hurting all humans”. They also add: “Western politicians, clergymen and religious fanatics are very sick and amoral people. But most people say moral things like: ‘we cannot accept that so many children grow up in poverty’ or ‘we cannot accept child porn’ or ‘we cannot accept mass spying and state censorship’ or ‘women have a moral right to work without being s-exually harassed’. It’s quite different from what religious fanatics say. But unfortunately, many still think that Morality is a religious matter, and if you hate religion or clergymen, you should hate ethics and human values, too! It’s a big problem; Religious fanatics have created it”.


“Ethics or moral philosophy talks about important issues such as what is good and bad. Such issues can be very complicated, but not in the sociopolitical contexts. We all can know politicians, fanatics, and media whores. According to dictionaries, ‘Conscience = the part of human mind that tells you whether what you are doing is morally right or wrong’. Conscience is not so reliable, because it can be under the influence of fanatics, who try to instil stupid things in children from an early age. But if you mix conscience with logic and reason, it can be a good guide”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “the bad guys don’t want the main problems solved. They, barbarians and idiots say: ‘without religious belief there is no restriction on personal behavior’! They want people to live like sheep. They say: ‘Morality is doing what you are told’! But following a moral system blindly & without reflection can create very immoral and corrupt pigs who can kill, rape, torture, betray etc. It’s what you can see in the Mullah regime, the West, the Jewish-Arab states etc. All bad guys, including clergymen and politicians, just care about their own power and their own business, not the truth, the good, or the people. They have a long list of moral rules, but they often break their own rules! They say: ‘We can break moral rules; it’s moral’ ! They are stupid charlatans. They just want to enslave people. Their mural rules are stupid & immoral. For instance, they say genocide, racism, sadism, addiction, slavery, killing people, fooling people, living like sheep etc are moral things! But science, awareness, truth, joy, happiness, normal life, and living ‘like Healthy Humans’ (Mesl-e Adam) are bad things!”. They also add: “But Iranians don’t think like fanatics and bad guys. We think there are a few Moral principles. They are about lying, cheating, killing, hurting, fooling, enslaving, commitment, care of children, sympathy, inhumanity, and some other things. Almost all humans know them. For instance, most know that if lying became a habit, and if you tell many lies, or if you tell big lies, you are not a good guy. Lying destroys trust, friendship, etc”. They also add: ” Is there a Universal Morality? It’s an old question, and its answer is like the answer to this question: ‘Is there a universal value?’ As you know, the answer is Yes. But those who call themselves ‘Ethical Relativists’, while they are ‘Charlatans’ not Relativists, deny that there is any universal value! But many ask them: ‘Do you love & defend telling big lie, killing innocent people, eating people etc?! Do you love & defend Racism, Sadism, Barbarism, Genocide etc?! Those who love such things are psychos, and should be sent to a psychiatric hospital !”. They also add: “Now we can see Morality as a part of the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. Human Morality is almost equal to ‘Human values’. But Idiots and fanatics still say stupid things such as: ‘there is no scientific beliefs that all humans share’ ! They think scientific beliefs are like religious beliefs! For instance, they say ‘the earth is flat’ or ‘the sun orbits the earth’, and call such crap ‘scientific beliefs! They don’t know the difference between ‘Science’ and ‘Fiction’, or between maths, physics, and clergymen’s crap [...] It’s obvious that universal values exist. But charlatans, clergymen, and all bad guys have always tried to pretend that what they say (their bullshit & their crap) are universal values! It’s a problem that will be solved by public awareness”. They also add: “Religion was not a bad thing. In the ancient time, the good guys -Iranians and others- discovered that the values of morality and even religion can enhance group survival. The well-educated people are aware of the role of Religion and the role of Iranians in creating ‘cultured people’. Religion, as a product of Civilization, could create hope, progress etc in the darkest times. But bad guys and barbarians polluted Religion”. As some Iranians say: “Religious fanatics and bad guys refer to their own barbaric laws as ‘moral code’! They ask people to obey them, and when people resist obeying them and their barbaric laws, they say: ‘It’s for weakening the church [!], and the church = morals [!]‘ It’s exactly what Europeans said in the Middle Ages. But what happened to the Church, Religion, and Morality in Europe?! [...] Their fanatics went to America, and now American Sadists have become Masochists. As their media reports: ‘Corporations such as McDonald’s, Monsanto, Shell, BP, Chevron, Dow, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now engage in espionage against nonprofit civic organizations and the individuals involved in them‘ ! (Dec 2013) Wow! This Orwellian America is behind Islamists”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Both the good guys and the bad guys talk about morality, religion, philosophy, science, etc. But how can you know who is who?! The key rule is: the bad guys defend politicians, dictators, thugs, sadists, Islamists, colonialists, terrorists, crooks, thieves and other bad guys. Many Western philosophers tried, and still try, to justify Tyranny and Evil things, and to help politicians, dictators, and bad guys. It’s funny that many of them were and are British! For instance, those who developed the idea of Utilitarianism worked for the East India Company! The British barbarians referred to Charlatanism as Relativism! They just try to fool people. They defend dictators in the name of Relativism, and say: ‘There is no principle, no evil, no ‘absolutely wrong’! But it’s Charlatanism, not Relativism. You can’t work for bad guys, defend Racism/ Genocide, and help brutal dictators, and then say: ‘Oh, it’s not absolutely wrong. We all are grey’! It’s Charlatanism, not Relativism”. We have already written about this issue. (For more info check Archive for: “Nothing But the Truth”, “Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys”, etc). The bad guys and their whores just play with concepts like Relativism, Principle, Tolerance, Good, Evil, etc. They want to fool and confuse people. But as the wise Iranians say: “Logic, reason, and our instincts and our humanity can aid us in knowing [these bastards]. For instance, behaviors that threaten group cohesion and cooperation such as cheating, lying, and stealing disgust humans and social animals [...] Instincts and emotions are not reliable, but if you mix these natural guides with logic, reason and human values, you can have a good guide”. Unfortunately, many still admire the Western Crap or the Lefty Crap. As some wise Iranians say: “Many think only clergymen and fanatics should talk about ‘Morality’ or ‘Ethics’ !, and when you talk about ‘Ethics’, they see it as ‘Rozeh’ (preaching)! Unfortunately many philosophers thought in this way, too. For instance, Nietzsche was sick and tired of clergymen, fanatics and their religious morality. But he concluded that ‘Morality’ is a stupid thing, and only the poor and the weak creatures care about Morality, and it’s what the Power wants. Nietzsche said many stupid things, because the bad guys and fanatics had blinded him. Religious fanatics have always caused a lot of pain and a lot of trouble, and it has blinded many people. But we all should not allow these stupid bastards to blind us to the truth. Fortunately, many have become aware. Many talk about ‘the dark and savage morality of the Jewish Bible’, and say: ‘The Church has praised or condoned slavery, racism, s-exism, genocide etc throughout most of Christianity’s history. During the Middle Age, the Church and clergymen showed how corrupt a so-called religious society can be’. Now many know that the bad guys can be religious or irreligious people. Those American and European politicians/ journalists who love Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Censorship, Big lies, Orwellian acts etc are two groups: religious and irreligious. They are stupid charlatans, and say for instance: ‘lifestyle choices represent an individual’s conception of the good life, and Morality’! In fact, they confess that Racism, Sadism or Barbarism is part of their lifestyle and their culture!”. As the wise Iranians say: “All bad guys are the same shit. They tell big lies, hurt Humans and do all evil things, but shed crocodile tears for Morality or Humanity! [...] But we, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We don’t see Religion and religious people in black and white. We don’t see irreligious people in black and white, as well. We just care about [the Truth]“. They also add: “Whores and fanatics shed crocodile tears for ‘Lack of Morality, Individualism, etc’. British Barbarians defend Utilitarianism, Colonialism, Tyranny, Monarchy, Censorship etc but call themselves Democrats! Unfortunately, whores are everywhere. Many Western scientists are whores. But the good scientists exist, and care about the truth. As they truly say, the development of human values and modern morality is a process closely tied to the sociocultural evolution of humanity. The sociocultural evolution belongs to the civilized humans, and is different from the biological evolution. The process of biological evolution is senseless and merciless. It merely creates life-forms, and insures that all possible combinations are tested for survivability. But the survival of the species is in importance. The survival of the individual is the least important. In the animal world, behavior which supply less opportunity for species survival is perverted. But in the human world, we care about the quality of life, the high level needs, the individual, and those things that are as important as survival. We, humans, climb up the Hierarchy of Needs, and see the importance of the human values and the high level needs. We don’t want to live like animals. We want to know more about the life, the world, the universe, etc. We want to have a better world, a better life, a better future. We want to enjoy our life. We know that the joys of high level drives is much more than the joys of animal drives (food, s-e-x, money, etc). We, humans, care about the long term welfare and the long term goals, but most animals are very short-sighted. Of course, part of our species -ie politicians, fanatics, and other retards- are more short-sighted than animals”.

Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire

January 3, 2014

2014 begins with a farce. In these days, Iranians laugh and spit at Islamists and the West, and express their anger because as they say: “Mullahs are celebrating ‘the 2009 Massacres’ ! In the anniversary of ‘the Ashoura Massacre’, the Islamist killers, who are puppets of the US, are celebrating the US-backed 2009 Coup/ Massacre .. The Mullah TV is worse than [the Nazi media]; from morning to night, this fucking mourning station is celebrating the Great Massacre of Iranians!”. Anyone with half a brain knows the meaning of the current farce. As the wise Iranians say: “the Mad Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA/ the West) are making love with each other, but trying to hide the truth by ‘Barking’, ‘Farting’, or Celebrating the US-backed massacre! What they do is a clear sign of their confusion, their misery, their bankruptcy, and their End. They just make a fool of themselves, and make people even angrier. Now Iran’s people say: ‘Mullahs are worse than animals .. Islamists are savage beasts .. Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive these animals (Islamists), their Western supporters, and their Unforgivable Crimes’. Now even the Mullah newspapers (‘Islamic Republic’ etc) warn Mullahs about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people‘! They say: ‘Iranians are mad at the Islamic regime’ ! (Dec 2013) They know the meanings of the Jalali-Rouhani farce (the 2013 Show). They know the public anger. They confess that ‘the Islamic regime has become the regime of Crooks and Thieves’. They talk about Economic Basijis and ‘the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history’! They talk about ‘Social Security Organization’, and Embezzling Billions of Dollars in the AN’s era’! But it’s important to note that the West censors these facts and all facts/ news of Iran, and just makes love with Islamists [...] But why the Mullah media warns about the Public Anger, and arousing the anger of the people?! They know the year 1978, when the Shah was celebrating the US-backed 1953 coup! They know that Islamists (Basijis, Khatamists, etc) have no public support in Iran, and their ‘Hassan Mullah’ (Rouhani) is worse than AN. Now this British Rouhani openly praises the 2009 coup, and talks about implementing the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! So, it’s obvious why they warn about ‘the upcoming Revolution’ and ‘the large army of angry people’. They know that the Big Bang is near. They know that Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive the anti-Iranian Islamists and their Unforgivable Crimes. The Evil Empire (the West) and its agents (Chomsky, lefts, etc) love Islamists; but in Iran, Islamists are a symbol of Corruption, Tyranny, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Killing, and all immoral things”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Their collaborations are as laughable as their secret talks and secret deals. The US and the West censor all facts/ news of Iran, hurt Iranians, help Islamists, and praise Genocide, Bullying, Hurting Iranians, and Helping Anti-Democracy groups. On the other hand, Islamists lick the American ass & the British ass, slow down the filtered internet, try to ruin Iran & hurt Iranians, celebrate massacres of Iranians, and serve the West’s interests! Their collaborations show that they still live in the 19th century, the Age of Puppet Dictators! They still think they can use the dual policy of the 19th century: ‘Tyranny/ Oppression for Iran’, ‘Profit/ Concession for the West’ ! The current farces again confirm people’s views: the Mullah regime is a puppet regime, and the West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. The West is the real Evil Empire, and Islamists are the pawns of the Evil Empire”. They also add: “The Immorality of Religious Fanatics, aka the Religious Immorality, is so disgusting. Islamists, Zionists, and all religious fanatics openly say: ‘Genocide is good; Racism is good; Sadism is good; Killing/ Hurting innocent people is good; Cheating is good; Telling big lies is good; Eating shit is good’ ! Religious fanatics -ie Islamists, Jewish/ Christian fanatics etc- are really worse than animals. The social animals have some sort of morality. But religious fanatics have no morality. They openly say: ‘Is Genocide Really Unethical? Is Torture Unethical? Is Massacre Really Unethical? no! they can become moral in the right context [!!] Killing innocent people can be justified [!!]‘. Of course, none of this should be surprising. As our people say: Religious fanatics don’t believe in the Good, the Truth, or Iranian values; If they believed in such things, they would not think and behave like [Barbarians]“. In these days, many things are laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges are showing their true colors, and trying to disillusion all people! We should thank them! Islamists, who are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian, are celebrating Killing, Lying, Raping, Cheating, Stealing etc. They show that the Islamist Morality is nothing but the Jewish-British Morality, ie the Morality of Barbarians. On the other hand, the West and Islamists are making love. The West badly shows its true face. But the Western Lies, the Western Censorship, and the West’s sadistic & immoral behaviors just confirm that the Immorality of Islamists is a copy of the Immorality of the West. The West, Islamists and their Jewish morality praise Lying, Fraud, Sadism, Oppression, Tyranny, and all evil things. The West and Islamists have created the worst coups/ election frauds in Iran’s history, the greatest embezzlements/ corruptions in Iran’s history, the biggest lies in Iran’s history, the worst anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history, great massacres, great injustice, and many other unforgivable crimes. In 2009 and these years, all Iranians saw the true face of the Islamist morality, that is a Jewish morality. Clergymen and religious fanatics do all evil things in the name of Religion. But as most Iranians say: ‘It just leads to the abandonment of Religion entirely’. And it’s what we all can see in Iran under the Mullah regime, or in Europe after the Middle Ages. The irony of it is that the main enemies of God and Religion are Religious Fanatics!”.


The bad guys try to shatter people’s illusions -all illusions! In these conditions, many thank the bad guys for such stupidities, and many talk or think about the roots of problems. For instance, some Iranians say: “All bad guys try to prove: Religion = Religious fanatics, and Morality = Religion! But why?! Why do religious fanatics and all bad guys try to destroy Religion, and even Morality?! [...] They just want to enslave all humans. One day they try to enslave humans by Religion, and one day they try to enslave humans by Anti-Religion”. As some Iranians say: “The stupid West and its stooges (Islamists, etc) want to hurt Iran and Iranians. But these stupid sadists actually help Iran and Iranians. For restoring the Great Iran (Persia), Iranians should know the West and its stooges very well [...] Now the West shows its true colors, and it’s exactly what Iran needs! Now it’s clear that Islamists and all exiled whores are stupid slaves of the West’s Evil Empire. Now it’s clear why Iranians refer to Islamists and exiled whores as spies, stooges, crooks, etc. Now Islamists and Jewish/ Christian fanatics clearly show that the meanest people and the most corrupt/ immoral people are religious fanatics”. As some wise Iranians say: “Westerners are ignorant. But our people, ie the people of the Land of the Good (Iran), say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: ‘You are sick idiots (Bimar). You even don’t believe in your own crap. You say: ‘Lying is worse than Adultery’! But from morning to night, you tell the biggest lies! You not only tell big lies, but you cheat, you steal, you kill/ torture innocent people, and you do all evil things. You are psychos (Ravani). You need a good doctor!”. They also add: “Islamists and all religious fanatics in the West are Sadists. According to dictionaries, ‘Sadist = someone who enjoys hurting other people or making them suffer’. This definition just remind you of the West & Islamists! And that’s why many Iranians say to Islamists and all religious fanatics: “You, the sadists, are sworn enemies of the Morality, and all good things. You say: ‘We want to protect the Morality by telling big lies, killing innocent people, stealing people’s money, oppressing people, and doing all immoral things! You, the sadists, are a joke. Your religious morality is like the Nazi morality. Your Jewish God is really the Devil. You are the forces of Evil”. The current farces and the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’ just open all old wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no morality, no honor, and no brain. Mullahs just obey the Evil Empire and the Biblical-Jewish immorality. Mullahs just try to repeat the history of Europe, the Middle Ages, and what Jews/ Christians did and do in the name of Religion. Europeans committed the most horrible crimes against humanity in the name of Religion and religious morality. They defended, and still defend, Genocide, Racism, Colonialism, Explanation, Slavery, and all evil things in the name of Religion and religious morality. They and Islamists just show that religious fanatics are the main source of ‘immoral behaviors’ & immoral crimes”. They also add: “Many religious people are good guys, and most religious people hate religious fanatics. But unfortunately, religious people are silent, and allow religious fanatics to prove: all religious people = religious fanatics. In Iran, Islamists (Mullahs, Basijis, Khatamists, etc) are nothing but a small group of anti-Iranian crooks, thieves, killers, spies, and bad guys who hurt Iranians and help Iran’s enemies. But they and all religious fanatics show and prove an important thing: ‘Religion can create bad guys and immoral people’. On the other hand, we all can see that many great men, moral people and good guys are irreligious people. So, even if you ignore science, evolution, philosophy, history, etc, you still can see that Morality is independent of Religion“. We would write more about this issue later. But as some Iranians say: “The West and all bad guys love ‘immorality’ and religious fanatics. Who created, defend, or strongly support Wahabism, Salafism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Mormonism, Zionism, Terrorism, Colonialism, Racism, Fanaticism, Monarchism, Sadism, Charlatanism, etc?! the US, the UK, and Europe, aka the Evil Empire. They are still animals in human’s clothing. They tell big lies, censor all facts, and aid Islamists. Just Look at Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, etc [...] Now Mullahs are celebrating ‘the UK-backed Massacre’, and their British masters sending the Queen’s envoys (Jack Straw, etc) to Iran to thank British Mullahs! The British Bitch (Queen) is the Mother of Mullahs and all evil forces”. They also add: “Almost all Iranians hate Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Monarchists, and other Anti-Iran shits. But the UK and the US openly support these evil, anti-Democracy and anti-Persia groups, and show that why even the pro-West Iranians have changed, and now say: ‘… Az Yek Mosht Adam-Khor va Barbar chi Mishe Tavagho Dasht !’ (The UK has no understanding of humanity & human civilization; What you can expect from a bunch of human-eaters & barbarians !) … Az Yek Mosht Gav Cheroon Vahshi bish az-in nemishe Tavagho Dasht ! (The US can’t understand more than this; What you can expect from a bunch of savage cow boys!) Their history of Civilization is a 500 years-old history, while our history of Civilization is a 15,000 years-old history. So, they are like a stupid upstart or a worthless parvenu .. We should teach them Civilization and Humanity, and make them Human!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the CIA agents call themselves ‘American intellectuals’ and say: ‘In the USA, Moralism is out, with good reason [!!] Only nations with a comfortable surfeit of power can permit themselves the luxury of allowing moral considerations [!!!] to shape basic policy [!!]” (Dec 2013) Can you believe it?! They confess that they and their USA are very immoral pigs. They show why even the good Americans say: ‘the most barbaric & racist piece of theology belongs to the Jewish fanatics and [our ancestors]. The Christian fanatics have spilled most blood ‘under the Cross’ ! In the Evil Empire, their main religion is ‘Barbarism, Power and Money’”.


As the wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We don’t say all Westerners are bad guys. But the Barbarian West makes love with the Mullah regime, hurts Iranians, helps Islamists, and says: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! The West has no shame. US Congressmen openly say: ‘We should hurt the Iranian people’! But why does the West show its true face in this way?! [...] The West has confused. The West is totally bankrupt, and nearing the End. Now even Americans say: ‘America is drowning in ‘sea of immorality’ (sea of lie and corruption)! It’s true. The West and its stooges, including Islamists, are drowning in ‘Sea of Immorality’; Sea of Stupidity. Now, all Iranian predictions seem to have come true. The Dawn is near; and as you know, the night before dawn is always the darkest“. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the Western fanatics, or religious fanatics in America. As some wise Iranians say: “Congressmen and the savage Americans in authority openly praise Sadism, Genocide, Biblical Barbarism, Racism, Fanaticism, etc. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s interesting to know that the sadistic & immoral pigs in America call themselves ‘Fellowship of God’s Covenant People’! (FGCP), etc [...] FGCP, like KKK, is one of many religious groups in America that openly praise Genocide & Barbarism. They say, for instance: ‘We had to exterminate the Canaanite/ Jew in the Promised Land .. The Canaanite could not ever serve our God, the God of the Bible .. But millions of Americans disobey the commandments of the God of the Bible’ !! (, 2012) These savage Americans praise Genocide, but shed crocodile for Morality, and say: ‘Marilyn Monroe was a foolish and immoral woman. ‘The Seven Year Itch’ is a horrible, horrible, wicked movie produced in 1954. The statue of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is of the Devil. Chicago is a hell-hole. Marilyn Monroe’s statue is the height of wickedness’ ! (, 2012) These barbarians praise Racism and incite Genocide, but they crap about the poor Monroe! They show that the empty head of all religious fanatics is a hell-hole, a shit-hole! All religious fanatics hate the Good, the Truth, and Human values. Their real religion is Satanism. Their Jewish God is the Devil, and asks them to lie, to cheat, to rape, to kill, to massacre, to genocide, to torture, to hurt, and to ruin the humanity and the civilized world”. They also add: “People are becoming aware. Now many ask: ‘Who control the West? Who control the World?! And many say: ‘the Evil Empire. Those bad guys who control the West want to control the whole World’. But how they could control the West? By creating many illusions and delusions, like the illusions of Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights, etc. But now they just disillusion people and show that the West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, Rights, and all good things! So, sooner or later all people will rebel. Now many insiders are like Snowden. Many insiders are tired of the Evil Empire. For instance, as the media says: ‘Mathematicians in Wall Streets are corrupt people, Chris Arnade [says about his former colleagues in Wall Streets]. In the US, there is a constant battle between profit (cheating) and morality [, Arnade says] My job was to try to extract as much value as possible through math and clever trading [!] They paid me big checks. I was, for the first time in my life, feeling valued for my math skills [!!] After a few years on Wall Street it was clear to me: you could make money by gaming anyone and everything [!!] [We must] slow down Wall Street’s wild behavior’ ! (Nov 2013) It says a lot about the wild and immoral culture of the USA”. They also add: “Iranian people laugh at Mullahs and the West, and say: ‘Dorugh Migan Mesl-e Sag’ ! (they tell big lies like pigs!) But now even Americans and Canadians say such things about their politicians. In these days, the Canadian people talk about ‘Christmas in the Dark‘, and the media says: A bad situation: Ice storm cuts power in Eastern Canada’. Apparently about 500,000 families (millions of Canadians) were without power. As their media says: ‘many people left in the dark. Many were forced to spend Christmas at a shelter in a school or a warming center’. The poor people in the US are suffering, too. As the US media says: ‘Almost 400,000 homes and businesses in Michigan, upstate New York and northern New England were without electricity. Many spent Christmas at a school’. A Canadian blogger in Montreal writes about ‘Ice Rain and Ice Strom in Canada’, and says: ‘Stephen Harper (Farter) ignores the suffering of so many. Six days after the ice storm, many people are still without power from Ontario to New Brunswick .. Harper (Farter) is a force of destruction, who is leading us to disaster, and this country as we know it to extinction .. Replace this Harperland winter of destruction with Maple Spring. Turn Anger into Resistance‘ ! It’s funny, and important, that even Canadians say such things. The Canadian government doesn’t care about average people in Canada. The stupid Canada’s government even doesn’t try to solve the problem of the power lines once and for all. They can put all power lines, cables and pipes under the underground, in a warm tunnel. But they just steal their people’s money, and don’t care about their people’s problems. The Canadian politicians are a bunch of crooks and thieves, and it’s obvious why Canadians talk about Turning Anger into Resistance [...] How Canadians trying to keep warm in their darkened, frozen homes? Some Canadians say: ‘Many use a gas-powered generator in their garage to supply electricity to heat the house. It can seeping carbon monoxide into a home. In Toronto, thousands were taken to hospital with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and some died. Police in Quebec say carbon monoxide poisoning has been the cause of several deaths’. It’s really shameful. Unfortunately, idiots, corrupt people and bad guys rule the world. Fictions talked about ‘when computers rule the world’ or ‘when the Big Brother and the Evil Empire rule the world’. But what you can see today is not a fiction. Now the Evil Empire and bad guys try to rule the world and keep all humans under control. Of course they will fail, because the Land of the Good is still alive, and many many good guys still exit on earth; they can be silent, but they exist; and sooner or later they will break their silence”.

2013 Lessons, 2013 Scandals, 2013 Truths

December 28, 2013

This year (2013) was an important year. As some wise Iranians say: “This year showed that the West and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin. The West and Mullahs still help each other, and hurt Iranians. They still censor the voices of people, send horrible noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the horrible filtered internet! They still tell bad lies, insult people’s intelligence, torture people, and try to create more and more hatred and anger! The love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satans (USA/ IMF/ UK/ etc)’ is so informative. They try to prove that their Mullah regime is nothing but a puppet regime, an anti-Iranian regime, that should be toppled by force! They try to prove that Mullahs/ Islamists are puppets of the West, and only understand Force! This year revealed the true colors of the West and its puppets. In this year most people became increasingly disillusioned with the West. The 2013 facts -including the stories of British Lies, British Mullahs, Mullah Show, and Guardians of bad guys- showed that what Iranians already said about the UK, Mullahs, etc was not wrong. This year shows that the West is really the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in Iran and other countries. Snowden and the US regime showed that the Death of American Democracy is not a myth. This year showed that the American Fascism is on the rise, and America has become the Land of the Sheeple. In this year the good/ wise Americans tried to make the American Sheeple aware, but the US Sheeple are still in the majority. Some of them are religious fanatics, racists, sadists, and bad guys. They are like their politicians, and just care about money and power, the animal life. But many of them are not bad guys. They just live like slaves, under a great illusion. But as this year showed, If the American Sheeple remain ignorant and inactive, the End of the United States, as you know it, will be near and inevitable”. In this year, Snowden disillusioned many people. But as some wise Iranians say: “In these last days of 2013, they try to close Snowden’s movie! At first, their media reported: ‘NSA officials say they would consider amnesty for Snowden if he stops revealing secrets‘ ! (Dec 2013) And after some days, their media said: ‘Snowden declares ‘mission accomplished’ [!] in a series of interviews with the Washington Post (WP)’ ! (Dec 2013) Apparently, the bad guys think that Snowden’s deal with Big Brother, like Manning’s deal with Big Brother, can disappoint people/ whistleblowers. Their media says: ‘Snowden has declared ‘mission accomplished’, seven months after his revelations. Snowden says: ‘For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished [...] I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself’ ! (WP, Dec2013) Snowden has even said: ‘I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA [!] I am still working for the NSA right now [!!!] They are the only ones who don’t realize it [!!]‘ (WP, Dec 2013) It’s one of the most shameful, but informative things that Snowden has said yet! In this year, Snowden just confirmed what many already guessed. He didn’t say a new thing. Snowden knew important things, but he didn’t reveal them [...] The fate of Snowden and Manning in 2013 reminds many of Stalinism and Stalinist confessions”. The sad stories of Snowden and Manning are so important. As the wise Iranians say: ‘[these sad stories] are unique in US history, and show that the US and the West are suppressing whistleblowers, critics, and dissidents. Their methods are laughable. At first, they try to make people like Snowden and Manning heroes, and in the end, they try to destroy these media-made (straw) heroes! They want to discourage people from fighting Big Brothers [...] Snowden and Manning are bad guys (agents) or good guys? It’s not clear. But it’s clear that they are not, and should not be, heroes. We all should support them until when they do/ say good things. We all should defend their basic rights as humans, not as heroes! As good guys say: ‘We defend their basic rights, and if they say good things, we will praise them. But if they say stupid things, or help the bad guys, we will criticize them’ [...] The fate of Snowden and Manning just creates more awareness, more anger, and more hatred towards Big Brothers”. They also add: “the 2013 scandals showed that ‘American Stalinism’ or ‘American Fascism’ is not a myth [For more info, check Archive]. In the UK and the US, they just try to scare their people, and discourage them from asking for real changes and protesting against Big Brothers. It’s a sad truth. What OWS, UK Riots, 2013 Scandals etc showed is this undeniable fact that the UK and the US are Orwellian tyrannies, not democracies. The US was and is much better than the UK, but as this year showed, the US is following the UK path. Now what George Orwell said about the UK Orwellian Tyranny in ’1984′ reminds many of the USA! Now the US regime openly defends Orwellian Tyranny, and openly says whistleblowers and critics like Snowden are terrorists or traitors! It’s unbelievable. But America’s main problem is not its politicians. America’s main problem is its intellectual whores and its Sheeple”.


As some wise Iranians say: “This year showed that Sadism, Bullying, Tyranny, etc are among the American values! Now US politicians and Congress not only praise ‘Sadism’, but they openly support Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, Terrorists, and all evil and anti-Democracy forces! [...] This year showed why Iranians refer to the 2009 coup as ‘a CIA-backed coup’, ‘a UK-backed coup’, etc. This year (2013 Show, current farces, etc) showed that Mullahs/ Islamists are stupid slaves of the UK and the US. British Mullahs make love with their Great Satan, but try to torture Iran’s people, create more and more hatred and anger, and accelerate the arrival of the Big Bang! They are eating both ‘Onions & Sticks’! Such a wisdom! Appointing Rouhani had a very clear meaning. Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime so much, and the Big Bang is near. Now even British Mullahs say: ‘Any phenomenon that is created by force cannot endure‘!, and Iranians laugh and say: ‘Yah, it’s true! The 2009 coup showed that the Mullah regime is really a puppet regime that has been created by force, and by foreign support. So it cannot endure’! The CIA-backed 2009 coup was a godsend for Iran. Now the West, the Left, and Mullahs repeat their old crap, while Iran’s people laugh / spit at them, and say many good things about them! This year and current farces show that why Iran’s people say: ‘all Islamists are puppet dictators/ terrorists/ crooks etc .. the Mullah regime is a cesspool of British spies and CIA agents .. the UK-backed 2009 coup and the 2013 facts show that the Mullah regime is the worst puppet regime in Iran’s history .. Mullahs/ Islamists are the worst puppets of Iran’s enemies (Mozdur-e Doshman) and the worst stooges/ shits (Fenteh/ Nekbat) .. Islamists are British spies, Arab/ Jewish agents, etc’. In this year, the English Lie Factory (UK media) and the American Lie Factory (US media) showed that the West is behind the Mullah regime and all Islamists. Now even Mullahs confirm this fact! For instance, Rohani’s aid, Tork-an, has recently said a few good things about IMF Plans in Iran. He referred to IMF Plans as a great mistake, a disaster, etc. Tork-an showed that even idiots know how AN, Islamists and IMF (ie Zionists/ Imperialists!) worked together, and how Jewish Spies (AN, Keyhan, etc) and British Mullahs implemented IMF Plans, ruined Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product, and paved the way for the 2012 sanctions. But it’s not the whole story. Do you know what the Mullah TV and its British spies/ Basiji faggots say?! On 22 Dec 2013, the Mullah TV said: ‘Tork-an is ignorant. We should praise [IMF Plans]‘, because the IMF defends them [!!] Even in 2013, the IMF praised these plans, and thanked us for implementing these plans in Iran’ !! Can you believe it?! Islamists openly say such things about the IMF, their beloved Zionist/ Imperialist organization! In fact, what is said about the IMF-Mullah love affairs, and the Left-IMF love affairs is not a myth. Now it’s clear why Iranians laugh at Mullahs and Great Evils (US/ UK), and say: ‘Dava Sar-e Lahaf Mullahst !’ (Their fight is a sham fight, a fight over Mullah’s blanket !)”. Unfortunately, most Westerners are ignorant. As the wise Iranians say: “They are controlled by their media. And their media and their intellects are controlled by money and Big Brother! The American journalists/ intellects are stupid whores. They defend dictators, Islamists, terrorists, sadists, and all evil forces! They just care about money and power, not the truth and what is good and decent”. They also add: “Who is Snowden? It’s not important. But in his open letter to the people of Brazil, Snowden says: ‘NSA and other spying agencies tell us that for our own ‘safety’ they have revoked our right to privacy and broken into our lives! They are watching all people. They even keep track of who is having an affair or looking at pornography, in case they need to damage their target’s reputation. These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about social control, [etc]. They’re about power’. It’s really true. But do you know what the US intellects say to their people? They say: ‘If you are not doing anything wrong, you should not care how much you are spied on’ ! It’s what media whores and Big Brother’s agents say in the US! Unfortunately, most Americans accept such crap! The US Sheeple don’t know that what their media/ think tanks say is not a new thing. All Big Brothers/ dictators tell people: ‘We control your life because it’s better for you. You don’t know many things. But our experts know what is better for your country, your security, your family, and your future. We are here to help you. We are here to protect you from bad guys. So, If you are not doing anything wrong, you should not care why Big Brothers control you’ ! The American Sheeple accept such logic and such crap! They don’t know the world and history. In the UK, the US, and all police states, the bad guys shed crocodile tears for people, and say: ‘We just want to protect you from the enemy, terrorists, bad guys, and those who don’t obey our laws. If you are not doing anything wrong, you should not be worried. Surveillance Is Necessary! If you are not doing anything wrong, you should not care about what we do”. In the US and the UK, media and intellectual whores repeat such crap, and the British Sheeple and the American Sheeple accept such crap! The stupid Britons/ Americans call themselves ‘Intellectuals’, ‘Pioneers’, etc but talk about ‘the maximum tolerable level of Surveillance/ Tyranny/ Censorship/ Barbarism‘ !, and ask ‘How Much Surveillance/ Tyranny/ Censorship/ Barbarism Can Democracy Withstand?’ ! They don’t know the real danger of secret programs, and the vital importance of transparency. Transparency is a pillar of Democracy, while the NSA and all secret programs in the US and the UK are anti-Transparency, anti-Democracy, anti-Human Rights [...] In the UK and the US, Democracy is ‘Democracy Show’, as their Elections are Election Shows, and their debates are Debate Shows. If you want to know their disgusting Democracy Show, you can take a look at the British Parliament, or Congress and Congressional hearings in the US. They just insult the people’s intelligence, and their media tries to protect the people from Reality!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “This year showed that the UK and the US are police states. The soup is too salty that even Merkel says to Obama: ‘The NSA is like the Stasi (Gestapo)’ ! Now even Americans talk about ‘Self-Censorship’ in America’, and say: ‘NSA Drives US Writers to Self‑Censor’ ! The USA is becoming a Fascist country. Now, the US big companies and the so-called Tech giants ask for reforming ‘Spying on people’ !, instead of ‘Stopping ‘spying on people’! They don’t say: Stop the Orwellian programs; but they write letter and ask the US regime to reform the Orwellian programs! [...] In the West, Big Brothers are not accountable to the people. Now the UK media openly says: ‘the ex-GCHQ chief [openly] says spies and spy agencies should not be accountable to parliament’ ! It’s the British Democracy! In the UK, Big Brother and his agents are not accountable to parliament! Now the US and the UK openly praise the mass surveillance techniques, and the mass brainwashing methods, and pretend that it’s Democracy! In this year [some Americans] say: ‘The media has fooled Americans into thinking that the US is a force of good! But Bad Guys Are Transforming America Into A Giant Prison, and An Evil Empire‘. Now ‘American Sadism’ is converting into Masochism, and those Americans pigs who hurt Iranians and others, are hurting their own people, too. The American pigs not only praise Oppression, Bullying, Sadism (sanctions, etc), keeping Iran weak, converting Iran into a big prison, hurting Iran’s people, etc but they are hurting their own people, and converting the West into a giant prison. Now, the Western media says: ‘Freedom of speech is widely threatened across Europe. Spain is now considering a law to make it a crime to ‘insult Spain’! The UK’s system of Internet censorship (UK Great Firewall) has been inaugurated [...]‘ ! The West has become a bad joke. In Dec 2013, the BBC reported: ‘Britain’s Great Firewall switched on! Britain has announced the launch of a new internet filter [known as Great Firewall]. Britain’s default ‘internet filter’ [that is like the Mullah Great Firewall] is designed to block sites deemed unsuitable for people [!!]‘ As Americans say: ‘If you live in the UK or the US, you live in a Matrix. In America today, the control freaks that run things are watching, tracking, monitoring and recording virtually everything that we do. But Do you know who else gets watched, tracked and monitored 24 hours a day? Prisoners do ! We live in a big prison, The US Matrix. But most Americans don’t seem to care’ (Dec 2013)” They also add: “The West is a bad joke. In Dec 2013, the BBC reported: ‘Britain’s Great Firewall switched on!, and the GU said: ‘The UK and France are banning prostitution, buying and selling s-e-x !’ The UK and France are really backward countries [...] In the West, they try to ban prostitution!, while you can find ‘Prostitution’ in all aspects of their life [...] In the West, journalists, intellects and even scientists get money, and say/ do what bad guys want. But it’s worse than the oldest profession (prostitution)! The female prostitutes (who sell their body) are more honorable than western journalists and western intellects, who sell their soul, their pen, and their humanity. In the West, the real prostitutes are journalists, intellects, scientists, etc who proudly call themselves ex-CIA, ex-MI6, or even ex-Human! It’s funny that their media say: ‘Big Hollywood names work as I-s-r-aeli spies and CIA agents’ ! (Nov 2013) or ‘Hollywood producer, behind hits like ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Fight Club’ confirms he was I-s-raeli spy [!!] He also confirms other big Hollywood names were connected to his spying/ covert affairs [!!] Since the 1970s, he working closely with big names such as Oliver Stone [!]‘ (Nov 2013) Apparently only those who work in the oldest profession can become somebody in the West!”. They also add: “Now even Americans say ‘How Sadistic And Cruel Americans Have Become! (Nov 2013) They say: ‘our American society has become very sick, very twisted and very evil … What our American government wants is total Control‘. They know that the US is corrupt and bankrupt. They know that Britain is more than the US’ stooge in the surveillance scandals. But they don’t know the US Sadism and ‘American Sadists’. Only a few Americans talk about ‘St. Obama the Sadist‘, and know that Congressmen are sick Sadists. In the US, sadists have become masochists, and as Snowden says: ‘Today, if you carry a cellphone, they track where you are. If you visit a website, they keep track of when it happened and what you did on that site. They keep record of who has an affair, or who visits social networks, p-o-rn sites, etc. [They] violate Americans’ rights’. But most Americans are stupid, while Iranians even laugh at the Star-Spangled Banner, the US national anthem, because the US regime hurts and bullies Iran, and shows that the US anthem is really about The Star Swastika Banner! [...] In 2013, the national anthem of Little Britain is still ‘God Save The Queen’ !, and it says a lot the British Tyranny. In 2013, the UK national anthem, that is one of the most ridiculous Orwellian anthem in history, says: ‘God save our gracious Queen, [!] Long live our noble Queen, [!] God save the Queen! Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us [!!] …’ It’s really shameful that a country calls itself Democracy, but its national anthem just reminds you of Tyranny, Big Brother, and Animal Farm of Big Brother !”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Prostitutes just care about money; Animals just care about the law of the jungle (Power); and the West and its stooges just care about ‘Power, and Money’! Their Media Matrix tries to control people. They make fake heroes, and ask them to disappoint people. But the good guys don’t need any heroes, simply because being good guy is important, not being hero. History shows us that if you really want a better world, you need good guys, not heroes. Most heroes turn into dictators, fascists, traitors, and bad guys. For having a better world, you need a large army of good guys”. They also add: “If people want a better world or real changes, the solution is simple: they should not live, think, and behave like bad guys. But who are Bad Guys?! The religious fanatics are bad guys. Those who tell big lies and hurt people are bad guys. Those who just care ‘Power, and Money’ are bad guys. Those who live like animals, and don’t care about other humans and human values are bad guys. Those who love ignorance and hate progress, science, and truth are bad guys”. They also add: “Snowden can be a bad guy. But he says many good things. For instance, Snowden says (in a letter to Brazilians): ‘In democracies, surveillance of the public must be debated by the public. My act of conscience began with a statement: I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, and everything I do is recorded .. If Brazil hears only one thing from me, let it be this: when all of us band together against injustices and in defense of privacy and basic human rights, we can defend ourselves from even the most powerful systems‘. It’s really true. Defending basic human rights, including Snowden’s basic rights, is [so important]. But all governments refused to defend Snowden’s basic rights! In this fucking world, all governments are slaves of the Big Brother. Even those states/ regimes that called themselves ‘free world’ or ‘free countries’ are nothing but ‘Orwellian societies’ and slaves of the Big Brother. It’s shameful that only the stupid Russia cared about ‘the American intelligence services employee Snowden’!, and grant him temporary asylum. It’s shameful that all governments rejected Snowden’s asylum request. It says a lot the Evil Empire (Matrix) that has polluted the whole world. Almost all governments can see America’s double standards on human rights and democracy, but they close their dirty eyes and their mouths. Their media, in the best case, are like the Washington Post (WP) and the Guardian (GU), which are among the worst Big Brother’s media in history. In this year, they reported: ‘Obama cancels meeting with Putin over Snowden asylum tensions’ ! (GU, Aug 2013) or ‘Now is the time to fundamentally rethink our relationship with Russia,’ said senator John McCain after Snowden was granted asylum’! (WP, Aug 2013) Their media even said: ‘On American buses, cameras are watching and listening’ ! (WP, 2013) As Americans say: ‘A camera here, a camera there, a camera everywhere! [American] surveillance cameras record audio and video on buses and trains in the US. [And] in the UK, surveillance camera and video recording is now common even in [Toilets (restrooms)] ! In the UK, they are even watching WCs, bathrooms, and your privates (private parts)’ ! In this year, the West’s Evil Empire showed its true face. But as Westerners say: ‘the West’s people don’t care; they won’t want change! they say: If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about’! [But] why would you object to the government searching your home without a warrant?! If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about! If you were told that while you are at work, the government is coming into your home every day and searching it, you would accept it?! You think it’s a violation of your rights, or you [love to live] like Prisoners?! Poll numbers indicate that about 50% of Americans think the NSA’s mass spying is just fine! [These American Sheeple love to live like prisoners/ slaves in the Matrix ! ] No doubt the NSA and bad guys look at the poll numbers, and see it as a mandate to continue and expand Orwellian programs. [Now even the mass media] says: NSA surveillance program is going to get worse’ (Dec 2013)”. They also add: “All Americans are not stupid. Many American people are not Sheeple. They say: ‘A good advice to us all is: ‘We need to resist. Resist. Resist. Resist. Resist .. If we are silent, we lose .. they want to suppress opposition and dissident activities .. our celebrities are bad guys. Mariah Carey is [a real] whore. She’s entertained despots and brutal dictators .. Beyoncé also performed for the Gaddafi family. [US celebrities] are stupid whores”. In this year, many people, Iranian and non-Iranians, say good things. They talk about the 2013 truths and the 2013 lessons, and say for instance: “China dare not tolerate freedom of the press’, the UK media says. But
Politically bankrupt Britain dare not tolerate freedom of the press, too! .. the English Lie Factory (UK Media), Guardians of bad guys, and their lies and propaganda just remind you of Orwell’s 1984 .. In the UK and USA, Journalism is nothing but Prostitution. For British journalists, lies are truths, and money is everything .. Now even the UK media warns about public anger and Revolution, and says: ‘Most Britons are angry with politicians[!] Only 16% of Britons say they feel ‘respectful’ towards British politicians [!] In the UK, more than two-thirds, 68%, say British politicians makes them more angry than anything else‘ ! .. In Iran, this 68% is 99%! .. Mullahs and British politicians are the same shits .. ordinary Westerners are just ignorant. They are like those tourists who say: I wondered why I didn’t know anything about the good and well-mannered people of Iran, who are very cultured, before my trip to Iran?! .. the 2013 truths are not conspiracy theories. But [Sheeple] learn nothing from 2013, while those who are not blind, deaf, and retard can learn a lot from the 2013 lessons”.

Chele and Yalda: Orwell, Matrix, Control

December 22, 2013

In this year (2013) and this Chele season (Yalda season) Iranians talk about British Mullahs, Iran’s enemies, and main problems. As the wise Iranians say: “This year (2013) showed what the Iranian people said about the UK, Mullahs, Arabs, the US, etc was not wrong. Now all people can see the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan (USA)’, the love story of ‘Arabs and Jews’, etc. . Now it’s clear that the West is behind Islamists, Monarchists, Marxists (MEK), terrorists, dictators and all evil forces. In pre-2009, most Iranians that are young and educated were pro-American and pro-West. But now many things have changed. The West has sowed the seeds of hate since 2009. They showed that the West is the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan (USA)’ is as ridiculous as the love story of ‘savage Jews and savage Arabs. Now Mullahs and their Javad (Zarif) defend those who threaten Iran with genocide! Their Javad (Zarif) says: ‘It is only natural for US lawmakers to [threaten Iran with nuke and to] be skeptical of Iran nuclear deal [!] I believe that’s only natural in a democratic society [!!]‘ (WP, Dec 2013) Zarif is badly showing his true face, and that’s why the Iranian people say: ‘Zarif is an anti-Iranian [whore]‘ or ‘Zarif is an American spy’ ! Iranians know Islamists and their Western employers. As Iranians say: for the UK, the US, Jews and Islamists ‘Democracy’ means Tyranny and Sadism!”. They also add: “Islamists and their Zarif make love with those who threaten Iran with nuke! This anti-Iranian Islamist, Zarif, has said to the Washington Post (WP): ‘[American incitement to genocide against Iran] is an internal matter for the U.S. and I believe the Americans are quite capable of handling it’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Islamists tell jokes, and praise sadists, barbarians, and US Sadism (sanction). And the sadists and human-eaters (the West) have become Narcissists, and say to their stupid agent (Zarif): ‘We think of ourselves as the extraordinary nation’ ! (WP, Dec 2013) Mullahs are stooges/ slaves of these narcissistic barbarians. But the Iranian people and all good guys hate barbarians, sadists, and puppet dictators”. The Chele season remind many of the Iranian values, and the West’s bad guys. We have already written about “Yalda, Christmas, and Mithraism” (check Archive). At the Chele/ Yalda night, Iranians celebrate the victory of light over darkness, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. As the wise Iranians say: “the longest night of the year, that is on the eve of the Winter Solstice, had a symbolic meaning for Iranians: the rebirth of the Mehr (Sun). Ancient Iranians celebrated the victory of good (light) over evil (darkness) that comes after this night. It’s a clear sign of the Iranian wisdom. Since the ancient time, the force of evil (Western barbarians, etc) hated the home of Good (Iran) and the Iranian mindset [...] They were/ are so jealous of the land of Aryans (Iran). They have always told big and laughable lies. Their stupid paradoxes has a long history. For instance, the first Christians like St Augustine said: ‘we hold this (Christmas) day Holy, not like the pagans (Persians !) because of the Birth of the Sun, but because of the birth of him (Jesus) who made it Holy’ !! This clearly explains the origin of Christmas. This festivity was an Iranian festivity, dedicated to the Birth of our Iranian Mithra (Mehr / Sun) that was adopted by the Christians. But the West and its stooges still talk nonsense”. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the Western barbarians refer to Iranians as Pagan!, while almost all good things in the West have Iranian roots! Iranians were civilized people who praised the Good, the Truth, Tolerance and Human values, while Westerners were barbarians and human-eaters, and Jews openly praised Genocide, Racism, and Barbarism [...] Now even the good Westerners talk about ‘The Origin of Christmas’ or ‘The Truth Behind Christmas’, and say: ‘Christmas was originally the Iranian Yalda festival, meant to commemorate the birth of the Mithra. Iranians [even] eat red things during their Yalda Feast. Pomegranates and watermelons are an essential part of the Iranian Yalda’! The wise Westerners said: ‘Iranian civilization formed the background and basis of that Greek and Roman culture. Our science, our literature, our philosophy and our religion, go back to the land of Aryans (Iran)’. But the Western media, the English Lie Factory (UK media), and the West’s whores like Massoume Price, Javad Jackson, etc still tell laughable lies, and desperately try to hide or distort the truth. Now it’s obvious why Iranians are angry, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha ham moda-ii Miras-e Ma shodan !’ (Now even barbarians claim that they are the possessors of our Iranian legacy/ civilization!) [...] The West and its stooges remind you of the Matrix and Agent Smith, who said: ‘our Matrix is more real & better than your real world’ ! The West even says humans don’t deserve to live in the West’s Perfect Matrix! They are like Agent Smith, who said: ‘the first Matrix attempted to simulate a perfect world, free of pain and suffering. But the human minds could not accept such a prefect world’! The Barbarian West and Agent Smith believe: Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure! It’s what the Christian/ Jewish Barbarians say. Read what Zionists, Rabbis, Haredi, Evangelists, Mormons, etc say. They are still barbarians. They still try to ruin or control the civilized world. They still tell big lies, and falsify the past and everything. But they just make people aware! Now many say: This year (2013) showed that the West is really like the Matrix!”.


These years remind many of ’1984′ and the Matrix. As you know, the Matrix is a good philosophical film, of course if you ignore its many weak points! But here lets forget the philosophy and the technology. As some wise Iranians say: “The Matrix reminds many of Orwell’s 1984. Even in the West, the good guys mix the Matrix metaphors with Orwellian metaphors, and talk about the West’s true face. They even tell people: ‘Everything you know is a lie. Everything you know (and think you know) about the history, the West, etc is a big lie’. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s not wrong. The Westerners live in the Matrix”. As you know, the Matrix is a ‘reality’ that everyone lives, but isn’t really ‘real’! We have already written about “Reality and Fantasy” (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “Even if you ignore Snowden and NSA, many things can show you that the West is like the Matrix. What the West’s media says is Virtual Reality, not Reality. They censor almost all important facts/ news. They openly talk about Mind Control and control mechanisms! You live in such a Matrix. But this Matrix is recognizable. The Matrix suffers from many bugs, errors, or mistakes, that you can call them ‘clues’. There are many clues: the 2009 coup was one of these bugs/ clues. What the Lefty media and the English Lie Factory (UK media) do/ say are clues. What US Congressmen say/ do are clues. What the Left (Chomsky, etc) and the Right (Brzezinski, etc) do, and their collaborations are vital clues. The story of the Left and the IMF plans in Iran is a good clue”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, one of the good scenes is when Neo wakes up in his cell (real world), and sees the grim truth of reality. When Neo sees all cables (chains), all cells, and this fact that all humans are really prisoners in a big prison, it’s really one of the scariest things you can see. It as scary as this fact that the one, the oracle, and all guides are part of the system! They are part of the Matrix and its design! It reminds you of today’s world!”. They also add: “In the Matrix movie, you can see many stupid things. For instance, its ‘Biblical references’ (Zion, chosen people, trinity, prophecy, Armageddon, the one (superman), etc) are stupid. It’s shameful that The Matrix was under the influence of the Christian/ Jewish Zionists, who worship ‘Zion’, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, and other barbaric things. In the Matrix, religious beliefs, Nuclear Armageddon, etc remind you of the religious fanatics and the Hollywood crap. As the Westerners say: ‘In the Matrix, we created a nuclear winter, blocking out the sun, in hopes of depriving the machines of power. Then the machines [tried to use us] as electrical generators! Billions of us are harnessed to the power grid, each one living out his life in a little pod. To keep us in our pods, the machines feed a virtual reality program (the Matrix) into our brains that gives us the experience of a normal human living in 1999′. But it’s not the whole story. The Matrix is the story of Control. The Matrix reminds you of today’s world, that is an Orwellian World. As Snowden and the 2013 scandals revealed, all tech giants and media, and almost all journalists, scientists, intellects, etc work for the Matrix (Big Brother’s agencies, etc)”. They also add: “In the Matrix, Architect, Oracle, all guides, and even Neo (the one) are part of the Game! They are part of the Matrix of Control. The guides just try to keep the whole system safe and secure [...] In today’s world, who can remind you of the guides in the Matrix?! Yah, Noam Chomsky, and even Edward Snowden”. They also add: “Snowden is an ex-CIA agent, and Chomsky works for the system. The stories of Iran and the 2009 coup clearly showed how and why lefty agents like Chomsky praise/ defend IMF plans, dictators, Islamists, Marxists, Imperialists (Brzezinski, etc), terrorists, CIA agents (Leveretts, etc), and other bad guys. Lefty agents like Chomsky are part of the system. They are agents of (Matrix)”. In this year (2013), many Iranians talked about the 2009 Coup and its lessons. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you think a bunch of Islamists control Iran?! Islamists have no public support in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them so much. They rely on foreign support. The Matrix of the West and its stooges help and support them. But the fate of puppet dictators, and those who sacrifice their people for foreigners and foreign support, is quite clear”. They also add: “Even the wise Westerners know their Matrix. But as they say: ‘Where is the protest, the outrage, the sense of betrayal? The West’s Sheeple live like sheep’. Most Westerners even don’t know that the ‘Agents’ Chomsky, Brzezinski, Leveretts, etc are the agents of the Matrix, and part of the great Delusion. It’s
disappointing. But you should not forget that many people like Snowden, Manning, and Swartz exist. It’s not important whether Snowden or Manning is part of the system or not. But it’s important that many insiders are like Snowden and Manning, or hate the bad guys [...] The bad guys and their shameful acts just disillusion people. What they did in 2009 made Iranians aware. Now many Iranians say: ‘Who control Iran, hurt Iranians, and are the main enemies of freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran? a bunch of Islamist Neanderthals or Basiji Chalquz (retards)?! no; you should be so naive to believe it. The US and the UK are behind the Mullah regime. The West and its stooges shape (this Matrix)’! Now Iranians have become aware, but most Westerners still live like sheep. The real change will occur, only when most humans become aware and ask for change”.


As the wise Iranians say: ‘People truly have doubts, and ask: ‘Do we really live in a Matrix?’ But unfortunately, this year showed that people live in a Matrix of lies, a Matrix of Deception, a Matrix of Illusion. The Big Brother’s media and the Ministry of Truth try to control everything, and create a Matrix. Matrix is a big prison. Those who live in the Matrix are prisoners, but they are not aware of this fact! It’s like what you can see in the West. But Iran is different. Iran has become a big prison. But Iranians are aware of this horrible fact. They even know the prison guards. Iranians say: ‘who are the prison guards?! The West and its stooges!’ Iran’s people clearly say: ‘We hate this puppet regime. This zoo. This prison’. But most Westerners still live like sheep or slaves [...] Morpheus said: [the truth is that] you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage … born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind‘. When Morpheus asks Neo to choose between a red pill and a blue pill, he essentially offers the choice between ‘living in the fantasy world (under illusion)’ and ‘knowing the truth, even if it’s scary, shocking, depressing, and
‘. In this [shitty world], we all should choose between a red pill and a blue pill. The Sheeple (sheep people) choose the blue pill, ie living like slaves in the Matrix. But many people are like Neo -who takes the red pill that awakens him from his dream world into the less seductive reality. They don’t want to be slaves. They choose the red pill, even when they are told: ‘After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -you stay in Wonderland and [see] how deep the rabbit-hole goes’. After taking the red pill (ie becoming aware) you are told: ‘Welcome to the desert of the real ! Look at the West’s true face, the Left’s true face [...] The Matrix and the 2009 coup truly showed that Truth is stranger than Fiction“. They also add: “The Sheeple prefer to live like slaves, in a Matrix of illusion. They don’t know that Rabbis, Mullahs, Priests, Marxists, etc are the stupid Shamans of the 21st century. They don’t know that Journalists, and those many scientists who are paid to tell big lies and mislead people, are the stupid Whores of the 21st century. But many people are not Sheeple. They want to break the chains of the Matrix that held them prisoner. They say, as Morpheus said: ‘The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. You can see it when you (surf the internet, read the press), or you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth’. Unfortunately, the West and its stooges desperately try to blind people from the truth. They tell big lies about everything, including history, science, technology, freedom, democracy, and everything. Snowden and the 2013 scandals showed that the truth, or the rabbit hole, extends much deeper than you ever could have imagined . And that’s why Obama and US/ UK politicians say: ‘Snowden leaks caused a lot of ‘unnecessary damage’ !”. This year (2013) made many people aware. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many can understand Iranians better. Now even the Westerners talk about The Media Matrix or ‘the hegemonic control exercised by the media’ ! Now even the wise Westerners say: ‘We see the world through the mass media. They feed us disinformation and lies that serve the agendas of those in control, then, instead of being told the truth, we will learn not about the real world, but about the world they wish us to see, one that will serve their plan for global control’ (Nov 2013). Sooner or later people would know the Ministry of Truth, its systematic lies and systematic falsifications. Sooner or later people would know the British Barbarians and those who try to rewrite the history. Sooner or later even five-year old kids would know the English Lie Factory (UK media), and Intellectual whores and Big Brother’s agents like Chomsky, who are not outside the system, but they are part of the system, part of the Control”.


Some wise Iranians say: “In the West, people live in a Matrix of Control. Snowden, NSA, and all 2013 scandals showed that it’s not a conspiracy theory. In this year (2013), the UK media, aka the English Lie Factory, showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Western press/ media as The western Presstitute!. In this year, the West and its prostitutes (Lefts, Islamists and other whores) showed why the funny Iranians refer to the Lefty media as the Lefty Presstitute. In this year, you could see why the wise guys refer to the Western Culture as ‘A Barbaric Culture’, ‘A Culture of Delusion’, etc. In this year, you could see why the funny Iranians make joke about ‘the Western Sadists’, and say: ‘The Barbarian West already praised Sadism, Racism, Genocide, Xenophobia, etc. But now they praise Masochism, and gain pleasure from hurting or betraying their own people’! The stories of Snowden, NSA, Lavabit, UK, Guardians, etc showed that the West is the Matrix. Control, telling big lies, brainwashing, sowing the seed of hate, and falsifying history is part of their daily life. They love rewriting history! In their history, barbarians are heroes, and the land of Barbarians (West) is the cradle of civilization! It’s the worst joke in history. Even if you forget that Western Barbarians were eating humans for thousands of years, many other facts can show you the truth. Christian fanatics and Jewish fanatics are really barbarians. Read their Jewish Bible, and see how they openly praise Racism, Genocide, and Barbarism. What the British Barbarians did in the recent centuries are unbelievable. What the UK Barbarians did in Australia is one of the greatest genocides in history. They occupied the land of native people, massacred millions of them (most of them), and finally practiced ‘scientific racism’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ on the few remaining native Australians! The tragic story of ‘Lost Generations’ has happened in the 20th century! The very tragic story of Australia, is like the very tragic stories of America, Africa, India, Middle East, and all those areas that were attacked/ occupied by the British Barbarians. But it’s really shameful that a group of Barbarians (Britons) -who were much worse than the Nazi- committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, and barbaric crimes against humanity, but the media still tries to hide such historic facts”. They also add: “In the Matrix of the bad guys, Ignorance is Bliss. The bad guys ask all of us to live in the Matrix, the Big Brother’s world. They want to enslave all Humans in all around the world. They hate the Good, and what is good and decent. So, to fight them and their Matrix one has to be a good guy and live like a real good guy. If you think and behave like bad guys, you just help them, and you are one of them“. It’s a good point. They also add: “we all should try to know the Matrix. The wise guys say: ‘What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain’. In the world of philosophy, such matters are very complicated. But in the world of politics, media, and society, such things and knowing the truth, or at least part of the truth, is not very complicated. If you open your eyes, and free your mind from the media’s prison, you can find answers to many questions [...] In this year, you can understand many things better. Now the United Barbarians (from the Barbarian West to savage Arabs/ Jews), their collaborations, their incitement to genocide, etc reveal many things. Now you can understand why Iranians spit/ laugh at the United Barbarians, and say: ‘Dige Barbar-ha, Adam-Khora, va Malakh-khora ham vase ma Adam Shodan !’ (Now even barbarians, human-eaters, and locust-eaters pretend that they were civilized humans!) Now you can understand why even the wise westerners say: ‘The Greek attitude toward the Persians was a complex mixture of fascination, envy, and contempt. Telling lie about the Persians, that were a super power at that time, served [to heal the inferiority complex of] the ancient Greeks’. The West’s bad guys still sow the seeds of hate, because they suffer from ‘Inferiority Complex’, a ‘mixture of envy and contempt’, and many Barbaric complexes. They and all bad guys are sick people who should be sent to a psychiatric hospital”.

How Iranians Changed: 1980s and Animations

December 16, 2013

In the last days of 2013, as some Iranians say: “The West still tells big lies, and badly censors the voice of Iran’s people. The West and its stooges still censor all important facts/ news of Iran. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and try to slow down the filtered internet. The UK, the US and their slaves (Islamists, Jews, exiled whores, etc) are badly showing their true colors, and just create more and more hatred of the West and its stooges“. But here lets forget these shitty, stupid things. As Iranians truly say: “In this [shitty world], everything -ie everyday life, all aspects of life, and our pain and suffering- has become a political issue, because [Big Brother and its slaves] try to control everything [...] This year (Snowden, NSA, etc) showed that everything -even [Math or Science]- is a political issue!”. Many people, including us, are sick and tired of the world of politics, and what the West and its stooges do and say. So, here lets try to forget all shitty (political), stupid things. In this year (2013), some asked: “How Iranians changed and became such modern people? The West and Islamists tried to keep Iran backward; But how could Iranians manage to become such wise and informed people?”. It’s a good question. So, here lets write about this issue, and part of the answer. As the wise Iranians say: “Many good books can, and should, be written about [this issue]. But now Iranians don’t have any media. Now the West and its puppets control everything. Now only Islamists, stooges, and exiled journalists/ activists -who call themselves intellectual !, ‘Iranian Diaspora’ etc while they are nothing but ‘political prostitutes’ or ‘anti-Iranian whores- are allowed to publish books about Iran, Iranians, How Iranians Lived or How Iranians Changed (Ma Chegune Ma Shodim)! But political prostitutes and anti-Iranian whores work for the Big Brother. They know nothing about the world, West and Iran. They get money, sell their soul, and just say and do what the bad guys want. But it’s Prostitution, not Science. It’s Prostitution, not Journalism or Intellectualism ! [...] Iran is the oldest country on earth, and the cradle of civilization. For thousands of years, Iran (Persia) was among the most advanced countries on earth. Iran is the birthplace of many many innovations. Iran is also the birthplace of Tolerance and many modern values, known as the human values”. But unfortunately, many know nothing about Iran. As we said before, Iran has had its own ups and downs. The past 300 years were Iran’s downs, because most Iranians became illiterate and ignorant. But now many things have changed. As some wise Iranians say: “Even in the past 300 years, Iran had many progressive movements, more than any other countries in Asia and Africa. But now more than 85% of Iranians are 40- (ie they were born in the 1970s and post-1970s). These Iranians are modern people. More than 95% of them are educated, and more than 40% of them are university-educated. They know the world, history, science, arts, politics, and many other things better than their Western counterparts. So, the 21st century will be Iran’s century“.


As some wise Iranians say: “The 1980s is a nostalgic decade for most Iranians. But War, Revolution, Tyranny, Oppression, Islamists, Marxists and other idiots and other disasters had created hard times in the 1980s. So, why Iranians feel quite nostalgic for the 1980s?! In that decade, the large army of modern Iranians were born or grown (In 1990, 50% of Iranians were 17-) In the 1980s, most Iranians were becoming disillusioned with Islamists, Marxists and many other retards and bad guys. In the 1980s, the majority of Iranians (in big cities, small cities, villages, etc) started to watch TV and know the world through TV. Iran’s state TV had only 2 channels, that aired their programs from 17pm to 23pm! But all Iranians clearly remember, and feel nostalgic for, children programs and animations (aka cartoons) in the 1980s”. They also add: “Iranians watched Nippon’s animations. Nippon Japanese Company produced its animations based on good works of literature. Nippon’s golden years was the 1980s. At that time, both kids and adults could enjoy Nippon’s products, which cared about the human life, the human problems, the life skills, and many other good things. In the 1980s, Iran’s state TV was full of Islamist propaganda. This stupid propaganda just backfired and created more and more hatred of Mullahs (Islamists). But it’s not the whole story. In the 1980s, Iran’s state TV showed a few good programs like Nippon’s products and Iranian products. In the 1980s, many good and wise Iranians -that most of them are now among the liberal artists in Iran- produced or controlled many children programs in Iran’s state TV [...] Iran had a rich culture and a rich history, and just need a spark for getting rid of ignorance that had hurt Iran [in the past 300 years]. The 1980s and its events, specially the baby boom and the TV series, were the spark Iran needed. The 1980s’ events were designed to keep Iran weak and backward. But they backfired. The bad guys, their shameful acts and their stupid propaganda just created more and more hatred and awareness in Iran. And yah, it’s like what the stupid West is doing in the 2010s!”. They also add: “The 1980s’ TV series, at least in Iran, mixed themes such as loyalty, friendship, truthfulness, etc with the modern world and modern things. The Iranian kids learned a lot from Iranian products like [a long list of the Iranian products in the 1980s]. The Iranian kids also learned a lot from Nippon’s products; for instance, ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ (‘Flone on …’ or Dr Ernest) (1981), adapted from a good novel, was about a shipwrecked Swiss family on an uninhabited island. Dr Ernest’s Family and Iranians both need the same things (Hope, etc), and both were cast away on an isolated island, and both were trying to cope with many problems, and both finally became stronger [...] ‘The Story of Perrine’ (1978) was a good series, too. This Nippon’s anime series has shown in Japan, Iran, France, England, and Canada. Based on a French novel, Perrine is a self-made girl. Before dying, her father asks his wife and Perrine to return to his father, who is a very rich man. They lack the money for the trip, but many tougher problems await Perrine, her mother, their dog Baron and Palikare, their donkey. Perrine had to overcome many hardships, losing her father in Bosnia and then her mother in Paris. Perrine’s problems resembled Iran’s problems! And like the story of Iran and Iranians, Perrine’s horrible problems just made her stronger and wiser”.


Some say: “Iranians are the nation of Nostalgia! In Iran, there is a nostalgia for the good old days”. But they think it’s a bad thing! But as the wise Iranians say: “Living in the past is bad, but learning from the past is good and important. You should not forget the past, and repeat history! In bad days or hard times, Iranians think about the good old days and the roots of problems. It’s a sign of the Iranian wisdom. It’s good that our people don’t have a short memory, and don’t forget the past. Only the bad guys ask Iranians to forget their past, their identity, their culture, their history, or their glorious days”. Iranians know who is who. As some wise Iranians say: “the golden years of the anime industry (Japanese animation) was the 1980s. At that time, anime taught good things to kids. But now, the anime industry just care about Robots, science-fictional crap, etc. They talk about ‘new theme, new style’, etc but these new things are nothing but stupid hypes and fevers, s-e-x, violence and other stupid things in ‘their declining anime industry’. In the 1980s, both kids and adults could see and enjoy Nippon’s products, because they had good themes, good stories, and even good music. For instance, Iranians still remember “Alps Stories: My Annette” (1983) and its music. Of course some say: ‘In Iran, its opening soundtrack changed to a Persian music, by a Persian composer Majid Entezami, wrote for Cello & SANTOOR, a traditional Persian instrument’. But this Iranian music was like or even better than the original music!”. They also add: “some say: ‘At that time, the animations were made by Nippon (Japan), but their themes, their stories, their music, etc changed in Iran!’ Only part of this issue is true. But it’s good that they changed stupid things to good things for children. All normal humans know that s-e-x and violence have harmful effects on children [...] Nippon’s products had good themes. In the Alps Stories, Annette and Lucien were happy kids, but ‘their happy days turned into a long period of suffering’, and it reminded many of Iran and also the human life. In ‘Katri, Girl of the Meadows’ (Hanna) (1984), adapted from a Finnish novel, Katri (Hanna) lives on a farm of Finland. She encounters many unfortunate events, but Katri bears her hardship through hard work and a strong will. It’s a good lesson”. They also add: “In Nippon’s masterpieces, Iranian kids could know Switzerland, Finland, French, Italy, Japan, Australia, and other parts of the world. For instance, in ‘Lucy of the Southern Rainbows’ (Mohajeran) (1982), adapted from an Australian novel, Lucy’s poor family moves from England to Australia planning to live in their Australian dreams! It said a lot about England, Australia, Immigration, etc [...] At that time, animations showed Iranians that the West’s ordinary people are normal humans, like Iranians. So, in the years before the 2009 coup, Iranians didn’t hate the West, and even had positive views about the West. Of course, the 2009 coup and the Western betrayals/ crimes changed many things. In the recent years, Iranians could see that the Western politicians are really bad guys, the Western media are Orwellian media, and the western systems are corrupt systems [...] Even the lesser-known Nippon’s products like ‘Belle and Sebastian’ (1984), ‘Rascal the Raccoon’ (Ramcal), “School of Love” (Madresh Walt), “Honeybee Hutch”, etc [1][2][3] said that Iranians and all normal humans care about the same things. In the 1980s, Nippon’s products and many other animations, including American and European animations, showed Iranian kids that all normal humans are almost alike, all bad guys are almost alike, and propaganda machines are big & bad liars”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In Japan, ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ [4], aka ‘The Classic Family Theater Series’, aired from 1970 to 1997. To date, only a few series were ever dubbed in English for the American market. But most series were dubbed in Persian, and almost all Iranians have seen these masterpieces”. They also add: “Since its establishment in 1975, NIPPON ANIMATION has tried to produce high quality animation programs. In the 1980s and 1990s, Nippon’s products were among the world’s best animations, and it’s good that Iranian kids watched them. But why they had two different effects in Iran and Japan?!”. It’s a good question, but it doesn’t have a short and simple answer. As the wise Iranians say: “you can find answers to such questions in important matters like the differences between the Iranian culture and the Japanese culture, the Western betrayals and what the West did to Iran, etc. Iranians, that had a rich culture and a rich history, cared about their own culture, and the roots of problems. Iranians were victims of the West and its stooges, and cared about these old and open wounds [...] The stupid West and its puppets still try to open old wounds and make Iranians aware!”. They also add: “In the East, Japan became the first advanced country in the 20th century. But as you know, history doesn’t begin in the 20th century! Even the well-known Japanese TV series, Oshin (1983/ 1984), showed how Japan changed. In 1907, seven-year-old Oshin is sent off by her father to work as a babysitter. Despite the horrible physical and verbal abuse, Oshin endures it for the sake of her family. However, when she is unjustly accused of stealing money, she runs away. Oshin was and is a symbol of Japan’s hard times and Japan’s poor beginnings [...] In the 1980s, when Iran’s state TV showed Oshin, the Japanese media reported: ‘some Iranians thought the scenes of Oshin’s difficult youth were actually of the Japan of today and according to NHK, Iranians inquired how they could send rice to Japan ‘ ! It’s really important. It says a lot about the Iranian culture and the Iranian goodness. In the 1980s, in the midst of Iraq’s war, Iranians had a difficult time. But they still cared about other humans, and wanted to send rice to Japan, to help the poor people in Japan! The world and history should bow to such a great nation”. As some wise Iranians say: “The story of Oshin is based on the biography of a Japanese woman. Oshin showed that a person should never lose humanity, and should never give up -even in the hardest times. And that’s why Iranians cared about Oshin, and had a lot of sympathy for her. Oshin aired in 59 countries, including Japan, Iran, India, China, Poland, and Belgium. NHK released Oshin on DVD in 2003, because if you ask many people: ‘who is the most famous Japanese person in the world? the answer is Oshin! Nippon’s products, people like Ayako Kobayashi (the little Oshin) and other good Japanese people create a positive image of Japan in Iran. And we hope that Japan and other nations don’t follow the path of the stupid West, but instead, try to maintain their positive images”.


As some Iranians say: “In the 1980s, Iranians watched many non-Japanese animations, too. The good products like ‘Pat & Mat’, made in Czechoslovakia, played in 80s and 90s, are still nostalgic. ‘Pat & Mat’ music is still a popular rhythm and a symbol of stupidity! But most of the Western animations were, and are, just highly entertaining. For instance, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Pink Panther’, ‘Great Grape Ape Show’ (Guril Angori), ‘Lucky Luke’, etc reminded Iranians of this fact that humor or satire is a global thing. But at that time, only some Western animations (that belonged to the 1960s) like ‘Yogi Bear’, ‘Tennessee Tuxedo’, etc were both informative and entertaining [...] And it’s funny that Iranian kids knew the West through Japanese animations!”. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots worship the stupid West, and say: ‘All good things -including Adventures of Sinbad and those good TV series that we saw in the 1980s – were American’ !! Idiots don’t know that those animations were Japanese, not American. These idiots, who worship the stupid West, are like those who worship the stupid Arabs, the stupid Russia, etc; All of them are anti-Iranian retards”. In these years, many talk about “the lessons of the 1980s”. As the wise Iranians say: “The main lesson of the 1980s is: In Iran, bullying, oppression, censorship, propaganda, and other Orwellian-Stalinist tactics backfire, and just create more hatred and more awareness. Iran is not a small and new-born country like North Korea or Arab states. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the oldest country on earth, and has a rich culture and a glorious and ancient civilization. Iran (Persia) is one of the world powers/ superpowers for thousands of years. The 1980s, like other hard times in Iran’s history, showed that great nations can have ups and downs, but if they try to learn from their mistakes, and if they try to know the roots of problems, they can overcome all obstacles. The bad guys, specially the West and its stooges, put many many obstacles in the way of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran. But as Iranians showed, such obstacles cannot stop a great nation; and obstacles, crises, and hard times make cultured people/ great nations stronger and wiser. Those who hurt ordinary people and sow the seeds of hate are stupid bad guys. Those Americans who try to prove that America is a Rogue State, or ‘American Democracy’ means ‘Sadism, Racism, Narcissism, and Fascism’, are stupid bad guys. They are on the wrong side of history. The history and the reason show that the future belong to the good guys, not those who love and praise war, racism, sadism, tyranny, oppression, inhumanity, big lies, censorship, brainwashing, mass spying, Orwellian society and other bad things”.

For more information:

[1] imdb: A List of Cartoons that Iran’s TV showed in the 1980s
[2] Nippon Animation’s Classics [3] Many cartoons that Iranians watched in the 1980s were Nippon’s best products, aka the Masterpiece/ Classics
[4] More about World Masterpiece Theater and what Iranians watched in the 1980s

The Barbarian West: Incite Genocide, Nuke Iran!

December 10, 2013

This year (2013) was a good time to know the West and the anti-Iran Mafia. As the wise Iranians say: “Snowden and the NSA scandals made people aware. Now many say: ‘Snowden proves to the world that USA/ UK is a hypercritic country, a Big Brother state, or an Orwellian society’. Now when the Stupid Monkeys like Obama, Netanyahu, Cameron, etc shed crocodile tears for Nelson Mandela (1918- 2013), who dies aged 95, many talk about the West’s Shameful Hypocrisy and say: ‘Stop Shedding Crocodile Tears for Mandela! Wasn’t I-s-rael a close friend of Apartheid South Africa? Was Mandela ‘a freedom fighter,’ when the West and Zionists supported Apartheid? Wasn’t Britain the main founder and supporter of Apartheid South Africa ?! Many people know that the West has always shed crocodile tears for people like Mandela, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King. As our people say: ‘At first, the West hurts and suppresses people like Mandela. But after their death, the West sheds crocodile!’ In the 2003, Mandela said: ‘the US wants to plunge the world into a Holocaust’. And now, after 10 years, the American Barbarians like Adelson and Hunter are proving that Mandela was right”. In these days, the media reports: “Representative Duncan Hunter (R-California), a senior Republican in Congress, said (last) Wednesday on C-SPAN: ‘Lets Nuke Iran. The US should consider Nukes If It Attacks Iran .. Hit Iran with nukes and set them back a decade or two or three‘. California Rep. Duncan Hunter also said: Lying is a part of the Middle Eastern culture [!]” (Dec 2013) The world, history, and Iran will never forget such barbaric, genocidal, and racist comments. As the wise Iranians say: ‘American politicians follow the path of Hitler and show that Barbarism, Genocide, Racism and Hypocrisy is still part of the American culture and American values. The American Incitement to Genocide is important. Now even average Americans say: ‘Most people blasted Hunter for his ‘irresponsible’ comment’. But just Irresponsible? That’s all?! Hunter’s comment is an incitement to Genocide. But it’s not a new thing! The American Barbarians ( Adelson etc) have already said the same barbaric things. The savage Americans even talked about ‘Time to Nuke Iran’ ! (2012, by Larry Klayman). But as our people say: It’s good that they are showing their true face. They are proving: the West is Barbarian; US Congress is the Home of Barbarians; US Congressmen are worse than the Nazi; etc. Now the US congressmen like Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) openly say they want sanctions to ‘hurt the Iranian people‘ ! (Nov 2013) Now it’s clear that US Congressmen are not human. US Congressmen are savage beasts”. It’s funny that the West still tries to make people know and hate the West! As some wise Iranians say: “The West and Jews cannot understand Zaboon-e Adamizad ! (Human Language!) They only know their own language, ie the Law of the Jungle (Animal Language!) Barbarism, Genocide and Racism is part of the Jewish Culture and the British Culture (= the American culture), and that’s why Jews/ Americans openly inciting Genocide. But they have become so shameless (Kheili Poro Shodand). The US is becoming the United States of Barbarians, and as our people say: ‘Our Silence just make them very/ unbearably arrogant (Har Chi Ma Hichi Nemigim …)”. As some wise Iranians say: “The Western Barbarians are useful idiots. They just show their true colors. For instance, Moshe Dyan says (in 2013): ‘I-s-rael must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother’ ! In fact, Jews confess that they are Rabid Dogs! [...] Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs, not Iranians. They love the anti-Iranian Arabs/ Jews. In 2012- 2013, the Jewish Incitement to Genocide forced Iranians to say: ‘the savage Jews are not human; they are worse than animals. They are rabid dogs’. But at that time, Mullahs said nothing; and now Mullahs just repeat what Iran’s people already said. But as Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs, pro-Arab (Arab-parast) and anti-Iranian, they say nothing about the roots of problems. But Iranians say many good things about the Arabian/ Jewish roots of problems”. The American-Jewish Incitement to Genocide has deep roots. As the wise Iranians say: “when Sheldon Adelson said: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran ! (Oct 2013), and when the anti-Iran Mafia praised Adelson, they reminded many of the Bible. If you want to know the Jewish/ American barbarians, you should read their Bible and their history [...] Now all people can see how Jews sleep with Arabs, and how Arabs make love with Jews, and how the West supports both Jews and Arabs. The US, Arabs and Jews really deserve each other. They deserved the Holocaust, the 9/11, etc. But the Iranian people hate all bad guys, including Islamists, Zionists, the West’s Evil Empire, and Obama’s America, that seems like Planet of the Apes”.


In this year (2013), you can see why many refer to the West as the Evil Empire, the Empire of Lies, etc. As the wise Iranians say: ‘In this year, the UK media, aka ‘The English Lie Factory‘, reveals many things. In this year, ‘more than 90% of what the Guardian and the UK media say/ write about Iran are big Orwellian Lies, written by the Big Brother’s agents. This year (2013) was a good time to know the UK, the US, and the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran’. In this year, The UK media and the US media are worse than the Nazi media and the Stalin’s media, and it says a lot about the land of Barbarians and Big Brother”. We have already written about part of the history of the Barbarian Britain and the Barbarian Europe (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, prefer to live in the present, not the past. We care about the future, and still think many things better left unsaid. But If the West and Jews continue behaving like animals, We, Iranians, can say many things about their barbaric history and their barbaric beliefs [...] Iranians still prefer to only talk about those things that most educated people are aware of them. As you know, many say ‘The God of the Old Testament is the God of Genocide’, or ‘The Jewish God of is the God of Holocaust‘, or ‘The Hebrew God is the God of Racism’. Even the wise Americans say: ‘ many of the acts committed by the God of the Bible are morally indefensible and must lead us to the conclusion that [the Jewish God] is not good, but evil‘ [...] The West has been the land of Barbarians. Barbarism and Genocide is part of their culture and their history. Since 15,000 to 300 years ago, the UK and the West were officially the Home of Human-eaters (Adam-khora). Even ‘Modern Religion’ could not make them human. As you know, the UK and USA have committed Genocide against the native Americans. They occupied the lands of ‘Native Americans’, and massacred millions of them in the name of Christianity! The West said it’s a Biblical tradition, and their Jewish God allows them to commit Genocide! [...] Many know ‘Biblical Holocausts‘, and Westerners talk about ‘the dark and savage morality of their Bible‘. But as you know, any book that praises genocide and racism is a Satanic/ Barbaric book. Westerners talk about ‘the believers who have never read the Bible themselves’! But the main question is: In the West, the God of Love (ie our Iranian god) became the God of Genocide. But why? The Jewish Barbarians and European Barbarians mixed their own barbaric beliefs with modern religions. They put their barbaric beliefs and their genocidal views in the Jewish Bible. If you read their Bible, you would know why the non-Iranians say: ‘[In the Jewish Bible (Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 20:16-17), the Jewish God identifies groups of people by nationality, and orders the Isr-a-elites to kill all of them, men, women and children, leaving no one alive. This is the definition of Genocide -the deliberate eradication of a people“. The Christian/ Jewish Barbarism is really shameful. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Why Jewish, British or American politicians love Genocide, Occupation, Lie, Racism and Barbarism? You can find part of the answer in their Bible. For instance, as the Western scholars say: ‘when Joshua becomes Moses’ successor, he takes charge of a campaign of Genocide his Jewish God has commanded As the Bible says: ‘they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword’ (Joshua 6:21) Man, woman and child, the unsuspecting residents of Jericho are massacred. Even the livestock are killed . Joshua and his I-s-raelite army then continue this campaign of Genocide, and city after city falls before them. They destroy and slaughtering every single inhabitant in many cities’. It’s what the Westerners say! They also say: ‘Through Samuel, the Jewish God sends a dire command to the I-s-raelite king Saul: ‘Now go and smite Amalek, and destroy all that they have; Slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass‘! (1 Samuel 15:3) Amalekites had been massacred for generations by this point’. And it’s what the Westerners say about their Holy Barbarism. They also say: ‘In the Jewish Bible [you can read]: (Through Isaiah, the Jewish God promises a Genocide on the nation of Babylon:) Their children shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished .. Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eyes shall not spare children’ (Isaiah 13:9,15-18)’ If you read the Jewish Bible, you can understand why the senior Jewish rabbis call for Iran’s
annihilation, and why the Jewish Mullahs (Rabbis) advocate Genocide, Racism and Barbarism. The Jewish Jihadis love Racism and Genocide, because its part of their barbaric religion and their barbaric beliefs. Racism, Genocide and Barbarism is part of their cultural DNA, and that’s why even the senior Rabbis say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us [!] Without that, they have no place in the world [!] -only to serve the people of I-s-rael’!! Of course the Jewish/ Christian barbarians and all religious fanatics have low IQs. In the 21st century, they still live in the Age of Barbarians, aka Ahd-e Atigh (Old Testament’s Age)! But all normal people, including the good Jews and good Westerners, hate Barbarians and the Age of Barbarians”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In this year (2013), the media reported: ‘the Jewish Bible (Book of Esther) given to Obama by Netanyahu: not so hidden message’ ! In fact, even the Westerners know ‘the message’, and as they say: ‘The Hebrew God feels the necessity to eradicate all innocent people, and even animals because one man was too stubborn! The Jewish God butchers innocent children and innocent individuals for the faults of their leaders’! In fact, even the Westerners know that ‘the Jewish God barbarically killed millions of people in the Old Testament because they weren’t Fortunate enough to belong to the I-s-raelite tribe ‘! Racism and Barbarism has deep roots in the Jewish/ Western culture. And that’s why now all neo-Barbarians -including Jews, Arabs, Americans, Britons and French- threaten Iranians with barbaric things”. They also add: “the Western ‘provocative and barbaric statements’ need an appropriate response. But do you know what Iran’s regime and Islamists do? British Mullahs and their Javad Zarif defend the US ! As the people’s media report: ‘In the Tehran university, and in the front of Islamists, Zarif said: ‘the US, which with a single bomb can destroy all our military systems [!], is not afraid of our military power [!] The US is not afraid of our missiles/ tanks’ ! (3 Dec 2013) Can you believe it?!’ It’s funny that some days after Zarif’s anti-Iranian crap, Congressman Hunter says: U.S. would use a tactical nuclear weapon against Iran!, and Obama, Kerry, Hagel, and other American pigs eat shit, say many anti-Iran things, and praise ‘the unprecedented military threats against Iran’! Zarif is showing his true face, and proving why many say he is a spy/ puppet of Iran’s enemies”. They also add: “In response to American Barbarians, Islamists defend the US and attack Iranians!, and it clearly shows who is who, and why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs are anti-Iranian stooges of the West’. American pigs like Hunter, Kerry, Obama and Hagel say: ‘US diplomacy must be backed by military power’! The United States of Barbarians just repeats: all Barbaric Options remain on the table ! But Mullahs just make love with the Barbarian USA! Americans bark and fart a lot, because they desperately try to hide their weakness and their defeats. The US embarrasses itself, and all people can see the pains in its ass. The US is bankrupt, and fearful of waging new wars. The US is fearful of Iran’s power. But Islamists still try to help Iran’s enemies. What British Mullahs and their Zarif said is clear. But what the Iranian people say and want is clear, too. Islamists cheer Zarif/ British Mullahs, and aid the West. But Iran’s people, that are equal to Iran and Iran’s power, hate the Barbarian West and its stooges. In these days, even the wise Westerners say: ‘We conducted a nationwide face-to-face poll of Iranians. These 2013 results were identical to [what Iranians say in these years]. The top political concern for Iranians was improving their economy and political reforms, including: advancing democracy, protecting political and civil rights, increasing women’s rights, ending corruption, and reforming the government. In fact, as we have found in past surveys, Iran is the only country in the Middle East [and the whole World] where these political reform issues are consistently the top tier concerns. It is noteworthy that at the very bottom of the list of priorities were: improving relations with the West [that betrayed Iranians in 2009]. The poll also found a surprising degree of consensus among Iranians with regard to their country’s nuclear program. Two-thirds of Iranians say they are supportive, not only of their country’s right to enrichment, but of Iran’s right to possess a nuclear weapon. The reasons they give for this support are either because Iran ‘is a major nation’ or because ‘as long as other countries have nuclear weapons, we need them too’. Similarly, when asked whether maintaining the right to advance a nuclear program is worth the price being paid’, 96% of Iranians [hate the West's Bullying] and agree that it is worth the price’ (Dec 2013). What these Westerners say is consistent with what we can see in Iran”. They also say: “In these days, as our people say: ‘Islamists repeat their old crap, and say others are spies/ stooges! (Mozdur-ha, hey Fetneh, Fetneh Mikonan)! They remind you of those thieves who call other people Thief ! (Dozd-ha, hey Ay Dozd, Ay Dozd Mikonan) But our people know Islamists and Iran’s enemies, and that’s why our people say to Islamists: ‘Hey, British Mullahs, you are the real sedition; you are puppets of Iran’s enemies; you are stooges/ slaves of the UK and the US; you are traitors, etc (Akhund Englisi, Fetneh to-ii; Mozdur-e Doshman to-ii; Nokar-e America va Englis to-ii; Khaen va Mozdur to-ii)’. Our people are not stupid. They know traitors and stooges of Iran’s enemies”. As the wise Iranians say: “Instead of answering to the anti-Iranian threats, Zarif said: ‘The US doesn’t fear us (Islamists) and our missiles/ tanks. The US fears Iran’s people’. Zarif is showing his true face. But part of his recent crap is true. Islamists are slaves of the West, and the US only fears Iran’s people and their Iranian Logic. Iran’s regime, ie a bunch of Islamist whores and Basiji faggots, doesn’t scare the West. Islamists just serve the West’s interests. It’s Iran’s people and public opinion that scare all bad guys, including the West and its slaves”. They also add: “The Western media/ politicians are stupid bad guys. But our Iranian logic says: ‘All Westerners aren’t bad guys. Many normal humans live in the West. They can be ignorant, naive, etc but it doesn’t mean that they are bad guys, with bad intentions’. In both the West and Iran, Cyber Mercenaries are very active. But ‘Cyber Mercenaries’, ie those who are paid to put comments, are not ordinary people. All people know the horrible internet filtering in Iran. Mullahs still send noise/ parasite, and slow down the filtered internet in Iran ! But Cyber Mercenaries (ie Basijis, UK spies, Jewish spies, etc) have access to the unfiltered internet, and try to help the West and hurt Iran. The West and the mass media just help Basijis and other mercenaries. They censor/ boycott the voices of the Iranian people, but pretend that mercenaries or non-Iranians are the Iranian people! [...] The West is a bad joked. Even if you ignore the NSA and GC-HQ, you can see that the Guardian and the UK media are really ‘The English Lie Factory‘. Guardian’s lies and British Censorship in 2013 are unbelievable. They even censored Rouhani’s 100 days reports! They even censor what Mullahs say about Corruption and Mismanagement in the AN’s era! They even censor what Rouhani says about AN’s anti-Iranian policies! They even censor what the Mullah media say about AN’s embezzlements! They censor what Rouhani’s economic guys say about the Rial value, IMF plans, etc. They censor the voices of Iran’s people, but pretend that their own spies/ stooges or non-Iranians are the Iranian people! So, it’s obvious why our people say: ‘the UK is behind the Mullah regime’ or ‘The UK loves Mullahs, but Iranians hate Mullahs’ [...] Now even idiots know the US and the UK. Now even the stupid Arabs/ Jews say: the US use its allies/ stooges (Arabs & Jews) ‘like prostitutes’ and then dumping them’ ! (Nov 2013)”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘The West’s main problem is not politicians. When their heroes and their intellects are stupid pigs like Chomsky, their politicians should not surprise you [...] On 1 Dec 2013, Richard Stallman wrote: The NSA [spy on people and] obtain embarrassing information against them so as to discredit or blackmail them. If these techniques are applied to foreign enemies of the American nation, I could not criticize it [!!] But they can just as well be applied to Americans’. This level of stupidity and inhumanity is really shameful. When people like Stallman say such things, it’s obvious why the US pigs threaten other nations with Nuke and Genocide”. In these years, the West’s media, politicians and public figures just dishonor the West, and remind many of the roots of problems. As some Iranians say: “Now you can understand why the wise Iranians laugh at the West, and when they talk about the West (UK, US, France, etc) they often say: ‘Inha keh Adam na-budand, Adam-Khor Budand !’ (They were not Humans; they were Human-eaters !) or ‘Inha az aval ham Adam na-budand. Inha Adam-khor budand’ ! (they have not been Humans since the beginning; they have been Human-eaters)!”. As the wise Iranians say: “We all should think about the root of problems. We all should ask why historians talk about ‘the use of Christianity to support Colonialism/ Imperialism’ or ‘the testimony of early American colonists who justified a slaughter of native people by treating it like a biblical allegory‘. As the [wise Americans] say: ‘the genocidal tendencies of those who control America, press/ media whores, and war machines are [so dangerous]. Their God’s evil demands require us to murder billions of non-Christians. Their Bible is probably the most genocidal book in history’. It’s what the Americans say. They know that the Holocaust or the Genocide of Native Americans has deep roots in the Biblical traditions [...] The [wise Americans] know their ‘Bible promotes Genocide’, and say: ‘Don’t believe that the Bible teaches Genocide? Check out the following verses: ‘And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain (Deuteronomy (Deu.) 2:34) Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God (Deu. 13:13-19 NLT) Kill Followers of Other Religions (Deu. 13:7-12 NAB) If a city worships other gods, kill everyone in it (Deu. 13:12-16) Anyone who worships another god must be stoned to death (Deu. 17:2-7) You shall annihilate them – Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites- as Yahweh your God commanded you (Deu. 20.11,18)’. It’s what Americans say. They also say: ‘[The Jewish God] will punish children for the iniquities of their fathers and distant ancestors (Isaiah 14:21) [The Jewish God] will kill children when they come out of their mothers’ wombs (Hosea 10:14) [The Hebrew God] kills all inhabitants of entire cities (Micah 3:9-12) !”. We have already written about the Iranian God and the Persian Tolerance. As we said before, the Iranian God is “God of love” and “God of Tolerance” (for more info, check Archive for ‘Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance’ [Jan 2013]). But as the wise Iranians say: “All well-educated people know that the Jewish God is ‘God of Genocide’ and ‘God of Barbarism’. In this year (2013), savage Arabs/ Jews say: ‘An Is-r-a-eli Attack on Iran has Justified by God’ ! In April 2013, the Jewish media said: ‘I-s-rael might deploy an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks on Iran‘ ! An EMP is a nuclear Attack’ ! In Sep 2012, the Jewish media said: ‘Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb! Iranians should be begging us for mercy[!] Why are they still strong?[!]‘ Of course, at that time the Iranians people clearly said: ‘If the savage Jews attack Iran, Iranians will teach them a lesson, that they would refer to Hitler as ‘Dear Uncle’ ! (Keh beh Hitler began Agh Daii !)”. They also add: “The Jewish incitement to genocide is important, and the main question is: Why the world is silent, and why Islamists help Jews?! As many say: Mullahs/ Islamists worship the Arab/ Jewish Culture, and hate Iran and the Iranian culture. But as the good Jews say: ‘A group called Crypto Jews‘ pretend to be Muslims, while they are still Jews! They strongly defend Islamists!’. The good Jews condemn the savage Jews, apologize to Iranians, praise the Iranian Logic, and know why Iranians hate Barbarism, Racism, Ungratefulness, etc. But Islamists love the Arab/ Jewish Logic (ie Logic of Sword), and hate the Iranian Logic”. As the wise Iranians truly say: “All Jews or all Westerners are not bad guys, and its what the Iranian culture and Iranian logic say [...] We all know that Genocide, Racism and Barbarism has deep roots in the Jewish beliefs and the West’s history. But Iran (Persia) is the Home of Tolerance and the Land of Human Values, and it has deep roots in the Iranian culture and Iran’s history. As the non-Iranians say: ‘Iran (Persia) was the first and premier exemplar of respect for diversity .. Iran is the first country in the entire world that has done the most for (good Jews) for the longest time’. When Europeans were eating each other, Iranians were writing about Tolerance, Human Values, and Human Civilization. It’s so important. But the West and Jews are so ungrateful [...] The West’s scientists get money and tell big lies about everything. But it’s not Science. It’s Prostitution! Now even the good Americans say: ‘Think tanks are propaganda mills that fabricate 80% of the lies you see or read in the news. [In the US,] If a person is not from a propaganda mill in Washington, his opinion doesn’t count, regardless of how much knowledge s/he has. [Rightwing or Leftwing] Think tanks are intellectual whores. These clowns don’t think; they justify. They [sell their soul] and support wars, terrorists, dictators, and [Barbarians] above all’. In these days, even the American people say good things about the Jewish/ American Barbarians. As they say: ‘US politicians just care about power, money, and [Barbarism] .. Doncan Hunter is a disgusting and irresponsible pig .. As a Californian, I apologize for spawning such a disgusting jerk .. Duncan Hunter has just admitted that he is barbarian’. In fact, all normal people in Iran, America, etc hate the American Barbarians and those whose job is ‘Inciting Genocide’, ‘Waging War’, justifying Racism, defending Barbarism, or telling Big Lies. All normal humans can only hate the Barbarian West, and those who help Barbarians”.

Ahvaz to Tehran: Horrible Air Pollution, No Solution

December 4, 2013

In these days, Iranians talk about the old wounds, including “the Air Pollution”. In these days, “the Horrible Air Pollution in Iran” makes breathing very difficult, and most people complain of headache, sore throat, chest-ache, feeling of nausea, etc. We have already written about the Air Pollution (check Archive for [*]: “Iran in 2011: Betrayal and Silent War” (Dec 2011), “Air Pollution Crisis in Tehran”, (Dec 2011), “Nowruz 2012 and Air Pollution” (March 2012), “Ahvaz has the Worst Air Pollution in the World” (Sep 2011), etc). But “the Horrible Air Pollution” stills exist, hurt Iranians, and reminds them of many old wounds and open wounds. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs still censor all facts, send [horrible noise/ parasite], try to slow down the internet and tighten the internet filtering, and the West still censors facts/ news of Iran -including ‘Pollution, Corruption and Mismanagement’ in the Mullah regime- mainly because such facts can reveal many things. The UK and the US even censor the so-called Rouhani’s 100-day report, in which this stupid Rouhani said a few good things about Corruption and Mismanagement in the AN’s era. But why almost all Western media censored what Rouhani said about the AN’s era?! As our people say: ‘AN was a Jewish spy, and the West is AN-Lover (shit-Lover)! If they tell the truth about their AN, it reveals the secrets of their spies, their 2009 coup, etc’. Iranians say such things, while the West, the Left, Sick, Jewish Americans and US politicians talk about ‘Our old friend AhmadiNejad (AN)‘ !, praise Mullahs, or say they miss AN !” In these days, many things are laughable, but here lets focus on the story of Air Pollution in Iran and its solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians refer to the horrible air pollution as ‘the Silent War’, ‘the Chemical War’, etc. Now almost all people in Tehran and other Iranian cities feel ‘the common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses’ [*] But Mullahs censor all facts, and have no solution and nothing to do except pray for wind ! In the best case, their media just says people stay indoors, while the indoor pollution is like or more than the outdoor pollution”. As you know, the toxic air pollutants are very dangerous. They enter the body, and some toxic air pollutants accumulate in body tissues. In fact, the toxic air pollutants can enter the food chains, and cancer and other health effects can result from exposures to air toxics [1] But as the wise Iranians: “Mullahs and their Western employers just try to hide the truth. In this [Mullah shithole] even Air Pollution is a political issue! In this f-u-cking [Mullah Heaven] everything is political; even healthcare and the people’s health (Salamat-e Mardom) is a political issue, and Mullahs [send noise], slow down the internet, and censor everything. Mullahs desperately try to hide/ censor those obvious things that everybody can feel them and see them! Islamists are bad retards, and that’s why Iranians curse Islamists and say: ‘Fuck you, Islamists. Fuck you and your barbaric beliefs, that are Jewish beliefs .. their Jewish God is the god of Barbarism, Lie, Hypocrisy, Corruption, Pollution etc .. Fuck you, Mullahs/ Arabs. Fuck you, your British teachers & your American supporters”. They also add: “When you live in Tehran and other Iranian cities, there’s no escaping the fact that air pollution has horrible effects on all people. The Mullah media says each year 10,000 Iranians die from pollution-related illnesses. But when Mullahs talk about 10,000 victims, the real number of victims should be tens of thousands. In Iran, statistics are not reliable, and it’s one of the fruits of Tyranny and Oppression. The lack of scientific/ reliable statistics is a serious problem. In Iran, the official statistics, ie Mullah statistics, are fake and political statistics, which often try to say Black is White!” In Iran, ‘common sense’ (Aghl-e Salim) is very important. As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, even economic statistics are not reliable at all. In Iran, even the acceptable statistics are ‘fairly accurate’, and fairly means: more than a little, but much less than very! So, Iranians [including us] only accept those statistics/ data that ordinary people, independent scientists/ experts, and Common Sense (Aghl-e Salim) can accept them. For instance, most Iranians say the minimum wage in Iran is about $1 per hour, but Mullahs reject it, and talk nonsense. But lets assume you are a teach of a kindergarten in Tehran. Do you know what is your monthly wage?! (even) according to the Mullah TV: You earn a monthly wage of 75 dollar (2m Rial) for about 150hours works! (Nov 2013) It’s equal to 50 cent per hour! But Mullahs and their Lefty supporters still talk nonsense, and deny what Iranians say about minimum wages, inflation rates, prices, IMF plans etc in Iran [...] All bad guys tell big lies. So, all people should use their common sense when they talk about problems or solutions. But many many Westerners still live like sheep”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs (Islamists) have made breathing difficult for all people, and it’s what all people can feel it and see it. But as Islamists are followers of the UK and Jews/ Arabs, they try to censor obvious things and hide the truth of everything! Do you remember the story of HIV/ AIDs in Iran?! Islamists attacked those non-political activists who talked about HIV/ AIDs! But now even the stupid Mullahs confess that Mullah Lies and Mullah Censorship only worsened the problems. The air pollution crisis in the major cities of Iran, is just a good example or a symbol of the horrible problems in the Mullah regime. Only retards, stupid Islamists and other stupid bastards work with the Mullah system, which suffers from horrible mismanagement, idiocy, corruption, tyranny, etc. When air pollution in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Arak, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, and other Iranian cities pass the horrible level, Mullahs have no Solution, except censorship, talking nonsense, praying for wind, and making people angrier. In the winter (from November to March) pollutants reach critical levels, and the major cities should close all government offices and schools for all days, or people must stay indoors for all days of winter! But Mullahs do nothing to solve problems, and the West censors all facts. The West and its stooges -including Islamists, Islamist-Reformists, Monarchists, Exiled journalists etc- just try to hurt and betray Iran’s people, and that’s why the Iranian people openly use rude words and a stream of invective (Fohsh Khar-Madar) for referring to Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Marxists, exiled journalists, Obama, UK etc”. As we said before, “Taxi Talks” in Iran [1] are important, and clearly show that almost all Iranians know that ‘Iran’s main problems have only one reason: the Mullah regime and its systematical corruption and horrible
mismanagement’ [*] As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran -from Ahvaz to Tehran- the horrible air pollution is the result of Tyranny and the absence of Freedom. The West and its stooges are really Disaster Makers. Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and serve the West’s interests. But the future of Iran is bright, because the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians. Mullahs and their western employers just remind you of this old Persian proverb: ‘You just disgrace/ dishonor yourself, and make temporary problems for us’ (Erz-e Khod Mibari-o …)” They also add: “Those who decide about Iran’s air quality, Iran’s industry, or Iran’s economy are a bunch of spies and stooges, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranians. Now the Mullah media talks about a Basiji faggot, Jamshid Pajouyan, and says: ‘Pajouyan work for the IMF and World Bank [!] He is the architect of ‘Cutting Subsidies Plan’ (IMF Plan) in Iran’! It’s a sad truth that Basiji faggots like Pajouyan or the Rouhani’s cabinet, who are non-Iranians or anti-Iranian stooges, decide about Iran, while the real Iranian elites and the large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians are systematically suppressed, mainly because they can solve Iran’s problems! The large army of the wise and well-educated Iranians know problems and solutions. They know the world and history. They know that ‘In 19th-century London, smog was so severe that street lights were turned on by noon because soot and smog darkened the midday sky!’ They know the stupid UK. They know that in 1952 in London about 4,000 people died in one of the notorious smog events known as London Fogs. They know how Londoners died from ‘Air Pollution’. They know ‘Los Angeles Smog Crisis‘. They know Tokyo Smog crisis (Smog is intense pollution usually trapped by a thermal inversion ) They know why Americans referred to Los Angeles as ‘Smog City, U.S.A.’ !, and why London had the title ‘Smog City, Europe’! But they ask: “Why Mullahs have turned our cities into smog cities, while we already knew problems and solutions?”. They also add: “ON 14 Sep, 1955, the LA Times reported: ‘they asked for roadblocks on all freeways leading into downtown Los Angeles. APCD Director requested the power to close oil refineries, and all petrol-chemical plants’. Iranians and many people still remember how ‘the Yogi Bear Show’ and U.S. animations talked about the horrible air pollution in the US. In those cartoons all people wore a Gas Mask, and it was a satirical exaggeration. But in today’s Tehran and Ahvaz, all people should really wear a Gas Mask, because the current air pollution in Iran is really like a chemical attack”. They also add: “In April 1987, National Geographic (NG) reported on the Air Pollution in the West. As they said: ‘[Here in California, you have] a metallic taste in your mouth and a queasy stomach .. When the wind died and the fumes lingered, it kept us like prisoners in our homes .. Airborne pollutants play a significant role in killing trees .. Perhaps the most controversial environmental issue of the decade is acid rain, but that too is clouded in mystery .. We are in the infancy of understanding the full effects on an atmosphere acidified by burning fossil fuels .. [But] our mistakes are costly. Americans spend more than 10 billion dollars a year on medical problems caused by pollutants .. Japan’s problems are far from over. [Their] buildings were disappearing behind smog. Nitrogen oxide emissions from Tokyo traffic are still high the children are often ill and sometimes can barely breathe .. London’s sulfurous smog [was horrible] .. What we are now doing is to inject [pollution] into the atmosphere .. We are our own guinea pigs” (NG, April 1987) After this well-known National Geographic article, Congress passed a new Clean Air Act in 1990″. They also add: “Iranians know the global problems, and solutions. But Mullahs just try to worsen the problems, censor all facts, and hurt Iranians, and that’s why our people say: the Mullah regime not only is ‘a puppet regime’, but is ‘an occupying regime’. Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs, and have occupied our country”. They also add: “Each year in the U.S., industrial operations emit nearly 100 million tons of pollutants into the air’ [1] Toxic pollutant was/ is ‘the number one environmental threat to the health of children in the US’ [1] ‘Most air toxics -originate from mobile sources (vehicles), stationary sources (factories, refineries, etc), and indoor sources- can cause Cancer and horrible illnesses [...] It’s really shameful that even the so-called Air Cleaners, that are used in homes, are polluters. As the experts say: ‘Ozone Generators are Sold As Air Cleaners’! [1] So, it’s not important that we, Iranians, cannot buy a good air cleaner or a gas mask in Iran, because today’s air cleaners are really stupid [...] In these stupid conditions, inventing a pollution detector device can be more useful. At least we should know about ‘Indoor Air Quality’ and the levels of major pollutants in our homes. Experts say: In homes, CO should be X ppm, SO2 should be Y ppm, etc. But people are not able to measure the major air pollutants in homes. If all people were able to use a pollution-meter or a pollution detector device in homes, then it could show them how horrible the pollution levels are … and it could bring Change”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The West and its stooges are anti-Iranian and anti-Human. The US congressmen like Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and other pigs in Congress openly say they want sanctions to ‘hurt the Iranian people‘ ! (Nov 2013) The West and its stooges are not human. They are worse than animals [...] Now it’s quite clear who has converted Iran into a big prison, and who wants to hurt Iranians and keep Iran weak and unfree”. As we said before, ‘Iran, as an ancient nation, had its own ups and downs. The past 300 years were Iran’s downs. Iran’s people were illiterate, and Iran’s rulers were [stupid stooges]‘ [*] So, ‘Iran lost everything, from prestige and power to welfare and progress. But even in these horrible conditions, Iran was the first nation in Asia and Africa that had [many progressive movements]‘ [1] As the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges, specially the UK and its puppets (ie Mullahs, Mercenaries, etc) have imposed many horrible problems on Iran. The English Lie Factory and the Ministry of Truth still censor all important facts/ news, and just try to help Mullahs and traitors [...] Ahvaz, Tehran, and other Iranian cities suffer from the World’s worst Air pollution. As the people’s media says: ‘Ahvaz’s people suffer from horrible problems, simply because they are brave Iranians who hate the UK and the anti-Iran Arabs. In Ahvaz (and also in Tehran etc) the horrible air pollution makes breathing very difficult. SO2, NOx etc can react with rain/ water (H2O) and other chemicals in the air to from very dangerous things like nitric acid or Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) which make breathing very difficult. But the West and Mullahs censor such facts’. As our experts say: ‘what you can see in Ahvaz is not a classic acid rain. Ahvaz, and also Tehran, suffer from a new severe form of acid rain’. Our scientists should do more researches and more tests. But Mullahs just censor all facts and hurt our scientists. Our experts and our well-educated people know how they should solve Iran’s problems, But Mullahs and the West desperately try not to allow Iran’s problems to be solved [...] In Ahvaz and in Tehran, you can see one of the worst acid rains in history. But why? In Tehran, Shomal, Jonub, and the whole Iran you can see the worst environmental disasters in Iran’s history, simply because the Mullah regime is the worst anti-Iranian, puppet and polluted regime in Iran’s history”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Thousands of Iranians are in Ahvaz’s hospitals because of the horrible air pollution, but the anti-Iran Mullah TV censors all facts, and says: ‘Ahvaz is not a polluted city. Ahvah has one of the cleanest air in the world’ !(Sep 2013) The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and Anti-Iranian pigs. They act like the English Lie Factory, and their big lies are like the British lies, because their teacher is the UK”. In November 2013, the people media reported: “In Ahvaz, Abadan, etc the acid rains and the horrible air pollution make breathing very difficult. About 14,000 people in Ahvaz have been hospitalized. The acid rain in Tehran is horrible, too. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. As some experts say: “High level of SO2 and NOx cause acid rain and do damage human health. In Ahvaz and Tehran, more researches/ studies should be done. But Mullahs just try to hide the truth”. Many people know “Acid Rain”. “Acid rain occurs when SO2 and NOx react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form various acidic compounds” [1] Many know the solution: “Reducing emissions of SO2 and NOx that cause acid rain” [1] But as many Iranians say: “the Mullah regime is an anti-Iranian regime, and that’s why they do nothing to solve Iran’s problems”. As the experts say: “the major air pollutants, which are called the 6 ‘criteria’ pollutants, are: 1- Carbon monoxide (CO) 2- Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 3- Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 4- Particulate matters (nitrates, sulfates, zinc, and many other metals) 5- Lead (Sb) 6- Ozone (O3). Their Major Source is motor-vehicles and plants (ie burning fossil fuels)” [1] As some Iranian experts say: “Some pollutants return to Earth in the form of acid rain, and Inversion (thermal inversion) brings almost all pollutants to the earth’s surface. It’s what we can see in Tehran, specially at night. Tehran Smog is really like a chemical attack, and all people should wear a gas mask”. As the experts said and say: ‘Air pollutants can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream. Those particles less than 10 micrometers (PM10) pose a great health concern ” [*] “The PM10, SO2, NO2, & CO kill the people gradually. The amount of SO2 in the air of Ahvaz, Tehran, and Isfahan is about 100 times more than the world standards. SO2 is very [dangerous]” [*] But as the experts say: “In this year (2013), Ahvaz, Tehran, etc suffer from more severe problems, and its reason is not clear. There are many rumors, but it’s not quite clear that which kind of shits Mullahs are eating. Maybe their new cars have serious problems. Maybe Mullahs have added more sulfur (S) to petrol”. They also add: “Mullahs just try to hide/ censor the facts of Air Quality, an indication of the
healthfulness of the air based on the quantity of major pollutants. Air samples are often graded on a scale of 0 to 500, indicating how many parts per million (ppm) contain major pollutants. A sample of 0 to 50 ppm indicates good air quality; 100 to 200 ppm, unhealthy; and 300 to 500 ppm, hazardous or horrible. But Mullahs censor/ change the real ppm numbers. In Tehran and Ahvaz, many pollutants are 1000+ ppm! [...] Smog was/ is a global problem. But Mullahs just [act like retards], while the Iranian people ask: “Why Mullahs have not tried to solve the Smog problem in the past 20 years? Why Mullahs just try to worsen the problems?! why is the Air Pollution in this year (2013) even worse than the last year (2012) ?!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Our experts know the problem of air pollution, and its solutions. As our experts say: ‘Pollution is controlled in two ways: with limiting and capturing pollutants already created, and by limiting the quantity of pollutants produced in the first place. End-of-the-pipe devices -including catalytic converters in automobiles and various kinds of filters in industrial plants- are well-known. Catalytic Converter reduces the amount of pollutants in the automobile’s exhaust gases, and since the early 1980s, all new cars sold in the US have been equipped with catalytic converters. But Mullahs don’t allow Iran’s cars to have catalytic converters! In 2009, AN and Islamists openly said that new cars should not have catalytic converters! Our experts can build good catalytic converters, but Mullahs and their Auto Industry Mafia have a monopoly on almost all air polluter devices in Iran. Our Iranian experts can create a real national auto industry that can compete with the West. But they are systematically suppressed by Mullahs, who serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. As our people say: ‘Mullahs love corruption & pollution, because their brains/ heads are full of shits and other pollutants’! Almost all Iranians know that we should focus on preventing pollution than on curing it. Fossil fuels should be reformulated to achieve cleaner burning (Iranian experts are working on new bio diesels, that have no sulfur, nitrates, acids, and harmful pollutants). Car manufacturers should produce much more cars that run on electricity or on cleaner-burning fuels. But the Car Mafia in Iran and the world still resist any serious changes”. Iranians know many problems and solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “In Europe, during periods of intense smog, pollution control authorities often urge people to avoid trips by car. In bad-air periods, authorities in Paris make bus and subway travel temporarily free. These temporary solutions are not real solutions, but they are better than nothing. But Mullahs even refuse to use such temporary solutions in all days of winter and bad-air periods. In Tehran, half of the cars are banned in only a few days, while if they were banned in all days of winter, it could be a good temporary solution. But Mullahs don’t use good temporary solutions, and don’t care about real solutions. The Iranian people demand cleaner technologies, cleaner cars, cleaner fuels, etc. They know the standard solutions. But Mullahs just worsen the problems”. Iranians know the world. As some wise Iranians say: “We know that the US is the world’s largest polluter. The US accounts for about 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Russia is the next largest polluter at 17%. We know that man-made pollutions are global problems. We know Garbage Sea in Pacific Ocean, aka the great Pacific garbage patch. The sources of pollutants is the US, Canada and Japan [...] Now smog in the US is expected to increase again. As their experts say: ‘New efforts/ solutions to control air pollution will be necessary’. Our Iranian scientists work on new methods and new solutions, but Mullahs even refuse to use the old, known solutions! Mullahs are like Jews, who have no shame and say to Iranians: ‘We have never threatened you -why are you threatening us?’ ! The savage Jews pretend that the Jewish Incitement to Genocide is not a threat, and Sheldon Adelson, Rabbi Yosef (Shas), Goldberg, etc were praising Persians! The Jewish barbarians are followers of Hitler and Goebbels, as Mullahs are followers of Jews and the UK”. As the wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, Iranians and other nations talk about man-made problems, man-made pollutions, and this fact that Pollution is changing Earth’s atmosphere. Now many humans are aware of ‘Global Warming’, and this fact that most air pollution comes from one human activity: burning Fossil Fuels. Many experts truly talk about the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself of pollutants, and this fact that man-made pollutants are changing the atmosphere and its abilities. Some Iranian experts talk about finding methods for increasing the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself, and say: ‘pollution take place in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, which at its widest extends from Earth’s surface to about 16 km. The troposphere is the region in which most weather occurs. This is the layer in which most clouds and most winds occur [...] So, we can try to create local winds and local clouds, and get rid of pollutants in major cities. The modern meteorology is a science (based on physics and mathematics). We can think about creating something like the exhaust pipe for the Earth, and sending pollutions into the empty universe, where they can be converted into raw materials for making new stars and new planets’. Those Iranians who say such things are good people with good intentions. But you should not forget that such innovations and such science can backfire. The bad guys can convert such science into ‘Evil Science’. Now politicians and bad guys try to control all scientists and the whole ‘Science and Technology’, that is a legacy from the good and wise humans. So, before or during solving any serious problems, all humans should try to get rid of politicians, the main bad guys and those bad things that belong to the tribe of the bad guys, including tyranny, corruption, suppression, censorship, public ignorance, etc”.

For more Information:

[1] Check the website of “US Environmental Protection Agency”, URL: ht-tp://

Iranian Wisdom, 2013 Facts: West is a Big Loser

November 28, 2013

In these days, many things are laughable. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs send parasite/ noise, and try to slow down the internet, and it says a lot about the current US-Mullah deal. The Western media tells big lies, censors the voice of Iranians, and help Mullahs, and it says a lot the US-Mullah deal, too. In these days, the West censors many facts, even this fact that the horrible air pollution in Tehran, Ahvaz, and other Iranian cities makes breathing very difficult”. But despite all horrible things -from horrible censorship and horrible inflation to horrible corruption and horrible air pollution- the Iranian people are happy, because they think they could defeat the West and all bad guys in the so-called ‘battle of wills’. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranian people solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys. So, any victories can make them happy. If you read the full text of the nuclear deal, you can see why the West and its stooges are Big Losers, and why the Iranian people say: ‘After a lot of huffing and puffing (Badaz koli Hart-o Purt), the West gave in and failed miserably! (Terek-mun Zadan!)’ The 2013 facts, including the 2013 Show and the current nuclear farce reveal: ‘In the battle of wills with the Iranian people, the West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, Arabs etc) are Big losers. The West and Iran’s enemies try to hide their defeats, and that’s why they tell bad lies and hide many facts, including the Iranian victories (sport victories, etc) and even the full text of the Geneva deal”. In these days, the West censors many things. As some Iranians say: “Iran defeated Brazil, Italy, and Russia to win the championship of the 2013 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup. But it was censored by the West ! The organizers and referees badly tried not to allow Iran to win the championship. But for the first time in history, one soccer team (Iran) could defeat Brazil, Italy, Russia and referees! But the West censored these facts”. They also add: “In the 2013 Volleyball Intercontinental Cup, Iran could defeat the US, Japan, and Italy. Americans had everything, but Iranians could defeat America. It’s really important, because as the recent Intercontinental Cups revealed ‘even in these conditions (ie under ‘the toughest sanctions in history’) Iranians can defeat the US and the West’. [In the 2009- 2013 era] the Lions of Persia remind the world of the Persian Glory”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many confess to the Iranian Wisdom and the Western Hypocrisy. Now the mass media says: ‘Secret US-Mullah talks cleared way for historic nuclear deal’ ! or “This deal was made possible by years of
unprecedented secret meetings between US and Mullahs‘ ! (Nov 2013) They even say: ‘the US-Mullah meetings were kept hidden even from America’s closest friends, including I-s-rael and France .. America and Mullahs secretly engaged in a series of high-level, face-to-face talks over the past [years]‘ ! (AP, 24 Nov 2013) But it’s exactly what the Iranian people said in these years. It [says a lot about] the secrets of the 2009 coup, the 2013 Show, etc”. They also add: “Now even the New York Times (NYT) confesses: ‘the nuclear deal represents an Iranian victory -and an American defeat [!] This American defeat [has a long story]. Bush created a climate that made it very difficult to target Iran today[!] America’s will was spent [!!] It was evaporated in the violent streets of [Iraq!] Obama has made mistakes, too [!!] Obama was [a very stupid bastard] and turned his back on the freedom-seeking Iranian masses in 2009. Obama [made Iran's people aware, and showed US true face]. When Obama finally endorsed punitive sanctions in 2011 and 2012, it was too late, and too [stupid] [It just made Iran's people angrier, and revealed our real intentions] The US Empire is weary. It has lost the ardor and wisdom [!!]‘ (NYT, 22 Nov 2013) US politicians have bad intentions and low IQs. Now they have confused. Now ‘John Bolton says: Iran deal is an ‘Abject Surrender’ for US‘ ! (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Critics blast Iran deal as US Defeat’ ! (24 Nov 2013) Now Arabs, Jews, Islamists/ Basijis, and all Iran’s enemies are so mad at each other, because the Iranian people are the real winners, and deserve all credit”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs try to slow down the internet, censor the voice of Iranians, and help the West’s propaganda machine. For Mullahs and the West, this nuclear deal is a heavy defeat. The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Jews, etc) are losing their face, and that’s why the Iranian people are happy [...] The West is a joke. Now they praise Zarif and his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal ! They even say: ‘Every U.S. administration from Carter and Reagan to Obama has tried to reach out to Mullahs [!!] and Zarif has become heavily involved in secret bilateral relations between the US and Mullahs since [1979]. Zarif lived for 30 years in the US’ ! (Nov 2013) But Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Zarif and British Mullahs .. US and UK love traitors, whores, and Mullahs, ie those who serve the West’s interests and try to keep Iran week and unfree .. UK, USA, and their puppets are big losers”.


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “the Western media talks about years of ‘secret meetings between US and Mullahs’!, and reveals the Iranian wisdom, and the Western stupidity. They prove the US guilt, and the Iranian wisdom. Iranians had already said William Burns, Jeffery Feltman, Sullivan, and many other US officials love Mullahs and/ or are behind the 2009 coup. But the Left and Westerners denied the undeniable facts. But now even the US media says: ‘In Geneva, the State Department housed Burns and Sullivan at a different hotel from the rest of the U.S. delegation and shuttled them to and from meetings via back entrances (to hide them from reporters)’! (Nov 2013) Westerners were stupid, and ignored many facts, including the secret meetings between Burns and Zarif in 2009, or between the UK gov. and Mullahs in 2009. [In 2012,] Feltman became the first senior Jewish-American officials to meet with Khamenei publicly! [for more info, check Archive for [0]: ‘Sham Fight between USA and Mullahs’ (Oct 2012)] But when people like Feltman, Leveretts, and Brzezinski were making love with Mullahs, Chomsky helped them and showed his true face [for more info, check Archive for 'Chomsky helps Brzezinski ...' (Nov 2012)] These years revealed many things, but Westerners were stupid”. They also add: “In May 2012, the LA Times reported: US officials say ‘if Mullahs agree to widespread inspection of nuclear facilities, the US might agree to let Mullahs continue enriching uranium to the 5% level’. [for more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘USA and Mullahs: a stupid Love Affair‘ (May 2012)]. At that time, Iranians said ‘this deal is not a new or important thing. Even in 2003 the US could end this fake crisis over the nuclear issue‘ [1] And now the US and the UK confess: ‘We (the West) could have produced a much better agreement in 2003′! (Nov 2013) The West is a big loser. In 2012, Iranians anticipated the 2013 events, and said: ‘Sanction and torturing Iranians is part of their stupid game for fooling Westerners. [Sooner or later] they will say: ‘Oh, yah, our sanctions worked, and that’s why we accept this nuclear deal’! [1] Iranians knew why ‘the US and Mullahs are in deep shit, and can’t justify their shameful deals’ [1] The US badly wanted a deal, but an open deal with AN, that everybody hated him, was a political suicide. So, they tried to set the stage for the 2013 Show and appointing this British Rouhani. But Iranians were aware of this issue [check Archive for [2]: ’2013 British-American Coup in Iran’ (January 2013)] Iranians said: ‘Do you think it’s purely accidental that Obama and Mullahs are setting the stage for their last tango .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that the West
systematically censors and boycotts the voices of Iranians, and the UK media creates one of the greatest scandals in the history of digital media .. Do you think it’s purely accidental that when the US and Mullahs are preparing for their Last Tango, the West tries to pretend that the voice of traitors/ mercenaries is the voice of Iranians inside Iran?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that before the 2013 Show, the West stupidly tries to repeat the 2009 scenario, and again tells Orwellian lies/ jokes about Iran, Iranians, and their views about Mullahs, traitors, and the West ?!’ [2] The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom. The Iranian people anticipated many things. Many knew that ‘[Appointing] Kerry and Hagel show that the US wants to make a good deal with Mullahs’. But only Iranians knew the US-Mullah sham fights, and said: ‘the big loser will be the West that dishonors itself’ [0][1] Years before Snowden and 2013 Scandals, Iranians talked about ‘West in the Time of Cholera’ (check Archive). The first people who talked about the rotten brains and the real pseudo intellectuals (Chomsky etc) in the West, were Iranians. Iranians knew ‘the Orwellian West’, and said: ‘Most Westerners can’t believe the sad truths, because if they accept the truths, they have to deny all those big lies that are part of their life’. Iranians said such things in the pre-Snowden era, when most Westerners were blind and stupid, and know nothing about ‘War on Internet and Lonely Iranians’. The first people who used ‘Culture’ and ‘Pen’ to fight against barbarians and the West, were Iranians. Iranians (Seif Farghani [1247- 1327] etc) said: ‘The owl of misfortune that brings ruin, Will perch on your palace too .. In this country, our lions roared and passed, The barking of you, the little dogs will pass (cease) too .. Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men, The time of your barbaric rule will pass too .. their time [passed], Your a few days, that is less than theirs, shall pass too .. With patience we shield ourselves from your arrows of oppression, Until the tautness of your bow shall pass (fail) too‘ [check Archive for 'Persian Answer to West: This Shall Pass, Too! (Nov 2012)]. The world and history should bow to the Iranian wisdom”. They also add: “Now Iranians laugh at the West and Mullahs. Some talk about ‘the cracks in all sanctions’, but the funny Iranians laugh and say: ‘This stupid Rouhani even cannot pronounce Crack (Tarak) in the correct way. Instead of ‘Tarak’, he says Terek!, and it reminds you of his Terek-mun or the US/ UK Terek-mun! (Terek-mun is what the Big losers do)’ ! The West and its stooges are Big losers. But the UK still tells jokes like: ‘Iran nuclear deal takes [the UK and] Catherine Ashton from Zero to Hero’ ! (Nov 2013) In these days, ‘the English Lie Factory‘ make Iranians laugh. The Guardian and the UK media are telling the funniest jokes of history“. As the wise Iranians say: “UK and France are proving two things: (1) France is Anti-Iran, and Iran should not work with French companies (Peugeot, Renault, etc) (2) The UK is worse than the US and France. Iran should not have any relations with the UK‘. Before the 2009 coup, Iranians cared about the US, because the US had fought against the UK. Iranians said relations between the US and Iran is much more acceptable than relations between the Western Europe and Iran, or between Arabs and Iran. (the 2009 coup and Obama changed many things in Iran) But the UK is still more hateful than the US”. As some wise Iranians say: “The US is stupid. Now the locust-eaters, Arabs and Jews, say: ‘the US is Afraid of Iran’ (Nov 2013), and the US media says: ‘Arabia rebels against US .. Arabia threatens to reappraise its entire foreign policy after America’s nuclear deal with Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) But the stupid US loves Arabs, who created the 9/11. The US acts like the UK. The US media says: ‘Iran is Shiite [!] and the Saudis are Sunni. They hate each other!’ The American pigs even censor this simple fact that Saudis are Arabs, but Iran is not Arab; Iranians are not Arabs‘. The US media acts like the Nazi media, which was a weaker version of the UK Orwellian media”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now both Mullahs and the West confess that AN was a Jewish spy, and just wanted to damage Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product. Now the West confesses that AN and Islamists just tried to serve the West’s interests and ‘make a pariah state’ ! (Nov 2013) Now even this stupid Rouhani confesses: ‘AN acted like a traitor [!] AN destroyed Iran’s economy and Iran’s national product, and served the interests of Iran’s enemies’ ! (Nov 2013) Now Mullahs repeat what Iran’s people, and Mousavi & Karrubi said in 2009! Now it’s quite clear that ‘Who is Traitor’. But Mullahs and their British teachers still think Today is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)! Now the UK media, and UK spies and Islamist whores in the Mullah TV, the Mullah newspapers (Etemad, Shargh, Keyhan, etc) and the exiled media, tell the same big lies and desperately try to censor the voice of people. As the old Iranians said: ‘They think they can remove a Stain (Nang) with more Stains (Ba Rang)!’ They think their horrible censorship, their horrible lies, their old dirty tricks, and their Orwellian stupidities still work! But now, many laugh and say: ‘If you want to know the UK spies and the Big Brother’s agents, read the Guardian or watch the BBC and the Mullah TV’ ! Now many know the Big Brother’s media. Now the Lefty-CIA media like the Huffington Post, Lobelog, etc act like or worse than the Guardian, Forbes, WSJ, Economist, Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc and tell bad Orwellian jokes about Iran, Iranians, or ‘Daily Life in Iran’. They have badly confused. All bad guys have confused. Just look at the UK/ US media. On 24 and 25 Nov, they had funny headlines like: ‘I-s-rael has lost its nerve’ !, ‘Jews and Netanyahu have lost impact on the international community’ !, ‘I-s-rael and the US: Chillier than ever’! ‘Iran nuclear deal: I-s-rael rages -but no one cares !‘ ! Iran’s enemies have badly confused. The UK media says: ‘The US and Mullahs ease decades of hostility with this agreement’ ! (Nov 2013) And the savage Jews say: ‘Despite the desperate propaganda by the US and [UK], in reality the US and the West gave the Iranians the implied right to enrich its uranium’ ! (24 Nov 2013) If you google and read the full text of the Joint Plan of Action or the Geneva agreement, that is a 4-page agreement signed on 24 Nov 2013, you can understand why Obama, Kerry, and other idiots tell big lies. As the US media says: ‘the deal allows Iran to claim the West has accepted its right to enrich uranium .. The deal legitimizes Iran’s status as a nuclear state’ ! (24 Nov 2013) But both the West and Mullahs are Big losers. Now the West says: ‘This deal is better than We thought it would be. The verification is so extensive. It caps every aspect of their program’ ! (Nov 2013) It’s funny that Lobelog says: ‘This deal is great for I-s-rael because it grants unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear facilities’ ! (Nov 2013). Now the West’s mass media repeatedly says: “the deal will allow our inspectors to gain a greater knowledge about Fordow’ ! Apparently, the West just wants to know Iran’s nuclear facilities for any future attacks! But if Iran’s regime was a smart regime, it could neutralize the West’s plots. The UK and the US don’t respect any agreements. What happened to their agreements with the native Americans in the past centuries?! Lie, Deceit, Cheating and Inhumanity is part of their DNA. Now, they clearly say: ‘Iran nuclear deal is Just a piece of paper [!] But they are stupid bad guys. As they confess: ‘It’s not hard to develop a bomb in secret. Iran is a big country, with a lot of mountains and deserts to hide [what should be hidden from Bad guys] Iran can continue working toward its programs in private’ !! We all know who is who. The US, UK, Jews and other barbarians have many secret, Orwellian, Barbaric programs. They openly threaten Iran with nukes, or talk about ‘Western efforts to control, exploit or weaken Iran‘ ! (25 Nov 2013) But these stupid barbarians just show why Iranians want, and should want, a nuclear deterrent“. They also add: “Iran’s people care about Iran’s national interests, while the Mullah regime serve the West’s interests. The Iranian people have forced the West to confess: ‘Any deal that stops Iran enriching uranium would have had no chance of acceptance’! (Nov 2013) Now even Iran’s enemies say: ‘Iranians will not accept any limits on their nuclear program’ (Nov 2013) They know that Iran’s people can accept the current limits only because it’s ‘Temporary‘. Iran’s people have forced Iran’s enemies to accept Iran’s rights, and the world and history should bow to Iran’s people and their wisdom and bravery”. In these days, the nuclear issue reminds Iranians of Democracy and Western Hypocrisy. As the wise Iranians say: “our people said: ‘the important issue is Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights, not the nuclear issue’. But the West openly said: ‘For the West, the only important issue is ‘Nuclear Issue’, not Freedom and Democracy in Iran’! But what they gained?! The stupid West just showed its true face, and gained nothing but dishonor. ‘Ahd Boogh’, ie the age of puppet dictators and puppet regimes, has passed ! [...] Rouhani, his team and his Central Bank obey the IMF and say: The value of Iran’s national money (Rial) must be decreased!’ (Sep 2013) But the West censors such important facts, and now, their stupid spies/ stooges like S. Leilaz say: ‘Rouhani’s deals worked! The value of Rial increased’! They have no shame and no brain. They still live in ‘Ahd Boogh’. Mullahs still praise IMF plans and high prices!, but now all Iranians say: ‘the end result (of their stupid deals) must become reduction of prices’. So, if Mullahs continue to obey the IMF, and If instead of stopping the IMF plans, Rouhani continues to implement the next phases of IMF Plans, it proves many things, including: Rouhani is worse than AN and Netanyahu”.


Ordinary people in the US and Iran hate War, and it’s a good thing. But as some wise Iranians say: “the US is so stupid. Now, they say: ‘A majority of Americans support an interim deal with Iran’ (CNN, Nov 2013). Their CNN even has headlines like ‘Why Rouhani deserves praise [!]‘ Can you believe it?! The Iranian people ridicule this British Rouhani, but the US and the UK praise him! The West loves Mullahs, but Iranians hate all bad guys. Now the CNN confesses: ‘[our barbaric] threats and sanctions are central reasons why Iranians want a nuclear bomb’! (Nov 2013) The West and all bad guys are Big losers [...] Just look at John Kerry. He is a typical American, a stupid bad guy, and a very bad lair. John Kerry is ‘Shoot va Mashang’ (bad retard); John Kerry, like all American retards, is Eshqe Gooze (Fart-lover) ! The US and Kerry just fart, and try to hide the US defeats”. They also add: “Now Jews sleep with Arabs, and the Jewish media says: ‘For five years, Obama has been betraying I-s-rael, Saudi Arabia and UAE’ !! (24 Nov 2013) You can ask: Since when Jews love Arabs?! But on 22 Nov 2013, Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a savage Jew, had an interview with the Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which the savage Arab openly said: ‘The threat is from Persia, not from I-s-rael!’ But it’s funny and important that Mullahs and exiled Journalists -who are anti-Iranian slaves of Big Brother- censored what these savage Arabs/ Jews say about Persia (Iran). It shows that Jews, Arabs, and Islamists are the same anti-Iranian shits”. In these days, many things are laughable, but important. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the American retards say: ‘the only thing Iranians love more than their nuclear weapons is their football [!]‘ (FP, Nov 2013). It’s funny that these US retards shape ‘Foreign Policy’ in the US! In these days, the CNN reports: ‘Peres backed up Netanyahu, but also extended an olive branch. Peres said: ‘I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies and we are not yours .. there is a possibility to solve this issue
diplomatically’ ! But what it means?! The Jewish regime and the savage Jews openly incite to genocide and threaten Persia! First and Foremost, the Jews must apologize to Persians, and must condemn the Jewish barbarians and the Jewish incitement to genocide. They should know that Persia (Iran) has the right and obligation to defend itself with its own forces against every threat. We, Persians, want to make clear that Persians will not tolerate Barbarians. Both Jews and Arabs must accept Iran as a world power, and respect Iran’s rights. Arabs must apologize to Iranians. Arabs must pay compensation (hundreds of billions of dollars) to Iran and Iranians”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs have confused. On 24/ 25 Nov 2013, their media had headlines like: ‘Total, unmitigated defeat‘, ‘Historic Mistake’, ‘Total Defeat’, ‘I-s-rael blasts US-Iran deal as historic mistake’, ‘This agreement is the greatest diplomatic victory of Iran’, etc. Jews and Arabs are showing their true face, and it’s a good thing. The Jewish incitement to Genocide or this fact that Jews and Arabs are cooperating just make all humans aware. Now the savage Jews/ Arabs confess to good things like: ‘President Obama had to choose between dishonor and war, and he chose dishonor [!] .. Obama has dishonored US allies in the Middle East, including I-s-rael (Jews) and Arab states [!] .. Let us be clear. The agreement is a total US defeat and Iranian victory .. US officials defamatory attacks against Jews by calling them war mongers [!] .. Iranian influence and stature will grow, while US influence and stature as a reliable ally will diminish‘ (24 Nov 2013). Iran’s enemies are stupid bad guys”. Yah, Iran’s enemies are really stupid. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West says the right to enrich is not part of the Non
Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But as the educated Iranians say: ‘the US, the UK and France have signed the NPT. So, they don’t have the right to enrich, too! If the UK and France stop their enrichment activities or destroy their nuclear programs, then Iran can do the same thing’ ! It’s a good point. But the US, the Little Britain and France believe the NPT says all countries are equal, but USA, UK and France are more equal! It’s the logic of the West and NPT! But Iranians and all good guys don’t give a shit about such Orwellian logic and such Orwellian laws [...] The UK said: ‘All countries are equal, but we are more equal’! It’s the British logic, that the West and all Barbarians love it and use it. But all normal humans just laugh at this Orwellian logic. The Iranian people strongly reject those ridiculous international laws that say ‘all countries are equal, but US, UK, etc are more equal’ ! Such International laws are Orwellian laws, and Iranians and all good guys just laugh and spit at all Orwellian laws”.

British Mullahs, Barbarian UK, Anti-Iran Front

November 22, 2013

This year (2013) has become a very informative year. In this year, people can know the West, the Big Brother’s slaves, and many other things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Now the French -Jewish Barbarians, the savage Arabs, the stupid Americans, etc make people aware. But the most laughable retards are the Little Britain and its stooges. The Little UK has low IQ. They are proving that what Iranians say about the UK and British Mullahs is not a myth or a conspiracy theory. This year (2013) has become ‘the Moment of Truth on the UK and British Mullahs’. Now the UK openly defends Tyranny, Censorship, Lie and other evil things! Now any sane person can understand why the Iranian people say: ‘the UK is the worst Orwellian regimes in history’ or ‘the UK is behind the Mullah regime’, or ‘Mullahs are ‘puppets/ slaves’ of the UK ! (Nokar-e Englis, Mozdoor-e Englis !)’. Now the love story of British Mullahs and Little Britain [can show you many things]. The British media and all British spies censor all important facts/ news of Iran, tell big lies, and support British Mullahs (Rouhani, Jannati, etc)! Now the English media says: ‘David Cameron becomes first British leader to speak to Iran in a decade’ !! (Telegraph, 19 Nov 2013) Now the UK Orwellian media says: ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise hopes’ !! (GU, Nov 2013) The Guardian (GU) loves Mullahs, Big Lies, and Orwellian headlines! On 19 Nov, and on the GU first page, the British barbarians said ‘Iran concession [!!] and Cameron phone call raises nuclear hopes’ ! (GU, 19 Nov 2013). It can explain many things. It can explain why the UK loves Rouhanis, or why all British stooges in Iran censor what the Guardian and the UK media say [...] What the Guardian did and does in 2013, before and after the 2013 Mullah Show, clearly show that the Guardian (GU) is nothing but a cesspool of Big Brother’s agents”. What the Guardian, the UK media, and the UK stooges say and do is laughable and informative. As some wise Iranians say: ‘The GU Orwellian crap, ‘Iranian concession and Cameron phone call raise nuclear deal hopes’ !, written by one Jewish agent and two MI6 agents (Julian Borger, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), and H. Sherwood in Jerusalem !) shows why the UK loves Mullahs, and why the UK strongly supports this British Rouhani. Relations between the UK and Mullahs are laughable. The UK media censors all important news/ facts of Iran, and the Mullah media and the UK spies censor the UK-Mullah love affairs and what the UK media says! But these idiots don’t know that such Lies and such Censorship just prove the truth of what Iranians said and say about the UK and Mullahs. Now it’s clear that the anti-Iran Mullah TV and the so-called Journalists/ Activists in exile and their anti-Iranian media like Rooz, Balatarin, Gooya, etc are two sides of the same coin. They all hate Iran, Iranians, Truth, and what is good and decent. The Mullah TV is a cesspool of UK spies and non-Iranians (Arabs, Lebanese, etc). Islamists and those who work for Balatarin, Rooz, Gooya, etc are non-Iranian pigs or anti-Iranian spies/ stooges who work for Iran’s enemies. They hate Iran and Iranians. They are ‘Vakil Vasi’ (passionate advocate) of Iran’s enemies, Arabs, the Barbarian UK, or Jewish Barbarians ! They desperately try to hide/ censor the Jewish threats, the UK-Mullah love affair, the IMF-Mullah love affair, etc. These pigs helped the CIA-backed 2009 coup. These retards still think today (Age of Internet) is the 19th century (Ahd Boogh)!”. They also add: “The Little UK is a symbol of the Barbarian West. Their media (Guardian, BBC, etc) and their spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Rooz, Basijis, etc tell the same Orwellian jokes. Recently, the Guardian (GU) said: ‘ Iranians stayed awake all night [!!!!] to find out whether their negotiators [!!] have made a deal or not’ (GU, 10 Nov 2013). It’s one of the UK laughable jokes. But the funniest part of this joke is that some days before Guardian, Rooz and Behnoud said: ‘Iranians stayed awake all night to find out whether their negotiators have made a deal or not’ ! It’s very funny that all British spies tell exactly the same big and unique lies! In the 2009-2013 era, UK media and almost all activists/ journalists in exile tell the same Orwellian jokes. In these days, all of them say: ‘In Iran, France, not Britain, now the Little Satan’! But it’s important that all UK spies and all ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devils (SKDs)’ tell the same Orwellian jokes. Their jokes are unique, and it shows that one team invents such Orwellian lies/ jokes, and then all spies/ SDKs repeat them. In fact, the Guardian, the BBC, the so-called exiled Media/ exiled journalists, and the Mullah TV are controlled by one team (Ministry of Truth). Now it’s clear that those who work/ write for Guardian, BBC, etc and the notorious stooges/ spies like Behnoud, M. Ghomi (AliNejad), E. Nabavi, Kowsar, Ganji, Abdi, Dad, Zibakalam, Jannati, Basiji faggots, Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, etc are controlled/ managed by the same Big Brother. In fact, as the Iranian people say: ‘British Mullahs (Akhud-e Englisi) and all slaves of the UK, ie Islamists and exiled whores, work for the same Lord and Master”.


The love story of British Mullahs and their beloved UK is so laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Do you remember what the UK slaves like Behnoud, Rooz and the Mullah TV already said about ‘Catherine Ashton’? They said ‘Ashton’ is a Swiss woman or a Swiss politician! But now, the anti-Iran Mullah TV openly praises ‘Catherine Ashton and sees her as a great British politician! It’s so funny that a Swiss woman suddenly becomes a British woman! And it’s so funny that Mullahs praise the UK Bitches. Their stupid Araqchi (Iraq-chi, ie Iraqi or non-Iranian!), who is Zarif’s aide, openly made love with the Big Bitch (British Queen), and now the Mullah TV has become a lover of British Bitches [...] For several years, they said to Iranians: Ashton is a Swiss politician! But why?! Because they know what the Iranian people say about the UK and the UK-Mullah love affairs [...] Mullahs loves Ashton because she was the Big Bitch’s slave and Lord President of the Queen’s Privy Council !“. In these days, almost all media censor the love story of ‘Mullahs and UK’, that is as important as the love story of ‘Jews and Arabs’ . In these days, many truly talk about “the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs”, and many refer to “Jews, Arabs, and West” as the real Axis of Evil. But as the wise Iranians say: “Jews and Arabs, aka S-e-m-ites, are not important. The savage Semi[..] and the French Barbarians are a small part of the Anti-Iranian Front. The main Enemy of Iran and Iranians is the US and the Little UK. The most Barbarian regime of history is the UK regime. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Iranians in the 19th century, the 1910s, etc. The Barbarian UK has killed millions of Indians, millions of Africans, millions of native Australians, millions of native Americans, and millions of Asians (Chinese, etc) in the recent centuries. The Little UK is a small country that has committed great crimes against humanity”. We have already written about a small part of the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). But there are many many historic facts about the Barbarian UK and the Barbarian France that we should write about them in proper time, but as the wise Iranians say: “Even if you forget the past and the shameful history of the Land of Barbarians and the Home of Barbarism (UK/ Western Europe), the present time can show you many things. Now the UK and the US openly supports Islamist, Marxists and Terrorists in Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. Now the UK openly helps and supports Mullahs and anti-Democracy groups [...] The Little Britain has lost its mind, and it’s a good thing. It’s good that the UK openly supports Islamist-Marxist terrorists or savage Mullahs like Jannati. It’s good that the Brits censor all facts/ news of Iran, and try to support Rouhani by telling bad lies/ jokes like: ‘Rouhani has ordered the morality police to stop arresting women’ ! (Telegraph, Nov 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK (BBC, Guardian, etc) is ‘Ghayem / Vakil Vasi’ (Guardian/ passionate advocate) of Mullahs! Now the Iranian people say many funny things about UK stooges like Behnoud and Akbar Ganji, who have become Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Khamenei”. In these days, the UK and the West censor many facts/ news, even the news of the horrible air pollution in Ahvaz and Tehran -that we should write more it later. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Western censorship, the Western lies, and the Western Bullying just backfire. Now the Western media say: ‘the UK, the US, France, Germany, Russia and France say they should not grant Iran’s right to uranium enrichment’ ! (19 Nov 2013) They even say: ‘Mullahs Concede On Right To Enrich’ ! (AP, 19 Nov 2013), and add: ‘[Mullahs] have suddenly gone public with a significant concession .. Zarif says: ‘We (British Mullahs) see no necessity for its recognition as a right [!!]‘. US officials call it a ‘very significant concession, a key concession by Mullahs‘ ! Mullahs are heroic cowards, and anti-Iranian slaves of the West. But Iranians are not stupid. Now the West claims that Zarif has said: ‘The right to enrichment does not need to be recognized because, according to the NPT this right is inalienable [!!]‘. Mullahs are bad retards. But Iranians know the UK and the US. Iranians know that Iran’s enemies play dirty/ stupid games. Now you can hear all sorts of rumors. But Iranians know the West. Iranians know that the only important thing in their stupid talks is Iran’s rights. Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of the West, but even the stupid Mullahs know that all Iranians say the right to enrichment is a very very basic right, and Iran even has the right to have nuclear weapons, simply because the Jewish Barbarians and the Barbarian West have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes. Almost all Iranians know when the Western Barbarians have nukes, Iran must have nukes and everything, and it’s Iran’s basic right. But now Iranians, prefer to wait and see what would happen. Iranians hate Rouhani, Zarif, and British Mullahs. But Iranians prefer to wait and see how they show their true colors. Rouhani, Zarif, etc can prove or reject what is said about them. We, Iranians, can wait and see”. They also add: “The West has imposed its stupid sanctions, bans, censorship, oppressions, etc on Iranian people, not Mullahs/ Islamists! Now Mullahs use Facebook, Twitter, etc and Iranians are spitting at the anti-Iran West. When they say: ‘Zarif, launched a Facebook/ YouTube channel’! Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, the West loves Mullahs’ ! [...] Facebook, Twitter, Guardian, BBC, CNN, UK, Lefts, and the Anti-Iran West strongly help and support Mullahs, and ‘Mullah Horseshit’ is like ‘Inverse Horseshoe’ (Naal Varuneh)! British Mullahs talk bout ‘Heroic Cowardliness’ ! or call themselves Principle-ists or followers of Ali, but they praise Pragmatism and act like Yazid and Muawiyah! Mullahs and Islamists are heroic cowards. They worship Arabs, Jews, UK, and non-Iranian pigs. But the Iranian people know Islamists and their British/ Jewish teacher, and that’s why terms like Basiji, Islamist, Khatamist or Mullah have become a synonym for Traitor (Khaen, Vatan-Forush, etc), Anti-Iranian, pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), Puppet of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman), Stooge of US & UK (Nokar-e America & Englis), Crook & Thief (Dozd & Mal Mardom Khor), Savage, etc [...] Mullahs are stupid slaves of the UK. But instead of repeating old lies and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, Mullahs should apologize to Iran’s people, and beg the Iranian people for mercy. It’s ‘Solution’. Obeying the UK/ IMF/ Big Bitches, making Iran’s people angrier, listening to savage non-Iranian Islamists like Jannati (that UK & Zionists love them) and giving concession to Iran’s enemies, is Stupidity, not Solution. What Mullahs do is like ‘Eating Onions & Sticks’. [We had already warned about this issue. For more info, check Archive for "Mullahcracy and Illusion of ...]“.


In these days, many talk about “Jews and Arabs” and the anti-Iranian Front. As the wise Iranians say: “The good Jews or good Arabs are like other good guys. But their voices are censored or silenced. We, Iranians, can only hear the voice of savage Jews/ Arabs. But we, Iranians, are not like the Racist West, who tells racist lies like Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! We don’t say all Arabs or all Jews are bad guys. We are Iranians (Persians), and we are very different from the savage Jews or the Barbarian West. Iranians use ‘Jews and Arabs’ to refer to the savage Jews/ Arabs, and it’s a natural reaction to what they say/ do. What we, Iranians, say about them is a natural reaction to their shameful acts and their shameful history that is full of Barbarism, Racism, Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity. The good Arabs/ Jews are victims of their own bad guys, and they can understand us. We, Iranians, are not Anti-S-e-m-i-te, but ‘Jews and Arabs’ are Anti-Iranian (Anti-Persian & Anti-Aryan). They hate the Home of Tolerance. All informed people know the Jewish Intolerance and the Jewish Barbarism. The ungrateful Jews still think/ act like their savage ancestors. But Today is not ‘Ahd Boogh’ or ‘Ahd Atigh’ ! (Age of the Old Testament !) Now all normal people hate the Jewish Racism, the Jewish Intolerance, and the Jewish Barbarism. Only the savage Mullahs/ Islamists like Jannati, who are non-Iranians, still love the savage Arabs/ Jews [...] Now the Western media say: Jews and Arabs cooperating! They even talk about ‘the Possible Western-Jewish-Arab alliance’ ! And it’s very laughable. Some say: ‘It’s important that the US loves those who created the 9/11 !, and Jews love Arabs and the Western-made Holocaust!’ It’s a good point. But it’s not the whole story. Now, the whole world can see the truth of what Iranians say about Jews, Arabs, and the Palestine issue. Now the world can see that both Jews and Arabs are savage terrorists, who love war, barbarism, terrorism, and intolerance. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this fact. Now, British newspapers say: ‘Jews (Isr-a-el) and Arabs (Arabia) are working on a secret plan against Iran’ (Nov 2013) or ‘Jews and Arabs cooperating on military option against Iran’ ! (Nov 2013) The stupid UK tries to use its old ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic. Even the good Arabs/ Jews are aware of this tactic [...] It’s very good that barbarians are showing their true faces, and proving that the UK, Jews and Arabs are sworn enemies of Peace, Goodness, Humanity, and Human Civilization. It’s good that the world can see why the Iranian people say: ‘Fuck you, Palestine. Fuck you, savage Arabs, Fuck you, savage Jews. You deserve each other’ ! Jews are full of crap and
contradictions. They openly say: ‘A good Jew hates Arabs !‘ (Haaretz, Aug 2013), and add: ‘Hatred of Arabs is part of the test of our loyalty and our identity .. Jews hate Arabs and want them dead .. The Arab, as we know, always has his eyes on the daughters of I-s-rael [!] .. we urge Jewish girls to keep away from Arabs [!] .. our motto is ‘Death to the Arabs’ [!] .. A good Jew hates Arabs. A loyal I-s-raeli will leave an Arab to die, because he’s an Arab. And someone who isn’t like that, as we know, sleeps with Arabs [!!]‘ It’s exactly what Haaretz said in Aug 2013! But now all people can see how Jews sleep with Arabs ! This year is ‘the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs’, and all people can see that Jews and Arabs belong to the same tribe. Now Iran’s people say what the savage Jews/ Arabs deserve to hear: ‘ Jews are proving that they really deserved the Holocaust .. Jews, Arabs, and Palestine should go to hell … Arabs kill innocent kids (Jewish kids, etc); Jews/ US/ UK kill innocent kids (Arab kids, etc). But we, Iranians, have always said: ‘Stop War; Stop killing innocent kids; Stop Racism; Stop Barbarism .. Jewish Barbarians threaten Iran with nukes, but prove Iran must have nuclear weapons ! .. the Islamist culture is the Jewish culture .. Hijab and all Islamic/ Arab laws are Jewish laws .. Jews have occupied the Arab lands, and Arabs have occupied the Iranian lands (UAE, Bahrain, etc). Jews and Arabs are savage occupiers .. Arabs are worse than Jews. Part of Palestine is Jewish. But Arabs have occupied our 100% Iranian lands with the help of UK .. Where is the good Jews?! Do they really exist?! Or a good Jew is a dead Jew?! .. The good Jews exist, but are silenced .. The West is a stupid bad guy. They say: ‘the public uproar over Obama’s plans for a limited strike against Syria – a much smaller and weaker [barbaric] adversary -shows that the US is not ready to sign up for a costlier and riskier conflict with Iran’! (Nov 2013) … the West is so savage and stupid. They say: ‘Bad deal with Iran will lead to war’ ! (Nov 2013) But such threats just backfire .. Bullies are often cowards .. To[...] Darid Hamle Konid! (You don’t dare attack Iran!), you the little Jews .. If Jews attack Iran, we should flatten all Jewish cities of the little I-s-r-ael .. Jews are worse than the Nazi … Jews are slaves of the US. But If Jews attack Iran, they just prove they deserve annihilation, and Iran must obliterate the ungrateful Jews from the face of the earth .. All Jews are not bad guys, but savage Jews are worse than Hitler .. Savage Jews/ Arabs say Iran (not Mullahs) is a threat to their influence in the Muslim world! They talk about Iran’s hegemony & say ‘Iran wants to be the regional gendarme’! But Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. Arabs/ Jews, ie locusts-eaters should know that their Islamists/ spies like Jannati and AN have no place among today’s Iranians .. Mullahs serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime is anti-Iranian and pro-Arab … UK and their Arabs have occupied our Iranian lands of the Persian Gulf. In 19th & 20th centuries, the barbarian UK attacked our Iranian lands and occupied them … Barbarians -ie UK, Arabs, and Jews- occupy the land of other people .. Almost all Arab states are fake countries. They are UK-made countries, and before the World War 1, almost all Arab states didn’t exist .. Jews & Arabs both love Occupation and Barbarism .. They are Mongol. They talk about crippling sanctions or Iran’s weakness!, but at the same time, they say: ‘Iran has the money, technical capability, and the infrastructure to build a nuclear weapon’! .. The West is in deep shit. Now they say: ‘If the US -rather than Iran- rejects deals or negotiations, the US will suddenly become the problem, and [it's] disastrous’! (Nov 2013) .. The West is a stupid bad guy. Now they say: ‘By turning down a deal, the US will shift international opinion from our side to Iranians’ ! .. NSA scandals and all 2013 events show that international opinion hate the West and spit at the US! .. The stupid West just forces people to see the whole West as a Bad Guy, and hate the West as a whole .. Those who deny or violate the basic rights of Iranians, or threaten Iran with war, nuke and barbaric things, are stupid barbarians .. those who sow wind, will reap Typhoon“.


As the wise Iranians say: “The educated people know the British Evil Empire, and how the British Barbarians ruined the civilized world. And now many say: ‘America is an Empire Of Evil’ or ‘The United States has become the Evil Empire’. When the Jewish or American barbarians openly praise War, Bullying, Tyranny, Terrorism, Racism (Anti-Iranian Racism, etc) or Barbarism (Anti-Iran Barbarism, etc) it’s quite clear why many talk about the American Evil Empire. The 2009 coup, Iran’s story, Egypt’s story, the stories of Snowden, Lavabit, NSA, and all recent scandals showed that America is becoming anti-Democracy and anti-Human Rights. Now the USA reminds many of the USSR. Now the little UK, the US and the West’s Evil Empire are nearing the End”. They also add: “The West and its stooges (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc) form the Anti-Iran Front, which is the real Axis of Evil. Now the world knows Big Brother’s agencies such as GCHQ and NSA, which use Private Firms and mass spying/ surveillance technologies to snoop on all emails, messages, phone calls, etc. As the media reports: ‘Firms from the UK, I-s-rael, Germany, France and the US aid their governments in secretly hacking into internet cables (fibre-optic cables) [!] [So] they can monitor and analyze in real time almost all communications, including SMS (texting), GSM (mobile calls), billing data, emails, conversations, and everything’ ! (Nov 2013) Now many experts talk about this fact that the Big Brother uses ‘Hidden cameras and Hidden microphones in your car and your home appliance to watch and control you! As they say: ‘Ordinary vans, cars and motorbikes can offer everything a spy (and the Big Brother) could need. Tiny cameras and microphones are hidden in wing mirrors, headlights and even the makers’ logo‘ ! (Nov 2013) Now the experts talk about ‘Packet Injection‘, that is used by the West and its puppets, including Mullahs. As the experts say: ‘The most infamous use of packet injection is censorship. The ISPs and the Great Firewalls inject TCP reset packets (RST) to block undesired traffic. When a computer receives one of these injected RST packets, it closes the connection, believing that all communication is complete’ (Nov 2013) The West sells these Orwellian tools to Mullahs, and as the experts say: ‘these tools (and Packet injection) are widely used for
‘man-on-the-side’ and ‘man-on-the-middle’ attacks! The Anti-Iran Front is the real Axis of Evil”. As some wise Iranians say: “The whole West is savage and stupid. France is like the UK. French Barbarians try to hide themselves behind the good guys in France [...] Most people say ‘France is the Land of Whores and Faggots’, while the truth is that both French Barbarians and British Barbarians were Adam-Khor (human-eaters), and didn’t know what is Culture or what is Civilization [...] French Intellectual is a joke. They are slaves of Big Brother. Just ask yourself: How many of these retards (French intellects) protest against the NSA or the main problems?! French Intellectuals are stupid whores. In 2013, instead of the Big Brother’s scandals, they talk about S-e-x ! As their media says: ‘French intellectuals demand right to visit sex-workers’! (Oct 2013) In fact, France’s problem is not a stupid faggot like Hollande or Sarkozy. This French faggot Francois Hollande is a stupid ass-licker, and no one takes him serious. France’s main problem is their intellectuals, their corruption, and their ignorance. Instead of caring about the 2013 scandals or the main problems, they still talk about the primitive things! As their media reports: ‘A group of French intellectuals have come under fire from feminists over a magazine petition in which several high-profile male journalists, commentators and actors demanded the right to visit sex-workers .. The French parliament will soon make it illegal to pay for se-x [!], meaning anyone who buys s-ex from sex-worker would face heavy fines [!] .. French intellectuals say: we have gone, go, or will go to prostitutes -and we are not even ashamed … but their petition on prostitution was titled ‘the manifesto of the 343 bastards’[!] sparked fury from women’s groups and MPs .. [so-called] French female intellects say: ‘The 343 bastards are demanding the right to use others’ bodies’ [!] Yah, French intellectuals, male or female, are stupid bastards!”. Iran’s enemies are really stupid bad gays. But unfortunately, Westerners even don’t know who is who. As the wise Iranians say: “Ignorance and Corruption are the West’s serious problems. Most Westerners don’t know the world, history, and even their own country. Iranians know that the good Westerners exist. But the main question is: why are they silent/ inactive? Their mass media censors many things, tells big lies, and tries to silence the good guys. Instead of telling the truth or reflecting the voice of the people, their media try to shape public opinion! [...] Now even the wise Americans talk bout Self-Censorship in America !. They say: ‘Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has ‘Chilling Effect’ on American Writers !‘ (Nov 2013) It’s really horrible. Now all good websites are censored or boycotted. Their search engines censor or boycott almost all good links/ websites. The mass media censor/ delete almost all good comments. It’s obvious that all good guys, including the good Westerners, should protest against such Orwellian Tyranny and such Orwellian Censorship in the West. But most Westerners are silent, or live like sheep or slaves. Of course the NSA stories and the 2013 scandals are making all people aware. Sooner or later even the slaves will wake up. The West’s Evil Empire and the Anti-Iran Front, ie the United Barbarians, are on the wrong side of history, and nearing the End. The future belongs to the good guys”.

Muharram and Ashura: Iranians vs Oppressors

November 17, 2013

The story of “Muharram and Ashura in Iran” (check Archive) has always opened old wounds. But in this year (2013), as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are proving that they are stupid slaves of the UK. Instead of apologizing to people, begging their god and people for mercy, and solving the main problems, Mullahs just make people angrier! The anti-Iran Mullah TV still aids Iran’s enemies, repeats old lies, and insults the people’s intelligence. Mullahs are like their British teachers, and think they are smart bad guys! But the Mullah retards even don’t know that the UK spies in the Mullah TV try to use the British ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic in Iran. Mullahs are bad retards, and just eat both ‘Onions & Sticks’. In the 2013 Show, Mullahs badly retreated, made bad concessions, and surrendered to people. Mullahs even begged people to vote, and said: ‘Maybe people don’t want to support the Islamic regime [!], but they do want to support Iran’! The meaning of appointing Rouhani and rejecting Jalili is clear. Jalili was equal to all crap, slogans, goals, ideology and so-called principles of the Mullah regime. Jalali, Islamists and the Jewish CIA said the same thing about the 2009 coup. But what happened to Jalili?! Mullahs said Jallili, ie all Basijis and all Islamists only have about 3 million supporters in Iran! In fact, Mullahs clearly confessed that all Basijis and all Islamists are only about 5% of the Iranian people, and more than 95% of Iranians hate all Islamists and Basiji faggots. Appointing this British Rouhani was a bad and big retreat. At that time, many laughed and said: Mullahs retreated and regretted! (Tobeh Kardand) Mullahs regretted ‘eating more shits’! But now Mullahs are eating ‘Onions & Sticks’, and making Iran’s people angrier! But what’s the use of such stupidities?! Do Mullahs want to make Iran’s enemies happy and serve the West’s interests more than they did?! It’s quite clear that sooner or later Iran will get rid of all puppet regimes. More than 90% of Iranians hate all oppressors, stooges, and evil forces – including Mullahs, Monarchists, MEK, Marxists, Islamists, and anti-Iranian spies/ stooges like Behnoud, Karbaschi, Nabavi, Ganji, Abdi, Hajjarian, Khatami, etc. Sooner or later the real Iranians will decide about Iran. The real Iranians care about Iran and Iranian culture, not the Arab/ Jewish culture. Mullahs/ Islamists are pro-Arab (Arab-parast), pro-Jew (Jewud-parast), and anti-Iranian”. As the wise Iranians say: “Ashura reminds Iranians of two facts: (1) Millions of Iranians who bravely fought against Mullahs, tyranny, corruption and oppression in 2009; and thousands of Iranians who were killed and tortured by Islamists and the West in 2009 (2) Those who were killed by Yazid’s army at the Battle of Karbala in 680. Iran’s religious people have always said: ‘Imam Hussein was killed for the truthfulness and fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Ashura is a tribute to truth, justice and condemnation of tyranny and oppression anytime and anywhere’. And now, the religious people say: ‘Mullahs, Islamists, and their [British masters] are symbols of injustice, tyranny, oppression, and corruption … Basijis are the Yazid army, and Mullahs are worse than Yazid, Muawiyah and Abu Sufyan’! But why do the religious people say such things in Iran? The answer is clear. Who can love thieves, crooks, liars, killers, thugs and corrupt people?! Many truly say: ‘In Muharram and Ashura, Iranians suffer from the so-called ‘Shoor-e Husseini’ (strong emotions)’! But what the Iranian people say about the 2009 coup is very logical and rational. In 2009, Mullahs/ Islamists defended a Jewish spy (AN) and killed and oppressed the Iranian people with the help of the West. Now, even Rouhani, Zarif, and all Mullahs openly confess -through what they say & what they do- that AN only served the interests of Zionists and Iran’s enemies. Now even Mullahs, Jewish Americans and little kids know & say that AN just served the interests of Zionists. But Iranian people ask: ‘Why did Mullahs/ Islamists support a Jewish spy, and aid Iran’s enemies? Why did (do) Islamists/ Basijis say nothing about the IMF, IMF plans, Jewish CIA (Leverett, Sick, etc) or Jewish Barbarians (Adelson, Rabbi Yosef, etc), who are anti-Iranian?!’ There are many facts that force Iranians to say: Islamists, from Khatamists to Basijis, are the pawns of the Jewish CIA. After the 2009 coup, the Basijis are openly making love with the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, etc). It’s so laughable. As ordinary Iranians ask: ‘Why do McCain, Graham, Tea party, Republicans, and the Left support and [make love with] Islamists?! .. Since when the US senators, the UK, or [the Jewish CIA] are the legitimate representatives of Islamists?! .. Why do the little UK and Great Satan (USA) love and support Islamists?!’. Mullahs have no shame and no brain. Mullahs say: ‘Lie is worse than Wine, adultery, etc. Lie is the worst of the worst’. But Mullahs and their British masters are the worst liars in history! Mullahs used to say: ‘IMF is a Zionist organization’ or ‘Gary Sick is the Zionist CIA’. But now the Mullah media and the Mullah TV (Press TV, etc) openly make love with Gary Sick, or praise IMF & implementing IMF plans in Iran! In these years, the UK and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, US Congress, etc) openly supported Islamists. Iran’s story and Egypt’s story showed how the US and the West love and support Islamists. The West sees Islamists as useful idiots and useful dictators. And now the Iranian people are aware of this fact, and ask for instance: ‘why does the UK media strongly support Mullahs (Rouhani, etc)?! Who do Asssholes CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc delete most comments?! Who do VOA and BBC just help Mullahs and anti-democracy groups?! Why do almost all UK/ CIA/ Lefty media help Islamists?! Why do US officials say: ‘Regime change is not our policy,’ but ‘[making love] with the Mullahs regime certainly is’?! Iranians are not stupid, and know who is enemy, who is friend, and who is a puppet of the enemy [...] Mullahs still obey the [UK/ IMF] orders. Mullahs use the UK Orwellian dictionary, and say: ‘Oppress = to protest against dictator/ oppressor’ ! But according to all normal dictionaries: ‘Oppress = to treat people unfairly or cruelly, and prevent them from having basic rights; to make someone feel unhappy or uncomfortable‘. Mullahs and the West oppress people. Mullahs try to make Iranians feel unhappy or uncomfortable. The Iranian people are oppressed, because they are treated unfairly or cruelly and are prevented from having basic rights. What Mullahs and the West did and do is Oppression [...] What Mullahs say is like what the UK and the Jewish CIA say. There were many apparent paradoxes in the Mullah system. What Mullahs say are full of crap and contradictions. And as the religious people say: What Mullahs do is like what Yazid and Shemr did [...] Now almost all Iranians say: “Fuck you, Obama .. Shame on USA, UK, EU and those who support Lie, Tyranny, Oppression, Jews and Islamists”.


In these days, the story of Mullahs and their Great Satan has become a funny story. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs pretended that ‘Down with America’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics. Islamists pretended that ‘Down with Oppressor’ is their ideology/ principle, not politics! But now Mullahs openly say: ‘our approach to negotiations with the US (Great Satan) is quite pragmatic! .. Down with America is a political tactic (not ideology)’ ! (Oct 2013) Mullahs say such things, when Obama says: ‘our sanctions and our threats worked’ !!, and that’s why Mullahs make love with Great Satan !! (Oct & Nov 2013). Now the Western media says: ‘The amount of time Mullah and American top diplomats have spent talking to each other in the last 24 hours is more than the preceding 34 years’ ! (9 Nov 2013) Mullahs have no answer to those religious people who say: ‘Did you kill our children for political tactics -for nothing?!’ Mullah Paradoxes are so laughable. In their own TV series, Imam Ali, Mullahs said: ‘Muawiyah, Abu Sufyan, and Amr ibn al-As were politicians and super-pragmatists. So they were bad guys! But Ali cared about Justice and principles. Ali was a man of principle, but Muawiyah was a super-pragmatist’! But now Mullahs praise Pragmatism! The stupid Mullahs don’t know that when you suffer from the paradox of ‘principles’ and play with your own principles, maybe sick people like Gary Sick, Farrideh Farrahi and anti-Iranian Baijis say you are super-pragmatists! But Iranians, religious people, etc say you are like Muawiyah!”. They also add: “The Orwellian UK and its stooges/ spies like Behnoud, Zibakalam, and British Mullahs tell bad jokes like: ‘the vast majority of Iranians love the US-Mullah love affair’ !! But the truth is that the vast majority of Iranian people just laugh and say: the UK is behind the Mullah regime. The US is the Great Evil, and Mullahs are stooges of the US and the UK (Nokar-e America va Englis)!”. In these days, many things are stupid and laughable. As the wise Iranians say: ‘the West tells bad jokes like ‘Iranians Lack Adequate Money for Food and Shelter’ ! But they say nothing about the IMF plans! The stupid West and the stupid Left censor the IMF-Mullah love affairs! And it says lot about the Left and the IMF, which are two sides of the same coin”. They also add: “The uncultured West still praise the UK Evil Empire, that was based on Bullying, Barbarism, Racism, Oppression, and Lie. But now, the little UK is on the edge of annihilation and disintegration. As some Mullahs say: ‘you can rule people with Blasphemy (Kofr), but you cannot rule people with Oppression (Zolm)’! But most Mullahs still obey the little UK. Mullahs tell big lies, and then say: ‘Lie is worse than Adultery’! Mullahs suffer from the English Disease!“. They also add: “In 2009, Islamists/ Basiji told big lies, killed people, and just aided the Jewish CIA and a Jewish spy (AN) whose mission was destroying Iran. They aided, and still aid, the big oppressors. But as you know, Khamenei recently said: ‘Iran’s motto is: ‘You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you‘ (Sep 2013). It’s true. But the important thing is that this motto is an Iranian motto, not a Mullah/ Arabian motto. Iranians have always fought against Zahaks (oppressors), Deevs (evil forces), and Ahriman (Great Evil). Iran has always (since thousands of years ago) had many Kaveh, Freydoon, Rostam [...] Just ask yourself: What did Iran’s people do in 2009? Iranians bravely fought against all bad guys, big liars, oppressors, tyrants, and anti-Iranian spies. Iranians wanted not to allow others to oppress them. But what did Mullahs/ Islamists do in 2009?! They obeyed the West’s orders, defended a Jewish spy, betrayed Iran, and oppressed Iranians with the help of the West. In 2009, all humans saw that Islamists and their Western masters were the oppressors. The 2009 movement and the 2009 Karbala clearly showed: Who is the Oppressor (Zalem), Who is the Oppressed (Mazlum), Who is Traitor, who aids Iran’s enemies, and who is puppet of the West. But Islamists pretend that those who kill people – ie dictators/ killers- are the oppressed, but the victims and those who fight against dictators/ bad guys are oppressors! And it’s like the British/ Jewish logic. Mullahs/ Islamists tell such Orwellian jokes, because their teacher is Jewish/ British [...] But the Iranian people are not stupid, and that’s why most of them say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are puppets of the US and the UK (Mozdoor-e America va Englis)”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Almost all Iranians know the UK. The UK is the worst Orwellian regime in history. The Barbarian UK is the Animal Farm of Big Brother. The UK is the teacher of Mullahs. Mullahs just ape the UK like monkeys, and think it’s a smart tactic! The British have low IQs, and that’s why they tell Orwellian jokes in the 21st century (the age of information). But Mullahs/ Islamists still worship UK and non-Iranians, while Iranians want to get rid of all Jewish/ British crap and contradictions. The 21st century Iran wants to get rid of all Arab/ Lefty/ Western/ Jewish crap, contradictions, and paradoxes. The Iranian people are not like the Western Sheelpe. Now, even the West confesses: ‘The [Iranian] man and woman-on-the-street comments demonstrate the lack of popular support for the Mullah regime as a whole … Iranian society is evolving beyond the ability of any politicians to control. One has only to experience Tehran’s traffic to know that Iranians do not like to be told what to do by anyone‘ (Sep 2013) It’s true, and very important. The Iranian people are not the Sheeple, while the US people, the Britons, etc live like sheep or slaves. Their politicians act like Hitler, and talk about ‘the use of military force to [bully] Iran’ ! Their barbarians openly threaten Iran with nuke! Their NSA and their Big Brother control and watch all of them. But the Western Sheeple still live like slaves. Of course sooner or later even the slaves will rise up & wake up”. They also add: “It’s funny that after the 2009 coup, Iran’s enemies are losing everything. Some say: ‘It’s Divine Justice or God’s punishment’ ! And many say: ‘It’s the fate of all bad guys’. Iran’s enemies that betrayed the freedom and democracy and the freedom-seeking Iranians in 2009, are totally confused. Just look at the international scene. The Jewish barbarians are showing their true face. The Orwellian UK is showing its true face. Now their media says: ‘the UK government’s response to the mass surveillance revealed by Snowden is doing serious damage to the UK’s reputation’ ! (Nov 2013) The US is losing everything. As their own media says: ‘the US is a big loser .. Obama’s credibility was further tarnished following his reversal on punishing Assad once he crossed our red line’ ! (Oct 2013) The 2009 coup marks the beginning of the End of the West. Now even the little kids know the NSA, GCHQ and the Orwellian West. Now even idiots know that Iran has to be ready to defend itself with its own power, and Iran must be able to defeat all barbarians. Now many know that the Jewish threat is an existential threat to the whole world and all humans. Pigs like Aledson, Rabbi Yosef, and Jewish fanatics clearly showed that the Jewish barbarians are sworn enemies of Goodness, Humanity, Justice, Tolerance, and what is good and decent”. In these years, you can understand many things better. As the wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have ruined many things, specially their own beliefs! In the past, most Iranians didn’t go to Shomal (Caspian sea’s beaches) in Muharram and Ashura. But after the 2009 coup many things changed. Now, the Mullah TV says: ‘people go to Shomal, because they want to mourn for Ashura! And the Iranian people laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, people want to have fun, because they want to mourn! Mullah IQ is less Goat’s IQ (IQ-e Boz). They even cannot tell a good lie! Anyone with half a brain knows why Iranians go to Shomal. Anyone with half a brain knows and sees how and why Bazaar, Tajrish, and almost all places/ streets in Tehran are almost empty in Muharram and Ashura. All people know what it means. The anti-Iran Mullahs even ruined the good tradition of ‘Nazr’ (distributing free foods). It’s an ancient Persian tradition that Iranians cook food and give it to other people. This charity food is called Nazri. But now even Nazri is becoming extinct, and the regime and its municipalities give the oil money to Islamists for cooking Nazri and holding Muharram ceremonies! It’s a very clear sign of the Mullahs’ bankruptcy in Iran. If you ask: Why do even the religious people hate Mullahs and Islamists? The answer is clear. Almost all Iranians, including the religious Iranians, hate oppression, tyranny, big lies, hypocrisy, stealing people’s money, violating people’s rights, etc. Just ask yourself: Who support Mullahs and Islamists? the barbarian UK, the Big Brother media, the Jewish CIA, the Big Brother’s lefty agents, and other bad guys. In Iran, only prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts, faggots, and thugs support Mullahs and Islamists. They get money, and say or do what Mullahs want! But all normal people (ie more than 90% of Iranians) hate Mullahs, their Western supporters, and all bad guys and puppets of the West”.


Unfortunately, many non-Iranians know nothing about Iran and the Religious Tolerance in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “many even don’t know our famous Persian proverbs like ‘Mousa beh Din-e Khod, Eisa beh Din-e Khod’ (literally means ‘Moses can have his own religion; and Jesus can have his own religion’. Iranians use this proverb when they want to say everyone is free to have his/ her own religion/ beliefs) Iranians believe you are free to have your own beliefs, but you should not impose your own religion/ beliefs/ laws on other people. And it’s the Persian Tolerance. It’s the exact opposite of the Western/ Jewish Intolerance. You can find many good examples of Barbarism and ‘Intolerance’ in the Jewish Bible. Their Bible and their holy texts can show how they commit genocide, and try to kill all men, women, and children, because the victims want to have their own religion/ beliefs! But even the West and Jews confess that Iranians (Persians) have always been tolerant people, and Cyrus the Great was just one of many many many Iranians who cared about Tolerance, Kindness, Goodness, etc. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands or years ago) said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain‘. Iran is the only nation that has always (since thousands of years ago) followed the Iranian creeds of ‘ Good thoughts, Good wills, and Good deeds‘. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the Cradle of Civilization. Iran is the birthplace of Human Values, Tolerance, Human Rights, and many many many other good things. Iran is very different from the Barbarian West and the land of Barbarians (UK), as Iranians are very different from the savage Jews/ Arabs. But Mullahs are Jews, Arabs, or puppets of Iran’s enemies (Mozdoor-e Doshman)”. They also add: “Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they can solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, ie the West (UK, US, France, Russia, etc) and its puppets (Mullahs, Arabs, Jews, Islamists, etc). Iran’s enemies have always been barbarians and bad guys. And now the whole world is laughing/ spiting at Iran’s enemies, including the stupid US, the Orwellian UK, the Jewish barbarians, the French barbarians, Arabs, etc. The NSA scandals and all 2013 events are making people aware. Now, even the West confesses: ‘Iran is the ‘Rising nation’ (Oct 2013). But a good question is: Who is the ‘Falling nation’?! Obama, Cameron, and Snowden can show you the answer!”. In this year (2013), the Iranian people, both religious people and irreligious people, say many good and funny things. For instance, they say: ‘After Netan-yabu Jean crap, the Jewish retards talk about ‘the Persian phrase book that Netanyahu should own’, and say: [Jewish leaders] should know the meaning of ‘Gondeh-goozi: loud gas-passing’ ! (Haaretz, Oct 2013) But these retards don’t know what Gondeh-goozi really means, and when Iranians use it! … Gondeh-goozi is exactly what the Jewish leaders did and do! … the West and Jews should learn Persian slang terms like ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan (eating extra shits), Oscol, Gagool, Barbar, Ar-Ar, etc! If they learn such things, they would know that the main problem of the West and its stooges is ‘Gondeh Goozi’ or ‘Goh Ziadi Khordan’! .. Asgar-Oladi was a Jewish convert. He was a British-Jewish-Islamist crook! But he went to hell and left all stolen money .. I wonder what Asgar-Olaqi and Mullahs think before their death. If they really believe in God, they should know that they cannot fool the god; they are bad guys, whose place is the deepest/ worst part of the Hell .. If you kill people, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, tell big lies, and do all evil things, then can you think that the god will forgive you?! .. Mullahs refer to people’s rights as ‘Hagh al-Nas’, and people’s money as ‘Beit al-Mal’. Even Mullahs say that ‘God only can forgive his own right, not ‘Hagh al-Nas’ or ‘Beit al-Mal’ .. In 2009, what did Mullahs/ Islamists do to people’s rights?! In the past 34 years, what did Islamists do to people’s money and people’s rights? God will punish Islamists so badly .. Islamists like Asgar-Olaqi know that both people and God hate them so much; but how can they sleep at night?! .. Mullahs badly suffer from insomnia! .. Only UK and its notorious spies endorse the childish foolishness of British Mullahs .. Islamists just try to damage Iran or Iran’s image, and serve the West’s interests … If Iran was a Democracy, then on one is able to say: ‘Iran should not have nukes’ … Islamists are puppets of the West. But we, Iranians, know how we should deal with the West. After the Mullah regime, instead of serving the West’s interests and crapping about the Western-made Holocausts, we will say what Mullahs and other puppets of the West censor it, ie We tell the truth about the long history of Barbarians, Barbarism, Intolerance, Racism, Genocide, etc in the West and the UK .. Since 2009, Iran’s slogan is: ‘Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic’. And ‘Iranian Republic’ is just ‘Farting in Mullah face & their Islamic Republic .. What almost all Iranians want is: True/ real
Independence, True/ real Freedom, and True/ real Republic System
.. Iran must be a superpower, as it used to be. After the Mullah regime, we, Iranians, will break the West’s monopoly. We, Iranians, will develop new alternatives to all-Western made networks/ organizations, including their stupid SWIFT .. We, Iranians, will break/ cut the West’s horns! (Shakh-e-sho Mishkanim!) .. if Iran’s regime was not a puppet regime, then all people in all around the world will know and hate the Jewish barbarians and [the barbarian UK] .. I-s-rael (anti-Iran Jews) and Saudi Arabia (anti-Iran Arabs) aid each other in hurting Iran! In fact, Savage Jews & savage Arabs are the same shit .. USA is so stupid. They love savage Saudis/ Arabs! But who created the 9/11? Arabs/ Saudis! .. Now even average Americans say: ‘With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies. They are most culpable for 9/11′! … USA and Saudis (Arabs) deserve each other. They should kill and fuck each other! .. the West and Jews deserve each other, too. Who created the Holocaust? the West! .. Iran knows the West’s biggest secrets. The King is naked. The UK is the land of Barbarians & Barbarism. What the UK and the West say about their non-existent Culture (Farhang-Nadashte), their non-existent Civilization (Tamadon-e Nadashte), their non-existent Honor (Sharaf-e Nadashte), etc are the biggest lies in history .. US pigs like Wendy Sherman -Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and US representative in the P5+1 nuclear talks- said, with reference to Iranians, ‘We know that deception is part of their DNA’! This Anti-Iranian Racism is important, As some say: ‘If a senior US official made public statements about ‘deception’ or some other negative character trait being ‘part of the DNA’ of Jews, what would happen to that US official’?! .. The West is Racist. But Iranians care about all humans .. Why we, Iranians, care about the truth, justice, goodness, decency, tolerance, and human values? Simply because it’s part of our culture .. Iran’s importance derives from the fact that Iran is the Cradle of Civilization, the Home of Tolerance, and the Land of Human Values .. The savage Jews/ Arabs/ West are uncultured Barbarians .. Mullahs are retards, and just try to make people angrier! But what’s the use of making people even angrier ?! .. Mullahs act like retards and serve the West’s interests, because their teacher is the UK .. All Westerners are not bad guys. The good Westerners are like good Iranians, and say: ‘Iranians on their knees?! You are kidding .. Iran is where the game of chess was invented .. Obama and his USA are the forces of Evil. What the US did in 2009 and 2012/ 2013 [proved many things] … [UK media says:] ‘The search for informers in dissident groups on UK college campuses is part of a broader pattern of oppression’! .. Iranians hate [UK & UK stooges], simply because Iranians hate all bad guys, all oppressors, (and all traitors)”.

British Tyranny: Horrible Censorship, Orwellian Lies

November 11, 2013

In these days, ‘British Tyranny’ is so laughable. In September 2013, we wrote about the UK Guardians of Big Brother and a small part of horrible censorship in the UK media and the Guardian. But as the wise Iranians say: “Apparently the British barbarians want to set a new world record for horrible censorship and Orwellian lies. The barbarian UK has lost its mind. They used to pretend that they are smart bad guys! They used to hide their true colors. They pretended that they use smart lies or smart censorship! But now they just make a fool of themselves. Now ‘the Little Britain and the UK government openly defend tyranny and censorship, and the British media (Guardian, etc) and their ridiculous and horrible censorship in Britain show that ‘the little UK is in deep shit, and suffers from ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion)”. In these days, many talk about “Police State Britain” and say, for instance: “Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates like NSA. They’re out-of-control rogue agencies. They spy on their own people .. Obama (and UK) wage war on freedom. They target whistleblowers and investigative journalists exposing government wrongdoing .. [In Britain,] Journalists involved in exposing government wrongdoing are threatened ! .. America and Britain want unchallenged power. They want government wrongdoing suppressed. UK Prime Minister David Cameron threatens Britain’s media ! .. [In Britain,] the national interest has always been what’s good for the government, not what’s right for the people .. On August 18, UK authorities detained Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda .. On November 2, Reuters headlined ‘NSA Leaks Journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Accused of ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Espionage’! .. Most chilling is that UK security services, on their own, can decide if legitimate journalism is terrorism .. The so-called ‘Enemy’ apparently is We the people” ! (Nov 2013, in It’s a good point. As the wise Iranians say: “The English Lie Factory has been bankrupted, and many people are becoming aware. The stories of GCHQ, Britain’s Great Firewall, the UK internet filtering and surveillance, etc are making non-Iranians aware of this fact that the UK regime is a totalitarian regime. But Iranians already knew the Orwellian UK. Now even the stupid BBC and Jack Straw openly say that the UK has been a bad guy, and that’s why almost all Iranians hate the UK ! [...] Now the wise/ good Britons talk about their ‘Orwellian nightmares’, and say: [In the UK, we have] one government surveillance camera for every 14 British people ! Britain has the world’s largest number of surveillance cameras. [In the UK,] the Big Brother is watching you and your private life (all your
communications, internet browsing, etc). Britons live [like slaves, and their media are] worse than Fox News and the Nazi media”. We have already written about the Orwellian UK, the British Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in Britain (check Archive). And now, as some wise Iranians say: “many can see why the land of barbarians (UK) is the first and the worst Orwellian society. Now the stupid UK openly attacks the freedom of the press!, and that’s why even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: ‘Police State Britain [says:] Journalism is Terrorism‘ (Nov 2013) Now even the so-called British ‘Human rights groups’ (who are not good guys) say to David Cameron: ‘the UK government’s response to the revelations of mass surveillance is eroding fundamental human rights in the country. The UK government’s response has been to condemn Journalism .. We are concerned about ‘Your call on 16 October 2013 for a House of Commons Select Committee to review whether the [British media] has damaged national security by publishing material provided by Snowden, and a subsequent announcement that the review will be conducted by the Home Affairs Select Committee as part of their inquiry into anti-terrorism .. National security should never be used to justify preventing disclosures of illegalities or wrongdoing, no matter how embarrassing such disclosures may be to the UK government‘! (Nov 2013) The British bastards say such things, because the UK soup is too salty, and now even idiots are aware of ‘the UK government’s pressure on the media/ journalists’. The UK soup is too salty, and now even the stupid Britons talk about the Beginning of Fascist Tyranny in Britain !”.


In these days, many talk about the West and Iran’s nuclear program. As the wise Iranians say: “The Guardian and other Big Brother’s media tell bad jokes. They censor all important news/ facts, strongly support this British Rouhani, and say: ‘There are reasons to be cheerful .. [Rouhani] hints at significant concessions over nuclear program [!!]‘ (GU, Oct 2013) But their beloved Rouhani is just becoming a hateful figure in Iran! Now the West’s retards and barbarians -including the British, the French, and Jews- are playing silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc). The Jewish/ French faggots play the role of bad dogs, and the British faggots play the role of good dogs and say: ‘Rouhani is a very good [puppet]! Very good progress made!’ (GU, Nov 2013) But the Iranian people just laugh at the stupid West. Iranians, and even Mullahs, know the West’s silly games (‘good cop, bad cop’, etc) well. But the Iranian people [including us] are not politicians, and hate silly/ political games. The Iranian people clearly say: ‘Iran must have nuclear weapon‘. Iranians know that if the US/ British/ French/ Jewish barbarians have nukes, then Iran must have nukes. No one is able to deny Iran’s rights. The Iranian people know that the main issue is the freedom and democracy, not the nuclear issue. Iranians know how the West has betrayed the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran [...] After the US-backed 2009 coup and the West’s anti-Iranian Racism/ Barbarism in 2012 and 2013, almost all Iranians say: ‘The West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. So, Iran (even the Mullah regime) must have nukes. Iran must be a world power. Iran must be a free and welfare state‘. Iranians are not stupid, and know that the US is badly bankrupt. The US faggots are traitors to freedom, democracy, and Iranian people. So, it’s obvious why Iranian people just fart in US face, and say: Why the US faggots even were not able to wage war on Syria?! Because the US is in deep shit, and [any serious war will be equal to the End of USA!] Iran must have nukes and everything, and the US faggots can go to hell and fuck themselves’. The US faggots are bankrupt, blind and stupid. Now even Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg, an anti-Iran Jewish Nazi, says: ‘the US desperately tries to find a way out of the confrontation with Iran’ ! (Oct 2013) [...] Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, and Iranian people are such a great nation that they sit at one side (of a table) and all bad guys and all barbarians sit at the other side! Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they solely (Yek-taneh) can fight against all bad guys and all barbarians, including US, UK, France, Jews, Arabs, Russia, etc! [...] Iranian people are not politicians, but know political games. Now almost all Iranian people say: ‘Lets wait and see which kind of shit Rouhani wants to eat ! (Che Gohi Mikhad Bokhore) – that means (lets wait and see what he wants to do and how he wants to solve the main problems). Our red line is the basic rights of Iran and Iranians’. Almost all Iranians defend Iran and Iran’s rights, not the Mullah regime. Iranians have become aware of the real intentions of the anti-Iran West and the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs, etc. Iranians know that public or private meetings between Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) just disgrace and discredit both of them, and it’s a good thing. Iranians know many things”. They also add: “Iranians just laugh at this British Rouhani and the stupid West. Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘The fall of the Rial value is good, but the fall of the Dollar value is bad’ ! (24 Sep 2013) But the UK media and the US media censor it ! They not only censor such big news, but they stupidly make a fool of themselves and say: ‘Crippling US sanctions have caused the value of the Iranian Rial to plummet’ !! (Reuters, 16 Oct 2013) The stupid West has no shame and no brain. They not only censor this important fact that Mullahs just implement IMF plans and lick IMF’s ass, but they say: ‘Our sanctions (not our IMF plans!) work! They censor what the Iranian people say about British Mullahs, IMF plans, and stupid sanctions. The West’s horrible censorship is so laughable. In October 2013, the most important facts/ news of Iran were: – Rouhani’s cabinet praise IMF plans and the fall of Rial value – Rouhani’s cabinet say they want to obey IMF’s orders and cut that 15$ aid; and almost all Iranians spit at Rouhani – Rouhani’s Industry Minister (Nemat-Zadeh) openly says: ‘the high price of car is a good thing. People should not expect that car price goes down. We defend high prices and high inflation’! – Rouhani’s Spokesman, Health Minister, Economy Minister, Industry Minister, etc openly defend soaring prices, IMF plans, and high inflation – Rouhani’s Central Bank openly says: ‘High Inflation is a good and useful thing ! People should not expect that high inflation goes down’ ! – A newspaper (Bahar) is closed down, and Rouhan’s Islamic Culture Minister (Jannati) openly defends censorship and suppression – Rouhani’s cabinet openly says that the fate or conditions of political prisoners, including Mousavi and Karroubi, are not important to Rouhani – Rouhani changes his Education minister, and Iranian students laugh at Rouhani. These big news, and similar news, were the most important news/ facts in October 2013. But do you know what the Guardian, the British media, the US media, and the Lefty media said/ did in October 2013 ?! They censored almost all of these big news and important facts! But it’s not the whole story. The Guardian and the UK media not only censored these big news, but they told big, laughable lies”. So, here lets take a look at what the Guardian said in October 2013. It can show you why the wise Iranians refer to the UK as ‘the first Orwellian Society’ or the Worst Big Brother’s state.


As some wise Iranians say: “The British censorship is really horrible. The Guardian, ie the UK most prestigious media !, censors almost all important facts/ news, including Rouhani cabinet’s comments about IMF plans, political prisoners, newspapers, high prices, cutting that 15$, corruptions, etc. These news are the most important news of Iran, and almost all Iranians talk about them. But the Guardian and the UK media censored such big news! But do you know what was on the Guardian’s first pages in October 2013?! Their Orwellian headlines/ reports were so laughable. For instance, they said: ‘ ‘Iran opens doors to tourists as Rouhani fosters thaw in relations with the west’ ! (GU, 18 Oct 2013) or ‘Iran arrests network of homos-e-xuals and Satanists‘ at birthday party’ ! (GU, 10 October 2013) Many of these Orwellian crap are written by a little MI6 whore, Saeed Kamali Dehghan (SKD !), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy. The funny guys call him a ‘Shitty, Kiddie Devil’ ! (SKD !) But the Guardian, MI6 and GCHQ are full of such shitty, kiddie devils. They love to lick the Big Brother’s ass. They also love to bring facts right out of their ass. For instance, they write about a dozen of Satanists in a small city, while as you know, each day Mullahs arrest a dozen of partygoers and ordinary people in Iran, but the Guardian and British faggots censor all such facts/ news. As Iranians say: ‘why they only wrote about Satanist faggots?! maybe because this small group was a network of UK-backed pigs in Iran’! The Guardian loves to bring facts right out of its ass. On 31 Oct 2013, they censored everything and their SKD wrote about an unknown stooge (that they call him a Tehran-based artist) who could not visit US due to visa ‘complications’! It’s really a big news! As they say this stooge is ‘Iran’s own superman’! But 99.9999% of Iranians don’t know him !, because ‘He is actually very isolated’ ! The Guardian’s lies are laughable. They censor all important news/ facts, and tell stupid lies. And it’s the true meaning of British Journalism! In British Journalism, you must censor all important facts/ news and what the ordinary people (the so-called 99%) say or want. In British Journalism, you should bring facts out of your ass and only care about what the %1 say or want ! . This Orwellian Journalism has a long history in the UK. The British media, aka the Ministry of Truth, only tries to fool people. They desperately try to make heroes out of retards and faggots, who easily sell their soul to the devil. For instance, in the recent days the Guardian censored everything, and wrote about an anti-Iranian faggot, Ebrahim Nabavi, who is one of the 2009 hateful traitors! As Iranians say: ‘Only the UK and (Ministry of Truth, ie BBC, GU, etc) care about this anti-Iranian spy/ faggot. Every year this faggot says he wants to return to Iran! And now he says to the GU: ‘I supported Rouhani with all my energy; I want to return to Iran’! Apparently the UK wants to send him to Iran, because he thinks that’s the price of licking Rouhani’s ass and betraying the people’s blood, and the UK needs spies/ stooges like Nabavi, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, etc”. They also add: “Now Iranians see Rouhani, his cabinet, and his supporters as ‘A Bunch of Retards‘ or ‘A Bunch of Stupid Mules’. Now Rouhani’s Central Bank man (Seif), who is an anti-Iranian whore/ spy, openly says: ‘High Inflation is good [!] We don’t want to reduce inflation [!] The current inflation rate (44%) is good [!!]‘ But the Guardian and the West censor what this Basiji faggot (Seif) says, because it can reveal many things. The Guardian (GU) says nothing about Corruption & Mismanagement in the Mullah regime. In October 2013, Iranians and even the Mullah media talked about Corruption in Football (Mullah Football) and Corruption in the AN era. But the GU censored these facts [..] In October 2013, a newspaper (Bahar) was closed down by Rouhani and Jannati. But the Guardian censored this fact for more than 15 days (2 weeks)! The GU and the UK badly love and support Ali Jannati, the son of Bin Laden. And now this UK-backed Basiji faggot, ie Rouhani’s minister of culture and Islamic guidance, openly praises censorship and shutdown of a newspaper! Iranians know Jannani and Rouhani, and spit at them. But the UK badly loves these retards. Iranians say: ‘It’s truly ridiculous. Instead of criticizing the suspension of a newspaper, Rouhani’s gov openly support censorship and tyranny!, and the UK openly supports Rouhani !’. But the stupid Guardian says: ‘Iranians [love] Rouhani and Jannati’ !’ or ”Rouhani has the overwhelming support of the Iranian nation’ !! (Oct 2013) The Guardian (GU) even had a laughable, Orwellian headline: ‘Jannati wants to relax book censorship’ ! (GU, 24 Oct 2013) The Guardian is really much worse than the Nazi media and the Stalin’s media. But the GU is so stupid. The GU is just proving why Jannati and Rouhani are British spies, and why almost all Iranians say: The UK is behind the Mullah regime”. They also add: “Mullah newspapers (Bahar, etc) are not important at all. As even the Mullah media says: ‘In 2000, 50 people read one newspaper; but now, 50,000 people read one newspaper in Iran. The daily circulation of all newspapers in Iran has been reduced to 250,000′ ! Iranians hate Mullah newspapers, because Iranians hate censorship and British Mullahs, including Khatami and Rouhani [...] Now this anti-Iranian pig Khatami has become a hateful figure. Iranians hate all Khatamists, but the UK still supports them. The Guardian says: ’500 prominent Iranian intellectuals [!] wrote to Obama’ (GU, 23 Sep 2013) But who are these 500 men?! They are a bunch of unknown whores that 99% of Iranians have never heard the names of 490 of them!, and non-Iranians only know one of them, Asghar Farhadi. Asghar Khayemal (Farhadi) signed this letter and licked the Mullah ass, and Mullahs sent his new film (the Past) to Oscar! [...] The GU also talks about ‘the prominent intellectual Saeed Hajjarian [!!]‘, but Iranians just laugh and say: ‘It’s funny that they love/ praise this prominent anti-Iranian spy & high rank member of Mullah Gestapo!’ The Guardian has no shame, and says: ‘this letter says with a loud voice that Rouhani has the support of reformists and those seeking for democracy in Iran’ ! And Iranians just laugh and say: Ajab! God Bless Goebbels ! (Baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels ro Biamorzeh !) The UK and the Guardian are really worse than Goebbels and Stalin [...] British journalists and many many British scientists work for the Big Brother, and maybe that’s why Hardy wrote about ‘Evil Science’, ‘War and Science’, etc in his book ‘Mathematical Apology’ (1940). Hardy said: ‘my mathematics (Number theory) is free from corruption. My mathematics is not an evil science .. Only the elementary mathematics is an evil science’! The poor Hardy [...] Hardy wrote on the last page of his book: ‘they tell me that I think (and talk) a lot about ‘War and Science’ and [Evil Science] ! Apparently Hardy didn’t know that the UK and bad guys believe: ‘Freedom of Speech’ means ‘Freedom of Silence’ !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “The UK is really the Animal Farm of Big Brother. Do you remember the story of that British Terrorist in Kenya? As the people’s media says: ‘A British woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, who was a member of the MI6, turned terrorist ! Kenyan officials already said that a white British woman was the head of the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya’. But the Guardian said nothing about this British terrorist!, because the UK believes All terrorists are equal, but British terrorists are more equal ! The UK terrorists are the worse terrorists in history. They have killed millions of Iranians, Indians, Africans, Americans, and Asians [...] The UK has no shame, and no brain. In this year, their media said: ‘British diplomats tried to convince their US counterparts to suppress ‘very embarrassing’ details of MI6’s role in the 1953 coup in Iran [!] (Telegraph, Aug 2013) But when ‘Britons tried to suppress details of MI6 role in Iran coup’ (Telegraph, Aug 2013), Iranians already knew the truth! And now funny Iranians say: ‘the UK tried to suppress details of MI6 role in which coup?! 1921 coup, 1953 coup, 2009 coup, 1979 disaster, or other disasters?!’ ‘The Little Britain’ is a sick retard [...] Their Guardian censors almost all important news and tell bad lies, and their BBC makes a fool of itself and says: ‘Iran was part of the Ottoman Empire! Iran is a fake (British-made) country, like the Arab states !’ (Oct 2013) The British IQ is less than the Pig IQ. This fake and barbarian country (UK) thinks the human history begins in the 19th century! The Land of Barbarians (UK) is so jealous of Iran (Persia), the Persian Glory, and this fact that Iran is the oldest country on earth. When Britons sucked the Iranians’ cocks and begged Iran, as a superpower, to fight against the Ottoman Empire, the BBC and most of the British things even didn’t exist ! [...] The Barbarian UK is so laughable. They say: ‘For Syria’s sake, end Iran’s isolation’ ! (GU, Sep 2013) Read it again: For Syria’s sake, not for freedom, democracy, human rights, or Iranian people! [...] The UK openly supports bankrupt whores/ spies like Khatamists, Pahlavists, or MEK. But it’s a clear sign of the UK bankruptcy. The UK is totally confused. Now they say:’ Netanyahu’s interview is a perfect lesson in how not to talk to Iranians [!] .. Netanyahu’s comments to the BBC ‘prompted a backlash and a wave of negative reaction by almost all Iranians’ ! (GU, Oct 2013) The Jewish pigs and their British masters wanted to test the water. But when Netanyahu spoke directly to Iranians for the first time, both the Barbarian UK and the Jewish barbarians saw the plain truth: Almost all Iranians hate the anti-Iran West, including the UK and the Jewish barbarians [...] After the 2009 coup, many things have changed in Iran. Now the savage Mullahs are making love with their Great Satan (USA) !, but ordinary Iranians laugh and say: Down with USA ! Down with Obama !”. As the wise Iranians say: “Many non-Iranians don’t know How UK Media Insult their Intelligence! But some try to be optimist, and say: OK, the BBC, the Guardian, and most of the UK media are Big Brother’s media, but the Independent is not bad !’ And we say: OK. Lets be optimistic about the Independent! Lets read what they say. Lets read ‘Hassan Rouhani is not a moderate’ ! (16 Oct 2013) that has a good title. At first, they say: ‘Iranian people have suffered greatly under the rule of a theocratic dictatorship. [Mullahs] have deprived Iranians from their basic human rights. [Mullahs] decide how the Iranian people must dress, what they are allowed to read, watch or listen to’. Yah, it’s not bad. You can ask: Are pigs flying that the Brits say such things?! But let’s read more. They add: ‘Sadly, the reality in Iran is that you cannot openly challenge the ruling elite’s medieval policies. However many brave Iranians do just that, in defiance of the regime and at great personal risk to themselves’. Yah, you can ask: Is the Sky falling down that the Brits say such things?! But lets read more. After saying a few good things, they reveal their true colors, and say: ‘ the President-elect of the [Islamist-Marxist terrorist] MEK (NCRI), Mrs Maryam Rajavi is the force for good [and] legitimate representatives of the Iranian people .. the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom supports Rajavi and [the MEK, ie the tiny group of Marxist-Islamist terrorists] ! .. we should empower and support the MEK’ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the Independent wrote on 16 Oct 2013. The Independent and British faggots like Robert Fisk are worse than Goebbels”. They also add: “Many already said: ‘The English are experts at the art of hiding their misdeeds behind a facade of virtue. They have been at it for centuries, and it has become a part of their nature‘. But now you can see that the English are stupid bad guys, who act like a [bad retard]. They openly support Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Dictators, and all anti-Democracy Groups, and then shed Crocodile tears for Democracy ! They use this formula in Iran, Egypt, Syria, and almost all parts of the world, including the UK and the US ! Now they openly defend Tyranny, Censorship, and Orwellian Society in the UK! The Barbarian UK has lost its mind. Their big lies and their horrible censorship just prove the truth of what George Orwell said about the UK in ’1984′, ‘Animal Farm’, etc. As Orwell and many others truly said: In the UK, Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery; Tyranny is Democracy; Lie is Truth; and Censorship is Freedom of Expression !”.

Corrupted Science, or Why is The West Bankrupt?

November 5, 2013

“[In this year (2013),] many say the West is bankrupt. Now even a member of US Congress says: ‘Congressional oversight of the NSA is a joke’ ! (Oct 2013) But as many know, and as the 2013 scandals show: ‘In the West, Democracy is a joke; Privacy is a joke; Free Press is a joke; Intellectual (like Chomsky) is a joke; Scientific Integrity/ Honesty is a joke’. Now the US government and the UK government openly defend Tyranny and Orwellian Society! Now David Cameron and the UK government openly praise Censorship and Tyranny, and say: ‘what the media is dealing with is dangerous for national security [!] What has happened [ie revealing a small part of Corruption, Orwellian methods & Orwellian Tyranny in the UK] has damaged national security and [revealed] Britain’s secrets’ ! (Oct 2013) Now it’s clear that the UK/ US ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but ‘the War on Democracy’, ‘the War on Privacy’, ‘the War on Freedom’, and ‘the War on Human Rights’. Now many can see that the West (ie ‘the Evil Empire‘) is morally, culturally, intellectually, and economically bankrupt. But the main question is: the West (the Evil empire) went bankrupt, but why?”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Several books can be written about this issue/ question. But a short and simple answer is Corruption. What the 2013 scandals reveal is the West’s Cancer of Corruption. ‘Corruption in Media’, ‘Corruption in Government’, ‘Corruption in Society’, and Corruption in Science are just parts of this Cancer of Corruption. Now even Westerners talk about corrupt media, ‘corrupted representational system’, or ‘corrupted democracy in the UK and the US’. But their writings only have good titles like ‘Cancer of Corruption, Seeds of Destruction‘ [6] They often say nothing about their main problems, including their corrupt culture, corrupt scientists & corrupt intellectuals”. Unfortunately, many know nothing about “Corrupted Scientists” in the West. In the recent posts, we wrote about the “Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology” (check Archive), but as the wise Iranians say: “Many still cannot see the depth of tragedy. This fact that the Western scientists sell their souls, work for the bad guys, and have been poisoned with money is so important, simply because scientists should be good people, with good intentions. Scientists should care about the truth and the joys of Science, not money and the joys of licking the Big Brother’s ass! With good scientists you can have Progress, Development, Better World, Better Life, etc. But with corrupted scientists you can only have Evil Science, Orwellian Society, Disaster, Evil Empire, Corrupt Society, etc”. Scientists must care about the truth or the real science, not money. But unfortunately, many Western scientists are bad/ corrupted people, with bad intentions. As some Americans say: “Abramoff might be the most prominent example of the corruption that has infected [our country] but he is not the best example of it” [8] It’s a good point. The story of the widespread and systematic corruption in the West is not about a few bad guys like Abramoff. As the wise Iranians say: “Corrupt scientists, corrupt journalists, corrupt media, etc are much more important than Abramoff. The US pigs/ crooks like Jack Abramoff, Dana Rohrabacher, Sheldon Adelson, Bob Nay, Enron’s guys, Congressmen, etc are only the tip of the iceberg”. We have already written about “the Lobbying industry in USA” (check Archive). Now even Americans say: ‘For many Americans, lobbying is a form of bribery .. After bribes were outlawed, lobbyists realized that the law permitted them to pay congressmen Consulting Fees’! [8] “Bribery and Corruption is a legal business in the West, but they play with words and refer to ‘bribe’ as gift, consulting fee, etc and think it can hide the truth! But now even Americans know ‘How Money Corrupts Congress’, and that’s why the US media confesses: ‘Trust in our government has reached an all-time low’ ! And in the near future, they will say: ‘Trust in our science and scientists has reached an all-time low’!, because the 2013 scandals are revealing ‘How the West and Money Corrupt Science”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Books like ‘Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science’ [9] say: ‘Did you know that test results were faked by such scientific giants as Isaac Newton and Galileo?!’ [9] But the main issue is not a few fake results. The main issue is ‘widespread and systematic Corruption’ in the Western Science and Technology. The main problem is that many many Western scientists work for the bad guys, and care about money, not the truth. In the West, they sell and buy everything, including Science and scientists! But people don’t know ‘puppet scientists’ or ‘puppet intellectuals’ (ie pigs like Noam Chomsky). People didn’t know the West’s ‘War on Truth’. But the 2013 scandals are making people aware of ‘the Ministry of Truth’, the Illusion of Choice, and ‘the War on Truth/ Science’ in the UK and the US”.


There are many examples of ‘Corrupted Science’ / Corrupted Scientists in the West. We have already written about some of them (check Archive). But here lets focus on a new popular example: Chemistry and the Food industry. In this year (2013), many talk about Monsanto and The Monsanto Protection Act. As you know, some documentary films like “The Future of Food” (2004) have investigated Monsanto’s products, and unlabelled, patented, “genetically engineered foods (GMOs)” in the US. We should write more about Monsanto and GMOs later, but as the wise Iranians say: “the main question is: What’s in our foods? and what are corrupt scientists/ food producers doing? Unfortunately, many know nothing about chemical food additives and their toxic effects. Processed foods, which most Americans eat every day, typically contains industrial chemical additives to preserve, flavor, thicken, etc [4] These chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients are toxins and poisons, and create cancer and other horrible diseases [2][4][5][6] Now even the mass media says: ‘Most food that comes in a packet or container contains at least some food additives, [that you know them as] three digit numbers [like E951, E110, E250]‘ [3] But they pretend that most of these chemical additives or E numbers are not harmful to people and/or environment! [3] But as the experts say: ‘If you are shocked to learn that industrial chemicals are routinely in the food you are feeding to your family, you will be even more shocked to read about a new study published (in August 2013) in the professional journal Reproductive Toxicology .. the researchers report that about 1,000 additives are in the food supply without the FDA’s knowledge’ ! [4] But it’s not the whole story”. They also add: “You can accept a few food additives. But they use more than ‘8,000 FDA-regulated additives !‘ [4], and thousands of secret additives [4] Now their experts say: ‘manufacturers intentionally add thousands of [toxic] additives to our foods’ ! [4] And it’s funny that both ‘FDA and the food industry [are corrupt] and say chemical food-additives are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) !‘ [4] Now even their experts say: ‘Money (Bribery) has corrupted the FDA and the food industry’ ! [4][5] Now many ask good questions like ‘Why Are Industrial Chemicals in Food Not Safety Tested?’ [4], and the answer is clear: because of ‘Corruption in the FDA, EFSA, and other Food Safety Authorities. The food authorities know that thousands of chemical food additives should be safety tested by the independent scientists, but they don’t allow this to happen! Unfortunately, most Americans are so ignorant. Only some Americans ask: ‘Is Our Food Poisoning US?’ [5] or ‘Why are Americans so addicted to processed food?!‘ [5] ‘Food is supposed to provide us nourishment and health but because of the chemicals it contains, what we consume has become a major threat to our health’ [5] But most Americans don’t know How bad processed foods are”. They also add: “corrupt scientists and corrupt media try to fool people by words like ‘improved’, ‘enriched’ foods. Some Americans talk about ‘the mass poisoning’ [4] and ‘Exploration of American stupidity’ [4], but most Americans know nothing about ‘dangerous additives [that] are found in everyday items like soda, mac and cheese, cake, candy and almost all Western foods’! [2] Only a few Americans know that the FDA has been corrupted. They say: ‘the Food industry is poisoning our people, and the FDA looking the other way on toxic food ingredients’ ! [4] or ‘In America today, we are all being bombarded by chemicals, poisons and toxins’ [2] But most people even don’t know that ‘there are many chemicals to change the texture of food .. instant mashed potatoes is even lighter and fluffier than anything you could ever make at home’ [4][5]“. They also add: “It’s obvious that ‘with growing greed and corruption, food safety is being bypassed’ [4] But corrupt scientists just try to hide the truth and help the bad guys. For instance, as some experts say: ‘Oxytocin ‘increases milk production, while it destroys the cow’s reproductive system. Not only is the cow harmed, but those who drink milk from oxytocin-injected cows are also at risk, especially children’ [5] ‘Oxytocin is also used for growing vegetables’ [5]. But ‘because of such hormones in food, minor girls are attaining early puberty’ [5] and ‘Americans are sicker and die younger than other people’ [5]“. As some Iranians say: “In Iran, the bad guys are following the US like sheep. Recently, the greedy pigs use chemical gases to change the color of tangerine (make the green tangerine yellow)! But at least Iranians don’t use any GMOs, and many processed foods. Mullah authorities are as corrupt as US authorities, but they cannot fool our people, and most Iranians hate ‘processed foods”. But in ‘the United State of GMOs’ [4] ‘US food companies pick oranges that are green and unripe, and [with a chemical process] make them look like what you wish them to look like. Colorants, artificial flavors/ sugars/ thickeners/ etc are tampering with traditionally healthy foods such as meat, milk and yogurt’ [2] As some wise Iranians say: “The EU Commission and its EFSA are as corrupt as the FDA and US Congress. Many know about ‘EU Commission deception, coverup’ [6] or ‘EFSA coverup on behalf of Monsanto, that over half of the scientists involved’ [4][6]. The West’s bad guys control the media and ‘hope the obedient mass media would take the headline and close the embarrassing stories’ ! [6] In North America, corruption has reached a new peak. Americans talk about ‘a list of ingredients that are banned across the globe but still allowed for use here in USA’ ! [5], and Canadians say: Canada Wants VPNs to Log Customers .. Harper wants to destroy VPN services by stripping them of the very service they’re designed to provide: Security and Anonymity!’ (Oct 2013)”.


As some Iranians say: “The story of genetically modified foods, aka GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is [a long story]. Monsanto and the corporate food giants, Kelloggs, General Mills, Nestle, Coca Cola, etc use [corrupt scientists] to hide the truth of GMOs”. But even if you ignore GMOs, “Genetic pollution” and this fact that “some toxins enter the food chain genetically, through genetic engineering of seeds and crops” [5], the story of chemical food additives (E numbers) is still shocking. As some say: “The next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a few products and read the labels. You will be shocked by what you find” [2]. As some Iranians say: “their labels are full of E numbers [..] Almost all foods in McDonalds and other fast food chains like Subway and Starbucks are factory processed foods. They use artificial flavors to add fake tastes to their shits (processed foods). Fake lemon flavor, fake butter flavor, fake berry flavor, etc make up while none of these ingredients are actually used to make (processed foods)”. As some Americans say: “Monsanto had repeatedly refused scientific requests to publish the exact chemicals used in its products” ! [6] The cancer of corruption in the US is really horrible. As Americans say: “the government has their hands tied by big food industry and chemical company lobbyists that basically control what the FDA approves” [5] This level of corruption belongs to third world countries and backward nations. As the wise Iranians say: “when the FDA is corrupt, it means that the US government is a corrupt government, and America is a corrupt society. Such horrible corruption has predictable results. As some say: ‘Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding in America’ [2] and ‘41% of Americans are projected to get cancer in their lifetime‘ [5] But it’s not the whole story. Now even Americans talk about ‘The Alarming Corruption of the Think Tanks’ ! [8], and say: ‘The think tanks should be institutions for scholarship and research. [They should be] universities without teaching. But in [the 20th century] the think tanks became a political instrument in service of extremism [and barbarism]‘ ! [8] The cancer of corruption is killing the West’s Evil Empire. Now even the Western scientists are as ‘Corrupt’ as their politicians”. As some Americans say: “Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) lays out five of the primary ‘methods of abuse’ utilized by corporations ‘to exert influence at every step of the scientific and policy-making processes .. Corrupting the Science, Shaping public perception, restricting agency effectiveness, influencing Congress, and exploiting judicial pathways are the five ‘methods of abuse’ noted … How they Corrupt Science? As UCS says: ‘By (1) suppressing research (2) Intimidating scientists (3) Manipulating researches (4) Ghostwriting scientific articles (corrupting the integrity of scientific journals by ‘planting’ ghostwritten articles that actually promote their products) (5) Publication bias (selectively publishing positive results and burying negative results” [7] But it’s just part of the truth. As some wise Iranians say: “They buy and sell scientists and their works. They bribe scientists to write/ say what they want. In these years, many write about ‘WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals’, ‘How Drug Company Money Is Undermining Science’ (2012, Scientific American), or the story of Monsanto or ‘the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)’. ‘ILSI is funded by the multinational GM and Monsanto’ [1] But ‘ILSI describes itself as a public interest non-profit’ ! [1] They and ‘the European Food Safety Authority’ (EFSA) don’t allow ‘scientists to publish independent and critical research’ ! [1] Only the industry-funded scientists (ie corrupt scientists) are able to publish their fake/ corrupt works ! [1] In fact, the scientific journals censor/ boycott independent scientists! [1] And under such conditions, it’s obvious why the American polling organizations (like Gallup) publish fake polls, why the Western mass media tells big lies and censors many things, and why the West is ethically and intellectually bankrupt”. The 2013 scandals are making people aware. As the wise Iranians say: “Now even Americans say: ‘We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America’. Now even Britons say: ‘In our Orwellian society, many things (from cable boxes to any computer that is inside your home) snoop on us. Our people are ignorant, and the establishment wants to keep people ignorant’. But sooner or later, most people will know the West’s Evil Empire, corrupt scientists, and corrupt intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, who are not well intentioned people. They defend Islamists, dictators, IMF plans, CIA plans, etc but pretend otherwise ! [...] Noam Chomsky is an ignoble bastard. Chomsky, Brezizenski, Gary Sick, the lefts and so-called imperialists help each other and tell the same lies about Iran, Islamists, dictators, etc. Pigs like Chomsky are rotten brains, and signs of moral decay, intellectual decay, and cultural decay in the West. And when their top intellectuals are corrupt people, and their scientists, their FDA, EFSA, etc are rotten to the core, it just just remind you of a Persian proverb: ‘Harch-e Begandad …’ (corruptible things are salted, but what happens when [incorruptible] Salt goes rotten!) [...] Their media/ journalists and their scientists/ intellectuals are as corrupt as their politicians, and it can explain why their intellectuals/ thinkers don’t have any new things to say [...] Iranians laugh at the Mullah books, and refer to them as ‘Jame-ol Abaatil-e val Azdad’ ! (All Crap and Contradictions !) etc; but most of the Western/ Lefty books/ writings are full of ‘Crap and Contradictions’, too [...] The West’s popular intellectuals are less honorable then Prostitutes. They are like the Guardian and the British media, and just tell big lies, bring facts right out of their ass, and ignore many important facts, because their job is ‘misleading the Western public’.”


As the wise Iranians say: “In this year (2013), many people protest against The Monsanto Protection Act, simply because ‘Instead of protecting the American people, the US government (Congress, White House, etc) protect Monsanto’ ! The passage of the Monsanto Protection Act is one of the most shameful episodes of US history. Now even Americans say: ‘the passage of [this act] is another sign of how corrupt and tyrannical is the US system, and how out of touch Congress and the White House are with the US public’ (Aug 2013). The farcical story of ‘Labeling of GMO Products’ is so laughable. Monsanto and US Congress say: ‘Don’t tell people what they’re eating! Ignorance is Strength!’ In March 2013, when ‘Obama signed Monsanto Protection Act’, many Americans said: ‘Obama sold out the public and signed this bill’ [3], and many protested against Monsanto and US gov. Some groups like ‘Food Democracy Now’ say: We’re marching: To Stop the Continued Corruption of Our Democracy … the bad guys (Monsanto) produce 75% of foods/ processed foods that we eat and feed our families everyday’ [6] But US Congress loves monopoly, corruption, war, barbarism, and other evil things”. They also add: “Over 90% of the American people support mandatory labeling of GM foods [4] Americans say: ‘They don’t want to allow us to understand what we are eating [!] But it is our fundamental right to know what’s in our food’ [4]. But the US regime even doesn’t allow people to know what they are eating! It’s really horrible. As many experts say: ‘the truth is we don’t really know how much our food is hurting us or if it is in fact safe’ ! [4] Now many ask: ‘If GMOs are so good, why they don’t allow people to know which foods are GMOs or non-GMOs ?! ‘ And the wise guys say: We don’t say GMOs are good or bad. We just say: Label them so people can make their own choices‘. But the US regime acts like a Tyrannical/ Orwellian regime. The US Cyber mercenaries are like the UK Cyber mercenaries, who are paid to put stupid comments and help the bad guys. They say for instance: ‘If you fear GMO foods, grow your own. Explain why you seek to impose your hysteria on others [!] .. anti-GMO propaganda is not Science [!] .. Don’t impose your beliefs on me; I love GMOs .. I trust Monsanto far more than I trust you’! [3] Mercenaries tell bad jokes, while many ask: If GM food is so wonderful why you don’t label it?!”. They also add: “Monsanto and US Congress act like a stupid dictator whose intention is to continue in power in spite of the will of the people. But it just backfires. Now even Americans say: ‘Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science’ [1] The West has become the Mecca for Corruption, and the soup is too salty that even their mass media confesses that they have a corrupt and closed society, not an open society! They say: ‘David Bickford, a former legal director of MI5 and MI6, says: ‘Secrecy in this country (UK) is over-protected and under-regulated. The UK has signally failed to prepare itself for openness [!]‘ (Oct 2013)”. Unfortunately, the West suffers from both the cancer of corruption and the cancer of ignorance. As Snowden truly says: ‘public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair‘. Now the media reports: ‘Most Britons don’t seem to worry that government is collecting their personal data! A recent YouGov poll asked [British] respondents about the GCHQ and surveillance on ordinary people. 42% said that they thought the GCHQ was ‘about right’! and a further 22% thought that the GCHQ did not have enough powers! In another question, British respondents were asked whether they thought Snowden’s revelations were a good or a bad thing; 43% thought they were bad’ ! (Oct 2013) As the wise Iranians say: “Their polls actually say their people have low IQs and are so stupid! But unfortunately, this fact that they don’t’ protest against their Big Brother, their corrupt government, and their Orwellian society, show that these polls are not baseless. When their wise guys should explain to their people why ‘Tyranny is a bad thing’ ! or why ‘mass spying is not a good thing’ !, and when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, says (at an event hosted by the New America Foundation): ‘Government spying is the nature of our society! there’s been spying for years; there’s been surveillance for years; it’s the nature of our society’ ! (Sep 2013), it shows that Ignorance and Corruption is the pillar of their society, and that’s why only idiots, corrupt scientists/ intellects, media whores, crooks and other bad guys get the publicity and the money in the West”. They also add: “Islamists and journalists/ actives in exile just repeat (QerQereh) what the stupid West says. They just desire to ape the West like monkeys. But Iranians are not stupid. We, Iranians, don’t see the West in black and white. We know that many Westerners are good guys or normal humans. We don’t say all Western scientists are corrupt people. But there are many terrible people who have called themselves scientists/ intellectuals in the West. They hurt and betray the freedom seeking people in Iran and the world. They wanted, and still want, to turn people into sheeple. But now at least Iranian people have become aware [...] Transparency is the most important element in a Democracy, and all normal humans want to have a fair, democratic society. But now the West stupidly pretends that ‘Truth or Transparency is the Enemy!’ But even people like Lincoln knew that ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time & some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time‘. Today seems like the calm before the storm or the ‘volcano of resentment’. Evil things do not last forever. The Evil Empire has reached the end of line”.

For more Information:

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American-Jewish Barbarians, Genocide of Iranians

October 30, 2013

In this year (2013), the West tries to make people hate the West! As the wise Iranians say: “the West openly defends mass spying, watching people, and controlling and corrupting science and scientists! [...] The anti-Iranian Front, ie the United Barbarians, has lost its mind. Now the Jewish-American Barbarians openly ask for Genocide of Iranians! As the mass media reports: ‘Sheldon Adelson says the US should fire Atomic Bomb at Iran. On 22 Oct 2013, and in an event in New York City at Yeshiva University, Sheldon Adelson said: the US should fire an atomic bomb into Tehran, and Iran should be ‘wiped out’. This [public incitement to genocide] made global headlines and lit up the blogosphere’. Sheldon Adelson is a Jewish-American barbarian that the US media calls him a Billionaire or a Casino Mongol ! But it’s funny that Sheldon Adelson said barbaric things in an American university, and his barbaric comments were met with applause by the audience! As the media reports: ‘Jews, US ambassadors, US Senators, and the others on the panel – including Pulitzer-prize winning journalists- didn’t object to Adelson’s barbaric idea‘ ! (Oct 2013)”. Unfortunately, Barbarians and savage retards control the West, while most Westerners are not bad guys. Now average westerners put comments and say: “Just compares how viewers would react if an Iranian threatened such aggression .. A Jew urging genocide of Iranians in a Jewish campus and in front of an American crowd and gets applauded ?! .. It shows that Jews are barbarians .. Adelson says his America wipe Iran off the map. He urged the US attack Iran with nuke! But what is most disturbing is the applause. Are all Americans/ Jews [barbarians]?! .. I was shaking after watching the audience applaud Adelson’s barbaric threat to kill millions. Is America a barbarian country? .. Hitler was [right]. [Savage Jews] deserve annihilation” (Oct 2013). Adelson’s crap and the public backlash against it are big news. Some of the US mass media covered it [*], but almost all British mass media, including the Guardian, censored such big news! We should write more about the UK and its mass media that are censoring all important news of Iran. But as the wise Iranians say: “the British media is the worst Orwellian media in history. British Lies and British Censorship go beyond Orwell’s imagination [...] But the UK is so stupid. Now, the Guardian and UK censor everything and support Rouhani/ Mullahs by censorship and big lies, but they just prove that Rouhani is nothing but a British spy! [...] Now the Brits and Jews both act like savage retards. The Jewish Rabbis say: ‘[As Adelson said] an atomic bomb should be fired into an Iranian desert, and then we should threaten to fire an atomic bomb into Tehran. US must go to extremes to ensure that Iran never gets a nuke’ ! (25 Oct 2013) The Jewish Barbarians have low IQs. They love Genocide & Barbarism, because their Jewish Bible praises Genocide and Racism. But all normal humans hate such barbaric things”. Iranians, the world and history will never forget these days, the Barbarian West, Jewish Barbarians, their public incitement to genocide, their anti-Iranian Racism, their anti-Iran Barbarism, and the 2013 scandals. In these days, the wise Iranians are angry, and say: “Jewish-American Barbarians are showing that the West and Jews are savage retards/ monsters, and the only thing they understand is Force and Nuke. If you use Adelson’s words, you can say: So there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of a [US] desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. And then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of [Washington] ! So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and (eat shit) ! [Applause]‘ ! or ‘So there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the [I-s-raeli] desert, that just hurts [a few pigs]. And then you say, See! The next one is in the middle of [Tel Aviv] !’ All Jewish barbaric comments in these years and this fact that Jews openly threaten others with Nuke & Genocide, prove two things: (1) all nations have every right to threaten Jews with nukes, and Jews deserve annihilation (2)Iran must have nukes, and Iranians/ good guys must clear the world form barbarians [...] Sheldon Adelson looks like an ugly pig. But all savage Jews who love Genocide, and say: ‘Nuking Tehran is good, but it wouldn’t advance our interests’ !, are savage pigs, not humans. They all deserve annihilation”.


The mass media reports: “ recorded Adelson’s speech. In this video, Adelson suggests that instead of diplomacy, we should nuke Iran!”. But as some wise Iranians say: “Sheldon Adelson is a stupid Barbarian, but those Jews/ Americans who applaud Adelson are worse than him. In the 21st century, such public incitement to genocide just proves that the West and Jews are still Barbarians”. In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “you can easily see who is anti-Iranian, who is anti-Civilization, who is anti-Humanity, and who is spy or bad guy. The Western Barbarians are showing their true faces. But they also reveal the truth about the so-called Activists/ Journalists in Exile. Now you can understand why most Iranians say: the anti-Iranian media like BBC, VOA, Gooya, Rooz, Balatarin, Kaleme, etc are actually the CIA/ MI6 media’. These bastards censor Adelson’s news and all big news. But it’s not the whole story. In 2012 and 2013, what pigs like Hooshang HassanYari, Masoud Behnoud and other anti-Iranian spies say is like Adelson’s barbaric jokes. Now it’s clear that pigs like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Akbar Gajni, Pahlavists, Khatamists and all ‘Activists/ Journalists in Exile’, are nothing but a bunch of anti-Iranian spies/ stooges”. In these days, the educated Iranians say: ‘Sheldon Adelson is an anti-Iranian Barbarian. But who is more anti-Iranian, Adelson or AN? AN ! And who is more anti-Iranian, Adelson or Rouhani ?! Rouhani just obeys the IMF, tells big lies, and tries to hurt Iranian people, who ask him: ‘Do something to sue AN/ Basijis for horrible corruptions. Do something to bring down the prices of foods, housing, car, dollar, etc. People want freedom and welfare. Stop implementing IMF Plans/ Enemy’s plans’. But what is this British Rouhani doing?!”. As some wise Iranians say: “UK and Mullahs try to prove that Rouhani is a British Spy! What they say about IMF Plans (cutting subsidies, Rial, etc) are stupid lies. Now even taxi drivers say: Dorogh Migan, Mesle Sag! (They tell big lies, like stupid dogs/ pigs!). In 2012, AN said: we want to raise the price of Dollar by 300%. But this %300 increase in our revenues belongs to people, and we will pay each person his/ her share (~ $100 per month)!‘. But now Rouhani’s team say to people: ‘We will not pay your share of that 300% increase in dollar price; we even want to cut what AN paid you ($15)!’ They actually say: We are worse than AN! [...] $15 for all Iranians is just equal to $12 billions per year, while just one Basiji faggot (Zanjani) has embezzled $12+ billions! (AN and his friends have embezzled over $400 billions; with this money you can pay all Iranians $15 for 35 years!) Now it’s clear that IMF Plan (cutting subsidies) was a disastrous economic coup. But the Mullah Parliament says: ‘The government should have the courage to state that IMF Plan has failed and that the payments ($15) will be discontinued to all citizens‘ ! (Oct 2013) Islamists have low IQs, but Iranians say: ‘Mullahs must confess that IMF Plan (subsidy reform) has failed and all prices will restore to prices in 2010, before implementing IMF plan‘. In these days, only the UK/ CIA media like the Guardian and Al-Monitor defend Rouhani. For instance, they say: ‘[In Iran] average citizens would appreciate more [IMF plans] if they are communicated appropriately’ ! (Oct 2013) These stupid CIA/ MI6 agents just show you who is behind Rouhani”. They also add: “The Guardian and UK Media are worse than the Mullah media. Do you remember what they said about ‘Rouhani’s trip to New York, and his return to Iran (in Sep 2013)’? UK/ US media said: A huge crowd of Rouhani’s supporters welcomed him! But this huge crowd was nothing but about 100 whores who were bussed to the airport! In Sep 2013, Iranians put comments and said: ‘About 100 Basiji faggots shouting ‘Death to USA’, and 100 Islamic whores shouting ‘Thank you Rouhani’! But the UK/ US media referred to them as a huge crowd or a larger group of Rouhani’s supporters! .. the West says 100 to 200 faggots are ‘a large group’, because all puppets of the West only have such a large group of supporters in Iran! .. Since when 100 whores are a huge crowd?! .. 75,000,000 people live in Iran, and 74,000,000 people hate AN, Rouhani, Mullahs and UK, but 74,000,000 people is not a large group, according to the British logic! In the UK/ US logic, 100 or 200 whores is a large group! .. In New York, Americans didn’t ask Mullahs/ Rouhani even one question about Human Rights! .. UK and US are the main enemies of Democracy and Progress in Iran and the world .. ABC, NBC, PBS, CNN, BBC, Guardian, etc love Rouhani and Janati, but hate Freedom and Democracy .. Mullahs/ Islamists just desire to ape the UK like monkeys and that’s why the UK loves them’ (Sep 2013)”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West acts like a bad retard. They censor this fact that Mullahs obey the IMF and praise the fall of Rial. But they say: ‘Iran sanctions are really hurting .. sanctions have brought Iran’s economy to its knees .. their economy is in real trouble, said William Luers, director of The Iran Project‘ ! (CSMonitor, 16 Oct 2013). They also add: ‘Iran has enough cash on hand .. Iranians [can] use their other option, which is to rebuild their economy‘ ! Their paradoxical lies and their Iran Projects are laughable [...] The ugly, stupid pigs like Adelson are not important. The main Enemy of Iran is the UK, the Jewish CIA and their anti-Iranian stooges”.


In these days, many things are informative. As some Iranians say: “The Mullah media censored Adelson’s anti-Iran comments!, and proved many things”. And the wise Iranians say: “In October 2013, Gary Sick, one of the sick supporters of the Mullah regime, went to Carnegie Council and made good confessions. Carnegie Council said: ‘Sick served on the National Security Council under three presidents -Ford, Carter, and Reagan’. And Sick added: ‘I’ve been living with this whole business of US-Iran relations since 1977‘. As many know, Sick and his boss Brzizenski, are known as the Architects of the Mullah regime. And now Sick says: ‘The Shah had forces in Lebanon supporting the Shia of southern Lebanon in his day‘ ! In fact, he confess that when the Shah started to care about Iran’s national interests, and wanted to have nukes, presence in Lebanon, etc the US and the UK tried to topple him. As many say: ‘Imam Mousa Sader was sent to Lebanon by the Shah’. Sadr was Imam, the most popular Shia leader. But in 1979, he was suddenly kidnapped/ killed! [...] Just ask yourself: When Jews attacked Lebanon? After toppling Shah, killing Sadr, and weakening Iran. Sick made good confessions at Carnegie Council. Sick said: ‘ [Now even] Jewish Americans think that AhmadiNejad [AN] was a M-o-s-s-ad agent, and he was actually working for I-s-rael‘ ! (Oct 2013) Now even non-Iranians say AN was a Jewish spy! Now what Rouhani, Zarif, and all Mullahs do/ say just has one meaning: ‘they actually confess that AN served the Zionist interests’. All Iranians are aware of this stupid Mullah retreat (180 degrees change), that just reminds you of the ‘Onions & Sticks’ story. Mullahs retreat and make concessions, but it just disgraces/ discredits them! [...] If they really want to correct their big mistakes, they must apologize to people, and should have the courage to state that the real Sedition (Fetneh) was AN and his supporters. Repeating old lies is not Solution. We all know what the Left, the Jewish CIA, and Islamists said about AN and anti-AN candidates in 2009. But now they say: ‘Rouhani, first of all, tried to identify himself as a sort of anti-AhmadiNejad’ ! (Oct 2013) Now they confess: ‘[AN] was a disaster for Iran’ or ‘AN was a Jewish spy’ (Oct 2013) But it’s exactly what Iranians said in 2009 and past years. Even the stupid Karoubi/ Mousavi said such things. But what Mullahs, the Left and the Jewish CIA did/ said in 2009?”. They also add: “Islamists have always served the West’s interests. Most of them are anti-Iranians [...] Iranians don’t aid the West or Iran’s enemies. The Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky, etc) love AN and Islamists, because of destroying Iran and Iran’s image. Now Sick says: ‘Nobody likes Iranians; people fear or hate Iranians, just because of the image that has been created‘ ! (Oct 2013) In fact, Sick confesses that AN, Mullahs and Islamists who hurt/ torture Iranians and attack Iranian Civilization and Iranian values like Tolerance are actually serving the West’s interests by destroying Iran’s image [...] Now Rouhani and his stupid cabinet lick the ass of IMF, tell big lies, insult the people’s intelligence, and act like retards. Apparently they want to prove that Rouhani is a British spy, and British spies are worse than Jewish spies (AN)! Now almost all Iranians are cursing Rouhani. But pigs like Sick and Chomsky praise Rouhani and Khatamists (Ganji, etc). Sick says: ‘Ganji was [right]. Khamenei is a super-pragmatist .. Khamenei and his power is not the kind of thing that you think of a Stalin or Saddam’ ! (Oct 2013) Relations between the Jewish CIA and Khatamists are funny [...] Just ask yourself: When did the US and its puppet (Saddam) attack Iran? After toppling the Shah, and when the anti-Iranian Islamists (ie Khatamists like Abdi, Hajarian, Ganji, Asgharzadeh, etc) attacked the US embassy and gave the US an excuse to attack Iran. The anti-Iranian Islamists betrayed people in 2009 and said: We are Brake Pedals! But these spies/ stooges have always been ‘Brake Pedals’ in the path of Progress and Democracy in Iran. In 1997-2004, they were Brake Pedals and betrayed Iran and Iranians (pigs/ spies like Asgharzadeh even said: Tehran doesn’t need Metro! Iran should not have the metro system!) [...] Gary Sick says: ‘[It's good that] Iran is one of the biggest importers of grain – and ours wheat, rice, etc’ ! (Oct 2013) He actually confesses to the truth of what Iranians already said: ‘AN just aids the West/ IMF in destroying Iran’s national product. AN and Islamists just serve the West’s interests’. Now the West confesses that Iranians are not stupid. Now Carnegie Council’s guys say: ‘Persian Civilization is very old and very sophisticated, a great civilization. The educated Iranians are more sophisticated than Americans‘ (Oct 2013). They confess that Iranians are wiser/ smarter than their Western counterparts, because everyone who reads Iranian websites or listens to Iranian people, can see the truth. Now the Western mass media has headlines like: ‘Iran Outwits the US’ (20 Oct 2013) and says: ‘ Iran understands the West far, far better than the West understands Iran. Iranians know the West well. They have studied the West culturally, historically, religiously and linguistically. Iranians know the Achilles heel of the West’ ! They read what Iranian people say, and that’s why they confess: Iranians are far, far better/ smarter than the West. Now even idiots say: ‘Iranians are not stupid; Iranians support whichever side the bad guys (UK, Jewish CIA, lefts, etc) don’t support’ ! But the bad guys still support Rouhani, because Rouhani tells big lies and defends hyperinflation, the fall of Rial, IMF Plans, and anti-Iranian policies! Now Rouhani’s cabinet openly say: Hyperinflation, the fall of Rial, and high prices of Car, Foods, etc are good! Now all Iranians laugh at Rouhani. If he really implements IMF Plans (cut $15, etc) and other anti-Iran policies, Rouhani will be a hateful figure worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani is free to prove that he is a British spy [...] But we care about Iran. Now Iran’s enemies will be happy to see big riots and civil war in Iran, and Rouhani just tries to make Iran’s enemies happy [...] Now Iran’s enemies confess: ‘[Our sanctions are stupid] Any sanctions relief at all would lead to the quick crumbling of the entire sanctions program .. Many countries, and many companies, are eager to see the sanctions disintegrate‘ ! (Bloomberg, Oct 2013) Iran’s enemies are in deep shit, and that’s why Adelson and Jewish barbarians have confused. Now only Iran’s regime (Rouhani, Islamists, retards in Mullah Parliament, etc) can aid Iran’s enemies. If instead of stopping IMF Plans, they continue to obey the IMF, they just prove that Rouhani, all Mullahs and all Islamists are puppets of Iran’s enemies”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Now the western media has headlines like ‘I-s-rael and Arab States in Secret Talks over Iran ! (Oct 2013) In fact, they show that ‘Bad Jews and Bad Arabs are the same shits, and deserve each other’. The anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs (ie savage Se-m-i-t-es) are sworn enemies of goodness, decency, and Iranian values (aka human values) . When the West’s media talks about ‘Se-m-ite states, I-s-rael and Saudi Arabia’ and their collaborations! (Oct 2013), they actually show you why Iranian people say: ‘Fuck you Palestine, Fuck you Arabs, Fuck you Jewish pigs’. Hamas and Palestinians aided Saddam in the Iraq war against Iran. And now the collaborations between Arab pigs and Jewish pigs reveal the truth of Sem[..] (Jews and Arabs are Sem[..]; but Iran is the land of Aryans)”. Iranians know the British tactic of “Divide and Rule”, and as the wise Iranians say: “Iranians have no problem with the good Jews and the good Arabs, who hate pigs like Adelson, Jewish fanatics, Islamists and Arab dictators. Iranians are friends and supporters of all good guys in all around the world. It’s part of the Iranian Culture. For thousands of years, Tolerance, kindness and goodness has been part of the Iranian culture, and that’s why many refer to Iran as the Home of Human values, or the birthplace of Tolerance/ Human Rights. But unfortunately, the bad guys and barbarians have always fought against the cradle of civilization (Iran) and Iranian values”. We have already written the savage Semi[..] in posts like “Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy”, “Who is Afraid of Iran and Iranian Legacy?” or “Iranian Legacy Confuses Arab Locust Eaters” (check Archive). As many know, Iranian Muslims are not Islamists. Iranian Muslims care about Iranian traditions, not Arabian/ Jewish traditions. (For more info, check Archive for “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”) As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists are anti-Iranian and pro-Arab (Arab-parast). Their God is a Jewish God, ie the god of war, brutality, barbarism, slavery, etc. But Iranian Muslims [are not Islamists]. Iranian God is the god of love, kindness, tolerance, friendship, good deeds, good wills, etc. All Barbarians, and also those who have a Jewish God, are anti-Iranian and hate Iranian values like Tolerance, Goodness, Kindness, etc. And now these Forces of Evil try to present a united front against Iran. But they cannot unite. They hate each other! Friendship, Trust, etc belong to our tribe, ie the tribe of good guys. In the tribe of bad guys, the West, Jews, Arabs, etc just try to fuck & hurt each other! the US is spying on EU! Jews kill Arabs, Arabs kill Westerns, and the West kills Jews and Arabs! Who created the Holocaust?! the West. Who has ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards Jews and say: ‘Jews killed Jesus’? the West. The West, Jews, Arabs, etc deserve each other [...] It’s funny that the CIA and pigs like Rohrabacher try to use the stupid Turks/ Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists to hurt Iran! Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), who introduced a resolution to create separatism in Iran, is one of the top detractor of the Green Movement. As their media say: ‘Rohrabacher worked as a speechwriter and presidential adviser in the Reagan White House‘. Dana Rohrabacher is a close friend to Jack Abramoff ! It’s funny that Abramoff had two close friends, congressmen Bob Ney and Rohrabacher, who both are members of the CIA and the anti-Iran or pro-Mullah Lobby in the US! [..] Now the CIA pigs like Rohrabacher openly defend the savage Turks, the savage Arabs, and the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK)”. We should write more about this American faggot, Dana Rohrabacher. But it’s sadly funny that crooks and barbarians like Adelson and Rohrabacher control the US. As the wise Iranians say: “Now Gary Sick and the US system say: the Mullah regime is the 21-Century Island of Stability ! (Oct 2013) And it just reminds you of what they said in 1978: the Shah regime is the 20-Century Island of Stability !. Now many things are laughable. Now the US/ UK media say: Rohani has strengthened the position of the Sick-Brzezinski side of US foreign policy’ ! (Oct 2013) Now Basijis say: ‘We were fooled; they played with us; they used us; Mullahs and Great Satan are closed friends’! Now even NYTimes reports: ‘[Basijis say:] ‘We must hold on to ‘Death to America’; otherwise, our revolution will be lost’. Anti-Americanism is an important part of the Islamic regime’s ideology/ legitimacy. A poll conducted in 2003 showed that most people favored establishing ties with America. But the pollsters were jailed! [But now after the US-backed 2009 coup, and when Iranians hate Obama and his USA] Rouhani wants to [publish fake polls] on this issue’ ! (19 Oct 2013) Now pigs like Sheldon Adelson proves that Zionism = Nazism, and Iran’s enemies = stupid Barbarians. But if Rouhani continues his current anti-Iranian/ IMF policies, it will prove that Rouhani is worse than pigs like Sheldon Adelson [..] Now Iranians make jokes and say: ‘Rouhani and his CBI are Jamshid Besmellah’ ! or ‘Rouhani and his cabinet are worse than Jamshid Besmellah !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Recently the UK media made a good confession: The UK government did a study on how to make the public feel good about wars! In the past, they openly defended War and Racism. But now the bad guys in the UK and the West are forced to use language or values that belong to the tribe of good guys. And it’s a real victory for Iranians and all good guys. Now only spies and whores praise the West. Now when Rouhani tells big lies, or when ‘BBC, Rooz, or other spies talk with savage Mullahs and say: Majority of Iranians Want Relations With the US’, almost all Iranians just laugh and say: Ajab ! All Iranians hate those who are behind the 2009 coup and all our pain and suffering in these years. Iranians just laugh/ spit at the West and cesspools like BBC, VOA, Rooz, Balatarin, etc”. They also add: “The West has confused. Their media talks about ‘Signs Of Rift Between I-s-r-ael and USA over Iran‘ (20 Oct 2013) and says: ‘an Explosion between Netanyahu and Obama appears to be inevitable’ ! (20 Oct 2013) Now the American people [put good comments] and say: ‘American people certainly hope the rift grows and I-s-rael cuts all ties with us .. Americans will no longer allow I-s-rael to dictate what US foreign policy will be .. While so many Americans (50 millions) are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, the US is giving I-s-rael billions of dollar every year! .. Only 2% of US population are Jews .. Jews act like a spoiled brat .. Jews are trouble makers’ (Oct 2013). Now their mass media says: It’s Time to Put an End to I-s-r-ael’s Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell’ Nuclear Policy! (Oct 2013), and adds: “Whereas Iran signed the NPT, I-s-rael has not -and is therefore not subject to any oversight. I-s-rael’s nuclear facility at Dimona, a city in Negev desert, dedicated to production of [nukes]‘ (Oct 2013) Now the West’s media says: ‘I-s-raeli whistleblower Mordechai V-a-n-u-nu, a nuclear technician who revealed details of I-s-rael’s nuclear weapons program to the press in 1986, is an Is-raeli Edward Snowden. Va-n-unu spent 18 years in prison!’ (Oct 2013). In 1974, after the story of Indian nuke and Jewish nuke, Iran wanted to have nuke. But at that time Mullahs and Islamists opposed Iran’s nuclear program, served the West’s interests, and aided the West in toppling the Shah [...] Now Gallup and the US publish fake polls, and it just remind you of the CIA polls in 2009, when they said 90% of Iranians love AN! (= 90% of Americans love Bin Laden!) [...] But after such big lies, the CIA-backed 2009 coup and all US crimes/ betrayals in these years, now almost all Iranians believe Iran must have nuclear weapons. Now almost all Iranians know and hate Iran’s enemies, ie those pigs who threaten Iran with war, genocide, sanction and barbarism. But the stupid West says: ‘Iranians still love Obama & his USA’! If they say: Jews still love Hitler, it’s less laughable. The West has lost its mind and acts like a bad retard, because the West is bankrupt and nearing the End, while Iran will be a world power soon”. In these days, even the wise Iranians are angry. And it’s obvious why they are angry, and why both Iranians and non-Iranian people put comments and say: “Jews love Nuclear Genocide, and deserve Annihilation .. Public incitement to genocide must be prosecuted; they should arrest Adelson and those who applauded .. the worst part is that this Jewish barbarian received applause! Both Adelson and Yeshiva University should be prosecuted .. all Jewish Nazis/ Jewish barbarians should be prosecuted for incitement to genocide .. No wonder Iranians want nukes; Iran must defend itself against these barbarians .. Jewish Bible and Jewish holy texts are barbaric books, because they praise genocide .. Adelson just tries to prove: Judaism = Barbarism! .. Adelson just makes Hitler look like a nice guy! .. Adelson has given millions of dollars to a hawkish think tank, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)! For Jews, Democracy means Genocide! .. Adelson and American Jews are precisely the reason Iran needs nukes .. As long as there are Sheldons, Bibis and such in the world, we fully support Iran’s nuclear program” (Oct 2013). In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges censor many things and tell many big lies. But anyone with half a brain knows that such big lies and such horrible censorship is a clear sign of Bankruptcy (Eflas) and Frustration (Darmandegi). When they openly call for Genocide of Iranians and turn public opinion against themselves, it just proves that they are totally confused and frustrated [...] Most Westerners are not bad guys, and truly say: ‘Public incitement to genocide should be prosecuted’. But the bad guys are stupid. The Jewish-American barbarians love Genocide, because it’s part of their barbaric holy texts and their barbaric culture. But in the 21st century, public incitement to genocide is a clear sign of Barbarism, and all Iranians, all humans, and the whole word will not tolerate the Jewish-American barbarians”.

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Japan and A Weird Syndrome

October 24, 2013

In these days, you can see many weird things. As some Iranians say: “the anti-Iran Front, aka United Barbarians, has lost its mind. These Barbarians, from the Barbarian UK to the savage Jews/ Arabs/ etc, are just revealing the truth of the West’s DNA. Now it’s clear that ‘Lie, Censorship, and Barbarism is part of British DNA’ and ‘Hypocrisy, Stupidity, and Corruption is part of American DNA’ [...] Just look at their stupid UNESCO. The uncultured Turks of Azerbaijan act like Taliban and destroy Nezami’s museum, but UNESCO says nothing about this Anti-Cultural move. The Azeri people, as a part of the Iranian nation, protest against Azerbaijan’s regime, but UNESCO loves the anti-Cultural regimes! [...] Now Rouhani and his cabinet act like the stupid Turks. They are in a hurry to show their true face. They lick the ass of the UK/ US/ IMF, while people know and say many things about this British Rouhani (ie Hassan Mullah that his real name is Hassan Freydoon). Now even the Western media talks about’the role of Rouhani in the Iran Contra Scandal‘. They say: ‘Do you know who was one of the three Mullahs the cake-bearing McFarlane dealt with in Tehran 27 years ago? He was Hassan Rouhani’! (Washington Post)” In these days, as the wise Iranians say: “the Iranian people say good things about British Rouhanis/ Mullahs, who are in a hurry to prove that all Mullahs are anti-Iranian stooges of the West/ IMF and Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN)! But we can wait and see how Rouhani proves the truth of what is said about him”. In these days, many things are weird and laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “The British Media, their big lies and their horrible censorship are so laughable, and just show that even ‘the Guardian, ie the UK most prestigious media, is nothing but a cesspool of spies and stooges”. But here lets ignore such facts. In these days, the mass media says: “Young people in Japan don’t care about s-e-x” or “Japan Has Given Up on S-e-x”. Of course as some Iranians say: “what the mass media says in October 2013 is a copy of (‘No S-e-x and the City’) [4] in July 2013″. But now many talk about a ‘weird thing’ in Japan: “Recent Japanese studies point to a startling trend among the nation’s under-40s: a rising aversion to s-ex and dating” [4] The media says Japan is the land of the 40 year old virgins! or Japan is moving to a sexless society. “A 2013 JFPA survey found that 45% of women ages 16 to 24 were not interested in or disliked s-e-xual contact .. A 2011 government survey reported that 49% of Japanese women ages 18 to 34 don’t have any boyfriend, husband [or s-e-xual partner]“[4] It’s weird. Some say: “No way this can be correct”. But as many know, Japan has failed to address the complex issue of ‘Modernism and
Traditionalism’. “Traditional values” and ‘modern problems’ is a central theme in many good Japanese works – including ‘Oshin’ (1983-4), the most popular TV series in Japan and Iran, and good Japanese movies like “Castaway on the Moon” (2009), that is about Japanese youths and their problems, including severe depression. As some wise Iranians say: “Japan has a traditional and weird society. In a 2012 government survey, 51% of the Japanese population said they believed women should stay at home while men go out to work[4] But at the same time the Japanese are too busy playing video games and watching robotic-crappy films. As some say: ‘the Japanese 30-year old virgin only get turned on when they watch female robots!’ In the 1980s, the Japanese animations were among the best works in the world. But now their children are watching stupid things. Japan’s paradoxes are tragicomic. In the real world, they live in a traditional society, but their children live in a weird, unreal world. As some say: ‘their expectations of each other have not adjusted. Many men still want women to be submissive, while women are turned off by these men’ [4] Japan suffers from a weird combination of ‘Modernism and Traditionalism’. And this weird problem leads to weird Syndromes. As some say: ‘while around 53% of adult Americans and 82% of Brazilians has s-e-x at least once a week, only 34% of Japanese do [4]“. Many surveys, specially Western surveys, are not reliable. What Gallup and others say about Iran is nothing but big laughable lies, and it raises doubts about all Western surveys. For instance, when they say: ’40% of American women have never been married, and 20% of American women in their 40s have not had children’! Is it correct? Who knows! But what is said about Japan is based on the Japanese surveys, not the Western surveys. In 2010, the Japanese media reported: ‘one-third (32.7%) of the Japanese people say they had no s-e-x at all in 2009″ ! [6] As some wise Iranians say: ‘the Japanese media talks about ‘S-exless marriage’ [6][7] It’s understandable. But they add: ‘Few married women interested in having an affair’ [7] It’s weird. They say: ‘nearly half of all marriages in Japan are se-xless’ [7] It’s understandable. But when they poll ‘married women in their 40s. Question 1: Have you ever had an extra-marital affair?’ No, say … 89.2%’ [7] It’s weird. ‘Question 2: Have you ever wanted to have an affair? Another landslide victory for the no’s – 87.9% versus 12.1%’ [7] As they say: ‘It’s Shocking’ [7] What the Japanese say about the whys is paradoxical: ‘My children and home are important to me (cited by 44% of respondents); It’s unthinkable from a moral point of view (42%); I haven’t met anyone (23%) … I’m afraid my husband would find out (10%)” [7]. Japan is quite an old fashioned place in many respects. But they care much about Hollywood and the Western fashion’. Japan has followed the West like sheep. But as some say: ‘what the Japanese men want, ie the ideal Japanese woman is cute, se-xy, and quiet‘ [9] Japan is not a ‘ladies first’ culture, so as some say: if a guy treats a Japanese girl with basic good manners like opening doors and such, she tends to be impressed [9] Japan suffers from weird problems. As many say: ‘millions of young people aren’t even dating because they feel so apathetic about s-ex. This is a real thing, Japanese media is calling it sekkusu shinai shokogun, which translates to celibacy syndrome”.


The Western media just repeats what the Japanese media says [6][7]. As the media reports: “[In Japan] a survey in 2011 found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of women aged 18-34 were not in any kind of romantic relationship. Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all. Many have reached their mid-30s without managing to move out of home. About 13 million unmarried people in Japan who currently live with their parents, around three million are over the age of 35 [Many] can’t relate to the opposite s-ex physically or in any other way. They flinch if I touch them,’ a Japanese counselor says” (Oct 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “If they say: there is no marriage in Japan. It can be understandable. But when they say: there is no s-e-x. It’s weird. And when they say: ‘there is no intimacy’ or ‘there is no friendship’! It’s horrible. But apparently, the lack of friendship and the lack of intimacy is a serious problem in Japan today. It’s what you see in their movies and their media”. As the wise Iranians say: “We all should ask: What has happened? Why many Japanese say: I care about my job. I lost interest in dating’. Does the Japanese Culture of Hard Work, ie the Culture of Workaholic, create nothing but a bunch of robots, who has no emotion, even s-exual emotions? Japan still has a traditional society. Their media says: Married working women are sometimes demonized as ‘Devil wives’. So, it’s obvious why Japan’s Institute of Population and Social Security reports an astonishing 90% of young women believe that staying single is preferable to marriage. But marriage and intimacy are two different things. And the main question is Why Japan is experiencing ‘a flight from human intimacy’? It’s a weird fact, and many talk about it. It’s much more weird and much more important than what a Japanese counselor says: ‘Sometimes, for an extra fee, I get naked with my male clients to physically guide them around the female form’! The Japanese men say: ‘a large tribe of men under 40 live without s-e-x .. I don’t earn a huge salary to go on dates .. I don’t want the responsibility of a woman .. I’ve learned to live without s-e-x .. Emotional entanglements are too complicated. I can’t be bothered .. I don’t have time for a regular girlfriend’. You should ask why their men say such things, and why their girls say: ‘I don’t miss boyfriends or s-e-x. I don’t even like holding hands .. I don’t have time for a regular boyfriend’. In the 1980s, the Japanese animations taught children about life skills and human intimacy. But now most of the Japanese animations/ children movies are stupid”. In these years many say: ‘under the surface, Japan is conservative and traditional”[1][2][3][4][5] But while Iranians can understand many things in Japan, Westerners cannot. They think Japan is weird, because: “Apartments and houses are [small]. Most people sleep on the floor. Homes and apartments do not have central heating and air conditioning, but each room has a heater/air conditioner unit. Domestic lighting tends to be fluorescent. It’s brighter. Japanese follows a SOV (subject, object, verb) order rather than English which follow a SVO (subject, verb, object) order” [2] The West cannot understand Japan, but now the Western media says: “Is Japan providing a glimpse of all our futures? Many of the shifts there are occurring in other advanced nations, too”. They also add: “With a vast army of older people and an ever-dwindling younger generation, Japan may become the land of the old people. It’s our future .. Aversion to marriage and intimacy in modern life is not unique to Japan” (Oct 2013). The West and the mass media don’t care about the roots of problems. But ordinary people ask good questions [1][8][9]. The people’s comments are better than what the mass media says. Ordinary people say: “No Japanese men serves food to a Japanese women .. Why do the Japanese, especially girls, stare at foreigners? .. Xenophobia is a serious issue in Japan .. In the Japanese values, premarital s-e-x is a bad thing .. Cohabiting or unmarried parenthood is still unusual in Japan .. they suffer from a conflict [between traditionalism and modernism]“.


Some say: “Don’t take these silly polls serious. They are merely meant to sell magazines”. But in these years, many ordinary people talk about Japan’s problems. For instance, in “What It’s Like to Be Female and Foreign in Japan” [3], an American woman says: “[In Japan] cute baristas at Starbucks wouldn’t look at me, business men on bicycles ran over me and college students hurriedly backed away from me with mumbled apologies whenever I tried to strike up a conversation about the weather or ask for directions”[3] What she says is funny. “Most days I felt unattractive, unwanted and worst of all, unfemale … when not even a short skirt or slinky top attracted more than a passing glance and even construction workers, who could usually be counted on for a leer, regarded me with bored, blank expressions, I felt very, very alone”! [3] You can laugh at this American woman, or see her as a big loser. But she is not alone, and many say something like: “In [Japan], the nerd is king .. Those men wouldn’t have been able to score a date at home if they’d been a calender but in [Japan] they’d nabbed the prom queen .. Japanese woman see Western men -even the nerdy ones- as attractive dating prospects”[1][3][6][9]. Of course as some Iranians say: “when Western women talk about ‘traditional, close-minded Japanese men’, many say: ‘you can keep the Western women in the west. They are fat, evil and smell like yeast. In addition, they think that everyone should praise them! They seem to be expecting some thing that they do not deserve’! It’s not clear who is right and who is wrong! But American women have a terrible reputation. American women are a common object of ridicule among other nations”. Some websites like [1] talk about “the Japanese way of chauvinism” [1] They say: “s-e-xual harassment is another cultural part of Japan, that happens on a daily basis at most places of work in Japan” [1] They also say: “The Japanese are s-e-xist in the same way that they are racist” [1] “For many foreigners in Japan, ‘Gaijin’ (foreigner) in most circumstances means ‘You are an outsider and will never belong to Japanese society” [1] But Japan is not alone in suffering from these problems. Many are aware of the story of Racism in the West. And as some say: “Rates of psychological illness in Japan and the United States are comparable: 24% of Japanese adults and 25% of American adults have suffered some sort of mental health problem” [5] Of course some say weird things about Japan: “it will definitely shock you to hear that many Japanese women have never even looked at their v-a-gina!” [1] As some wise Iranians say: “It also shocks you to hear that ‘According to surveys cited by the Japanese newspaper (Yomiuri Shimbun) more and more young people have problems making friends in the real world and resort to actually paying for rented friends in order to avoid being seen alone and labeled as loners’ [8] ‘Rent a Friend’ or ‘Fake Friend service’ [8] in Japan is shocking, mainly because ‘there is nothing s-e-xual about this kind of rent-a-friend service. Lonely Japanese people are just looking for someone to act as their friend’ [8] In 2007, some said: ‘Japanese people don’t have enough s-ex -at least according to condom manufacturer Durex’s survey of s-ex lifestyles around the world’ [8] Japan is the main producer of AV films in Asia. But as some say: ‘Japanese AV films (p-o-rnographic videos) are [unreal things], reality doesn’t mirror movie magic. [8] Japan is a weird traditional society. As some say: ‘many young people still live at home with their parents. So, where do couple go to, ‘do it’? The so-called love hotels are the answer’ [9] ‘These hotels feature [many things] all to be paid anonymously into a machine’ [9] Japan is so weird. ‘Sometime ago, one of the TV stations in Japan organized a contest in which men had to call their wives and talk to them as long as possible to earn money. The conversations were unbelievably hilarious since most women were too shocked to find that their husbands actually wanted to talk to them and wanted to terminate the conversation as soon as possible’, some Japanese say. Japan is really the land of weird and paradoxical things”.


In 2012, the US media had headlines like: “Japan Population Decline: Third Of Nation’s Youth Have ‘No Interest’ In S-e-x” [5] They said it’s a bad thing that “Japan Population Decline”! And now, in 2013, as the wise Iranians say: “the US and the UK shed crocodile tears for Japan’s shrinking population. But as many know, Japan has been seriously overcrowded for years. Japan has one of the highest population densities in the world. Lessening that to something a bit more sane is actually good. Some say: ‘[Maybe] by 2100 only 60 million people live in Japan’. But it’s not a bad thing. It’s not equal to Extinction, as idiots say. But the real problem is: In 2100, only 60 million people live in Japan, but 50 millions of them are old, retired people! It’s a serious problem”. They also add: “It’s good that many hate marriage and don’t want to act like baby-making machines. And it’s good that many love marriage, or want to have children. A good balance between these two groups can create a better world. In the story of Japan, marriage is not the main issue, as the media says. The main issue is intimacy & friendship. We should ask: Why most of the Japanese people are workaholic, depressed, or alone? Why friendship & intimacy are fading away? why s-ex is fading away, and depression is on the rise?! Why some Japanese say: I’d rather spend my money on clothes [etc] than buying women dinner or gifts’ [4], while women are not s-e-x objects or baby-making machines? [4]“. They also add: “the Japanese media reports: ’33.5% of the Japanese said they didn’t see any merit in marriage” [7] But it’s not ‘a national catastrophe’, as the West says. In the world today those individuals who never marry exist in significant numbers. And it’s not a bad thing. Problems like depression, pessimism, living like sheep, obeying Big Brother, corrupt scientists, corrupt media etc are bad things, and that’s why the West ‘might eventually perish into extinction”. The Japanese put good comments in their media: “Japan is an overworked overstressed nation where people spend far more time laboring away at the office than they do with family or friends .. Everyone is communicating here but people are losing their social skills. Why? Online everything replacing real relationships and connections with people .. Stress is a key factor in why people are not managing to focus on their personal lives .. s-e-xless marriages in Japan [and the West] have a common root: deception and depression .. more men are over worked at their jobs and come home without the energy .. decades ago, S-ex in this country was replaced by Narcissism .. [it's funny that] Japan has produced more adult movies than Asian nations” [6][7]. The American comments are funny and informative, too: “A theory that seeks to explain Japan’s shrinking population is that they spend too much time engaged with technology .. many young women still live with their parents; it’s the [main problem !] .. I kind of envy the Japanese, because they are so far ahead of us” ! [5] As some wise Iranians say: ‘Apparently, most Westerners live like sheep and/or slaves. As Snowden says: Ignorance is the main problem of the US and the West. Most Americans even don’t care about their own freedoms/ rights. They think Ignorance is Strength! Even their scientists/ intellectuals are slaves of Big Brother, and have been poisoned with money. It’s the main problem of the West, and it will lead to the End of the West. Now the West is morally, culturally, economically, and intellectually bankrupt”. The Western analysts say stupid things, but the wise Iranians say good things like: “The children movies and animations should be free of se-x and violence, and should show children good things like human values, real friendship, life skills etc. In the recent years, the Japanese animations, their characters, and their stories are really stupid. But in the 1980s, Nippon (a Japanese company) produced very good animations. Nippon had ‘the World Masterpiece Theater series’ and TV series based on good novels and good works of literature. The golden years of the anime industry (Japanese animation) was the late 1970s and the 1980s. At that time, they cared about themes such as loyalty, friendship, life skills, etc. ‘The World Masterpiece Theater series’ have several masterpieces, and Iranians have watched almost all of them”. We should write more about the children movies/ animations, specially those good animations that Iranians watched them in the 1980s. At that time (1980s) both kids and adults could enjoy the Japanese animations, which were based on good novels and good stories. Iranians still remember Nippon’s animations like: ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ (Dr Ernest’s Family) (1981), ‘The Story of Perrine’ (1978), “Lucy of the Southern Rainbows” (Mohajeran
[Immigrants]) (1982), “Alps Stories: My Annette” (1983), “Katri, Girl of the Meadows” (Hanna) (1984), and other good works of Nippon’s ‘the World Masterpiece Theater series’. Many people, even in Europe, Canada, etc have watched these good animations. But as the wise Iranians say: “the cultural and historical roots are important [...] In Japan and other countries, ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ aired from 1970 to 1997. And in Iran, it aired from 1980. But the media and their programs had and have two different effects on Iran and Japan (and the West). In Iran, the younger generation are among the most informed and wise people in the world and history. But in Japan and the West, their younger generation suffer from many serious problems, including Ignorance. And the main question is: Why?”. Think about it. We would write more about this issue later.

For more information:

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Norway to Mullahs: Iran must be a Welfare State

October 18, 2013

In these days, most Iranians say: “Rouhani and his stupid cabinet are hurrying to show their true face!”, and many add: “Rouhani and his team are worse than AN. They even want to cut the AN’s aid ($15 per month)! They not only defend the fall of Rial !, but they repeat AN’s bullshit before the economic coup (cutting subsidies)! Rouhani and his team are stupid pigs”. In these days, many laugh and say: “this British Rouhani and the stupid UK/ US publish fake polls, tell stupid lies, repeat big mistakes and act like retards, and don’t know that events in history can reappear, but the first time as Tragedy, the second as Farce“. In these days, Iranians talk about the stupid Mullahs and stupid problems, specially economic problems, while the West’s media censors the voices of people and tells big lies. But here lets focus on solutions and what the wise Iranians say about “problems and solutions”. As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists just serve the West’s interests. In the Mullah system, retards and crooks are managers/ decision-makers, and those many Iranians who can solve Iran’s problems are suppressed. Even in colleges and universalities, retards and ass-lickers have the upper-hand, and the large army of the real Iranian elites, who can convert Iran into a world power, are systematically suppressed”. Many Iranians know the world and history. They say, for instance: “Norway reveals the truth: Instead of cutting subsidies or obeying the IMF, Iran must be a Welfare State”. Many Iranians know problems, and also solutions. As some wise Iranians say: “Iran and Norway both have an oil-dependent economy. Norway is a new and small country, but Iran is the cradle of civilization, the oldest country on earth, and the richest gas/ oil nation on earth. Today’s Iranians at least are as wise and educated as Norwegians. But Iran’s regime is so stupid. Norway established its Petroleum Fund in 1990. This fund is where the surplus of Norway’s oil sector is deposited. The surplus is generated from income tax on oil companies, levied on oil/ gas agreements, etc. Their fund’s current value is about $700 billion, or $140,000 per Norwegian“. They also add: “But in Iran, Mullahs just [act like retards]. In 2000, they created a stupid Oil Fund, known as ‘Saving Fund’. With the highest rise in oil revenues in the 2000s, the fund’s current value should be more than $1000 billion, or $14,000 per Iranian. But now even Mullahs say ‘AN’s corruption and
mismanagement’ ruined this fund. But Iranians ask: “What has happened to more than $1,500 billions of Iran’s revenues in the past 10 years? They should say what has happened to our money. Where is our oil money? in Mullah pockets or Western pockets?!’ Iran’s Oil Fund was plundered by AN and Mullahs. Now even the Mullah Parliament says: $400 billions have been lost (embezzled)!”. They also add: “Norway has many problems. But in Norway, the fund operates in a transparent manner. Its performance is disclosed every quarter. Norway’s government has many websites [1][2][7], in which they report to people on almost everything, including the details of oil revenues. But the colonial powers (like UK & US) and their tools (like IMF & lefts) just want to keep Iran unfree, week and dependent. They are behind the main problems of Iran and Iran’s economy (ie tyranny, puppet regimes, lack of freedom, lack of transparency, etc)”. As the wise Iranians say: “Iran has the biggest oil & gas resources in the world. Iran is number one in the oil & gas reserves in the world. Iran also has one of the world’s best Human Resources. Iran is a very rich country. Iran must be a Welfare State“. They also add: “But the West/ IMF and the retards/ spies in exile [pigs in BBC Persian, RoozOnline, etc] pretend that Iran is a poor country!, and that’s why Iran should cut subsidies! The West loves Islamists and retards, who just repeat (QerQereh) what the stupid West says. Islamists and whores in exile have low IQs. They worship the West or lick the ass of idiots like Chomsky or the IMF boss! [...] the West censors the voices of Iranian people, and just care about retards/ whores like [Khomeini's girls, Rouhani's men, Khatamists, Pahlavists, MEK, etc]. But the large army of well-educated Iranians know what is ‘Aghl-e Salim’ (Common Sense), and they use their common sense when they talk about problems or solutions”.


In these years, many talk about ‘the welfare state‘, but the stupid Americans pretend that ‘Welfare State’ is Marxism or Socialism! The welfare state, as many define it, “is based on the principles of equality of opportunity, and equal access to the basic needs. In a welfare state, all people have access to basic things they need, such as healthcare, education, and food”. In fact, ‘welfare state’ is about “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs” (check Archive), and as we said before “the basic needs of all humans, without any discrimination, must be fulfilled in the modern society. [Basic needs = the first 2 levels of Maslow’s pyramid]. In this way the whole society will be more powerful. [Happy people] can build a very very better world”. But as the wise Iranians say: “there is no real welfare state in the world today. There are some models like the Nordic model; but they call themselves ‘Socialist systems’! They have many problems”. But here lets ignore their problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Norway is an oil nation with a model of welfare state. Norway has many problems, and Iran should have its own model of welfare state, and should eliminate the stupid problems of other models (today’s welfare states are: ‘Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, etc), Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, and a few other countries) But these models at least show: what Iranians said/ say is perfectly feasible”. As Norwegians say: “[In Norway] everyone has access to child benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions, maternity/ paternity and medical benefits no matter their wage or social status. Another good element is that Norway’s welfare state is very supportive of children (all medical care is free for children & pregnant women) The health care service is almost free. Education, even university, is free for all .. social welfare is a safety net. If anything happens such as sickness or unemployment, it is reassuring to know that you can get help if needed. Living in a place that has a strong welfare system gives extra security or peace of mind” [4]. It’s interesting to know that some compare the tax rates in the US and Norway [6], and the result is funny: there is no significant difference! “The effective income tax rate in Norway is 43%; in Massachusetts is 33%, and in Florida is 28%” [6]. As Norwegians say: “In Norway a bottom end wage is about kr. 240,000 [$48,000]. The poverty level is considered below kr. 215,000. A one bedroom apartment in Oslo to rent is kr. 72,000 p.a ($14,000)” [5] Of course many Norwegians complain, or say for instance: “Eating out is certainly a luxury. One large pizza at a restaurant is kr. 250 ($50); a large MacDonald meal is kr.120 ($20) .. Catching a bus for a day set you back kr. 50 ($10) .. Unemployment benefit only entitles you to a percentage of your previous wage, and after a year you are cut off unless for good reasons like injury .. a third of your wage gone to the tax-man .. for maternity leave/ paternity benefits you will need to have worked for a year .. basic pension is similar to a students income” [5] As many know, “with a population of 5 million, Norway is a small Scandinavian country” [8] But Norway enjoys “a [$700 billion] pension fund -one of the biggest in the world” [8] As some wise Iranians say: “In Norway, they have two oil funds: 1- the Petroleum Fund, that changed its name in 2006 to the ‘Government Pension Fund -Global’ (GPFG), and is only allowed to invest abroad 2- ‘Government Pension Fund -Norway’ (formerly the National Insurance Scheme Fund) that is allowed to invest only domestically. The idea behind the oil funds is ‘to pay for the future well-being of the people’ and ‘saving for the public rather than short-term spending and private profit. Norway’s regime knows obvious things. They say: In Norway, the sudden increase in oil prices has meant larger inflows to the fund and enhanced long-term welfare for its citizens’ [1] But in the Mullah regime, the sudden increase in oil prices has meant biggest corruptions and highest inflation rates in history!”. Now even Canada tries to know “How Norwegians have insulated their economy from the Dutch Disease” [8] They try to find a cure to Canada’s Dutch disease, and the Norwegian cure is simple: “When oil income exceeded what was needed to strengthen the welfare state, the rest was placed in a fund for future use (and investing abroad)” [9]. As some wise Iranians say: “What Norway did is like what Iranians already said, and the key point is: Investing abroad. ‘GPFG is invested in about 7,000 companies, in 70 countries. On average, the Fund owns 1.3% of all listed equities in the world’ [1][7]“. They also add: “Since 2005, Iranian economists warned AN about ‘Dutch Disease’ and pumping more and more money into the economy and Mullah pockets. All wise Iranians warned that it just creates Hyperinflation and ruins Iran’s economy. They said the surplus of Iran’s oil revenues should be invested abroad (in other countries), and it not only prevents the Dutch Disease
(hyperinflation, stagflation, etc), but it can convert Iran into a world power, and a welfare state. But AN and Mullahs just obeyed the IMF, and severed the West’s interests”. They also add: “Norwegians say: ‘a well functioning welfare system makes the economy less vulnerable to economic shocks ‘ [2]. But Mullahs love economic shocks and just obey the IMF. After a 1000% increase in the price of basic goods, they still want to implement IMF Plan!, which created nothing but disaster. Now British Mullahs (Rouhani, etc) say they want to cut the so-called AN Aid ($15 per month) to 20 million people! If they really do it, it not only proves that Rouhani is a British spy and Rouhani is worse than AN, but it can cause big riots, simply because: 1- Iran doesn’t have 20 million rich men, 2- they even don’t know who is rich or who is poor, because their tax system is so stupid. Mullah paradoxes are laughable. If they had a good/ transparent tax system, they would not need to obey the IMF and dig their own grave”. Iranians know many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Islamists are sick idiots. But Norwegians refer to Americans as Yankees [9], Donkeys, etc and say: ‘In America and Europe, they have spent money they don’t have. But we don’t spend money we do have‘ [1] In Norway, ‘troublemakers/ populists’ create many problems/ corruptions, and the story of ‘Statoil and Mullahs’ is just one example. Their oil production started in 1971, and now oil is Norway’s most important industry. But they don’t act like Islamists, and don’t lick the IMF’s ass. They know why Iranians and others say: ‘IMF is anti-Wellbeing (anti-Welfare). IMF loves corruption and hates transparency, justice, and progress”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, Rouhani’s team act like retards, while almost all people laugh/ spit at them. Rouhani’s economic guys are really retards. They go to the Mullah TV, and tell bad old jokes. For instance, Rouhani’s spokesman (Nobakht), who is a Basiji faggot, says: ‘Our prices (petrol price, etc) are less than
international prices. So, we should increase them” (Oct 2013) or Rouhani’s Health minister, who is a Basiji retard, says: ‘In Iran, petrol is cheaper than water; we should cut subsidies and use this money to build xy” (Oct 2013) But most Iranians laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, AN said exactly the same thing!, and then AN raised the price of petrol by 900%! (from 800r to 7000r) But what happened?! what they did to that money?! Did they build xy?! No, Mullahs just put our money in their own pockets’. Rouhani’s men are sick retards. In 2010- 2011, the value of dollar was about 10,000r, so when AN implemented the IMF plans and cut subsidies, all Iranian prices became equal to the international prices!, while the Iranian incomes were a lot (about 1000%) less than the international incomes!, and Iran’s people actually paid massive subsidies to Iran’s regime! But in 2012- 2013, after ruining Iran’s national product, Mullahs raised the dollar value by 300%, and it just nullified their IMF Plans ! [..] when the dollar value increased by 300%, the petrol price, that was 70 cents, became 20 cents! It just nullified their IMF Plans! It also ruined Rial and people’s incomes (average income, that was $1000, became $300!) But Rouhani says the 300% increase in dollar value is good !”. They also add: “IMF Plans and Mullah acts in 2010-2013 had no result, and just created a vicious circle of hyperinflation. Mullahs just hurt Iranians, and helped the West. But Rouhani’s men act like retards and try to prove that British spies (Rouhani, etc) are worse than Jewish spies (AN, etc)! Now almost all Iranians just laugh at Rouhani’s team and say: these motherfuckers are stupid mules (Olagh/ Oscol); they have no shame and no brain; after implementing [IMF Plan] and a 1000% increase in the price of everything, that was a total failure, now they say: ‘Az Noe Dam Dam !’ (Lets go back to square one! Lets repeat our big mistakes!)“. We should write more about the funny paradox of ‘IMF Plan & Dollar Value’. But now, most Iranians say: “petrol price is 7k R and water price is 3k R; but Mullahs still tell joke .. they cut subsidies and prices of petrol, electricity, water, flour, bread, etc increased by 1000%. But what happened?! .. they just ruined Iran’s economy .. They pay us in Rial, but they ask us to pay them in Dollar! Our income is in Rial, but our spending is in Dollar! F-u-ck you, British Mullahs”. Iran’s people are not stupid. Many Iranians truly say: “instead of cutting subsidies, they should increase subsidies and Iranians should live in a real [Welfare State]. Iran is a very rich country. If Mullahs don’t steal our money and don’t help Iran’s enemies, Iranians can live in one of the best [Welfare States]“. Now even little kids know that the IMF Plan was a total disaster. But Mullahs still obey the IMF. As some wise Iranians say: “Norway and Canada talk about ‘Tax Reform’ and ‘high taxation rates for oil companies’. But the stupid Mullahs still talk about ‘IMF plans’ or ‘Subsidies Reform’, while Iran need ‘Tax Reform’, Transparency, Low inflation, etc. In Iran, most people know obvious things, and say: Iran is a rich country .. Iran must have a low inflation rate [2% to 5%] Iran must invest the oil money, but Mullahs just waste our oil money or divert it into their own pockets”. They also add: “In Norway, they care about CO2 tax on the oil industry [9] and ‘limiting the power of foreign oil companies’ [9]. In Norway, foreign oil companies like Shell say: ‘Norwegian state enjoys a somewhere between 60% and 70% of the whole profits’ [9] But Mullahs even refuse to impose a ‘tax on Bazaris (Islamist businessmen) who pay no tax (0%)!’ The Mullah system is a corrupt and stupid system. Their Central Bank defends the fall of the Rial value and ‘high inflation’ !, while Norway Central Bank knows obvious things”. As the wise Iranians say: “Iran’s massive oil wealth is much more than Norway’s. Norwegians just save and invest their oil money, and use its profits to make a welfare state. As their media says: ‘Western countries are suffering from huge national debt and sluggish economies, [but] Norway is in the world’s luckiest position. Norway’s welfare state and management of its oil resources that have made the country so strong when [the West and] the US are proving to be weak‘ (Aug 2013). If Iran’s regime had acted like Norway and Iran’s welfare state and managing oil funds had made Iran so strong, then instead of talking about sanctions, the West would have kissed Iran’s ass”. They also add: “Mullahs are so stupid. But Norway knows obvious things. They know ‘If Norway had used the oil money in the ordinary economy at the same rate it flowed in, there would undoubtedly have been seriously negative consequence’ [1][2] Norway subsidizes petrol for its own people‘ [1] They know that ‘price stability’ or ‘low and stable inflation‘ is so important [2] They say: ‘Inflation is the same as a decline in the value of money. The higher inflation becomes, the less your savings are worth. When inflation is high, it tends to be variable. It creates uncertainty as households/ firms become unsure of their future income and expenses. The objective of [our] monetary policy is annual inflation of [2% to 3%]‘ [2] They know obvious things about Inflation rate and Interest rate (when interest rate is 9%, inflation rate must be 7% or 8%, not 44%!) They know if you care about justice, and if you want to help national product or people, then you must care about ‘low and stable inflation‘ and transparency. Norway Central Bank is not as dishonest as Mullahs. Their website has a ‘Price Calculator’ page, in which as they say: ‘you can calculate equivalent value of 100 1900-kroner in 2003 [or] 1816. [You can find] the rise (in per cent) in the price level in the selected period. You can calculate price inflation from 1516‘! [2] By looking at Norway Central Bank’s website, any sane person can see how AN and Mullahs played with ‘monetary policy’, ‘interest rates’, ‘economic stability’ etc and ruined Iran’s economy. Norway tries to ‘make the economy less vulnerable to economic shocks ‘ [2] But Mullahs love economic shocks!, and just obey the IMF. AN licked the IMF’s ass and said: ‘Economic shocks and High inflation are good’ ! And now Rouhani and his Central Bank obey the IMF and say: the fall of the Rial value is good !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In the post-2009, the West, the left and Islamists showed their true face. When Iran was experiencing the biggest rise in oil prices and oil revenues, AN and Mullahs ruined Iran’s economy, and instead of talking about Iranian welfare state, they started cutting subsidies, obeying the IMF, and ruining Iran’s national product! And the Left praised them!”. Iran is richer than Norway. But as the OECD says: “In Norway, the average household net-adjusted disposable income is $31,459 a year, more than the OECD average of $23, 047 [& the Iran average of $3,600!] .. In terms of employment, over 75% of [Norwegians] have a paid job, above the OECD average of 66% .. and the top 20% of the Norwegians earn [just] 4 times as much as the bottom 20%” [3] But as some Iranians say: “In Iran, the top 10% of the population earn 50 times as much as the bottom 10%! In fact, Mullahs f-u-ck the poor, and the Left praise Mullahs!”. They also add: “Mullahs and idiots tell many bad jokes. For instance, they say: ‘Iranians work 44hours a week and 2024 hours a year; but it’s less than the working hours in the West’ ! But as the OECD reports: ‘People in Norway work 1426 hours a year, less than the OECD average of 1776 hours‘! [3] 1426 hours a year mean ’4 hours per day’! In fact, you can say: In Norway, the number of holidays is 180 days (half a year!), and Norwegians only work 8 hours per day in 180 days’! As Norwegians say: ‘Vacations and free-time is very important in Norway 38-hour working week (5 days * 7.5 hours)’. By a simple calculation [(52 [weeks] * 38 [hours] – 1426) / 38 = 14.5], you can see that Norwegians can enjoy about 14 weeks (3 months) vacations! They truly say: ‘long work hours impair personal health, [efficiency, etc]‘ [3] The wise guys care about Efficiency, while retards care about Slavery, and that’s why +75% of working hours in Iran is wasted. As the OECD says: ‘Norwegians are more satisfied with their lives .. 86% of Norwegians say they have more positive experiences in an average day (enjoyment, etc) than negative ones (pain, worry, sadness, etc). This figure is higher than the OECD average of 80%’ [3] But in Iran, this figure is less than 35% (one third), because Iran’s regime is a stupid anti-Iran regime”. Norway has many problems. As some Iranians say: “If you check the Norwegian blogs/ websites, you can see that they criticize their corrupt politicians, who are populists and Bribe voters with Oil Money. But at least Norway’s regime is not anti-Norwegian!, and cares about Norway, not IMF or foreign companies!”. They also add: “What Iran needs is simple: Open Society. Iran can have a good and fair tax system, and the oil money can convert Iran into a world power. But Mullahs just obey the UK/ IMF, and serve the West’s interests”. They also add: “Norway’s oil fund aims to have 60% of its money in equities, 35% in bonds, and 5% in real estate’ [1][7] (equities = shares in a company from which you receives some of the company’s profits) They say: Petroleum Fund’s average return is 4% .. Investments in real estate returned 4%; equities returned 1% and bonds 1.5%’ [2][7] Yah, their investments are stupid. But Iranians are good businessmen, and know that ‘equities are not stable; real state [...]“. They also add: “some say the welfare state is good, but is not stable; welfare state = bankruptcy! But it’s wrong. If instead of spending your (oil) money, you save it, invest it, and just use returns on your investments, you will get richer [...] Norway shows the truth of what Iranians already said: ‘Oil may be a cause of corruption & unaccountable government. But with an open society and a transparent system for saving/ investing the oil wealth, you can solve many problems and politicians cannot ruin all things’. Now ‘solution’ is clear: We can use our oil money to invest in highly profitable businesses in the world. We can use our oil money to buy a large share of the world’s industries. If Norway has 7,000 companies in 70 countries, Iran can have 70,000 companies in 170 countries. If Norway owns 1.3% of all equities in the world, Iran can own 10% of all equities, bonds and real states in the world. Iran is the richest oil nation on earth. Iran (Persia) used to be a superpower, and now the large army of young, wise, and educated Iranians can restore the Aryan/ Persian Glory. Islamists and ass-lickers just serve the West’s interests. But the real Iranian elites have many good plans, and know what Iran needs -from a renaissance in Science, Technology, and Research And Development to a renaissance in Freedom & Democracy. Iranians know that Iran’s economy needs Transparency more than anything else. When Iran suffers from the lack of transparency, widespread corruption ruins everything, and Iranian people will not pay tax to a corrupt system that suffers of tyranny and mismanagement. If you look at the long history of Iranian Civilization, you can see that Iranians have always resisted paying tax to tyrants, puppet regimes, or corrupt governments. It’s part of the Iranian culture. So, Iran’s regime must care about Transparency, if they want to ask Iranians to pay tax. Iran’s enemies just try to keep Iran undemocratic, because they know that if Iran can get rid of tyranny and mismanagement, then Iran will be a superpower again [...] When Norway talks about ‘tax reform’, ‘low and stable inflation’, ‘public oversight’, ‘transparency’, ‘social safety nets’, ‘tax-financed welfare state with generous benefits & high quality public services’, etc it just remind you of what the wise Iranians said in the 20th century. And you should not forget that ‘100 years ago, Norway was among the poorer countries of Europe and the world[2] And you should not forget that today’s Iranians are wiser and more informed than their Western counterparts. They can easily convert Iran into a world power”. Yah, today’s Iranians know what is good for Iran.

For more information:

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Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology

October 13, 2013

This year (2013) has become the year of the Biggest Scandals. Now the media reports: “RSA, Major US security company, warns over NSA link to encryption algorithms. RSA says: ‘Random number generator & its mathematical formula developed by the National Security Agency (NSA)“! (Oct 2013) Now the media reports: “Cryptography standards, run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), push for a formula that N-S-A could break it .. NIST accepted the NS-A proposal” ! (Oct 2013) Now the mass media says: ‘NSA and GCHQ are deliberately weakening common security algorithms, protocols, products, and standards’! (Oct 2013) It’s really shameful. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now most people are aware of this fact that Big Brother, NS-A, G-CHQ, etc are watching people by mass spying or mass
surveillance; but the real important facts are those lesser-known facts that Snowden, many experts, and some Western media are [talking about them], ie facts like: ‘relations between NSA and NIST’, ‘relations between GCHQ and Scientists’, etc. Now they openly say: ‘GCHQ scientists first developed many cryptographic algorithms in the 1970s!’ or ‘a GCHQ mathematician named James Ellis started research into the key distribution problem’, or ‘GC-HQ mathematician Clifford Cocks, who invented the practical method of public key cryptography in 1973, and Ralph Benjamin, who was G-C-HQ’s chief scientist from 1971 to 1982, are well-known scientists!’. The 2013 scandals are not new things, but they are important, because now the mass media and ordinary people talk about them, while many experts already knew or guessed such things. In the past, most people didn’t know G-CHQ, N-SA, etc. But now, even the Western mass media says, for instance: GC-HQ is Britain’s Most Secret Intelligence Agency”. In this year, when you read what the experts already said, you can understand them better. For instance, the experts said: ‘The PKI discovery was kept secret to avoid revealing how closely the G-CHQ was working with the NS-A at the time [1970s] . The [works of] G-C-HQ scientists James Ellis, Clifford Cocks and Matthew Williamson only came to light in 1997, when their work was declassified”[1]. As the wise Iranians say: “Most people see math as a pure non-political science, and
mathematicians as pure scientists. But the 2013 revelations are changing many things. [Now] the West is confessing that many Western
mathematicians/ scientists work for Big Brother’s agencies. Now they confess that they intentionally put many backdoors and flaws in almost all products, protocols, standards, and scientific works. This scandal is the Biggest scandal in the history of Science and Technology“. Now many experts say: “The current scandals show that even the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is a branch of the NS-A”. But it’s not the whole story. We have already written about “Iranian Legacy” and what the wise Iranians say about “sciences like History, Archeology, or Linguistics” (check Archive). And the current scandals can explain why the wise Iranians talk about “Scientific Misconduct” or “Scientific Lies” in the West, and say: ‘The UK and the West pollute Science with ‘Lie’, ‘Censorship’, ‘Hiding the truth’, ‘Fabrication’, ‘Falsification’, etc. Scientists should care about the truth, but [many Western Scientists] just care about money .. many can guess why sciences like History or Archaeology serve political interests, but many even cannot guess that sciences like Linguistics have become political sciences”. But now the 2013 scandals show that even Mathematics, Computer Science, etc have become political sciences! As some Iranians say: “In the 20th century, Modern Cryptography, Information Theory, etc were born. But now the West says many big names in such fields were GC-HQ’s agents, NS-A’s agents, etc! [...] experts knew that Alan Turing worked for G-CHQ. If you google ‘GCHQ Alan Turing’ you can find many things. Alan Turing is one of the biggest names in Computer Science. But now, the West actually says: ‘Many Western mathematicians/ scientists are like Turing, and they worked and still work for Big Brother, and G-CHQ, N-SA, etc’! If it is not the Biggest scandal in the history of science and technology, it’s what?! [...] As many say: ‘In 1954 Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning, and the UK said he committed suicide’. Turing’s fate reminds you of the fate of Orwell and his wife [...] Now it’s quite clear that what Orwell said about the UK, Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, etc was not a myth. Orwell just tried to show us part of the Truth of [the UK and the Evil Empire of the West]“.


The 2013 scandals are really shocking and unbelievable. Now, even Americans put comments and say: “Oh, Jesus. No wonder they want Snowden back .. Our country is under attack, and the attacker is our own government, but yet, there are still Americans who will do everything to help deepen the Tyranny, all in the name of patriotism .. Reading the depth of what we have partially already known is really sickening .. the N-SA works with national standards (NIST, etc) to promote weak, vulnerable cryptography?! It’s unbelievable .. N-SA has the power to use NIST for evil, and we’re highly dependent on NIST standards! .. relations between NS-A and NIST is shocking .. The governments of the US and UK are corrupting Science .. Oh, Jesus. NS-A pays American CAs to generate phony certificates .. NS-A pays the Certificate Authorities (CAs) and ask them to obey Big Brother! .. they control science; they control everything .. Jesus. the N-SA and GxxQ invented Modern Cryptography and crypto algorithms?! .. Russia and China are far behind the US and UK .. Crypto standards are now suspect, NIST has less credibility than Stalin”. It’s obvious why people are shocked. As some Americans say: “Pre-Snowden, if you told people the N-SA or [GxxQ] is spying on people [controlling Science] and control [and brainwash] everyone in the world, most would say it’s a conspiracy theory! or yeah right, when pigs fly!”. But now, the 2013 scandals are changing people, and most people in all around the world are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West. Now, many think/ talk about ‘the depth of the tragedy’. For instance, some Iranians say: “Now, we can understand many things, including Hollywood movies, better. Do you remember ‘Beautiful Mind’? The story of a well-known American mathematician who works for the NS-A !, and gets sick”. In 2010, Zdnet had an interview with GC-HQ’s mathematicians, C. Cocks and R. Benjamin[1], who said: “NSA collaborated with Stanford and MIT to develop [...] there was a steady flow of people traveling between N-S-A headquarters and Stanford as part of the project” ! [1] And now, most people can understand such facts better. As the wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that many Western scientists work for ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’. It’s really shocking and unbelievable, even if you already knew it or guessed it. This fact that Western scientists (even mathematicians) or Western ‘Scientific Centers’ work with Big Brother’s agencies is really the Biggest Scandal in the history of science and technology”. It’s interesting to know that British mathematicians/ scientists say: ‘We do feel very happy [that we] are working for [GxxQ]‘ ! [1] They are proud of G-C-HQ, and talk about “A lot of work [GxxQ] can’t publicize”! [1] As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Do you know why British scientists are such stupid bastards? because the UK is the land of Barbarians. [Many Britons are good guys; but their bad guys, ie] British barbarians still hate the truth, goodness, and all good things. British Barbarians have polluted everything, even science and scientists, because they are the forces of evil and the founders of the Big Brother’s Animal Farm”. We have already written about a small part of the long history of Barbarism in Britain, and also about
“Falsification of History and Ministry of Truth” (check Archive). And now many Iranians and non-Iranians say good things like: “the current scandals show that the UK has poisoned everything, even Science with lies and falsification .. In his Mathematician’s Apology, written in 1940, Hardy had stated: ‘Real mathematics has no effects on war [and Big Brother]. Real mathematics means pure mathematics, such as the number theory that is at the heart of [Hardy &] Cocks’s works’. But Cocks proved that Hardy was wrong. Cocks and many British mathematicians worked for G-CHQ! Was Hardy aware of this fact? or did he himself work for G-C-HQ, and that’s why he wrote ‘The Mathematician’s Apology’ ?! .. British mathematicians worked for GC-HQ, that was a top-secret government establishment and most even were not aware of its existence! .. In 1984 (really in 1984!) UK began to confess that GxxQ exists!”. In these days, as some Iranians say: “the Western mass media badly tries to censor the voices of people. But they cannot censor all facts and all voices, because now even the Western media says: ‘GC-HQ, UK
eavesdropping headquarters, is the British equivalent of the NS-A. They collect and save the details of all online communication in the UK ! .. the new head of MI5 launched a robust defense of GCH-Q, Mass Surveillance, and Orwellian Society! .. the head of MI5 sees the internet as a Threat! U.K. officials see [Freedom and Democracy] as a Threat!’ (Oct 2013)”. Now many experts say good things like: “Number Theory was one of the purest, non-practical branches of mathematics. But now, number theory/ cryptography has become one of the Big Brother’s sciences! .. the story of Alan Turing and GC-HQ’s agents shows that perhaps RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) work for the NS-A .. For more than 40 years, they tried to hide the truth of GC-HQ and N-S-A .. Ellis, [GxxQ's mathematician] said: Most scientists aim to be the first to publish their work. But we work in closed communities ! .. Clifford Cocks won Silver at the International Mathematical Olympiad. He specialized in number theory, but joined G-CHQ in 1973. He invented the RSA algorithm, 3 years before it was developed at the NS-A and MIT .. Modern Cryptography is [a branch of math] and number theory, but who has invented it? NS-A, GC-HQ, or Big Brother?! .. IEEE marked the GxxQ inventions with an award ! .. In the past, mathematicians/ number theorists were symbols of real scientists, who don’t care about money! But now British mathematicians and Western scientists are proud of working for the Big Brother and the Forces of Evil !”.


As some experts say: “American and British scientists have poisoned ‘Science and Technology’. They are slaves of Big Brother. [Now] even some branches of mathematics like Game theory, Cryptography, etc have become the evil sciences! It’s a legacy from [the Barbarian West]“. The 2013 scandals are so important, and we all should think and care about them. In these days, some write about “the Alternative History of Cryptography” and some Iranians say: “now it’s clear that what they say about the security and safety of cryptographic protocols/ algorithms/ standards etc all is bullshit (Hamash Kashke!) When even NIST, MIT, RSA, Tor, etc work with the NS-A, it’s quite clear that what people like Aaron Swartz or Snowden say is just a small part of a big, shameful Truth, ie the Truth of the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West”. In these days, experts say: ‘modern cryptography is a branch of mathematics, not a secret science. But in modern cryptography, pure mathematicians [sell their souls and help the bad guys]. For the first time in history, many mathematicians aid [bad guys] in putting backdoor/ weakness in the mathematical algorithms!”. In these days, many say: “We can’t see a border between ‘bad’ and ‘worst’ people/ nations! Even the US has become a Big Brother state!“. In these days, many things are stupid. As the media reported: “US court ordered Levison to hand over Lavabit’s encryption keys. Two days later Levison, the founder of Lavabit, obeyed the order and handed over the keys hours after he shuttered Lavabit” (Oct 2013). Now even the mass media reports: “the US and UK ask technology companies to install secret weaknesses or ‘backdoors’ into their products” (Oct 2013). But many still say stupid things like: “I trust the US” or “I trust Greenwald”! As some wise Iranians say: “When even scientists work for Big Brother, only retards can trust journalists [...] Glenn Greenwald is not a good guy. This American faggot openly defends British Mullahs or lefty spies [...] The Guardian and the bad guys just try to save face with leaking some burnt data. If Greenwald was a good guy, he would not work with a stupid Big Brother media like the Guardian. If Greenwald was a good guy, he would not lick the ass of Jewish CIA, Leverett, Chomsky, etc”. In these days, people can see the true colors of many things. As the people’s media reports: “[they say] Tor is a popular tool designed to protect online anonymity, despite the fact the Tor is primarily funded and promoted by the US government itself ! [Now] the mass media talks about ‘government-mandated backdoors’ in tools like Tor ! [Now even] the Western media says: those who use Tor and Firefox browser, give the NS-A full control over their computers, including access to files, all keystrokes and all online activity! Now they talk about ‘the End of the Internet, as we knew it!”. In these days, many things are stupid. But the good news is that many people are not stupid. The people’s comments in the Tor Blog and other websites are funny and important: “You say the Tor Project is a nonprofit organization, but you get money from US government (NS-A)! ..Now it’s safe to assume that Tor is controlled by US government (N-S-A, etc) .. We are tired of the lies and deceits from the Tor Project .. Tor network is part of the NS-A network .. Tor was invented by the US government. That should tell you all you need to know! .. Did the US gov invent the Tor system and Firefox browser to control dissidents?! .. If I was NS-A, I would set up a company just like TOR or Silk Road .. people need new tools, real good guys, and a new, fresh air; Tor just tries to fool people”. We should write more about the Tragedy of Tor, and how they play with people. But as the wise Iranians say: “the 2013 scandals will change the whole world. The 2013 scandals can remind you of the 2009 coup and the post-2009 scandals/ betrayals, which changed Iran and Iranians for ever. The 2013 scandals ruin the West’s reputation, and sooner or later all people will know the true face of the UK and the West, and the truth of what Iranians say about the Barbarian UK, the British media, etc [...] Throughout the 19th century, the Forces of Evil (ie British Barbarians, Russians, etc) hurt Iran and Iranians, plundered Iran’s resources, and occupied many parts of Iran, the oldest country on earth. But sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Iran, and those Iranian lands that were occupied by the Forces of Evil in the past 200 years -from Persian Gulf lands to Tajikistan, and from Tajikistan to Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc- will return home”. In these days, many things are stupid. But the good news is that not only Iranians, but most people in all around the world are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West, the bad guys, and “the forces of evil”. As the wise Iranians truly say: “Sooner or later, good guys will change many things; Iranian scientists and many other good guys will reveal the truth of the Barbarian UK and the systematic lies in the past 200 years; and almost all sciences (History, Archaeology, Linguistics, etc) will be purified by those who just care about the truth, not political, commercial, racial, and other interests”.

For more information:

[1] “GCHQ pioneers on birth of public key crypto”, October 2010 (URL: h-t-tp://

Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate

October 8, 2013

“In this year (2013), the UK and the West tell obvious/ stupid lies, censor the most important facts, and act like retards. Now Rouhani is making love with IMF, and food prices are increasing in Iran, but the UK/ US media just tell stupid lies like: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani. Food prices experience a decline’! When almost all Iranians are cursing British Mullahs (Rouhani, etc) for raising prices, the UK media acts like retards and tells the exact opposite of the truth!”, the wise Iranians say. The story of ‘Systematic Censorship and Systematic Lies’ in the West is a long story. As the wise Iranians say: “the Guardian and almost all Western media censor many facts. For instance, they censor the story of ‘Rouhani, IMF, Rial, etc’ [for more info, check recent posts]. They even censor AN’s corruptions and AN’s legacy! AN will be remembered, above all, for the 2009 coup, killing/ torturing Iranians, serving the West’s interests, implementing IMF Plans, and creating the biggest corruptions and the highest inflation rates in Iran’s history. But the West and the Left say nothing about AN’s Legacy and AN’s corruptions”. We have already written about AN and economic problems in Iran (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “The West just tells big lies. Western Censorship, specially British Censorship, is the worst Censorship in history. Iranians know AN, who said: ‘I pump more and more money into the economy; I am going to fuel [Hyperinflation]! Now, even the World Economic Forum reports that Iran has the World’s highest inflation rate. Now, even Mullahs says AhmadiNejad (AN) ruined Iran’s economy. But the West censors all facts and brainwashes non-Iranians, who even don’t know what the Highest Inflation means [...] About 20 countries (Switzerland, Japan, etc) have an inflation rate of about 1%; about 50 countries (Austria, Canada, etc) have an inflation rate of about 2%, and the inflation rate in about 60 countries (US, Brazil, China, etc) is 3% to 5%; about 50 countries (India, Turkey, Russia, etc) have an inflation rate of 6% to 9%, and the inflation rate in other countries is less than 20%. Only in Iran the official inflation rate is 44%! But what these inflation rates mean? Lets assume that you pay X dollar to buy something. In those countries that the inflation rate is 1%, after 70 years you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing; when the inflation rate is 2%, after 35 years you should pay 2X dollar; and when the inflation rate is 5%, after 15 years you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing. But in Iran, just after several months you should pay 2X dollar to buy the same thing! It’s the true meaning of the World’s Highest Inflation rate”. They also add: “In 2005, we went shopping and paid X rial; but in 2013, we should pay 5X to 20X rial for buying the same things! The average inflation rate in the AN’s era is more than 800% !“. The story of “What AN and Mullahs did/ do to Iran’s economy” is a long story. But here lets take a look at what Iranians say about Iran’s Inflation rate. As Iranians say: “From 2005 to 2013, AN just tried to ruin Iran’s economy. As many say, it was his Jewish mission. From 2005 to 2009, AN damages the banking system and monetary systems. When the inflation rate was 35%, AN and his team (Jahromi and other crooks) reduced the interest rate to 9% and started to loan their Basiji friends billions of dollars. But do you know what it means? When a Basiji got a loan of $1 billion, he automatically made a huge profit ($200 million) because of the big difference (20%) between ‘interest rate’ and ‘inflation rate’. But as Mullahs say, even this 20% illegal profit was not enough for AN and his friends. So, they refused to repay their loans! As Mullahs say, they still refuse to return more than 1,500,000 billion Rail ($48+ billion)! Such corruptions made AN and Mullahs billionaires, but damaged Iran’s economy. AN and his friends were poor beggars. They and their families were not rich people. But now these beggars are billionaires and trillionairs! For instance, Babak Zanjani, who calls himself ‘Economic Basiji’, is a friend of AN. As the Mullah media says: ‘Babak Zanjani owes the Iranian treasury $2 billion! (60 trillion Rial) Zanjani also owes the banking system $8 billion! (250 trillion Rial) He has embezzled billions of dollars’. But do you know who is this Basiji faggot, Zanjani? He himself says: I was ‘the Chauffeur of a high rank Mullah‘! But this poor chauffeur, Zanjani, adds: ‘Now the worth of my financial resources is 13.5 billion euros’! (550 trillion R) As many Iranians say: when a chauffeur and a low rank Basiji can embezzle $10 billions, how much money AN and Mullahs have embezzled in the past years?! [...] But it’s important to note that the UK, the US, the West and the Left censor such facts! They just refer to Zanjani as ‘Tycoon’ ! and say: He is young; he wears a $30,000 watch; he is a successful businessman’! They just praise crooks and thieves, and that’s why the Mullah crooks flee to Canada and Britain, and invest their dirty money there”.

Table 1- Minimum Wage and Minimum costs in Iran and the West (2013)

Items Iran Canada Austria
Minimum Wage (hour) 1$ (30k R) 8$ 9 Euro
A simple breakfast 1.5$ (45k R) 1.5$ 1 Euro
Sandwich (McDonald) 2$ (60k R) 1.5$ 2 Euro
Fast-food (McDonald) 5$ (150k R) 3$ 3 Euro
Minimum Wage (day) 6$ (180k R) 50$ 55 Euro
Outdoor Clothing (cheap) 20$ (600k R) 30$ 30 Euro
Minimum Wage (month) 160$ (5m R) 1200$ 1300 Euro
Rent for 1-bdr Aptr 200$ (6m R) 600$ 600 Euro
A small, used car 3000$ (90mR) 2500$ 2000 Euro
Canned tuna (200g) 2.5$ (75k R) 3$ 3 Euro
Fruits or Snacks (1kg) 2$ (60k R) 2$ 2 Euro

The West and the Left censor many facts, including the unbalanced relation between minimum wage and minimum costs in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs have created the world’s worst social injustice. Even in the Capitalist West, the relation between ‘income and costs’, and the gap between the poor and the rich is better than Iran under the Mullah regime! [...] A simple worker in Austria can eat 9 simple breakfasts by 1hour work, but a simple worker in Iran even cannot eat 1 simple breakfast by 1hour work! A simple worker in Canada can eat 10 decent meals by 8hour works, but a simple worker in Iran just can eat 1 decent meal by 8hour works! And it’s just one of the Mullah miracles in Iran”. Table-1 can show you the horrible conditions in Iran. But as many Iranians say: “Mullahs are among the worst crooks, thieves, and [capitalists] in the world! [...] Pool-e Mellat-o Sag Khor Kardand (people’s money was eaten by Mullah dogs), and that’s why they cut subsidies exactly when Iran was so rich and had the highest revenues in Iran’s history“. Iran’s people are not stupid. They know what has happened. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the Mullah media says AN and Mullahs have embezzled ‘billions of dollars’, and that’s why Iran faced economic problems, despite the biggest rise in Iran’s oil revenues. As even the Mullah Parliament says, more than 400 billion dollars (10,000,000 billion Rial !) have been lost (embezzled) in the past 8 years !‘. AN and Mullahs created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history, and it led to the Highest Inflation rates in history. But it’s not the whole story”. They also add: “The important thing is that the West and the Left say nothing about such facts, and censor them. Now even Mullahs talk about part of AN’s corruptions. But the West and the Left censor all facts! [...] They just show us who was behind that Jewish AN”. In these years, the West and its stooges -including ‘Journalists/ Activists in Exile’, aka Whores/ Spies in Exile- tell many big lies. We have written about their lies (check Archive), and now most Iranians say: “AN and [exiled whores] just served the West’s interests. Now even Mullahs talk about ‘Domestic Sanctions’ or ‘Internal Sanctions’ that means: AN and whores helped US sanctions!”. But non-Iranians are not aware of such things. As some wise Iranians say: “Non-Iranians don’t know many things. For instance, they don’t know what AN did to agricultural products in Iran. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘AN and [Basijis] bought the high quality Iranian wheat at the half price of the low quality foreign wheat’! As even Rouhani’s team say: ‘AN bought foreign wheat for 12,000 Rial, but at the same time, AN bought Iranian wheat for less than 6,000 Rial! In 2005, Iran was 95% self-sufficient in wheat, but with AN’s policies, Iran is now (in 2013) just 30% self-sufficient in wheat!’“. They also add: “It’s just one of AN’s anti-Iran acts. AN and Islamists just tried to keep Iran weak and dependent, and that’s why the Jewish CIA and pigs like Leverett and Chomsky love Islamists. After the 2009 coup, those who killed and tortured Iran’s people with the help of the West and the Left, tried to accomplish their mission. They openly started to implement the Enemy’s Plan and IMF Plan in Iran! They cut subsidies, when Iran had the highest revenues in Iran’s history!. As many say: ‘AN and Islamists ruined National Product, cut subsidies, and obeyed IMF, because they were puppets of the West. They just tried to pave the way for the anti-Iran sanctions in 2012‘. In 2010, many said IMF Plan is stupid, because the Paradox of ‘IMF Plan and Dollar Value’ was stupid. In 2010, Mullahs cut subsidies, raised prices, but refused to change the dollar value in Iran. They actually helped and subsidized the non-Iranian producers! Mullahs didn’t raise prices of imported /foreign products, and only raised prices of Iranian products! In 2010, and from 2005 to 2011, they just tried to ruin Iran’s national product”. In Iran, most Iranians are aware of such things. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2012, the West just tried to present the disastrous results of IMF Plan as the results of US/ EU sanctions, and it was so laughable [...] In 2012, Iran’s regime had to stop obeying the IMF. But do you know what AN and Mullahs did? They started to implement the 2nd phase of IMF Plan, and increased the dollar value by 300%! In 2010 and 2011, they refused to increase the dollar value in Iran. But in 2012, when the US propaganda machine needed such huge increase, Mullahs helped USA and sanctions, and created a vicious circle of hyperinflation! Now even the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) clearly says: ‘The fall of the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the Rial value is good’! Now almost all Iranians laugh and say: Oh, yah, Mullahs work for the US ! .. this hyperinflation is a Mullah-made crisis”.

Table 2- How (average) Prices changed in the AhmadiNejad’s era

Items Price in 2004 Price in 2013 Inflation rate
Bean (1kg) 6,000 R 80,000 R 1300%
Bus ticket 200 R 4,000 R 2000%
Metro ticket 500 R 5,000 R 1000%
Bread 500 R 7,000 R 1400%
Pen 500 R 5,000 R 1000%
Egg 500 R 4,000 R 700%
Chicken (1.8kg) 40,000 R 200,000 R 500%
Canned tuna (120g) 10,000 R 50,000 R 500%
Soap 2,000 R 14,000 R 700%
Shampoo 8,000 R 40,000 R 500%
Cooking oil (1l) 10,000 R 50,000 R 500%
Rice (1kg) 10,000 R 60,000 R 600%
Ajil (1kg) 35k R 450k R 1300%
Pistachio (1kg) 50k R 700k R 1400%
Ground beef (1kg) 30k R 200k R 700%
Stewing beef (1kg) 45k R 270k R 600%
Sirloin steak (1kg) 70k R 370k R 600%
Butter (50g) 2000 R 12,000 R 600%
Cheese (200g) 10,000R 50,000 R 500%
Tea (1kg) 35k R 180k R 600%
Apple (1kg) 5000 R 35,000 R 700%
Watermelon (1Kg) 2000 R 14,000 R 700%
Orange juice (1l) 15k R 60k R 400%
Facial tissue 2,000 R 20,000 R 1000%
Shoes 250k R 1000k R 400%
Utility bills 200k R 2000k R 1000%
Housing (1m) 7m R 55m R 800%
Medicine (eye drops) 1,000 R 20,000 R 2000%
Petrol (1l) 800 R 7000 R 900%

(R = Rial, M = Million, K = a thousand)

We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada” (check Archive). But the West, the Left, and their media censor such things and just tell big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) puts the inflation rate at 44%, while the real inflation rate is 200%. Now the price of everything is increasing. But the British media, including the Guardian, just tell the exact opposite of the truth! As our people say: UK is just proving that Rouhani is a British spy! Now, this motherfucker (Rouhani) meets with the IMF boss, and says the fall of the Rial value is good!, but the UK and the West censor such facts, and just support this British Rouhani by telling big lies”. They also add: “In the Rouhani’s era (Jun to Oct 2013) price of rice, egg, chicken, yogurt, cheese, milk, and other staples have increased by 50%! The price of almost everything is increasing, because this motherfucker (Rouhani) still implements IMF Plan and says the fall of the dollar value is bad !. Now almost all Iranians are talking about such facts, but the British pigs and their stooges just tell big lies”. As most Iranians say: “In 2005, the average (monthly) salary for an average Iranian was about $1000. But now it’s about $300!, while the price of everything has increased by 500% to 2000%!”. Table-2 can show you the terrible conditions in Iran. But most non-Iranians even don’t know the story of “IMF and Mullahs”. As some wise Iranians say: “After the CIA-backed 2009 coup, AN and Mullahs implemented IMF Plan in Iran, and the Left and Noam Chomsky defended IMF and IMF Plan in Iran! It’s important that the Left defends IMF, and both the West and the Left tell the same big lies”. They also add: “In 2009, the inflation rate of the AN’s first term was about 200%. But at that time, the Jewish CIA and the Left said that AN enjoys the support of Iranians! Even in 2012, the Guardian and Big Brother’s media said ‘Iranians, specially the poor, still love AN’! [for more info, check Archive]. In fact, the West and the Left said and say Iranians love AN and Mullahs, because Iranians love hyperinflation and economic crises, and because Iranians have come from Mars or Moon!”. They also add: “The West and the Left are stupid bad guys. They just care about whores/ spies. For instance, they care about Akbar Ganji and other Islamist whores/ spies, who say: ‘US sanctions [not IMF Plans!] have badly damaged Iran’s economy[!] .. the goal of sanctions is indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime [!!!]‘. But even Iran’s little kids say: ‘If the goal of sanctions was indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime, the US would have imposed these sanctions in 2009, when the Iranian people were in the streets, and asked for it !‘. The whores/ spies tell laughable lies, while almost all Iranians know the truth. Now, many talk bout ‘the usual Hypocrisy and double standards in America‘, and even the West’s media confesses: ‘It’s difficult to maintain the current level of sanctions pressure for two reasons. First, because Iran now [is not] easy to hate. Second, Iran is bent on promoting transparency and efficiency in the Iranian economy’ (Reuters, Sep 2013). In fact, they confess that if Mullahs stop aiding the West and sanctions, then the West should go to hell and f-u-ck itself. But such facts, or even the story of ‘Inflation Rate’ in Iran are censored by the West and its stooges”. They also add: “If you compare 2013 with 1979, you can see that the Iranian currency, Rial, lost more than 50,000% of its exchange value in the Mullah era; and the average inflation rate of the Mullah era is more than 100,000%! (In 1979, price of a simple breakfast was 15R, and in 2013, it’s 45,000R, ie 300,000% increase; In 1979, price of a small car was 100k R, but in 2013, it’s 150,000k R, ie 150,000% increase; In 1979, price of gold coin was 4.5k R, and in 2013, it’s 11,000k R, ie 250,000% increase; In 1979, petrol price was 10R, and in 2013, it’s 7,000R, ie 70,000% increase; In 1979, dollar price was 70R; [...]) You should not forget that Inflation Rate is relative (relative to your base prices/ your base year). For instance, if you compare 2013 with 2012, the inflation rate is about 100% to 200%. But If you compare 2013 with 2004, the average inflation rate is more than 800%”.

Table 3- Iran’s Average Inflation rates in the past 100 years

Era (years) Its Inflation Rate Its Main Reason
1910 to 1919 200% World War1+ UK
1920 to 1929 75% -
1930 to 1939 50% -
1940 to 1949 150% World War 2
1950 to 1959 50% -
1960 to 1969 10% -
1970 to 1978 75% Unbalanced
1980 to 1988 250% War
1989 to 1996 400% Rafsanjani’s acts
1997 to 2004 150% -
2005 to 2013 (AN) 800% AN’s acts+ IMF plans

As the wise Iranians say: “In the Mullah system, many things including the inflation rate and the tax system are so stupid. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%)! In Iran, the inflation rate is not 2% or 10%, but it’s 200%! But Instead of improving the tax system and solving the real problems, Mullahs implement IMF Plan (Enemy’s plan), cut subsidies and help sanctions! If they improve the tax system, it can solve many problems, including the problems of ‘unfair subsidies’, ‘lack of transparency’, and ‘dependence on oil’. But they just obey the West/ IMF”. In these days, many Iranians say: “Rouhani is following the path of AN [...] Rouhani’s economic guys are stupid pigs. His minister of economy is a Basiji faggot, Tayebnia, who licked AN’s ass. This motherfucker and his friends got Iran into this mess. Rouhani appoints a Basiji crook, Seif, as the head of Central Bank (CBI). Now Rouhani’s men (Seif/ Tayebnia/etc) say: ‘the fall of the Rial value is good, but the fall of the dollar value is bad’!, while almost all Iranians say: these stupid pigs work for UK or US”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many ask: Rouhani’s cabinet is worse than AN’s cabinet? In 2012, AN raised dollar price by 300% and said: We cut the subsidy of dollar in Iran; we raise the price of Dollar by 300%, and it will lead to a %300 increase in the government’s revenues [and a 300%+ increase in the price of everything!] But people should know that we will pay their share. This %300 increase in our revenues belongs to people, and we pay each person his/ her share (about $100 per month) !‘. It’s what AN and his team said. But do you know what Rouhani’s team say? They say: ‘We not only will not pay people’s share of that 300% increase in dollar price, but we want to cut that $15 that AN paid to each person in Iran!’ They actually say: We are worse than AN!”. In this year, the UK and the West tell many bad lies, but most Iranians say many good things. For instance, Iranians say: “UK, BBC, and all British media support this British Rouhani, because he serves UK interests .. even Jack Straw confessed that Mullahs serve Britain’s national interests! .. Rouhani is like AN, and just makes people angrier .. Rouhani and his team are hurrying to show their true colors! .. Rouhani was UK’s favorite candidate .. it’s good that British Mullahs try to make Iranians angrier; they dig their own grave .. UK media and [British barbarians] tell big lies, support Rouhani, but actually reveal the truth of UK and Mullahs! .. Mullahs said: we cut subsidies and use this money to build 10,000 schools/ factories! But they built zero schools/ factories, and put our money in their pockets .. Corruption is a synonym of Mullah! even the Mullah Football system is as corrupt as hell .. the main problem is corruption and mismanagement, not sanctions or subsidies .. Mullahs hate transparency, honesty etc and that’s why UK loves them .. UK and USA are the main enemies of freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran .. the West is as corrupt as hell; even their journalists/ their intellects are whores; they are paid to tell big lies .. the West has been poisoned by money (corruption), and that’s why they love Mullahs .. even Mullahs say: ‘AN and his friends embezzled billions of dollars, and transferred their dirty money to UK or Canada’! but the West censors such facts .. it’s obvious what would happen if Rouhani acts like AN. Now, Iran is like a huge bomb that is ready to explode .. Iranian people are so angry. Now even Mullahs ask: what would happen if people hate Rouhani more than AN ?! .. Who hates justice, goodness and other Iranian values? UK, West, Jews, and Islamists .. it’s obvious that If Rouhani and Mullahs [obey IMF] and make Iranians angrier, it just accelerates the arrival of Big Bang”. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “The West’s media -from the CNN to the Guardian- tells childish lies, because the West is bankrupt and has lost its mind. Now even Americans say America is economically, politically, and morally bankrupt. Now, even Britons say the UK is the worst police state/ Big Brother state in the world. Now the stories of [NSA, GCHQ, RSA, NIST, Tor, SSL] etc are the biggest scandals in the history of Science and Technology, and show that the West is on the wrong side of history, and the End of the West is near”. They also add: “The future belongs to Iranians and good guys, not those who are on the wrong side of history. Sooner or later, the large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime will be filled, and Iran’s regime will be as modern as Iranians, and Iran will be a superpower again. The night before dawn is always the darkest. Now Iran’s enemies bark a lot. But just look at the US, the UK, and other bankrupt states in the West. They are morally, intellectually and economically bankrupt; they have confused; now they say [US to Iran: We are not suckers!] because they are really big losers/ suckers; they have lost their minds; they are losing face and everything. They are turning into backward and bankrupt police states, and it just reminds you of the old lessons of history”.

Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy

October 3, 2013

In these days, many things are stupid, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the most important news -including what Mullahs said about Rial, Dollar and IMF- are censored by almost all Western media! Now Facebook licks the Mullah ass. Now in Facebook, by switching the language setting from English to Persian, the ‘Send’ button becomes ‘Long Live Rouhani’ ! But the West censors such facts [...] Mullahs say ‘Facebook’ is a Zionist website!, and IMF is a Zionist organization! But now the West, Mullahs and Zionists are making love. Now the [British Barbarians] and the Guardian censor all important news, and tell big Orwellian lies like: 100 Rouhani’s ass-lickers = 75 million Iranians! Now most Iranians laugh and say: ‘Only the UK and USA love Rouhani, because he is a British Mullah’. Now most Iranians say funny things about UK, US and Mullahs. But the West and its stooges censor the voices of people. Now most non-Iranians laugh at Netanyahu, while the West tries to censor their comments. But as many say, it’s shocking that Americans put a huge number of anti-Is-rael comments”. They also add: “After Netanyahu UN speech, Americans put many comments like: ‘Netanyahu has no charm; all he can be is offensive .. I wish I could believe Netanyahu. But I don’t! .. Netanyahu is a Nazi in victim’s clothing .. We are sick and tired of War and Netanyahu .. the History of the Heb-rew people is one of war and violence .. Old Testament is replete with examples of the use of war and violence to achieve their goals .. Religious Fascism is at the core of the Jewish state. I-s-r-ael is a Theocracy based upon the false claim that the Jews are ‘Chosen people’ (what a joke) .. Why are we giving this Jewish War Criminal retard any of our money? .. We should put sanctions on I-s-rael .. Netanyahu is the most despised person in the US .. Iran’s Nuclear Program is more transparent than I-s-r-ael’s Nuclear Program’ (Oct 2013). Now not only Americans, but even the Jewish media says: ‘Is-r-ael finds itself largely alone on the world stage .. Is-rael could end up becoming the 21st century Cassandra’ ! (Haaretz, Sep 2013). Now most people hate Netanyahu, but they still know nothing about Jewish Mullahs and also British Mullahs”. As the wise Iranians say: “After saying many anti-Persian things, now the anti-Iran Jews say: ‘Some 2,500 years ago the great Persian king Cyrus ended the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people. He issued a famous edict in which he proclaimed the right of the Jews. It’s a Persian decree’! (UN, 1 Oct 2013). It’s true. The ungrateful Jews owe a lot to Iranians. But they just desperately try to hurt Iran’s people and deny Iran’s rights. Iranians hate that Jewish Spy (AN), who just served the Jewish interests. But the stupid Jews say: Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! [...] We wish we could believe Netanyahu. But we don’t! We wish we could believe Jewish Mullahs. But we don’t ‘because facts are stubborn things, and the facts’ are that they are worse than Islamists; they just help Mullahs and hurt Iranians. The little Jews even threaten Iran with war and destruction! [...] Jewish Mullahs and Netanyahu have nothing to say, while Iranians have many things to say about the Truth of Bad Jews [...] Jewish Fanatics (Jewish Mullahs) are at the root of many problems. The Shas party and their leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who pray for the annihilation of Iran, are Har-edi Jews [...]“. So, here lets take a look at a short article about ‘Jewish Fanatics’. It can show you a small part of the truth.


Many know nothing about “Jewish Fanatics”, whose main group is ‘Haredi Jews’. “Ha-redi Judaism is the most [important] form of Orthodox Judaism” [6]. But most people don’t know the Orthodox Jews, and also this fact that the Jewish state is a Theocracy, not a Democracy. Even the Jewish comments in/ under the Jewish blogs can shock people: “I live in a H-a-redi community, were colors are not allowed [!], slits are forbidden, women are only allowed to bike/ walk late at night [!] or early in the morning, when men don’t see them [!] Women don’t go out much. Activities are either for men only, or for women only [!], and public performances (even kosher ones!) are not allowed [!] Men don’t give rides to women even inside the community, even if it rains [!] Ha-redi women cover their hair, and their children throw rocks at and insult the less religious ones” ! [3]. As [wise Iranians] say: “Jewish fanatics are worse than Muslim fanatics. But many don’t know them. Many don’t know that what Islamists say/ do is just an imitation of what Jewish fanatics say/ do. Even most Islamists/ Basijis don’t know that what they do/ say is exactly like what Jewish fanatics do/ say! Maybe if they knew the truth, they would stop acting like the Jewish retards [...] The West and bad Jews need Islamists for many reasons [...] they use Islamists to hide the truth of the Jewish traditions and Jewish fanatics. But even in about 100 years ago, Iranians were writing about the Jewish root of Arabs/ Islamists. If you want to know what Iranian intellectuals said about Islamists, Arabs, Jewish God, Jewish Legacy, etc you can read, for instance, Sadeq Hedayat’s satirical work: Pearl Canon”. Most people don’t know that Jewish Fanatics, who are worse than Islamists, have political parties. “United Torah and Shas are two H-a-redi parties in the Knesset which advocate a Halachic state (Jewish Theocracy)”, the good Jews say. The voices of the good Jews are censored; the number of good resources (books, articles, films, etc) for learning about Jewish Fanatics (Ha-redi) is small, and its reason is clear. The Big Brother and the ‘Systematic Censorship & Brainwashing’ try to prevent people from knowing Jewish Fanatics [...] Most of those who write about Jewish fanatics are like Islamist-Reformists. For instance, a female blogger writes about Ultra-Orthodox Jews (Ha-redi), but she says: “I am an Orthodox Jew” ! [2] She even says: “I am a Zionist” [2] or “If a Jew wants to be secular, s/he should follow what the Bible teaches” [2] Unfortunately, you cannot find a good Jewish site in the internet. As some say: “A significant number of secular Jews adopt a Haredi lifestyle”![6] [...] The total world Jewish population in 2010 was estimated at 14 million, of whom 6.5 million lived in the US and 6 million in Is-rael [6]. There are about 1.5 million H-a-redi Jews [5][6]. But as some say: “H-aredi families have an average of 6 children .. the number of H-a-redim in 2060 may be equal to the number of non-Haredi Jews”! [6] Hundred of thousands of H-a-redi Jews live in the US [5] “Large H-a-redi population exist in New York, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and Baltimore”[6]. In these years, some even write about “Jewish fundamentalism in the US” [4] or this fact that “49% of New York’s Jewish children are H-aredi”! [4] They say: “American Jews actively support H-aredim” [4]. But the main question is: Who are Jewish Fanatics (H-a-redi), and What they do/ say?


Jewish fanatics or Jewish Fundamentalists have different names. “Call them what you will -[Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox], H-a-redim, black hats, etc” [4], some Jews say. They also add: “H-a-redi people are those Jews who wear black hats” [1][4]. “They wear black jackets and hats .. They are called Haredi or Haredim in the plural” [5][6]. As some say: “The word Ha-r-edi is simply the Hebrew translation of Orthodox, and is derived from Charada, which is interpreted as one who trembles in awe of God; the word itself means fear [6] .. Har-eidi means ‘fear of G-d refers to the Orthodox Jews [3]“. As some Iranians say: “God is a Persian word. The Persian Khoda (Goda) became God. But non-Aryans (non-Iranians) refer to Khoda by different names. Jews use [Hashem, etc], Arabs use Allah, etc”. [We have written bout Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance ; and the difference between the Iranian mindset and the Jewish/ Arabian/ Western mindset. But most people don’t know the Iranian legacy]. As some say: “Jewish law, known as Halacha, is considered a set of [divine laws], and is a guide for everything a Jew does from the moment of awakening until the moment of sleep .. the final determinations as to the applicability of the law in all situations rests in the hands of the local Orthodox rabbi or posek” [5]. The life of the Jewish Orthodox, aka Haredi life, is so stupid. “Ha-redi poskim (authorities in Jewish law) forbid television and films, reading secular newspapers or books not related to Judaism” ! [5][6] “Ha-redi rabbis also forbid using the Internet without filters that block ‘inappropriate’ material! Because of this, H-a-redim use mobile phones that are programmed to disable internet, and I-s-r-aeli companies now offer cell phones with limited capabilities to accommodate Har-edim”! [5][6]. In a Ha-redi community, “Boys and girls attend separate schools“[1][5]. Women wear Hijab (veil) [3]. They throw stones at Bad-Hijab women, ie those who don’t wear Hijab! [4][1] As some Jews say: “Ha-redi men attack [Bad Hijab] women .. Ha-r-edi men attack BF/ GF couples”! [2]. The Jewish fanatics are really savages. “They suck blood from the penises of infants” ! [4] or as the Jews say: “H-a-redi men believe It’s forbidden to look women, at anything, even her little finger and hair, and it is forbidden even to hear her speak” ! [2]. “[Bad-Hijab] girls and boys are attacked by H-aredi men, who shout at them, and pelt with garbage in plastic bags which burst all over them” [3]. The Orthodox Jews talk about “the issue of Kol Isha” (the voice of a woman) [2], and say: “It’s forbidden to hear the voice of a woman in general” ! [2] But how many people are aware of such facts? As [some wise Iranians] say: “What Islamists say/ do is just a weaker version of what Jews say /do. But how many people know this fact? All people should ask themselves: Jewish Fanatics remind you of what?!”. In the Jewish state, they have segregated buses, where women should sit in the back of the bus! [2] As some Jews say: “Ha-r-edi men verbally abuse a woman who has sat in the front of the bus“! [2] They talk about “The terrible situations on I-s-raeli buses, with the verbal, emotional and even physical abuse of women who dare not to sit in their place at the back of the bus” ! [2]. They also say: “the Jewish men harass and intimidate women for sitting in the front of the bus” [2]. The Jews talk about “the Tzniyut police” [2], ie Fashion Police and Morality Police, who even “condemn women for having a hair show”! [3] The Jewish fanatics are worse than Islamists and Basiji Thugs. In the Jewish states, they have “the separation of Jewish women on buses and public streets“! [1] Many don’t know how the Jews treat women. They don’t know that “H-a-redim Harassing Women Prompt Ultra-Orthodox Backlash” ! (Bloomberg, July 2013). They don’t know The Women of the Wall, ie those Jewish women who ask for equal worship at shrines and public places. But even in 2013, the media reports: “the Orthodox Jews hurling eggs and curses, yelling ‘Death to the Reform’ ! [Death to Women] attacked the women of the wall .. On July 8, 2013 hundreds of black-hatted men roared, clapped and sang to drown out the women’s prayers”. The vast majority of Iranians (90%+) hate Mullahs and Islamists, but most Jews (50%+) still defend Jewish Fanatics! [1][4] As some Jews say: “When I mentioned this incident (Ha-redi attacks) to people in my community, they all said more or less the same thing: ‘this does not represent Ha-r-eidim as a group .. don’t blame the H-a-reidim” !! [3]


The anti-Iran Shas is a Ha-redi party. As some say: “the Shas party, [as a Ha-redi party] was set up in the early 1980s”[5]. “H-a-redi rabbi Ovadia Yosef” [6] is a Jewish barbarian who prays for Annihilation of Iran [for more info, check Archive: "Jewish Mullahs Pray for Annihilation of Iran"]. Ovadia Yosef, who is dying now, is a high rank Rabbi who says: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Non-Jews have no place in the world -only to serve the people of I-s-rael’ !! But the real tragedy is that the world doesn’t know these Jewish barbarians; and most Jews (50%+) support H-areidim! [1][4]; and “demographers tell us that 49% of New York’s Jewish children are H-a-redi“! [4] The story of ‘Jewish fanatics in the US’ is a long story. A some say: “Since 1973, buses catering for H-a-redi Jews running from New York into Manhattan have had separate areas for men and women” !! [6] Many cannot believe such facts, simply because the Western media misinforms people. As some Americans say: “In the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel, New York, an entrance sign asks visitors to ‘maintain gender separation in all public areas’ [!!] and the bus stops have separate waiting areas for men and women” [6]. But most people are not aware of such facts. They don’t know that “I-s-raeli airlines provide gender separated flights” ! [6]. Many just tell big lies about Iranians, while they know nothing about Iran, the US, or the Jewish state. As some say: “Studying in secular institutions is [banned] in Haredi communities. They often just study in Religious Schools known as Yeshivas” [5][6]. “About 60% of the Ha-redi men do not have regular jobs, preferring religious study, which is heavily subsidized by the government” ! [5]. As some say: “As of 2012 it was estimated that only 37% of H-a-redi men were employed .. All Is-raelis are obligated to enlist military service by law, for either 3 years (men) or 2 years (women). Only H-aredim are exempted from military service”! [6] But the bankrupt US just tells paradoxical lies: “American Jews are actively supporting H-a-redim .. H-a-redim in Is-rael put their American brothers to shame” ! [4] In New York, they protest against “Jewish fanatics who suck blood directly from the penises of infants”[4] But they don’t know the true story of the Jews and the West. As [wise Iranians] say: “They don’t know many things, including: Jewish fanatics are worse than Muslim fanatics; the West created the Holocaust; Europe’s Jews were forced to live in closed ghetto; the West just tried to kill and torture all Jews, but Iran helped good Jews and saved them from annihilation”. They also add: “Jewish Laws and what Jewish Mullahs do/ say just confirm that the root of such things is Jewish”. But the West just loves to censor the important facts and tells big lies. They say nothing about “Tznius Police” (religious police) in the Jewish state. But as Jews say: “Tzniut means modesty, and the classical symbol of Tzniut is the veil (Hijab)”. They also add: “[our] religious police dictate where we can walk, what we can eat, and how everyone must dress” [1] The Rabbis say: “The hair of a woman is erva” [2], and “the voice of a woman is erva” [2], and “woman is erva” ! [1][2] (Ervah or Erva = evil or erotic) But the West censors all facts. The Jews talk about ‘a new ‘Burka’ movement in the Jewish state”[2] But how many people know “Jewish Burka”, “Jewish Hijab”, or this fact that Burka or Hijab is a Jewish/ S-e-m-itic product? As some Iranians say: “Jews talk about ‘the laws of Tzniut’, and Arabs/ Islamists talk about ‘the laws of Hijab’. Jews and Islamists both have Hijab. Jews and Islamists both regard Hijab (covering up) as a declaration of freedom! Hijab is a legacy of Jews. Hijab (veil) is a legacy of S-e-mi[-]“. As almost all schedulers say: “The first use of the veil dates back to the Assyrians and S-e-mi[-]” [6] The experts talk about “Assyrian/ S-emi[-] laws about veils” and say: “their law dictated that wives, daughters, and widows must wear a veil .. their women were considered property and legally belonged to their fathers until marriage, when ownership passed to their husbands” ! [6]. But the Western media just tells big lies. For instance, they tell bad lies about “the Code of Hammurabi”. They say the Code of Hammurabi is the first charter of Human Rights ! only because they don’t want to confess that the Cyrus Charter or the Iranian texts are the first charters of Human Rights. [We should write more about this issue later,] but as even the Jews say: “Women were treated harshly under the Code of Hammurabi. Women were often charged with corporal and capital punishment for breaking this barbaric law”.


Many say all Jews are bad guys. But Iranians say: “No, the good Jews exist. People like Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, or many Iranian Jews are good Jews. The good Jews exist”. As [wise Iranians] say: “The bad Jews are those Jews who still care about their barbaric texts/ traditions, and praise Jewish fanatics”. It’s hard to say which percent of the Jews are Orthodox, but many say: “they are the majority (50%+); the good Jews are the minority”. And it’s consistent with what you can see in the internet and the Jewish media. As some experts say: “the good Jews don’t care about ‘Old Testament’ and barbaric traditions. In Judaism, the term Bible refers to the 24 books that make up what Christians call the Old Testament [...] There was no Old Testament until the 2nd or 3rd century AD, when emerging Christians began to collect their own writings”. But many Jews are like Islamist-Reformists. This Jewish lady [1] is one of them. She says: ‘Personally, I cover my hair because I feel it increases my humility’ ! [1] The Jewish lady praises Tzniyut (Hijab) [1] and just condemns “the midrash of the Jewish woman who was praised because her house’s walls ‘never saw a hair on her head” [1] The best things that she or Jewish Reformists say is: “there are many Jewish paths to Hashem” [1] But their views are paradoxical. For instance, they say: “Haredi Leaders Forbid Hiking. [But] instead of banning hiking, they should ban inappropriate clothing” ! [2] Orthodox Jews just show that Jewish Theocracy and what Iranians say (Islamists love the Jewish Culture, and hate the Iranian Culture) is not a myth. As some Jews say: “the only difference between a ‘modern Orthodox’ Jew and a traditional one is: Tzniyut, because the definition of tzniyut is a matter of interpretation”! The Jewish paradoxes are funny. They say: “the Jewish state asks p-orn stars ‘what does your mother do’ [?!]“. But they add: “We don’t want to hear anything negative about the Jewish state” [1] Their ‘Love/Hate” Relationship with Is-r-ael” [2] and their paradoxes are laughable. They condemn “the non-Kosher New York subway, where men and women are pressed together” ! [3] They praise Kosher (Halal) things [1] But they ridicule those Jews who say: “Kosher Camera don’t take pictures of women and women’s faces” ! [2] Jewish fanatics say: “Most cameras aren’t Kosher [!]” [2], while most Jews talk about kos-her dressing, kosh-er politics, etc [2] and ask: ‘What is Really Kos-her, Halachically?’ ! [2] The Jewish lady and many Jews say: “Coen Brothers are Self-Hating Jews” [2] ! They hate Woody Allen and Coens, because they think “we don’t need public depiction of Jews in a sarcastic, negative light”! [2] They write about “Jewish WMDs” [2] and ask: Jewish Weapons of Mass Destruction are Kosher?! [2] They say: “I know the reason Jews are so smart, and neurotic. It’s the diet. Kos-her things”! [2] Are they joking?! [...] They praise Halakhah (Jewish way of life) [2] But they say: H-a-redi society is intolerant [1][6], only because ‘H-a-redi Society’ is an absolute disgrace. In H-a-redi society, you should even avoid things like driving a car on the Sabbath [6]. H-aredi men look the other way on purpose to avoid eye contact with women [6] Even the show of exposed arms is too much [6] In the Jewish state, “the prohibition of publishing/ viewing photographs of women” is a serious issue! [1][5][6]. The Jewish state is a Ha-redi society. “Their newspaper is checked/ censored by a rabbinical censor” [6]. “H-aredi newspapers refuses to print pictures of women, due to the laws of Tznius. [Even in America,] newspapers like Hamodia, don’t show women at all. They are widely read by many in north of NYC and Brooklyn! .. [Even in New York] the Jews have Tznius police (fashion police) to make sure women are adhering to strict rules governing skirt, sleeve, and neckline length” ! [1][5][6]. As some say: “Thousands of Ha-redim live in Manhattan. These Jews are worse than Islamists”. But the West just tells bad lies. They say: “Like Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism is a new thing” !! [4] In fact, they say their Bible, their Old Testament, or their history is a new thing! They tell very big and laughable lies like: “Orthodox Jews look like the secular Persians of Iran [!!!]” [4] As Iranians say: The West has no shame. Their big lies are so shameful and so laughable, like those lies that ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’ said in Orwell’s 1984“. Yah, the West has no shame. As Iranians say: “I-s-r-ael is a terrorist state and a backward Theocracy. But why the West supports them?! Why [Jewish Barbarians] should have nuclear weapons and the West just praises Jewish Mullahs and Jewish bombs?”. Now, even Americans say: “the H-a-redi system threatens the Jewish community, both in the US and in I-s-r-ael. Jewish fundamentalism is not good for the Jews”! [4] Even the Jews say: “What is Judaism coming to? Sharia law, that’s all” [2]. But the UK and the anti-Iran West have no shame, and just tell big lies about Iran, Iranians, Jews, etc. Their big lies just remind you of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm.

For more information:

[1] Lady Night, Jewish Woman’s blog (, with links to many Jewish websites.
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Ultra-Orthodox, Hashkafa, Kosher, Jewish Law, etc
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West, Lies, and Censorship: Rouhani, IMF, Rial

September 28, 2013

In these days, many talk about the love story of ‘Mullahs and Great Satan’. But here lets focus on some important facts/ news that are censored by the West and the mass media. As the wise Iranian say: “In these days, the West and the Western media just insult the intelligence of people. They tell many big lies, and remind you of Goebbels and Stalin. They censor many facts. For instance, the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) and the CBI governor say: ‘The fall of the US dollar value in Iran is bad. But the fall of the Rial value is good. Any further fall of the dollar value will be harmful‘ ! (24 Sep 2013). But almost all British media -including the Guardian- and the US media censor this important fact/ news, while the Iranian people laugh and say: ‘the fall of the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the Rial value is good?! This motherfucker (CBI boss) works for the US?! These ant-Iranian Mullahs work for the UK or the CIA?!’. What Mullahs say about Dollar and Rial is so important. But almost all Western media censor this fact”. They also add: “The Guardian, the British Neanderthals, and the Left censor the important news/ facts, including what the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) says/ does, or what the IMF and Mullahs say/ do. In these days, the Mullah TV reported: ‘ International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde met Rouhani on Tuesday [24 Sep 2013].. In his first day in New York, Rouhani met with the IMF boss .. the IMF chairwoman went from Washington to New York, only to meet Rouhani’ !! But the Guardian and other Big Brother media censor this fact/ news [...] The Left sees IMF as Evil or Imperialist. And Mullahs used to say IMF is a Zionist organization! So, the Love story of ‘IMF and Mullahs’ is important [...] Now Zangeneh, the Mullah oil minister, says: ‘We want to increase the oil/ gas price in Iran; we want to implement the 2nd phase of the IMF plans in Iran’ ! But the West and the left censor such facts. They still assume people are not able to see obvious lies. In the Information Age, they tell bad lies and insult the intelligence of people! They are stupid bad guys”. It’s important that the UK, the US, the Left, the West, and their stooges censor the above-mentioned facts/ news. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs obey the IMF and say the fall of the Rial value is good !, and Rouhani makes love with the IMF’s boss, but the British barbarians and their stooges censor such things! Now Iranians laugh and ask: ‘Why Rouhani met with IMF boss?! Why AN and Rouhani implement the IMF plans in Iran, weaken Iran’s Rial and strengthen US dollar?! Why the West (and the left) tell big lies?! Why the Guardian and the UK media censor important facts?! Is Rouhani a British spy?!’. The British media and the US media censor the big news/ important facts, but they just make people aware. Now, the Iranian people say: ‘This motherfucker (Rouhani) said (during his election show campaign): ‘I promise to restore the value of the Iranian Passport and the Iranian Currency (Rial). I promise to increase the value of Iran’s national currency (Rial)’ ! But now he says: ‘the fall of Dollar value is bad, but the fall of Rial value is good’ ! .. this motherfucker (Rouhani) is a stooge like that Jewish spy (AN). He hurts Iran, and helps the West .. The West refers to ‘Rouhani and Obama’ as ‘Hassan and Hussein, real brothers’ ! .. They just confirm what we, Iranians, said: Mullahs and Great Satan (USA) are close friends! US pigs aided Mullahs in [killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians] in 2009 .. now even the stupidest people -ie Americans & Brits- can see what Iranians say about UK, US and Mullahs is not [a myth] .. Now, it’s obvious why the Iranian people say: ‘Iranians didn’t vote for AN or Rouhani. This motherfucker (Rouhani) is a British Mullah, like that Jewish spy (AN). Only UK & USA praise him and help him with Lies and Censorship”. In these days, many things are informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Guardian (GU) and the British Neanderthals censor all important news/ facts, and just tell paradoxical jokes like: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani. Food prices experience a decline in Iran .. In Iran, the US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees’ ! (GU, Sep 2013). Iranians know British Barbarians and Lefty Pigs, but now even some of the US media say: ‘Rouhani met the IMF’s chief, and it’s a clear sign that Rouhani is a [puppet of] the West’ ! They also report: ‘the Mullah partnership with the IMF is deepened .. the IMF visited Iran in 2011 to assess the state of Iran’s economy [!!] [And now in 2013], the IMF [wants to] visit Iran again. The IMF mission to Iran will take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran [!!]‘ (Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! If Mullahs allowed the CIA to take a closer look at the impact of US sanctions in Iran, it would be less laughable!”. In these days, many things are laughable. As the wise Iranians say: “the West and the left love lies, censorship, duplicity and subterfuge [...] AN, Rouhani and Mullahs implement the IMF plans in Iran. But the left censors such facts! If you want to know why Noam Chomsky is a stupid pig and a bad guy, just ask yourself: Why Chomsky and the left say nothing about the love story of ‘IMF and Mullah’s? Why they even praise the IMF plans in Iran?! [...] Now Iranians laugh and say: ‘The left helps the IMF and Mullahs; but why?! Mullahs obey the IMF; but why? Mullahs aid Iran’s enemies and serve the West’s interests; but why?!”. The current events are historic events. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani meets with the IMF’s chief, and the Mullah Central Bank (CBI) openly says the fall the dollar value is bad, but the fall of the rial value is good!. The Guardian and the English media censor these big news/ facts. The BBC Persian and the Mullah TV cover the CBI’s crap. It creates a big scandal. After one day, they see public backlash against this big scandal. And on 25 Sep 2013, they start to make excuses for this historic scandal. But now, almost all Iranians say [good things like]: ‘Mullahs just serve the West’s interests .. the Mullah regime, not sanctions, has ruined Iran’s economy .. AN created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history; AN intentionally was helping sanctions, and now Rouhani is following AN .. Who supports AN or Rouhani? UK & US .. Who hurts Iranians, helps Mullahs, and has Iranian blood on its hands? UK & USA .. Islamists/ Basijis just serve the UK/ US interests .. Mullahs intentionally are sabotaging Iran’s economy .. Almost all Iranians hate Islamists and [Obama Bin Laden]. This American pig (Hussein Obama Bin Biden) is a stupid terrorist and a big loser”.


In these days, many Iranians say: “How Mullahs should prove that they are puppets of the West?! How Rouhani should prove that he is a British Mullah?! What they are doing is not enough for you?! Now they openly try to make love with their British masters and their Great Satan! Now they openly try to strengthen US Dollar, and weaken Iran’s Rial ! When the dollar value is declining in Iran, Mullahs say: It’s bad; the Rial value should be declining!“. It’s really important that the US media and the UK media not only censor such facts/ news, but they tell bad lies: “Iran is losing the economic battle [!], because Iran’s currency (Rial) fell against the dollar [!!]“. We have already written about the Barbarian UK and the Ministry of Truth (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The Ministry of Truth is stupid. The British media and the Guardian censor all things that reveal the true colors of the UK, the West, and their stooges, including Mullahs and spies in exile. They just tell big lies or talk about those things that can damage the Iran’s image! For instance, they censor the news of Rouhani, IMF, Rial, CBI, Iran’s woman, etc, but they say: ‘Iran lawmakers [not Mullahs!] pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters’ ! (GU, 26 Sep 2013). A little MI6 agent, S. K. Dehghan, writes this under an image of Afghanistan’s women, and GU publishes this on its first pages [...] British barbarians are stupid. The 2014 Scotland referendum and many other things show that the End of the Barbarian Britain is near. The End of this backward-Orwellian cesspool, the Barbarian UK, is near because they act like retards and tell many bad and childish lies”. The UK is really stupid. As some wise Iranians say: “Even little kids know that the 2009 coup has changed many things in Iran. But the Guardian (GU) and British barbarians still tell bad lies and censor the voices of people. For instance, they say: ‘Iranian people no longer believe in the idea of American animosity’ ! (GU, Sep 2013) [...] In Iran, the price of everything is still increasing, because Mullahs are implementing the IMF plans, weakening Rial and strengthening Dollar. But GU and UK Media censor such facts and tell big lies. Now Mullahs intentionally are sabotaging Iran’s economy, but the stupid UK says: ‘Sanctions work! In Iran, sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees’ ! (GU, Sep 2013). But the truth is that their beloved Mullahs, not their stupid sanctions, work! It’s Mullahs and Basiji faggots that serve the West’s interests [...] Now, the Western media says: ‘ Sanctions Worked; Time to act on Iran is now .. Khamenei and Rouhani are showing every sign of interest in reaching an agreement with the West, because sanctions have worked [!!]‘ (Sep 2013). They talk about ‘The Collapse of Iran’s Rial’ !, but they don’t say how AN, Rouhani and Mullahs help sanctions and hurt Rial. They say nothing about the story of IMF Plans in Iran. They don’t say why Mullahs don’t allow the dollar value to decrease! They don’t say why Mullahs don’t allow the Rial value to increase! The UK media censors many things. The British Censorship is the worst Censorship in history”. In these days, the UK media and the US media censor the voices of the Iranian people. And it’s important to note that almost all media in the West tell the same big lies, and try to pretend that the Iranian people love the US and Mullahs, and praise the love story of ‘Mullahs and Great Satan (US)’ ! In these days, the Big Brother media tells many bad lies, while the Iranian people say many good/ funny things like: “AN left a Jewish Legacy in Iran: IMF plans, the World’s Highest Inflation Rate, and the World’s biggest corruptions! .. AN just tried to complete his Jewish missions .. AN + Rouhani = the worst contradictions and the worst puppets in history .. Obama and Mullahs just stoke anti-American sentiment in Iran .. Mullahs + IMF = Zionists! .. the story of wheat can show you how AN and Mullahs ruined the national products .. In 2011, AN was praised by the IMF boss for finally fulfilling all the demands the IMF placed on Iran! .. the CBI says 30% of Mullah crooks, who have embezzled people’s money, should be freed! .. When the price of gold or dollar increases in Iran, the UK and Mullahs are happy, but when the price of gold or dollar decease in Iran, they are angry and try to increase it ! .. [Lefty Neanderthals] defend the IMF and Mullah crooks, but shed crocodile tears for the poor! .. [Religious Neanderthals] in the US, the Jewish state, and Iran are crooks and thieves. They are the same shit .. the West says sanctions choking Iran’s economy!, while it’s IMF and Mullahs that chocking the economy .. The price of gold or dollar in Iranian market dropped. But Mullahs said it’s a bad thing!, and the US/ UK media censored this fact! It’s a very big scandal .. It just prove that Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of UK and USA .. CBI works for IMF, and protests against the fall of dollar value! .. Mullahs just help foreign currencies, and ruin Rial .. UK & USA refer to ‘Rouhani and Obama’ as ‘Hassan and Hussein, close brothers’! They yearn for a Handshake between Hassan and Hussein! .. They say we expected some kind of ‘Love Actually’ moment, a Hollywood ending! They said to Rouhani: ‘You would at least say hello, shake hands, break the ice’ (CNN) So, Rouhani obeyed the Great Satan and gave them a Hollywood ending! .. What Mullahs and Obama did/ do is worse than ‘Iran Contra scandal’ in the 1980s – when Robert McFarlane, Reagan’s national security adviser went to Iran! .. UK & GU say: ‘In Iran, ‘Death to America’ has almost died out at public gatherings in 2013! Now Mullahs and Rouhani hail their Great Satan as great nation!’ But Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are losing face and everything; it’s good, very good !‘ .. the Guardian and CIA agents like Jason Rezaian say: ‘Iranians love Obama. Iranians say: ‘Obama spoke beautifully (at UN). I really love this man. He has so much class’ .. We love the US and sanctions. The US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees in Iran’ ! (GU, 27 Sep 2013) UK and GU tell the biggest lies and the worst jokes in history! .. This British Rouhani uses Twitter to make love with Great Satan! But now, many ask him: ‘What is your answer to Tweeting and posting on social media when the people of Iran don’t have access to that?’. Even US pigs and CNN ask him such things, because today is not the 19th century (Age of Puppet Dictators) .. UK says nothing about the story of IMF, CBI, Rial, etc because it reveals the truth of British Mullahs .. Only US and UK love AN & Rouhani .. this motherfucker Rouhani makes love with Great Satan, but fucks Rial, not Dollar! .. Islamists and Basiji faggots work for US, UK and IMF .. West (UK/ US) and Mullahs are in bed together and both are so disgusting .. IMF loves Mullahs, because Mullahs serve UK/ US interests .. price of everything is increasing because Rouhani is obeying the IMF; but the West tries to hide this fact .. Obama and Mullahs make love. British pigs defend/ praise Mullahs. But they just prove: What Iranians said and say about the UK, the US and Mullahs is not a myth or Conspiracy theory .. Guardian (GU) had a rare and good confession: “[Why] We should back Rouhani” ! (26 Sep 2013) GU said: “Rouhani needs our full support [!!] He calls America not a great Satan but ‘very dear and near to our hearts’! He is an ally of [UK] power brokers as the Larijani family’ ! (GU, 26 Sep 2013) .. the Brits are so stupid. Now even Jack Straw says: ‘I’m a British politician. I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britain’s national interest [!!]‘. In fact, the Brits confess that Mullahs serve Britain’s national interest ! .. Big Brother media like the Guardian/ CNN controls the West. In the West, Big Brother’s agents and media whores like Fareed Zakaria, Amanpour, Leverett, or Chomsky are heroes .. Westerners are stupid, and see their whores as heroes! .. when whores are heroes, the West is nothing but a stupid whorehouse , and Westerners deserve all they get, including the Orwellian spying/ control”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Now Americans are so happy that Obama can talk with Mullahs! In Egypt and Syria, Americans and Obama were big losers, and that’s why they badly need a Handshake with their Rouhani. But can America save face with hugging Mullahs and kissing Islamist ass?! Americans are big losers, and just disgrace and discredit the US more and more. The USA is just nearing the End”. They also add: “Americans are losers, that’s why they are happy that Obama licks the Mullah ass! But Iranians are wise and proud people, and that’s why they just laugh at the US and Mullahs, and make new jokes [...]“. We would write more about these Iranian jokes/ comments later. But now the West and the left censor many facts, including: “The World Economic Forum Report .. they report that Iran has the World’s Highest Inflation Rate” (Sep 2013). As some wise Iranians say: “Iranians know why Iran has the World’s Highest Inflation Rate. But the West and the Left, and their leader Noam Chomsky, say nothing about such things, and just defend those who created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history, and the Biggest Injustice in the world [...] Now even the Mullah media talk about a very small part of Corruptions/ Embezzlements in the AN’s era. For instance, they say: “AN has embezzled ’160 billions’ Rial .. AN and Astan Ghods have embezzled 120,000 billions Rial in a Railway project .. AN and his close friend, Zanjani, have embezzled more than $8 billion (250,000 billions Rial) from the banking system’. But the UK media and the Western media censor these facts, which are big news. In these days, even the Mullah media say: AN’s team have stolen money from people; but they defend their corruptions, while Rouhani’s team (Torkan) say: ‘Mage Ers-e Pedaretoon-e’ (Is it an inheritance from your fathers?!)’. But the politest things that our people say is: ‘[...] Mage Ers-e Pedare Pofyoozeshoon-e’ ! (What they stole is people’s money, not an inheritance from their f-u-cking fathers!)’. But the West censors such facts/ news. Now, the best/ politest things that the Iranian people say about AN, Basijis and Mullahs is ‘Yek Mosht Dozd va Male Mardom Khor’ (a bunch of crooks and thieves!)”. We should write more about such facts later. But it’s really important that the Guardian, the British media and the US media censor the important facts and just tell big lies. The story of the Iranian currency (Rial), the US currency (Dollar) and the AN’s era is very informative. We should write more about it later. But as many Iranians say: “AN (AhmadiNejad) and Mullahs just tried to ruin Iran’s economy. They served the West’s interests .. In the AN’s era, Rial lost more than 200% of its exchange value. AN created the biggest corruptions in Iran’s history .. When Iran had the highest revenue in Iran’s history, AN/ Mullahs not only didn’t increase subsidies or financial aids to people, but they started to cut subsidies! .. AN embezzled $400 billion. Most of the Iran’s money and Iran’s revenue have been stolen by AN and Mullahs .. In 1979, the price of Dollar was 70 Rial. And in 2012-2013, the price of Dollar is about 35,000 Rial ! So, In the Mullah era, the Iranian currency, Rial, lost more than 50,000% of its exchange value. Do you know what it means ?!”. Iranians are not stupid. It’s the West that is so stupid. Now, most Iranians say: “The Mullah system is rife with corruption and embezzlement. The government, not sanctions, has ruined Iran’s economy“. Now even the Mullah media talks about AN’s corruption and mismanagement, and denounces the IMF plans as destructive plans. But as the wise Iranians say: “the UK and the British stooges still tell bad/ childish lies. The British media and the Guardian think that if they censor the main news/ facts, people can accept ‘Obvious Lies’ as the truth! But now even the Mullah media says: ‘the surveys (polls, SMS polls, etc) show: Most Iranians think ‘corruption & mismanagement’ caused the current economic problems. More than 85% of Iranians think that economic misery is domestically produced. And ‘more than 95% of Iranians think the AN’s acts and the IMF plans (cutting subsidies) were very destructive’. Now even Mullahs and Rouhani’s team talk about ‘foreign sanctions’ and ‘Domestic Sanctions’! And ‘domestic sanctions’ means: ‘AN just aided the West and US sanctions!”. They also add: “Iranians know what Iran and Iran’s economy need [...] Iranians know that the inflation rate must be 2% to 5%, not 200%! The average inflation rate of the AN’s era is about 800%! And that’s why the IMF loved AN [...] Instead of making love with the IMF/ West, Iran’s regime should solve the real problems. For instance, the Mullah tax system is so stupid. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%) ! Instead of implementing the IMF plans and cutting subsidies, they should improve the tax system and increase its transparency [...] British Mullahs are worse than US Republicans- Capitalists. In Iran, the rich people pay no tax (0%) ! In Iran, only ordinary people should pay tax (10% to 40%)! But why the Left and the stupid Chomsky say nothing about such facts [...] The Best things that Islamists say about ‘Cutting subsidies’ is: ‘Both the rich and the poor use basic subsidies and it’s unfair’! Mullahs just shed crocodile tears for the poor. But the wise economists say: ‘Both the rich and the poor can use basic subsidies, but the rich should pay higher taxes, and the poor should pay no tax. With a good/ fair tax system, the rich pay higher taxes, and it solves the problem of ‘unfair subsidies’ and many other problems, including the systematic injustice and the lack of transparency’. As our wise economists say: ‘Why only the poor people and average Iranians pay tax?! Businessmen, rich men, crooks, Mullahs, Islamists, Bazaries, etc pay no tax (0%) !, while they should pay higher taxes (40%). It can solve many problems. ‘IMF Plan’ is not Solution. The West and IMF are enemies of Iran and Iranians”. As some wise Iranians say: “The UK and the British media are like or worse than Mullahs. They censor all important facts/ news, and don’t know that their stupid Censorship and their childish lies just insult the intelligence of people. And in the Information Age, the fate of those who insult the intelligence of people is quite clear. They are on the wrong side of history”.

Britain and the Guardian: Guardians of Big Brother

September 23, 2013

In these days, if you open your eyes, you can learn many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK and the British media are revealing many things. What the Guardian, the BBC, and the British Media say are the biggest lies in history. Now you can see why the BBC is the Big Brother Corporation, or why the Guardian is the guardian of Big Brother, or why most Iranians hate the UK and British Mullahs”. They also add: “In this year (before and after the 2013 Mullah Show) the Guardian, the BBC and the British media tell many historic lies. Several books can be written about the British Lies in 2013″. But here lets just take a look at what the Guardian says in these days, and what Iranians say about the UK. As the wise Iranians say: “the Guardian, the BBC, and the British media use many British-Orwellian tricks, but their best dirty trick is ‘Old Trick’. The basic elements of ‘Old Trick’ are: (1)censoring facts/ news (2)telling the exact opposite of the truth! For instance, when Mullahs are hurting Iranian women in the streets, the Guardian uses ‘Old Trick’, that means: (1)they censor this fact (2)they try to help Mullahs with inventing a stupid story. When Iranian woman are being suppressed, the British pigs censor this fact, and talk about an unknown British Islamist (Gerami), call her ‘Iran’s first female triathlete’ !, and pretend Mullahs are giving Iran’s women more freedom! The UK and the Guardian (GU) use ‘Old Trick’ a lot. For instance, Mullahs increase the internet filtering and send paradise on the internet lines. But do you know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1)they censor news/ facts of the tragedy of the internet in Iran (2)they not only censor the facts, but they tell big lie: ‘Iran removes filters from Twitter and Facebook’ ! (Sep 2013) [...] As Iranians and even the WSJ say: ‘The cabinet choices (Zarif, Janati, etc) made by Rouhani signal that Mullahs are pursuing a dual policy: (Giving concessions to the West, Oppressing Iranians at home)’. Iranians hate Janati and know the meaning of his appointment. But do you know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1) they censor the facts (2) they tell bad lies and praise Janati, the son of Bin Laden! The Guardian and the BBC say: ‘Although Janati is son of hardliner, but he raises press hopes of greater freedoms [!!] Iranians say Janati is a fundamentalist, and a firm believers in Velayat Faqih (Islamic Tyranny) .. But Janati is a capable official. He’s a diplomat who has traveled around the world [!] He has an open mind [!!]‘ (Aug 2013) Can you believe it?! [...] In this year, even the Mullah media and Rouhani’s team talk about the horrible corruptions and embezzlements in the AN’s era, and Iranians publicly curse AN. But do know what does GU do?! They use ‘Old Trick’: (1)they censor the facts, and say nothing about AN’s corruptions (2)they not only censor the facts, but they even say: ‘Iranians, specially the poor, still love AN’ ! What the Guardian says is the biggest lies and the biggest insults to human intelligence in history. There are many other examples. For instance, Mullahs are still fucking Iran’s economy. Now Iranians and even the Mullah media report: ‘Gas Bills go up .. 30% increase in Egg’s price .. 50% increase in the internet’s price .. 50% increase in the price of bus/ metro ticket etc’. But do you know what does the Guardian say/ do?! They not only censor such facts and say nothing about ‘IMF Plans’ in Iran, but they tell big lies: ‘Iran’s economy boosted by Rouhani [!] Food prices experienced a decline in staple categories like grains, meat, and sugar’ !! (Sep 2013). History will never forget the British Lies [...] According to dictionaries, ‘Guardian = (1) [Negahban] someone who protects something (2) [Ghayem] someone who is legally responsible for looking after somebody’. And now it’s obvious why Iranians say: the UK is the guardian of Mullahs. In Iran, when you ask people Who is the Mullahs’ guardian? Most people say: the UK ! Iranians are not stupid”. They also add: “In this year, when you read the Guardian, you not only think that you are reading the Mullah media, but you think that you are living in the Orwellian world of ’1984′. In the UK, the most prestigious media is the Guardian! And when their most prestigious media is this Big Brother media [...]“. They also add: “Some think that the Guardian is the guardian of democracy! But the Guardian is nothing but the guardian of Big Brother. In these years, a group of Greek/ Spanish protesters write about the Guardian’s lies/ censorship [for more info, check Archive]. Even the Brits write about censorship, cover-up, corruption and lie within the Guardian, the BBC, or the British media. But what they say suffer from two main problems: (1)their uncensored materials are weak or unverifiable (2) their good things are censored! As the Britons say: ‘MI5, MI6, and GCHQ censor everything. GCHQ totally censors the Internet to block access to [critical remarks/ websites] and their caches on Search Engines’! And that’s why it’s hard to find even one good cartoon/ article about the UK problems. As the Britons say: ‘British Censorship goes beyond Orwell’s imagination. The UK censors the internet and search engines to block out those parts of the Internet they wish to remain hidden’. The UK is really the land of Censorship”.


The good Britons try to tell the truth about the UK. But unfortunately, the voices of good Britons are censored. The number of good and serious websites in the UK is small. For instance, some Britons have created a website about the Guardian lies[1] and try to tell “the story of corruption and cover-up within the British Press” [1]. They say good things like: “In the UK, the history books are rewritten .. the Guardian (the most influential newspaper in the UK) succeeded in deceiving the British nation .. the Guardian is ‘a serial liar’ [and just tries to] brainwash the people of Britain” [1]. But what these Britons say is not a new thing. And we, Iranians, cannot verify their facts. I hope more non-Iranians can write about more facts, but here lets just focus on what Iranians say. As some wise Iranians say: “What the Guardian, the BBC and the British media did and said in 2009 and 2013 revealed their true colors. Now there is no doubt that the Guardian censors the voices of people, and ‘Comment is Not Free’ at the Guardian. They censor the voices of Iranians, but publishes the big lies of spies/ whores! In 2013, the Guardian has a new section, ‘Tehran Bureau’. Gareth Smyth, the notorious MI6 agent and the chairman of Tehran Bureau, loves to tell big lies like: ‘Iranian people, specially the poor, love AN’! (May 2013) or ‘Iranians [love] Khatami. ‘Khatami strikes back’ ! (Sep 2013). And it’s funny that some days after his new bullshits, Khatami had an article on the Guardian!, in which Khatami licks the US/ UK ass! As many know and say: ‘Tehran Bureau is a cesspool of stupid spies. A bunch of MI6/ CIA agents and little whores (like G. Smyth, Jason R., Borger, Kamali Dehghan, Ganji, Behnoud, etc) write/ work for the Guardian (GU) and Tehran Bureau (TB). The Guardian’s Tehran Bureau is nothing but the Tehran Bureau of the MI6/ CIA’. Many TB’s articles have anonymous authors. But as Iranians guess, these articles are written by Jason R. or Smyth. Now Mullahs are hurting Iranian women/ men, and Iranians are laughing at Mullahs and their ‘Heroic Cowardliness’, but GU & TB just tell bad lies: ‘Rouhani sets out his vision for a new and free Iran ! .. the Iranian people love Khamenei’s talk of ‘heroic flexibility’ !! (Sep 2013) Yah, it’s unbelievable! But it’s exactly what GU & TB say”. As the witty Iranians say: “Now when Iranians watch the BBC or read the Guardian, they use many nice words [that are better left unsaid]! Their politest words are Mathar-ghabeha (Motherfuckers), Jaake[..] (Pimps), Bastards, etc. Now, the Iranian people laugh at the UK and UK stooges, and say: ‘What the UK, the BBC and the Guardian are doing is ‘Heroic Pimping! .. Britain and British stooges play the role of ‘Pimp’ ! .. the BBC and the British media are Mullah Media .. What the UK is doing is Heroic Pimping!, and what British Mullahs are doing is Heroic Prostitution! .. What Mullahs say about their ‘Heroic Softness’ is one of the best jokes of all times. Mullahs say: ‘what Whores do is a Heroic job’ ! But the Guardian just praises Mullahs and refer to their ‘heroic crap’ as ‘Champion’s Leniency’!, while the Iranian people say: ‘Heroic Softness or ‘Bozdeli Ghahramanane!’ (Heroic Cowardliness!) is the most laughable contradiction in terms .. Heroic Softness is ‘[..]Dadan Ghahramanane or Heroic Prostitution! .. the UK loves Mullah Heroic Weakness!’. In fact, Iranians know the UK, but the UK still acts like retards”. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are hurting Iranian women/ men. The internet was/ is too slow. Mullahs still violate people’s basic rights. But the British media censors the facts and tells big lies. For instance, GU’s First page has shameful headlines like: 19 Sep 2013: ‘Iran frees prisoners ahead of US visit + Rouhani’s [bullshits]‘, 20 Sep 2013: ‘Obama may meet Rouhani + Rouhani sets out vision for new Iran ! + Editorial: An opportunity to be seized etc’, 22 Sep 2013: ‘Hardliners’ tacit support for Rouhani + Editorial: Rouhani’s courage offers real Hope! etc’. The Guardian (GU) and the BBC just insult your intelligence. GU tells bad lies like: ‘After years of seeing their personal freedoms and political demands quashed, young Iranians hope Rouhani’s government will create open up Iranian society [!!!] .. Iranians love Khamenei and his recent comments about ‘Heroic [Cowards]‘ [!!] .. Iranians love the recent talks between Mullahs and the US [!!] .. In Iran, the US sanctions are breaking everyone’s knees [!!!] Iranians say: ‘We want to see that Obama shakes hands with Rohani’ [!!!]‘ (GU, Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the CIA/MI6 agents -Jason R., Kamali, etc- write at GU in September 2013. Now the Guardian tells the biggest lies in history”. They also add: “In September 2013, GU writes about: ‘A political opening-up in Iran ahead of Rouhani’s UN visit’ !, ‘A historic meeting between Mullahs and Great Satan !, ‘Rouhani’s attempt to improve Mullah relations with the West’ ! or ‘Mullahs: an opportunity to be seized’ ! The UK and the British pigs see Mullahs and Mullah Heroic Weakness as an opportunity to be seized !. As Iranians say, now the soup is too salty and even the cook protests against it! Now, the Mullah TV stupidly tries to reject what the Guardian and the BBC say, because what they say just proves that the UK is behind the Mullah regime, and Mullahs are nothing but ‘British Stooges’. So, Mullahs desperately try to save face. Of course they don’t condemn the Guardian! Because the Guardia not only censors the important news/ facts, but tells big lies and helps Islamists. Now GU, UK, and UK stooges talk about ‘their plans for a new and free Iran’ !!, but GU clearly adds: ‘There are today more than enough signs to indicate that Mullahs want to make a deal with the West … and Iran remains an Islamic theocracy with a tight hold on its citizens [!!]” (GU, Sep 2013). Can you believe it?! They tell paradoxical jokes! But what they say is the British dream. It’s what the British barbarians want. They still live in 19th century, and dream of their puppet dictators! But today’s Persians just laugh at the UK. Persians will certainly pay Britain back for what the UK did and do to Iran. Sooner or later, Iran and Iranians will say to the UK: Now it’s payback time”.


Some Britons say: “Censorship by the British media is a very real threat to democracy” [1] They write about “the Guardian’s liars and their lies” [1]. But most Britons don’t know that the UK has hurt other nations. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK has been the number one enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran. Many think that the Mullah regime is the main enemy of Iranians and good things in Iran. But the recent years revealed the truth. The truth is that the world is very complex, and the main Enemy of ‘Freedom, Democracy, and Progress’ in Iran is not Mullahs, but is the West. The main enemies of the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran are (in order of priority & importance): (A) The anti-Iran West (-1-UK -2-USA -3-EU, Russia, etc) (B) Puppets of the West (-4-Jews and Arabs -5- Mullah Regime -6- other puppets, including Whores/ Spies in Exile)”. We have already written about this issue (Check Archive for “Iranians Should Stop Anti-Iran Mafia, not Mullahs”, etc), and we should write more about it later. But as the wise Iranians: “The UK is the old enemy of Iran and democracy in Iran. The UK has Iranian blood on its hands, and must be made to pay. Now the British media just show that Iran’s national interests is the exact opposite of what the UK/ Islamists want. In these days, Big Brother’s media says: ‘White House [loves] Historic Obama meeting with Mullahs! .. White House spokesman acknowledged Dramatic shifts in Mullah language .. Mullahs and the US worked together closely [!] on the 2003 Mullah Grand Bargain offer to America, an initiative ignored by Bush’ (Sep 2013). Now the UK and UK stooges talk about ‘their plans for a new and free Iran [!!]‘ (Sep 2013). But almost all Iranians hate the UK, and don’t want the Barbarian UK and UK stooges make plan for Iran! Iranians asked Mullahs to stop listening to the UK advice & being puppets of the UK. But now, ‘Former British Foreign Secretary says Mullahs are Ready For A Settlement’ On Nuclear Issue [!]‘ (REF, Sep 2013) As our people ask: ‘British Foreign Secretary works for Mullahs, or he is Mullahs’ legal guardian?!‘. The stupid UK is revealing many things. Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had an interview with RFE shortly after Khamenei’s talk of ‘Heroic Cowardliness’. What Straw said to this CIA media was [so funny]. Straw said: ‘I’m a British politician. I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britain’s national interest [!!]‘ It’s obvious why Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Ajab ! Mullahs and Britain?! Mullahs and Great Satan?! Mullahs & Estekbar (Imperialists-Zionists) are making love?! Ajab!’ The Iranian people are much smarter than the British pigs. Now average Iranians say: ‘the so-called Activists/ Journalists in Exile are nothing but [Whores/ Spies in Exile]. They are stooges of the UK and US. They are the most stupid/ incapable [UK stooges since the Qajar dynasty (1779-1924)]‘ ! Today’s Iranians are among the most informed people in history”. They also add: “When the West praises Mullahs, Iranians start hooting with laughter! When ‘US State Department praises the Mullah regime’ or ‘UK foreign secretary, Hague, praises Mullahs and their Heroic Cowardliness’, or when the notorious anti-Iran whore, Jason Rezaian, writes for the Guardian/ Washington Post: ‘Iranians love Obama and Mullahs’ !, or when the media says: ‘Mullahs celebrating the Zionist new year’ or ‘Zarif and the daughter of US House leader Nancy Pelosi [make love] on Twitter’. The Iranian people just laugh at the West and Mullahs, and express their anger by making jokes like: ‘Although access to the so-called Zionist websites (Facebook & social media) and millions of other websites, is blocked to the Iranian people, Mullahs and the West make love on Zionist websites!, and prove that Islamists are Heroic prostitutes and the West is Heroic Pimp! .. Mullahs and Hajj Hussein (Obama) are close friends and Heroic Cowards’. Now, the Guardian says: ‘[We] worked very hard to select Rouhani’ ! (Sep 2013) It’s a rare and good confession. In this year, GU, UK media, and US media -from the CIA media like RFE to the Washington Post, AP, NY times and Huffington Post- worked very hard to help the 2013 Mullah Show. In this year, even the Britons say: ‘UK government moves to censor media coverage of recent scandals .. In July 2013, GCHQ’s agents went to the Guardian’s offices and supervised the destruction of the hard drives containing information acquired from Snowden. A D-Notice was issued the day after Snowden’s leaks. But the Guardian or the BBC did not reveal the D-Notice’s existence. In the UK, D-Notice is just one of the official requests to news editors not to publish or broadcast facts on the grounds of ‘national security’ or ‘national interests’. A D-Notice was also served on the UK media in November 2010, 2 days prior to WikiLeaks leaks’. But the real tragedy is that you can see the same things in the US. Now the Britons say: ‘The response of media outlets to the June 17, 2013 D-Notice is ample proof that the British Media are controlled by the Big Brother. The overwhelming majority of the British media have complied with the D-Notice and remained silent. The UK right-wing media even launched an open attack on Snowden using anti-democratic/ authoritarian arguments’. And it’s like what you can see in the US. When a political whore like Noam Chomsky is the US top intellectual, Americans soon will repeat what the witty Brits say: ‘[the best things that] the UK regime says to the media and people is: Keep Calm and Don’t Eat Shit !”.


The wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians know the UK, and say: ‘the UK just tries to keep Iran weak and dependent’. Iranians know why the UK media praises Islamists and ‘Mullah Weakness/ Foolishness’. Iranians are not stupid. Now when you ask Iranians: What’s the Mullah policy? Most Iranians say: ‘Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home It’s a British policy [belongs to the 19th century]‘ ! Iranians also say: ‘We don’t want the UK praises Iran’s regime. We don’t want [the Jewish CIA, Leverett, etc] praise Iran’s regime. We don’t want Iran’s enemies praise Iran’s regime”. After the 2013 show, we wrote about the Iranian comments on [*]: What Mullahs must do and What Mullahs should not do. As most Iranians said and say: ‘If Mullahs try to give concessions to Iranians, it’s a good thing’. But Iranians also add: “Mullahs and their masters should know that they get nowhere with this British policy (Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home) that belong to the 19th century or the Age of Puppet Dictators”. As the wise Iranians say: “The UK and the Guardian say: ‘There are today more than enough signs to indicate that Mullahs want to make a deal with the US .. [these signs are] the recent exchange of letters between the US and Mullahs; the decision to transfer the nuclear file to Zarif; Mullah speech about Heroic [Cowardliness]; Increasing the internet [Filtering and Censorship] [!]; [Attacking] the Iranian woman [in the streets] [!]; and many other [shameful] things! Mullahs are waving the olive branch!’ (GU, Sep 2013)’. The Guardian and the BBC love idiots or whores like Khatamists/ Islamists, while most Iranians see Islamists as ‘a bunch of whores/ spies’. Khatamists and Whores/ Spies in Exile just say what ‘UK & US’ want. For instance, they say: ‘The US must seize this opportunity to repair relations with Mullahs .. the Mullah regime has taken substantial steps towards reform in Iran [!!] .. today even the supreme leader is speaking of ‘Heroic Cowardliness’! .. Even Basijis and Hardliners Join Supporters of Talks with the US [!] .. Mullahs Preparing the Political Atmosphere for a Deal with Great Satan!’. The UK loves whores/ Islamists. The British media, including the BBC, the Guardian, the Economists, the Reuters, the Times, and the Financial Times, are the Big Brother media, and repeat the same big lies/ bullshits. Now the British-American propaganda machines just remind you of ’1984′ or the Goebbels propaganda”. They also add: “If Mullahs follow the UK advice, their fate is quite clear. Now even the Western media says: ‘Western diplomats believe Mullahs is playing a high-risk strategy that could face resistance from Iranians’ (Sep 2013). Mullahs have two main choices: (1) they listen to the UK, the US, the Jewish CIA, etc and care about what the West or the anti-Iranian pigs want (2) they listen to the Iranian people, and care about what Iran and Iranians want. Now, Iranians clearly say: ‘Obama, the UK, and traitors (Khatamists, etc) should go to hell .. First and foremost, the US most apologize to the Iranian people for the US-backed 2009 coup, and what the US did in these years’. The US and Mullahs get nowhere with denying the most important events in Iran’s modern history, ie the 2009 coup, the West’s anti-Iran Racism, or the story of that Jewish spy (AN). Now, even their own analysts say: ‘AN (AhmadiNejad) was a catastrophe for Iran. He did more damage than could be imagined‘! But when Mullahs insult people’s intelligence, deny problems, hurt Iranians, and when the internet, media, artists, writers, thinkers, etc are openly/ harshly banned, censored and filtered, Iranians only can hate Mullahs, and no one can ask Iranians to forgive Mullahs”. They also add: “Now you can hear the voices of two groups: people and pimps! Pimps controls prostitutes, and now the British pimps, the Jewish pimps, the Lefty pimps, etc try to control prostitutes like Islamists. Now Iran’s people just joke about pimps. Iranian people are silent, but they are watching the ‘Mullah- Great Satan’ game. Iranians are watching the UK and the British media. Iranians are watching the West and its puppets. Iranians are watching the anti-Iran pimps”. As we said before, the West and its whores censor many facts, and play stupid games. But Iranians know why the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs say: “No time left for negotiations with Iran .. we must do everything [ie War] to prevent Iran [not Mullahs] from obtaining nuke”! Iranians know why the West loves and helps Islamists, terrorists, or dictators. As we said before, [**]: Iranians know who is who. Iranians know what they want. “[The majority of Iranians] say: We are not politicians. We don’t care about Rohani, AN, or other shits .. But they must solve political and economical problems. It’s their job. [It’s the job of politicians to solve political problems]. They must defend Iran’s Rights. They must care about what we, Iranians, want. What we want is a free and powerful country“ [**]. As the wise Iranians say: “What people say about the current events is very different from what the media and political whores say. The Iranian people just care about freedom, democracy, better life, better world, and other good things. But political whores just care about power, nuclear issue, licking ass etc”. Iranians know the UK and Islamists, and “[the wise Iranians say to Mullahs]: Stop following the UK advice.. they [praise you, because] they love your idiocy .. British barbarians eat their friends! So, instead of listening to the UK, listen to Iranians” [*]. We have already written about the story of ‘Onions and Sticks’ [*]. And as many said and say: “Iranians know what is election, what is concession, [what is Big Lie, what is Tyranny, what is Censorship] and what is like drinking the cup of poison .. the large gap between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime [is so important] .. Iranians are not stupid .. If Mullahs make real concessions, Iranians can accept it. But stupid things like repeating old lies, using old tactics, implementing IMF plans/ Enemy’s plans, aiding the Enemy/ Sanctions, listening to the British advice, hurting Iranians, giving concessions to the West, acting like big idiots, etc is like or worse than eating onions and sticks” [*].

For more information:

[1] , check section 1, 2, 3, etc
[2] Check the Guardian website and their Iran page,
h-t-tp://, and do a reality check !

Internet Filtering in the West !

September 18, 2013

In these days, Iranians say: “Mullahs still help the West and hurt Iranian men/ women. They still send noise/ parasite on the internet lines and slow down the internet, while Islamists exchange love letters/ messages with Great Satan, and call it ‘Heroic Softness’ or ‘Heroic Cowardliness’! The West and its stooges still censor all important facts. The West censors what Mullahs say about ‘Heroic Cowardliness’ or ‘Heroic Prostitution’! The West censors the voices of people, and the UK media acts as Mullah media! The West and the UK are bad jokes”. But as some Iranians add: “Non-Iranians don’t know the UK, the West, or Censorship and ‘Internet Censorship’ in the West. They don’t know that the West sold the internet filtering tools to Mullahs, and the West’s motto was: Test it in Iran, Use it in the West !“. We have already written and warned about Filtering & Censorship in the West and Iran [1][2][3]. But as many Iranians say: “[Westerners don't know that] the West sold the filtering/ censorship tools to Mullahs and dictators. They tested these tools, and now the Western countries use these tools in the West!”. In July 2013, the people’s media reported: “UK Prime Minister Cameron promised to make p-o-rn filters standard on the Internet! Cameron announced online p-o-rn would soon become automatically blocked in the UK, in order to protect children[!] The filters will be implemented by the UK’s major ISPs, which encompass 95% of UK web users. The UK filters even block web forums[!] The UK asks search engines to stop showing returns for bad words! In the name of keeping children safe, the UK imposes Internet filters on everything”. In this year, many things are stupid, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s mass media censors the news of the UK Great Firewall that is like the China’s Great Firewall. But the people’s media has headlines like: ‘British PM to enact internet censorship’, ‘UK Great Firewall’, ‘UK Filter Will Censor Political Speech’, ‘UK Internet Filter Block Conspiracy Theories’, etc. The fate of those who hurt and betrayed Iranians is very informative. As the Britons says: ‘the Great Firewall of Britain will block almost everything. All sorts of good things are going to be blocked by default’ (Sep 2013). They even say: ‘UK Internet Filter Blocks VPNs’ (Sep 2013). But their mass media censors such facts. The Mullah media censors such things, too. And the so-called ‘Journalists in Exile’, who are nothing but Whores/ Spies in Exile, censor everything. In fact, the Big Brother Mafia censors all things that reveal the West’s true face”. They also add: “The Orwellian Censorship is a product of the UK. As some say: ‘I was in the UK in 2002 and went into a local library where I attempted to access some political sites. They were blocked ! And the librarian told me it was done because ‘politics’ is not suitable for children!’. Censorship is not a new thing in the UK. The new thing is that many people have become aware, and can see what George Orwell said about the UK is not a myth, as the Barbarian UK is not a myth. [For more info on the history of 'Barbarian Britain', check Archive]“. As the wise Iranians say: “Now the UK talks about the internet filtering to protect children from harmful things! But their barbaric culture is full of s-e-x, violence, lie, exploitation, and harmful things! They want to protect children by Internet Censorship!, while their stupid culture is the culture of s-e-x addicts, hooligans, vampires, and man-eaters! The UK says the goal of the British Great Firewall is to protect children! But it’s a bad joke [..] the s-ex addicts want to protect children from se-x?! They bombard people with both p-o-rn and censorship. The UK just tries to keep its people stupid and busy with s-e-x and superficial things. But it’s important to note that those who have tried to keep their people stupid and s-e-x addicts, just converted their countries into backward nations. It’s what you can see in the UK and the US. Just think about the UK riots, the OWS, and all events in recent years, and compare them with the Iranian movements [...] Now in the Jewish state, and also in New York, they enjoy the Kosher internet ! (Rabbis forbid using the Internet without filters that block inappropriate things!) and the Ko-sher life (Hare-di Rabbis forbid television and films, and reading secular newspapers/ books)! The media censors this fact that in the Jewish state, and also in the Jewish areas of New York, they have Fashion Police or Morality Police (tzniyut police), ‘Prohibition of women singing’ , ‘Separation of women on buses’!, ‘Separate schools for boys & girls’, ‘Separate waiting areas for men & women at the bus stops’!, etc. But in the near future, not only the Brits and the secular Jews, but even the Americans will enjoy the ‘Bureau of Morality’ that censors, filters, and controls everything”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Even the Britons say: ‘Britain tries to ban the media from reporting matters of national security. MI5, MI6, GCHQ, etc can request that the media does not report a story. They can prevent news outlets from reporting stories deemed by the Government to be against the national interests .. GCHQ now totally censors the Internet to block access to websites and their caches on Search Engines. They censor the internet and search engines to block out those parts of the Internet they wish to remain hidden .. the UK government wants to decide what films, websites or books are appropriate for you to read or watch’ ! But the story of ‘Censorship and surveillance in the UK‘ is a long and funny story. In 1948, Orwell wrote a story about ‘London in 1984′ and coined the term ‘Big Brother’ (B-B-), because he wanted to tell the truth about ‘the Ministry of Truth’, the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘Censorship and surveillance’ in the UK. And now we all can see how the UK, the US, and those who betrayed Iranians and other people are turning into Orwellian states and Backward states, while today’s Iranians are among the most informed people in the world. The Western systems have tried to keep their people stupid, s-e-x addicts, and Sheeple. But this policy was a double-edged sword, and converted them into backward nations. Now their people are so ignorant, while Iranians are among the most modern/ informed people in the world. Now it’s the Iranian people that can educate the Westerners about Freedom, Democracy, Tyranny, Human Legacy, and real problems. Today’s Iranians are like the ancient Iranians (Aryans/ Persians), and have many new things to say. Now (once again) Iranians have new ideas, new thoughts, and new and modern solutions, while ‘Western Intellects’ have nothing to say and just support dictators, Islamists, & terrorists!”. They also add: “Now even average Iranians educate the West’s people and say to them: ‘those who praise the UK filters are so stupid. The UK, Mullahs and Jews say it’s about p-o-r-n. But it was never about p-o-rn. It’s just about ‘Censorship’ .. Censorship is good or bad?! If you find censorship acceptable, you and your basic rights will be the first victims .. the true target of UK filter is political sites, forums, and all good and informative sites, ie non-Kos-her sites .. All non-Kosher sites will be blocked by your Jewish controlled government! It’s the real problem with internet filtering’ (Aug 2013). Now the Britons say: ‘In the UK, we are now combining this machinery for internet surveillance with restrictions on what content you can and can’t view online. The Great Firewall of Britain is an infrastructure for monitoring and censoring content on the internet’. But they know nothing about British Mullahs, or how the UK media and the Lefty media tell big lies. But Iranians are not ignorant. In these days, the British media and the British stooges censor many things. They not only censor this fact that Mullahs are f-u-c-king the internet in Iran, but they shamelessly tell big lies like: ‘Iran removes filters from Twitter and Facebook’! (16 Sep 2013) Can you believe it?! The UK media -from the BBC to the Guardian- work as the Mullah media. But they just show you who is behind Mullahs, and why Iranians hate the UK and British Mullahs. In these days, the British Mafia (ie UK media and UK stooges who call themselves ‘Journalists in Exile’, while they are nothing but ‘Whores/ Spies in Exile’) censor many facts. They even praise Mullahs and Janati! (they praise Mullahs for ‘Heroic Prostitution’!) They say nothing about the truth of Iran, Iranian women and Mullah oppression. They censor the truth. But now they all talk about Shirin Gerami, while Iranians say: ‘She is a British woman, not an ‘Iranian woman’, as the UK says. Iran’s women have been denied permission to swim in international events .. Iranians women are those who are oppressed by British Mullahs .. Mullahs and their British masters hate Iranian women and hurt them. The UK and British Mullahs just love British whores! .. When Iranian women are oppressed by British Mullahs, a British whore cannot save Mullah face with the help of the British media/ mafia! .. Gerami has spent more than 90% of her life in the UK. She is a British Islamist. She just tells ‘the true story of British Mullahs and British Mafia”. The British media loves to talk nonsense. But in 2011, we all saw how the UK attacked the internet, and arrested the users of facebook and social media [3]. And as we said before, not only the 2011 UK riots and historic facts, but the British lies, the British Censorship, or even this fact that you cannot find even one cartoon about ‘British Censorship’ or ‘Orwellian UK’ in the internet say a lot about the truth of the UK. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t know the UK. In these days, as Iranians say: “UK media reports: ‘UK Senior officials will meet with Rouhani at UN’ (Sep 2013). They say ‘Great Satan has send new [love letters] to Mullahs’! But they don’t say that If the US is ‘Great Satan’, then the UK is [Great Barbarian] or ‘Great Bastard’!, and almost all Iranians hate the UK. The teacher of Mullahs is the UK. Mullahs just use ‘British tactics’ and follow the British advice. Mullahs are nothing but British stooges, and the story of ‘Mullahs and [British Barbarians]‘ and ‘Heroic Prostitution’ is more shameful than ‘the Love Story of Mullahs and Great Satan”. The UK media censors many things. But now even their own people laugh at the UK, or put comment and say: “In the UK, you can find a n-u-de figure everywhere. How do we go from a fucking, nude, fighting-in-pubs, s-e-x addict culture to this new filtering?! .. Big Brother tells me what is and what isn’t good for me! .. Jews say our girls dress like prostitutes! Jews and Americans are s-e-x-ually obsessed. Americans get shocked when mothers are breast feeding in public. I place Americans in the same box as Jews .. If you’re not looking for po-rn in the newsagents then it is easy to avoid them. The Internet is similar .. England is full of paradoxes. They are s-e-x addicts, and [their stupid culture is the culture of] violence and s-e-x. [But now they talk] about Internet Filtering and protecting children! .. If the real value of adults were friendship, love, contained ego, etc kids would follow that path .. Our values should change first instead to censor the internet .. UK internet censorship is worse than [Mullah/ Jewish internet filtering] .. Western government’s voracity for Internet censorship has increased many fold .. who supports Internet censorship? the bad guys or those who want to protect you?!”.


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Not only the UK media, but even the US media censors many facts. They censor many things about ‘Wag the Dog 2.0′, ‘the Love Story of Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ or ‘the American Censorship’. But in August 2013, the people’s media had headlines like: ‘Censorship Shows Seamy Side of America’, ‘Censorship, American Style’, ‘Censorship in U.S. libraries‘, etc. In August 2013, the people’s media reported: “We’re not talking about Soviet Russia. We’re talking about America, where the media [talks about] ‘Balkanisation of the internet’ ! .. national filtering and other restrictions would transform the global internet into a series of nation-state networks. Soon there would be a ‘Russian internet’, ‘American internet’ and so on! ‘Internet Censorship Bill in U.S. Congress‘ stand a chance of passing and we risk becoming the society of 1984″. They also add: “In September 2013, the people’s media says: ‘This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the enforcement of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which brought new levels of censorship to libraries across the US. CIPA was signed into law in 2000 and found constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003. According to CIPA, libraries must place filters on all the computers owned by the library. Many Schools are covered by CIPA, too. [But] What is censored under CIPA? s-e-xual content, social networking sites, political sites, and sites with controversial issues like Censorship or WikiLeaks[!] Libraries across the US are routinely over blocking content, censoring far more than is necessary under the CIPA’. As some Americans say: “One target for censorship in the US has been the Internet. To date, the Internet censorship movements have taken two predominant forms: limiting what can be viewed or what can be posted on the Internet. Several bills focusing on information posted and viewed on the Internet have passed recent US Congresses: CDA (Communications Decency Act), COPA, CIPA, etc. In 1996, the CDA made it illegal to view p-o-rn and other ‘indecent’ material on computer networks! Although the CDA was deemed unconstitutional for its wording, those who supported Internet censorship soon crafted new legislations to limit access and publication of certain information .. In 1998, McCain and Republicans proposed the Internet School Filtering Act! In 1998, the US media said the support for internet censorship has increased. They said more than 50% of Americans support Internet Censorship”. In this year, the Western media censors many things, including the voices of people. But in the Age of Internet, many people put comments and say: ‘US gov, not US people, love Internet Censorship .. Idiots are taking the US toward total censorship. They censor anything they disagree with .. Cultural Censorship in US/ UK is stupid .. James Joyce’s Ulysses was not allowed into the US until 1933 .. from the 1960s, the issue of s-e-x education in schools was highly controversial in the US; more recently, the question of AIDS education has stirred debate .. UK/ US feminists attempted to ban p-o-r-n as injurious to women .. [It's shameful that] now even Americans say: ‘If you are having trouble accessing sites like WordPress or Blogger from your normal browser, it may be due to an IP block ! To verify this, go to If it shows that the site is up for everyone, then you have a censorship issue! .. US gov decides what we are allowed to see! .. UK gov now promises a ‘clean’ and ‘Kos-her’ Internet and our people are happy! Our people are stupid. They love Tyranny! .. UK and US spy on people, censor the internet, and their ministry of truth defines what is allowable content! .. Royal Baby Show was a cover for the UK Great Firewall, totalitarian control of the Internet, and blocking all ‘unwanted’ content .. s-e-x is natural and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and not something you can lock in the closet and run away from. The Brits just deny the truth .. the UK is full of s-e-x addicts and horny pigs. They are disgusting pigs who are too primitive and uncivilized to control their urges. This filtering doesn’t work in UK! .. Our Government Censorship has Crossed the Line .. Americans are so sensitive to n-u-dity and women’s dressing. Remember when Janet Jackson let her nipple hang out on live TV, and the whole US went off the hinge .. US and UK say the internet is many times dangerous than p-o-rn